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Watch Marvel's "The Gifted" Season 2 on Fox TV

The Gifted series received a put pilot commitment at Fox after a previous attempted X-Men television series did not move forward at the network in 2016; The Gifted was ordered to series in May 2017.

The Gifted's first season aired from October 2, 2017, to January 15, 2018, and consisted of 13 episodes. In January 2018, the series was renewed for a 16-episode second season, which began airing on September 25, 2018. Fox canceled the series after two seasons.

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Marvel's "The Gifted" TV Series

The Gifted is an American television series created for Fox by Matt Nix, based on Marvel Comics' X-Men properties. It is connected to the X-Men film series, set in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have disappeared. The show is produced by 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television, with Nix serving as showrunner. The series stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as ordinary parents who take their family on the run after they discover their children's mutant abilities.

The Strucker Family (Fenris)

  • Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker: One of the series' central children, a "perfect" kid.
  • Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker: One of the series' central children, a sensitive loner who keeps to himself.
  • Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker: A father trying to balance his family responsibilities with his job as a district attorney. Moyer said of the character, "He thinks he's doing the right thing by moving [the mutants]. He does know these camps aren't particularly nice. He knows a few people he's captured have disappeared. He also knows this could happen to his kids. He has no choice but to go on the run." Reed was originally "more obviously out for himself and slightly less interested in his kids, slightly less interested in the marriage", but this was changed in reshoots of the pilot to make the character more likeable.
  • Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker: A mother and nurse struggling with her split from Reed and "increasingly challenging" teenage children. Showrunner Matt Nix said that though Caitlin does not have mutant powers, she is not "just a mom" or "just the doctor" in the series, and "over the course of the show I really love the idea of showing the evolution of a suburban mom into an underground warrior." Acker added that the character "was actually quite happy with the life that she had, and that all gets flipped around, pushing her to become who she should be."
  • Raymond J. Barry as Otto Strucker: Reed's estranged mutant father.
  • Sharon Gless as Ellen Strucker: Reed's mother.
  • Jeffrey Nordling as Daniel: Caitlin's brother.
  • Paul Cooper & Caitlin Mehner as Andreas & Andrea von Strucker / Fenris: Ancestors of Lauren and Andy with the same mutant abilities. Nix stated that giving the series' main characters the surname "Strucker", a name given to notable characters from the comics, was an intentional decision, leading to speculation that Lauren and Andy were an adaptation of the Strucker twins. After the series included an Easter egg referring to characters that matched the comics description of the twins, Lind indicated that those characters could appear themselves. In November 2017, the characters were officially confirmed to be appearing in the show, with Cooper and Mehner cast as Andreas and Andrea, respectively.


The Mutant Underground (X-Men)

  • Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz / Eclipse: A rebellious mutant who can absorb and manipulate photons. Eclipse was rejected by his human parents, and grew up smuggling drugs from Mexico to the United States. The mutant underground uses him to smuggle mutants to safety in Mexico. The character was created for the series, but takes inspiration from comic characters such as Sunspot and Wolverine.
  • Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane / Polaris: A brave and loyal mutant whose abilities include controlling magnetism. She is introduced as being "unstable" due to bipolar disorder. In the series there is "some awareness" that Polaris is the daughter of Magneto, leading to the question "does she accept the mantle of her birthright? Is it her job to be Magneto in his absence?" The character is depicted with green hair, as she is in the comics, but "subdued shades of green". Dumont took mechanical engineering classes at Georgia State University to help understand the character's abilities. Nix did not originally intend to have the character in the show, and only added her as a love interest for Eclipse, but later noted that she "emerges as a central character" for the series.
  • Jamie Chung as Clarice Fong / Blink: A "sarcastic, lively" mutant with teleportation powers. An "independently minded" member of the mutant underground, Blink begins the series using her abilities as "a way out of situations she doesn't want to be in", but her abilities and relationship to them evolve throughout the series. Nix wanted to use the series as a chance to develop the character further than her appearance in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she was portrayed by Fan Bingbing. Chung wears heavy-duty contact lenses to portray Blink's mutant eyes.
  • Blair Redford as John Proudstar / Thunderbird: A strong-willed mutant, leader of the underground community. Nix said the character is "dealing with his own issues of feeling the weight of thousands of years of Apache history and mutant history and an obligation to both families." Thunderbird is famous for being killed off shortly after his introduction in the comics, and though Nix said that this would not happen in the series, it will explore "the relationship of this guy to the Thunderbird of the comics".
  • Elena Satine as Sonya Simonson / Dreamer: A mutant who can "add or subtract" others' memories inspired by "Beautiful Dreamer". Like her comic book counterpart, she is a mutant with the ability to exhale pink smoke that allows her to read, take or implant memories into the minds of her targets. Her name in this continuity is Sonya Simonson, and she is in a relationship with John Proudstar / Thunderbird. In the episode "eXploited", she is murdered by rogue scientist Roderick Campbell, who works for Trask Industries.


