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Legion is an American cable television series created for FX by Noah Hawley, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is connected to the X-Men film series, the first television series to do so, and is produced by FX Productions in association with Marvel Television and 26 Keys Productions. Hawley serves as showrunner on the series.

The 8-episode first season of Legion aired from February to March 2017. An 11-episode second season aired from April to June 2018. The 8-episode third season premiered on June 24, 2019, and was the final season of the series.

Marvel's Legion FX Season1 Marvel's Legion Season2 Legion Season 3


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Marvel's Legion on FX

Legion TV Series

Dan Stevens stars as David Haller, a mutant diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. Rachel Keller, Jean Smart, Aubrey Plaza, Jeremie Harris, Amber Midthunder, Katie Aselton, and Bill Irwin also star. In October 2015, FX and Marvel Television announced a new collaboration to create a television series based on the X-Men character Legion, with Hawley signed on to write and direct the pilot. Casting began by January 2016, and the pilot was completed by May. The show was then picked up to series. Filming takes place in Vancouver. Hawley said in October 2016 that Xavier, who is portrayed in the X-Men films by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy at different ages, would "probably" be appearing in the series.

David Haller was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, and has been a patient in various psychiatric hospitals since. After Haller has an encounter with a fellow psychiatric patient, he is confronted with the possibility that there may be more to him than mental illness.

  • Dan Stevens as David Haller
  • Harry Lloyd as Charles Xavier / Professor X
  • Stephanie Corneliussen as Gabrielle Haller
  • Lauren Tsai as Jia-yi / Switch
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jerome / Wolf
  • Rachel Keller as Sydney "Syd" Barrett
  • Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker
  • Bill Irwin as Cary Loudermilk
  • Jeremie Harris as Ptonomy Wallace
  • Amber Midthunder as Kerry Loudermilk
  • Katie Aselton as Amy Haller
  • Jean Smart as Melanie Bird
  • Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird
  • Hamish Linklater as Clark
  • David Selby as Brubaker
  • Ellie Araiza as Philly
  • Brad Mann as Rudy
  • Quinton Boisclair as the Devil with the Yellow Eyes
  • Mackenzie Gray as Walter / The Eye
  • Scott Lawrence as Henry Poole
  • Devyn Dalton as the Angry Boy
  • Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird
  • Navid Negahban as Amahl Farouk / Shadow King


Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Landgraf stated, in January 2016, that the series would be set in a universe parallel to the X-Men films where "the US government is in the early days of being aware that something called mutants exist but the public is not". Therefore, he felt it was unlikely that characters would cross over between the show and films, though said that this could change between then and the premiere of the series. That July, an article on referred to Legion as one of several characters joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), suggesting that Legion would be set in that shared universe like Marvel Television's other series. The next month, Singer said that the series had actually been designed to fit into the X-Men universe, but also to stand alone, saying that "you wouldn't have to label" the relationship between the series and the films. He revealed plans to have the series "relate to future X-Men movies".

At New York Comic-Con 2016, Donner said that the series is "far from the X-Men movies, but still lives in that universe. The only way for X-Men to keep moving forward is to be original and to surprise. And this is a surprise. It is very, very different." Hawley explained that because the series is depicting the title character's "subjective reality", it would not have to address any connections to the films straight away, noting that Fargo, which is connected to the 1996 film of the same name, at first "had to stand on its own feet" before exploring those connections more; "We have to earn the right to be part of this universe. My hope is we create something so strong that the people in the movie studio call and say they would be foolish enough not to connect these things." He did state that "you can't tell this story without" acknowledging that Legion is the son of Charles Xavier, who appears in the films. In regards to the MCU, Loeb stated that his involvement in the series was a sign that "bridges are being made" between Marvel and Fox, "but I don't want to make any promises ... Marvel heroes at their core are people who are damaged and are trying to figure out who they are in life. It doesn't matter whether or not they're X-Men, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock or Peter Parker ... If you start at a place as strong as David's character is and you have a storyteller like Noah, then it's Marvel. In that way, it is all connected."