The Mutants

  • D James Jones as Trader: A mutant who can cloud other's vision to hide. The Trader (real name unknown) first appeared in Morlocks #1.
  • Michelle Veintimilla as Carmen Guerra: Diaz's ex-girlfriend and the leader of a cartel.
  • Jermaine Rivers as Shatter: A mutant who can turn his skin into a hard, protective crystal.
  • Dinarte de Freitas as Pedro: A light-blue, leonine mutant who can "project fear".
  • Jeff Daniel Phillips as Fade: A mutant bartender.
  • Stan Lee makes a cameo appearance in the pilot.


The Hellfire Club

  • Skyler Samuels as the Stepford Cuckoos: Telepathic triplets with their own agenda, separate from those of the mutant underground, Sentinel Services, and Trask Industries. Samuels was first introduced as Esme Frost, with her two sisters, Phoebe and Sophie, appearing in the mid-season finale. Samuels' hair and wardrobe was designed as an homage to the comics, though the series' portrayal of the sisters deviates from the comics in some ways; the Esme character in the comics was one of two sisters who died before there were the three Stepford Cuckoos. Because the three characters are often dressed identically, Samuels tried to differentiate them through behavior and how they each talk. The effect of the three characters together was created with a mixture of effects: split-screening, green-screening, and face replacements over doubles when Samuels worked with two other actresses portraying the other sisters.
  • Hayley Lovitt as Sage: A mutant with eidetic memory, and a "computer brain" that can do complex calculations.


Sentinel Services

  • Coby Bell as Jace Turner: A man struggling with the cold-blooded requirements of his job.
  • Joe Nemmers as Ed Weeks: A Sentinel Services agent that works with Turner.
  • Garret Dillahunt as Roderick Campbell: A mutant researcher contracted by Sentinel Services, who is on a "morally dubious" mission. Nix compared the series' adaptation of the comic character to the changes made when adapting the character William Stryker for the X-Men films.
  • Zach Roerig as Gus / Pulse: A mutant who can disable electrical systems and other mutants' abilities. He is loyal to Sentinel Services under the Hound Program.
  • Frances Turner as Paula Turner: Jace Turner's wife.
  • Jaxon Rose Moore as Grace Turner: Jace Turner's deceased daughter.


"Marvel's The Gifted"
Season 1 Episodes (2017-2018)

Two ordinary parents take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities, and join an underground community of mutants who have to fight to survive.

Episode #1: "eXposed" October 2, 2017

In Atlanta, Georgia, the mutant Clarice Fong escapes from prison with her teleporting abilities, and is rescued from police by members of a mutant underground that aims to protect persecuted mutants from the government. During this, Lorna Dane / Polaris is captured by the police, and is later asked by district attorney Reed Strucker to cooperate with him in exchange for a reduced sentence. Strucker's own children, Lauren and Andy, go to their school dance that night, where Andy is attacked by bullies. The stress causes Andy's mutant abilities to manifest, and he telekinetically causes major damage to the school. Lauren helps him escape, revealing that she is also a mutant. The pair and their parents are forced to go into hiding immediately by the arrival of the anti-mutant Sentinel Services agency. Reed convinces a member of the underground, Marcos Diaz, to help them in exchange for information on Polaris, but Turner and Sentinel Services also arrive at their meeting. Fong is able to teleport everyone to safety, except for Reed, who is captured.