Legion Premier 2017

"Legion" Season 1 Episodes (2017)

In September 2017, the complete first season was made available on the FX+ online streaming service, accessible to customers of Cox On Demand, Xfinity On Demand, and the FX Now app. On October 2, the season was released on DVD and Blu-ray for Region 2, including all 8 episodes, deleted scenes, and making-of featurettes. It is set for a similar release for Region 4 on November 22.

Episode #1: "Chapter 1" - February 8, 2017

Marvel's Legion FX 2017David Haller is being interrogated by government officials who believe he may be the most powerful mutant discovered. He explains that he was diagnosed as schizophrenic when he was young, and was taken to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital after attempting to commit suicide. He spent six years as a patient there, during which time he met Sydney "Syd" Barrett, a girl who refused to be touched. She agreed to be his girlfriend, but was eventually discharged from the hospital. Before she left, Haller kissed her goodbye, causing their minds to switch bodies. Losing control, Syd unleashed abilities from Haller's body that killed his friend Lenny Busker and trapped the other patients in their rooms. Haller was evacuated in Syd's body. Later, Haller's body returned to him, and he went looking for Syd. Haller found himself being chased by two people until he was captured by the government. Now those two people, Ptonomy Wallace and Kerry Loudermilk, break into the government facility with Syd to rescue Haller and take him to Melanie Bird.

#2 "Chapter 2" - February 15, 2017

At Bird's facility Summerland, Haller begins "memory work" with Wallace, who remembers everything and can enter others' memories. Bird explains that Haller had been captured by Division 3, one of the government's divisions focused on capturing and studying mutants. Bird says that she instead wants to help Haller, by showing him that the onset of his 'illness' was just his powers manifesting. In Haller's childhood memories, he is haunted by a children's book his father read to him, The World's Angriest Boy in the World, in which the title character murders his mother. In his memories before his admission to Clockworks, Haller took drugs with Busker to try block out the voices he hears. Bird places Haller in an MRI scanner to study how his brain works, during which he accidentally projects his mind to present day Clockworks, where his sister Amy is looking for him. Amy is kidnapped by Division 3, causing Haller to panic and teleport the MRI scanner outside Summerland. Haller races to save Amy, but Barrett convinces him to wait and master his powers first.

#3 "Chapter 3" - February 22, 2017

David continues memory work with Ptonomy and Melanie, exploring his time taking drugs before his admission to Clockworks. As they watch this unfold, David is haunted by apparitions, his mind works against Ptonomy's powers, and he accidentally teleports their physical bodies to a different room. While undergoing more tests, David again loses control, projecting both his mind and Syd's to Division 3, where they find Amy being interrogated. One of her interrogators, a mutant called the Eye, sees these projections before they return to their bodies. Melanie explains that the Eye is Walter, one of the founders of Summerland, alongside her missing husband Oliver and the scientist Cary Loudermilk. Desperate for a breakthrough with David, Melanie sedates him to a point where she, Ptonomy, and Syd can enter his mind and explore freely. However, his "memories" work against them, with an embodiment of the World's Angriest Boy in the World chasing them through a version of David's childhood home, until all three are forced out of David's head.

#4 "Chapter 4" - March 1, 2017

David does not wake up from the sedative, and the others are unable to trust the "memories" that they have seen. Melanie sends Syd and Ptonomy to find David's ex-girlfriend Philly, to find out what actually happened before he was admitted to Clockworks, along with Kerry, a warrior woman who lives inside Cary, and only comes out for "action". Ptonomy enters Philly's memories, and investigates the office of David's old psychologist Poole, and learns that David's friend was a man named Benny (not a woman named Lenny), and that David attacked Poole, who now lives in a lighthouse. At the lighthouse, the trio begin discussing David with Poole, until he reveals himself to be the Eye, with the lighthouse surrounded with Division 3 soldiers. Meanwhile, David's mind is trapped in the astral plane, where he comes across a trapped Oliver. David refuses to wait for rescue with Oliver, and instead escapes himself with encouragement from an apparition of Lenny. David rescues the others from the Eye, but the latter shoots Kerry as he escapes.

#5 "Chapter 5" - March 8, 2017

Kerry is brought back to Summerland, where Cary heals her. David tells Melanie about Oliver, and demonstrates his mastery of the astral plane by creating a room where he and Syd can be together without her physical powers interfering. David soon escapes to rescue Amy, and Melanie's team arrives at Division 3 to find almost everyone murdered by David. After going over the latter's scans, Cary deduces that David's mind is infected with a parasite that he knows as the gruesome Devil with Yellow Eyes, a parasite. David takes Amy to their childhood home, where she reveals that he was adopted; Lenny appears to emerge from David's mind and explains that she has been in control of his body. Melanie's team tracks them to the house, followed by the Eye, and find Lenny attacking David. The Eye shoots at David, and Syd has him take them to their astral room. There David is helpless as the Devil with Yellow Eyes attacks Syd, until he wills their entire group to an astral fantasy; they are patients of Clockworks, under the care of Lenny.

#6 "Chapter 6" - March 15, 2017

In the shared hallucination, Lenny discusses personal issues with each of the team, such as Melanie's refusal to let go of her long missing husband, and Ptonomy having seen his mother die when he was only a child. Though most of the group are unaware of the true nature of their surroundings, Syd notices that their new reality is different from some of her memories. Lenny confronts Syd, and places her in a coma. Cary is visited by Oliver, who takes him to his home on the astral plane. Kerry goes looking for Cary, but is attacked and chased by the Eye. Oliver appears to Melanie, and leads her to the physical room where their bodies are. Time appears to them to have slowed down, with their physical bodies frozen and the bullets shot by the Eye having not yet reached Syd and David. Lenny, who is shown to be another form of the Devil with Yellow Eyes, reveals that she once knew David's biological father and specifically targeted David. She then shows her control of his mind by locking David away in a corner of his own mind.

#7 "Chapter 7" - March 22, 2017

On the astral plane, Oliver explains to Cary that he has been watching David and believes this parasite is Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, a powerful mutant that they are both aware of. Cary explains that his physical body holds a device that may be able to isolate the parasite from David's mind temporarily. Cary wakes Syd, and sends her to help the others, while he, Oliver, and Melanie attempt to affect the physical world by getting the device to David. Farouk as Lenny attacks Syd, Kerry, and the Eye, killing the latter (his physical body dies as well). David figures out that Farouk and his father were both powerful mutants who had fought some time ago, with Farouk losing. His father then put David up for adoption to protect him from Farouk, but the latter was able to find David and infect his mind since he was young. With the device locking Farouk away in David's mind, he returns to his physical body and catches the bullets. The group then return to Summerland, but are attacked there by Division 3 soldiers. Farouk begins to break free.

#8 "Chapter 8" - March 29, 2017

During David's initial breakout from Division 3, his interrogator was severely burned and struggled to recover. When he was able to walk, the interrogator, Clark, insisted on returning to field work immediately. He now leads the Division 3 soldiers to Summerland where David uses his powers to easily subdue them. Taking Clark hostage, David tries to reason with him while his superiors watch through a camera in a prosthetic eye. With Farouk gaining strength, Cary and Oliver attempt to extract the former from David, while Farouk uses David's mind to talk to Syd. Warning her that David will not survive this process, Syd decides to kiss David, transferring Farouk to her own body. Farouk then leaves Syd, entering Kerry's body and using her to fight off the others until being confronted by David. David sends Farouk out of Kerry, but unknowingly into Oliver's body. Farouk escapes Summerland in Oliver's body, while Clark agrees to work with the mutants to stop him. Later, David is miniaturized and trapped by a drone-like device.


"Legion" Season 2 Episodes (2018)

FX renewed Legion for a second season on March 15, 2017. At the end of that month, Hawley explained that he planned for the season to have 10 episodes, and to focus more on the series' other characters in addition to David Haller. Filming began July 2017, with the season airing in April 2018.