#2 "rX" - October 9, 2017

Fong falls unconscious from the effort of teleporting the group back to the underground's hideout, losing control of her abilities. Portals begin to open to an unknown road, causing an accident that is brought to the attention of police. Caitlin, a nurse, offers to look for some medication that may help Fong, and races to a nearby hospital that still treats mutants with Diaz, where they use an old injury to gain access to the medication. In prison, Polaris has a collar placed on her that gives her a shock whenever she tries to use her abilities. She faces discrimination and attacks from the other prisoners, and when she pushes through the pain of her collar to fight back she is confined to solitary. Reed is interrogated by Turner, who tries various techniques to get Reed's cooperation, including interrogating Reed's mother. Caitlin and Diaz return in time to help Fong before her portals cause major damage and force the underground to evacuate. Reed agrees to give Turner the location of the underground in exchange for the freedom of himself and his family.

#3 "eXodus" - October 16, 2017

Reed, being tracked by Turner, meets up with a mutant that he knows is working with Eclipse, and he agrees to smuggle Reed to the underground, but Reed decides to not put the mutants in harm and returns to Turner. Fong begins working with John Proudstar / Thunderbird to control her abilities, but does not have someone that she truly cares about that she can focus her emotions on. Trying to help the underground, Caitlin secretly leaves and finds her brother Daniel, who she says has "connections", and is accompanied by her children. Daniel is unwilling to help, and when news gets out that they are there the Struckers are confronted by locals who want to keep their neighborhood safe. They escape the house with the help of Eclipse and Thunderbird. Fong creates a portal for the group to return to the underground, but can only do this after the mutant Dreamer, against Thunderbird's wishes, gives Fong memories of her caring for him. Turner turns down an offer for help from scientist Roderick Campbell, who is interested in the Strucker children.

#4 "eXit strategy" - October 23, 2017

Two years ago, the underground helped several mutants escape from an SS "Relocation Center", but Thunderbird's best friend Gus / Pulse—who can short out electrical circuits and other mutants' abilities—was believed to have been killed. Now, the underground plans to rescue Reed and Polaris from the SS before they are delivered to a similar center, one that inmates do not return from. Eclipse gets information on the route they will be taken from the cartel he used to work for, now run by his former girlfriend Carmen. She forces him to use his abilities to torture someone for her in exchange for the information. The underground attacks the convoy transporting Reed and Polaris, with Andy and Lauren combining their abilities to stop the vehicles. They all lose their abilities when Pulse appears, alive and working for the SS. Thunderbird knocks Pulse unconscious, Polaris breaks herself and Reed out, and they all escape. Meanwhile, Fong continues to remember her feelings for Thunderbird, but he tells her that they have never been together.

#5 "boXed in" - October 30, 2017

In flashbacks, the Turners are on a picnic when a mutant rights march ends up violent and results in Grace's death. In the present, Diaz and Dane lure Sentinel Services away while Proudstar takes the Struckers to the Underground, where Fade exposes Reed's recent treachery to the mutants. Diaz and Dane attack a blockade and capture Jace. In order to prove his loyalty, Reed suggests luring Sentinel Services away from the perimeter. Proudstar tasks Fade to recover Reed afterward. As Reed succeeds in his mission, Caitlin and her children save the Trader's life. Having earned the mutants' trusts, the Struckers decide to stay and fight for their cause. Meanwhile, Sonya and Fong join Diaz and Dane, with the former searching Jace's memories until Sentinel Services attack the building, forcing the mutants to escape. Using information acquired by Sonya, Reed detects a "secret facility". Fong confronts Sonya for her actions while the latter is revealed to have given Jace memories of Grace's survival.

#6 "got your siX" - November 6, 2017

Clarice confronts Thunderbird about him not telling her what Dreamer did to her memories, and decides to leave the underground. The group plans to attack a Federal facility where Pulse was taken without Clarice's help; Reed, Eclipse, and Andy go to break in and steal information on the mutants who are now working for the Sentinel Services. Thunderbird worries that these mutants could be the deciding factor in a war that the X-Men believed was coming (they put Thunderbird in charge of the underground before they disappeared). Reed becomes concerned with Andy's abilities and how he enjoys using them to destroy things, and attempts to gain Andy's trust as his father again. After stealing the information, the trio are followed by police into a Sentinel Services ambush. Polaris takes Lauren and another young mutant, visual illusionist Wes, to help them. Meanwhile, Turner is given a mandatory leave for his reborn grief, but ignores this and instead begins a new partnership with Campbell, giving him the information about Andy and Lauren in exchange for his help.

#7 "eXtreme measures" - November 13, 2017

Guerra forces Eclipse to help her on another job, this time destroying a rival's shipment of drugs; Polaris and Dreamer follow Eclipse after the former discovered he was lying about his whereabouts, and see him work with Guerra. Thunderbird tracks down Clarice, and offers to help her find the road that her portals were opening to when she was sick. They realize that the road leads to the home for mutants that she lived in as a child, but it is now derelict after Sentinel Services agents stormed the building and killed its inhabitants. She agrees to rejoin the fight. From the stolen information, the underground learns that Wes has a criminal background, leading to him leaving for another underground group, and that Reed's father may have been involved with Campbell's program to turn mutants when he worked for Trask Industries. Now, Campbell and Turner prepare to send these mutants, called Hounds, undercover within the underground. When a DOJ official attempts to stop the pair from using their illegal actions, one of the Hounds makes her have a stroke.

#8 "threat of eXtinction" - November 20, 2017

In London in 1952, mutant twins Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker are hunted for terrorist acts. As their apartment is stormed, the twins hold hands and there is a blinding flash of light. In the present, Reed reveals that Trask Industries is involved with the Hounds. Polaris is still angry at Eclipse for enjoying his enforcement work for the cartel. Thunderbird and Reed visit Reed's father, Otto Strucker. Polaris and Eclipse argue over how to interrogate a Hound the Underground has captured. Otto confesses his father was Andreas Strucker and that his father and aunt's terrorist past drove him to try to wipe out the X gene. He reveals he is a mutant and that Reed was also until Otto managed to "cure" him. Otto is disturbed to hear Lauren and Andy possess the same powers as Andreas and Andrea and warns Reed to both protect his children and to protect the world from them. Campbell and Sentinel Services arrive with Pulse. Otto manages to use his powers to create a large explosion despite Pulse's presence and sacrifices himself so Thunderbird and Reed can escape. Otto's blast fatally injures Pulse and as he lies dying, Thunderbird vows to avenge him.

#9 "outfoX" - December 4, 2017

In a flashback, Andy and Lauren touch hands which seems to activate their latent powers. In the present day, the team develops a risky plan to free mutants who are in Sentinel Services' custody. Reed reveals details to Andy and Lauren about the Struckers' family history that could prove to be a game-changer. Esme keeps advocating for the rescue of her family and appears to be manipulating Lorna's dreams. Lorna and Sonya immobilize a guard to gain access to Trask Industries. The Underground hatches a two-fold scheme: First, Andy, Lauren, Blink and Sonya will knock out the electrical substation powering Trask Industries. Second, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Esme will free the prisoners and destroy all records and evidence. With Campbell hospitalized by Otto's attack, Jace abuses his authority to obtain more manpower while anticipating an attack by the Underground. Jace, suspecting something is up, sends his team to the substation after learning that the keycard-of a security guard who called in sick-was used to access the facility. In the substation tunnels, Blink, Sonya, Andy and Lauren encounter Sentinel Services new and improved spider robot which is undamaged by Andy's attack, forcing them to flee. Reed and Caitlin order the team to retreat, but Blink and Sonya are captured. Andy and Lauren consider using their Fenris ability to collapse the building, but Andy rejects it for being too destructive and the siblings surrender to Jace and his team.

#10 "eXploited" - December 11, 2017

Polaris wants to immediately attack Sentinel Services, but Reed and Caitlin argue for a diplomatic solution that will not endanger their children, potentially reaching out to some of Reed's old contacts about Trask and the Hound program. Esme talks to Reed and Caitlin in secret, and suggests that they go to Turner and hope that his better nature prevails. When Esme tells the other mutants what the couple intend to do, they prepare to attack. At Trask Industries, a heavily scarred Campbell forces Andy and Lauren to demonstrate their combined powers by killing Dreamer, and they are able to dent an apparently "indestructible" adamantium wall. After he is confronted by the Struckers, Turner plans to arrest them, but is convinced by his wife to do the right thing. Turner goes to Trask to transfer the mutants back to Sentinel Services. The mutants use this opportunity to attack, but they are betrayed by Esme. She makes the guards kill each other and themselves, and releases her two identical sisters, who have the same telepathic abilities as she does.