Episode #1: "Chapter 9" - April 3, 2018

The Narrator explains how ideas lead to madness and delusions, and recounts the story of Zhuang Zhou. He compares ideas to eggs—a rational idea hatches as a healthy chick and a delusion is a dark creature that feeds on it—and gives the example of Albert A, a man who cannot ignore the idea that his own leg is not his, to the point that he saws it off.

A year after Amahl Farouk / Shadow King escaped in the body of Oliver Bird, and David Haller was kidnapped by a strange orb, the mutants of Summerland and the government agency Division 3 search for Farouk's original body. Farouk infects people with a mental "virus", the Catalyst, that freezes their bodies but causes their teeth to continuously chatter, while searching for his body himself. It would allow him to unleash his full powers. Haller appears in a nightclub, claiming that only hours have passed since his kidnapping. He tries to find Farouk telepathically using a device created by scientist Cary Loudermilk to increase the range of his abilities, but instead relives a memory from the nightclub of a strange monk and a dance battle with Bird and Lenny Busker. Haller gives his girlfriend Syd Barrett a compass that will always lead her to him, and promises not to keep secrets from her, but does not tell her of the future version of her that sent the orb, and told him to help Farouk find his body. That night, Haller's mind meets with Bird and Busker in the "nightclub".

#2 "Chapter 10" - April 10, 2018

The Narrator discusses umwelt, one creature's perception of the world. He explains that humans are the only creatures that apply meaning to the world, and so are the only creatures who go mad. For instance, a boy taught that the color red is called "green" and that "green means go" may attempt to cross a road when shown a red light.

Haller agrees to work with Farouk, and causes a distraction by taking many of the others to the desert while Farouk takes Bird's body to Division 3, where he believes the last surviving monk of the Migo Order may be hiding — the Migo monks had played a role in hiding Farouk's body. Farouk does not find the monk, but does kill several soldiers and traps Cary Loudermilk within the body of Kerry, the girl who is usually within his body. Members of Division 3 begin to suspect Haller is working against them. He regrets helping Farouk now that it caused loss of life, and convinces the Loudermilks to further enhance his abilities to try and contact Barrett in the future. There she explains that Haller will kill Farouk within a week, but then a plague will kill all the humans on the planet and Farouk could have helped them stop it. Returning to the present, Haller confronts Farouk who agrees to no longer kill people in exchange for Haller's continued cooperation. Haller tells Barrett what he is doing, and she agrees that they should do as her future self says.

#3 "Chapter 11" - April 17, 2018

The Narrator introduces the nocebo effect, calling it a conversion disorder where the body responds to the idea of an illness as a real illness. He further describes how this issue can be contagious, linking it to mass hysteria and citing the Dancing Plague of 1518, the Tanganyika laughter epidemic, and the Hindu milk miracle as examples.

Haller and those at Division 3 realize that the Monk was in a room with victims of the Catalyst, and has now escaped. Haller confers with Farouk, who explains that the Monk is the actual source of the Catalyst, as an asymptomatic carrier. Meanwhile, the Monk has infected everyone else except for Cary. Haller and Cary enter the minds of Ptonomy Wallace and Melanie Bird, finding them trapped in mazes based on their deepest desires; Haller is able to free them. He is capture by the Monk, who shares memories of Farouk's body being buried beneath the Migo monastery and slowly driving the other Monks mad, until they committed suicide or were infected by the Catalyst. The Monk incapacitates Admiral Fukyama, Division 3's leader, and reveals that he is searching for a weapon to defeat Farouk. Melanie believes this is Haller, who the Monk almost reveals has been working with Farouk. Haller teleports the Monk to the roof of the building and attempts to explain himself, but the Monk jumps from the building, choosing suicide over helping Farouk.