#11 "3 X 1" - January 1, 2018

Esme and her sisters approach the underground for help in stopping the Hound program, though they are doing so to support their agenda of rebuilding the Hellfire Club. The underground members refuse, while Reed and Caitlin decide to take their family to Mexico. They stop at another refugee base on the way, where they reunite with Wes. One of the sisters visits Andy, asking him to reconsider leaving. Another visits Polaris, and uses knowledge of her mysterious birth father (who once led the Hellfire Club) and her unborn baby to try manipulate her into assisting them. Turner and Campbell launch an attack on the Struckers' location, using Hounds who can combine their abilities with technology developed from Lauren and Andy to start destroying the building and arrest mutants. Polaris, Blink, Eclipse, and Thunderbird arrive to rescue them, but only the intervention of the sisters allows them to successfully escape. The underground formally partners with the Hellfire Club, unaware that the sisters had given SS the location of the base.

#12 "eXtraction" - January 15, 2018

The Frost triplets take Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird and Blink to a safe house where they ambush an anti-mutant millionaire on the way to the Humanity Today conference, forcing him to telepathically obey. Things are briefly strained when Blink reveals she worked with the Brotherhood after the Purifier incident, but she makes up with Thunderbird, sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, Campbell orders SS to find missing research of Otto's on how to suppress the X-Gene. Learning they are going after Reed's mother Ellen, the Struckers go to her office to get her away. Andy and Lauren briefly attack each other when Andy wants to keep assaulting the SS agents outside. Ellen gives them the name of Otto's research partner, Madeline Risman, before departing. At the conference, Campbell gets Senator Montez's support for the Hound program. He is attacked by the mutants, but uses children as a human shield so the mutants are forced to let him go and flee.

#13 "X-roads" - January 15, 2018

Four years earlier at a mental hospital, Evangeline Whedon recruits Polaris into the Underground. In the present, with Campbell and Montez set to fly to Washington, the Frost sisters talk her into embracing her heritage and take action to build a better world for her baby. Two of the sisters go with her outside the airport, while the other mutants follow with the third sister to stop Polaris. Meanwhile, Turner tracks the Struckers with a new pair of Hounds to the headquarters. Reed and Caitlin become the leaders, making an escape tunnel and holding off SS. Lauren and Andy stay behind to cover their tracks by leveling the building, killing both the tracking and destroyer pairs of Hounds in the process. Polaris decides to take a stand, destroying the plane, killing Campbell, Montez and innocent people before vanishing. Turner quits when he realizes he is the scapegoat for these losses, disgusted his superiors won't do more to stop the mutants. Regrouping in Nashville, Eclipse wants to rebuild but Polaris and a Frost sister show up, seeking recruits for the Hellfire Club, gaining Fade and Sage with a few others. Andy also joins, devastating his family whom he warns not to get in the way.



"Marvel's The Gifted"
Season 2 Episodes (2018)

A second season depicts the different approaches to the fight for mutant civil rights that are taken by the Mutant Underground and the Hellfire Club, and also introduces the Morlocks and further explores the Purifiers — all groups originating in the comics. The season began airing on September 25, 2018, and will run for 16 episodes.

Episode #1: "eMergence" September 25, 2018

After recruiting the mutants Lorna Dane/Polaris and Andy Strucker for the "Inner Circle" of the Hellfire Club, Reeva Payge stages a coup and takes control of the organization. Six months later in Washington D.C., the new Inner Circle buys a large munitions factory to clear out so Polaris has a place to safely give birth. The Mutant Underground works to save endangered mutants from the government agency Sentinel Services. Marcos Diaz / Eclipse, the father of Polaris's child, and Andy's mother Caitlin try to gain information on the Inner Circle from the mutant hacker Wire; but only learn of their vast resources and power. Caitlin's husband Reed and daughter Lauren are ready to stop looking for Andy, and Reed is also concerned by his latent mutant abilities manifesting. When Polaris goes into labor, her powers cause electrical disturbances across the city and the Underground tries to unsuccessfully follow them back to her. The Frosts give Polaris a vision of the future she wants for her child, allowing her to give birth to baby Dawn.

#2 "unMoored" - October 2, 2018

Three years ago, Evangeline Whedon recruited John Proudstar / Thunderbird to lead the Atlanta station for the Mutant Underground. In the present, she refuses to take on the Inner Circle but gives Thunderbird the location of a mutant, Erg, who may know more. Caitlin and Reed continue to argue about Andy while Lauren reveals to her father she has her own trauma from killing fifteen people back in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Jace Turner tries to be a lawyer but is still obsessed with mutants, before telling his wife that he can move on. Andy and Lauren have shared dreams which interfere with his training. As Reeva and the Frosts kill any humans involved with the birth; Reeva considers killing Andy for trying to contact his family, but instead motivates him to complete his training. Polaris discovers baby Dawn is very sick.