#4 "Chapter 12" - April 24, 2018

David enters Syd's mind as the Catalyst disappears following the death of the monk. Believing he is in another maze, David explores Syd's mind, following her life's story from birth through adolescence: even as a baby Syd did not like to be touched, and she was bullied for this growing up, leading to self-harm. She first gained her abilities as a teenager when a boy insisted on kissing her, and used this first experience of body-swapping to attack bullies. Syd eventually took her mother's body and had sex with her mother's boyfriend, but accidentally changed back to her teenage body before they finished, leading to his arrest. After living through Syd's life, David explains to her what he believes was her one true desire, but each time she says that he is wrong and makes him start watching again. He eventually realizes that this is not a Catalyst maze, and that Syd is testing him herself. When David is unable to guess her meaning, Syd explains that she believes love will not save them but pain can give them the strength to fight for love, and allows them to wake up.

#5 "Chapter 13" - May 1, 2018

The Narrator discusses examples of the phenomenon pareidolia, and highlights the power of human perception and pattern recognition —- in a further example, he contrasts an optimist and a pessimist responding to a situation. He states that it is this that causes humans to conflate coincidence with conspiracy.

After pleading with Farouk to release her, Lenny appears at Division 3 with an apparent physical body. She surrenders herself, and is interrogated about whether she is still being controlled by Farouk (she denies this) and how she came to have a body again after hers died (she refuses to explain this). Ptonomy attempts to look through her memories but finds them disturbed, and is forced to face a strange delusion within his own mind involving Admiral Fukyama. When David looks into Lenny's mind, he realizes that she has indeed been sent by Farouk, but manages to block out that influence so the two can talk openly. Lenny states that she is unsure how she can have a body again, but together they piece together the memories in her head: Farouk directed Oliver to dig up Lenny's original body and take a tissue sample from it, and then they found David's sister Amy where Division 3 was hiding her. Oliver used a device that he stole from Division 3 to infuse Amy's body with Lenny's DNA. Farouk then planted Lenny's consciousness in this body.

#6 "Chapter 14" - May 8, 2018

David's mind explores possible lives where he made different choices. In one life he is homeless and attacked by a group of men. This unlocks David's abilities and he is hunted by Division 3; Kerry kills him. In another life, David takes medication to suppress his abilities and lives a docile life with Amy, until a vision of the Devil with Yellow Eyes and a confrontation with police officers leads to David being shot and killed. One life sees David working for a businesswoman until he uses his mind reading ability to gain her favor. This version remains under the control of Farouk and eventually becomes the richest man in the world, with the businesswoman now working for him. In other lives a drug-addicted version of David discusses the multiverse theory, an elderly David is cared for by Amy, and a happy David lives a pleasant suburban life. Remembering when Amy first took him to Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital and accepted that they had to live with the life they got, David returns to his life and accepts the version of events that led to her death.

#7 "Chapter 15" - May 15, 2018

The Narrator talks about moral panic in relation to the events of the episode, and recaps all of his lessons so far by noting how his discussions of delusions and mass hysteria play out onscreen. The delusions that take hold of the character's minds in the episode are depicted as the dark creature the Narrator introduced in the first episode of the season.

David vows revenge against Farouk for Amy's death. Trying to understand why David had helped him in the first place, Farouk sends his mind forward in time to meet with the future Syd and ask her why she had tasked David with helping him. She explains that David will cause her apocalyptic future, and she hopes that Farouk can help prevent this from happening. David also visits future Syd, claiming that he is now unable to help Farouk due to Amy's death despite what future Syd says. Ptonomy's mind continues to be haunted by the delusion, seemingly planted by Farouk as a distraction, that Admiral Fukyama is secretly working against them. Ptonomy plants this fear in the minds of Syd, the Loudermilks, and Division 3 agent Clark Debussy, and they attack the android Vermillion who serve Fukyama. Clark almost murders the Admiral before David stops them and removes the delusions from their minds. This process is possibly fatal for Ptonomy, but the Vermillion manage to save his mind by adding it to the "mainframe" that makes up Fukyama's mind.

#8 "Chapter 16" - May 22, 2018

The Narrator discusses narcissism and the "most alarming delusion of all": believing other people do not matter. He states that this arises from people see a "shadow" of the world rather than the real thing, such as by interacting with others through technology, and are unable to compare themselves to the perceived shadow people.

Future Syd told Farouk how he could find the driver who took his body to the Mi-Go monks. The now-elderly driver agrees to tell Farouk where his body is in exchange for him placing her mind in a never-ending dream. In the Mainframe, Ptonomy sees how Fukyama was recruited as a teenager to become this machine so that Division 3 could hide secrets in his "mind" from mutant telepaths. He also finds that the monk uploaded some of his memories to the Mainframe, including the location of Farouk's body; it is in Le Désolé, a constantly changing desert. Ptonomy is able to get this information to David through the Vermillion. Putting a plan in motion, David goes to the desert to start looking, with Farouk only a day ahead of him. Syd follows David, and the pair end up trapped by a storm in a tent with the apparent skeletons of their future selves. As part of his plan, David remotely releases Lenny from her cell and telepathically tells Clark to bring the "Choke" to the desert. However, Melanie attacks and restrains Clark first.

#9 "Chapter 17" - May 29, 2018

Two weeks earlier, when David first returned to Division 3, Melanie was falling into despair at the loss of Oliver again after he was trapped in the astral plane for 21 years. She became addicted to drugs, hallucinating a minotaur. Oliver began to visit Melanie in her mind, reminding her of their time together and encouraging her to forget about the animosity she feels towards him for always leaving. She starts helping Oliver, desperate to be with him again, first warning him of David's plan and then attacking Clark to try stop it. The Loudermilks receive a message from David, instructing them to steal a weapon from Division 3 and deliver it to the parking lot at the Blue Octopus. Meanwhile, Lenny returns to her former life after years in a mental hospital or enslaved by Farouk. She turns back to drugs and partying, but is haunted by Amy who convinces her to help David by following his plan. Lenny retrieves the weapon from the Blue Octopus, and is teleported to the desert. With a tracking device on the weapon, the Loudermilks follow.

#10 "Chapter 18" - June 5, 2018

Syd wakes up after a night in the tent to find a giant plughole in the desert ground. She is dragged down the "drain" to find Melanie. David wakes up and finds the Mi-Go monastery. Inside, he finds Oliver and tortures him, but Farouk refuses to reveal where Syd is. Melanie and Syd watch this from underground, where the latter maintains that David is a good person. Melanie attempts to convince her otherwise, telling Syd about secrets David kept such as the intimate relationship he had with Future Syd as well as the fact that David will be the one to end the world. Melanie knows this because she is being controlled by Farouk, who abandons Oliver's body during the torture. The Loudermilks arrive and go down the drain, while Lenny waits above ground. Farouk is reunited with his body, and sends the minotaur to kill the others. He finds Clark and Division 3, arriving later than David had wanted to, and throws away the Choke—a tuning fork that can dampen mutant powers. Farouk then basks in his regained power.

#11 "Chapter 19" - June 5, 2018

The educational segment from the first episode of the season is revisited, with the Narrator's story about the delusion hatching from the egg playing in David's mind after Syd shoots at him. An alternate version of David suggests that the idea of David being a good person who deserves love is itself a delusion.

David and Farouk mentally battle one another until Lenny finds and activates the Choke. David physically overpowers Farouk, before Syd arrives having escaped from underground when Kerry killed the minotaur. Syd explains what she has learned about David and shoots him, but the bullet is stopped by one from Lenny. David alters Syd's memories so she still loves him. Division 3 arrests Farouk and Lenny. Though Syd is confused, David convinces her that there is nothing wrong and the pair have sex. This is witnessed by Fukyama. Cary uses data from the desert to virtually reconstruct the events, and sees David changing Syd's mind. Farouk restores Syd's memories. When David arrives for Farouk's trial, he is trapped by the others. David insists that he is good and should not be punished for potential future actions, but they make him face the fact that he sexually assaulted Syd. David escapes the trap, and teleports away with Lenny. Three years later, Melanie and Oliver are living happily together in the astral plane.


"Legion" Season 3 Episodes (2019)

FX renewed Legion for a second season on March 15, 2017. At the end of that month, Hawley explained that he planned for the season to have 10 episodes, and to focus more on the series' other characters in addition to David Haller. Filming began July 2017, with the season airing in April 2018.

Episode #1: "Chapter 20" - June 24, 2019

A young mutant with the nickname Switch has the ability to create doorways that can allow for time travel. Bored with her life, she discovers clues that eventually lead her to a cult run by David and Lenny. David explains to Switch that he has been searching for a time traveler. Switch's initial meeting with David is interrupted by the invasion of Division 3 agents who murder most of the cultists and Syd who delivers a killing shot to David. Switch time travels back to try to prevent the massacre but despite things going slightly differently, David is once more killed by Syd. Switch again time travels but is intercepted by Farouk. After a failed attempt to recruit her, Farouk returns to his allies in the flying headquarters of Division 3. After Switch mentions that Syd has killed David out of two failed timelines, Farouk attempts to talk Syd out of raiding David's cult, but is unsuccessful. In a third timeline, Division 3 (led by a robotic resurrected Ptonomy) conduct the raid on David's compound but instead discover that the entire building has been removed due to the preemptive intervention of Switch and David.

#2 "Chapter 21" - July 1, 2019

Now fully believing Switch's time travel powers, David attempts to travel through one of her doorways but finds that he is incapable of entering. Enraged by this, his anger poisons his cult members from blissful happiness to a furious state. David and Lenny realize that they must supercharge Switch to allow her greater abilities. David communicates with Syd via astral projection and after she refuses to forgive him for the rape, he promises to find a way to fix everything. Eventually, Lenny manages to capture Cary. David combines drugs and mind control to trick Cary into willingly experimenting on Switch to make her powerful enough to allow David to time travel.

#3 "Chapter 22" - July 8, 2019

Thirty years in the past, Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller live in happiness with their newborn David. Charles was a war veteran who used his telepathy to survive and Gabrielle was a survivor of the holocaust. Meeting in an asylum, the two fell in love. After building a prototype Cerebro to boost his telepathy powers, Charles discovers a powerful mutant named Farouk and sets off to Morocco to meet him. Left alone in the house, Gabrielle suffers from several strange delusions, some of which are brought on by the attempted time travel intervention of David and Switch. David is frustrated to discover that, despite attempts to prevent his infant self from possession, he is unable to influence the past or even manifest physically. Charles telephones Gabrielle in a panic to explain that meeting Farouk was a mistake and makes plans to immediately return home. Gabrielle's visions become increasingly nightmarish due to the now astral projection of Farouk's spirit as well as present day David's desperate attempts to prevent this. David finally manages to manifest as a ghost and attempts to warn Gabrielle, but at that moment Charles returns and telepathically expels David and Switch back to the present. Switch is physically and mentally drained from such extreme time travel, but David demands they travel back immediately. Back in the past, Charles comforts Gabrielle, while both are oblivious to the fact that Farouk has successfully possessed baby David.

#4 "Chapter 23" - July 15, 2019

As a result of David and Switch's meddling in the past, time itself becomes unstable, resulting in time loops for both David's cult and Division 3 (as well as the viewer, with the broadcast briefly switching to an episode of The Shield). It also attracts time demons, creatures who feed on time and manifest when Switch travels too far back. The time demons attack David and he awakens in a concentration camp next to his mother, but it is an illusion made by the time demons. Others are also tortured by illusions, with Syd coming across a younger version of herself and Lenny being forced to witness the rapid birth, aging and death of her daughter. Cary breaks free from David's mind control, and he escapes David's facility with Switch. David eventually scares the time demons away, but is enraged by Switch's escape.

#5 "Chapter 24" - July 22, 2019

David hijacks a Division 3 bus and manipulates the memory of Daniel, Clark's husband, to learn that Switch is aboard the Division 3 airship. Lenny, distraught from her ordeal with the time demons, blames David for her distress and commits suicide in front of him. Meanwhile, Cary builds a hibernation chamber for Switch to hide her from David. Ptonomy suggests traveling to outer space to get out of David's teleportation range, and Division 3 agrees against the wishes of Farouk, who wants to face David directly. Farouk intentionally provokes David, who discovers their location. David teleports his cult to the airship, and they kill Clark by throwing him into space. David contacts Syd, who gives up Switch's location, and he vows to change the past and undo everything. Syd tricks him into allowing her to use her powers to make them swap bodies, but David, now referring to himself as Legion, manages to overpower her and trap Syd's mind in his subconscious. He retrieves Switch, who then traps Farouk in the 'space between time'. David and Switch once again travel to the past, with David stating he now has a new plan.

#6 "Chapter 25" - July 29, 2019

Oliver finds Syd's lost mind in the astral plane, manifesting as a baby. He and Melanie decide to raise her, not realizing who she is. They also adopt Cynthia, a woman who is in the astral plane due to 'losing her innocence'. Cynthia is spirited away by Jerome, a sinister entity also known as The Wolf, who aims to corrupt those he finds in the astral plane. As the astral Syd ages, she has nightmares about what the real world Syd has experienced. Astral Syd encounters a now drug-addicted Cynthia, who unsuccessfully attempts to recruit her to The Wolf's control. Instead, Astral Syd vows to save Cynthia. She and Oliver kidnap Cynthia, only for The Wolf to track them down and Cynthia to willingly leave with him. Oliver and Melanie encourage a now full-grown Syd to return to the real world, and she awakens on the Division 3 airship. Cary creates devices that allow himself, Syd, and Kerry to make use of Switch's still-open time door and travel back in time to go after David, but only after Cary cripples himself to absorb Kerry's wounds and restore her to full strength.

#7 "Chapter 26" - August 5, 2019

Back in the past, Charles travels to Morocco to meet with Farouk after using Cerebro to find him; Farouk foresees his arrival and teaches Charles about the astral plane. Meanwhile, Syd, Cary, and Kerry encounter Gabrielle in the past, and Syd realizes she is David's mother. Syd refuses to kill baby David, convinced that if she stays in the past, she can help raise him to be a different person. Time, however, is destabilizing again, attracting the time demons. David travels back to Charles's location and teleports the two of them inside of David's mind. David reveals to Charles everything that has happened to this point in David's life. Warning Charles that the meeting with Farouk is a trap, David poses as a fellow soldier with the intention of killing Farouk; Charles is hesitant, until he discovers that Farouk's 'children' are little more than vessels containing Farouk's victims. The time demons arrive and wreak havoc, made worse by Switch having overexerted herself. The present-day Farouk escapes from the 'space between time' and travels back to join forces with his past self.

#8 "Chapter 27" - August 12, 2019

With the time demons causing chaos, Cary and Kerry merge to fight them alongside Syd. Severely weakened, Switch surrenders herself to the time demons, but her father appears and elevates her to a higher level of existence, revealing both he and Switch have the ability to control the time demons (who merely function to guard the tributaries of time). Switch uses this power to save Syd, Cary, Kerry, Gabrielle, and baby David. David fights Past Farouk using the many fractured personalities within his subconscious, but Past Farouk overpowers them and traps David, mockingly accusing him of being a bad person. David escapes, using Gabrielle as inspiration. Charles and Present Farouk travel to the astral plane, where Present Farouk admits he actually traveled back to help David. Charles prevents David from killing Past Farouk, telling David he struck a deal with Present Farouk to keep the peace. Present Farouk reveals the future to his defiant past self, and David, Charles, and both Farouks form a truce. Switch reveals to Syd that David's actions, while saving the world, will also create new versions of David and Syd, and the old ones will disappear. Cary and an aged Kerry reunite, now separated from each other. Charles returns home and reconciles with Gabrielle. David and Syd speak for the final time, both expressing hope that their new selves will flourish, and they vanish as baby David looks on.


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