#3 "coMplications" - October 9, 2018

Six years ago, Marcos' dying father rejected his son because he was a mutant. In the present he is kidnapped by the Frosts to cure baby Dawn's jaundice. As Lauren and Reed return from a supply run, Reed's powers manifest, melting the steering wheel and causing them to crash. Jace Turner heads to D.C., despite what he told his wife and checks out the scene, glimpsing the Struckers to realize they aren't dead like the authorities believe. The police refuse to listen because of his dismissal from SS. Marcos is able to cure his daughter, overcoming the Frosts telepathy to try and fight for his family, but he is disarmed and removed by Reeva. Johnny and Clarice search for Erg's group in the sewers. Erg tells Clarice that mutants live down there away from everyone else. Erg offers information if Clarice agrees to be his spy on the surface. Reed confesses his powers to Caitlin, which also melted their information on the Inner Circle. Clarice finds that the Frosts were looking into the Health Department. Marcos returns swearing revenge, as Reeva prepares for the next phase of her plans.

#4 "outMatched" - October 16, 2018

Sixteen years ago, Caitlin refuses to terminate her pregnancy of Andy even though it represents a high risk for both of them. In the present, the Underground—seeking a hacker's help again—discover that the Frosts have killed Wire. The Underground kidnaps his brother Graph, who refuses to help them until Caitlin exploits his addiction to Kick. Graph discovers the Inner Circle is attacking an old mental hospital where Lorna was held years ago. Lauren, Marcos, Johnny and Clarice go to stop them. When Sage blocks Graph's hacking, Caitlin gives him more Kick, which induces a near-fatal overdose. Johnny and Clarice confront Lorna in the facility and she releases the other patients to cover her escape. As the Inner Circle tries to escape with a patient, Marcos and Lauren block them. Andy rejects his sister and blasts them away, knocking Lauren out. His parents are devastated and Reed's powers violently manifest again. On television, the hospital staff confess to inhumane treatment of their patients and the attack is seen as a rallying point for mutant rights. Jace's wife leaves him because he refuses to move on and he is approached by the Purifiers, who he ultimately joins when he sees news of the hospital incident.

#5 "afterMath" - October 30, 2018

Twelve years ago as a new cop Jace didn't like his partner harassing a mutant but went along with it. In the present, he suggests the Purifiers win over the public by rounding up the fugitive mutants that escaped from the mental hospital. At the clinic, Caitlin and Johnny treat the hospital escapees and Lauren, who is distraught about Andy. When the Purifiers attack, they are forced to let one mutant die to keep themselves hidden before the Purifiers flee from approaching police. Stealing some files, Jace comes up with another plan. Meanwhile, the Inner Circle prepares their new mutant Rebecca/Twist for her role in their plans but she is unresponsive. Andy takes her out for her first taste of freedom in years as she was the clinic's most dangerous patient. She shows Andy her power of turning things inside out and they destroy a police car together, kissing when they return. Clarice takes the other patients to hide with the Morlocks, Erg takes them on the condition they brand a "M" mark into their cheeks, disgusting Marcos. Erg also encourages "Blink" to not hide who she is like she does with the Mutant Underground.

#6 "iMprint" - November 6, 2018

Jace realizes the Mutant Underground has a base in Baltimore, having the Purifiers bomb a church to flush people out. Reed, Clarice, Marcos and Johnny go to help out, reuniting with several mutants from Atlanta including Shatter and Pedro. The Purifiers attack, handing over Pedro to SS and Jace kills Shatter. Reed melts a wall for the others to escape but then cannot turn off his power. Lauren and Caitlin track a former doctor of the hospital, learning Rebecca used her powers to kill her family by turning their skulls inside out. Lorna grows frustrated with Reeva hiding the plan so Esme shows her the bank they plan to attack, which has mutant detecting technology. Lorna seems to like Esme but attacks her when she realizes Esme was in baby Dawn's mind. Esme apologizes, revealing she and her sisters were quintuplet clones created as weapons. They killed their handlers at age 13, but the other two sisters, Celeste and Mindee were killed-the remaining triplets felt them die. Esme swears to protect Lorna and Dawn and Lorna stays with the Inner Circle.

#7 "no Mercy" - November 13, 2018

Eight years ago, Reeva wanted her local mutant community to work with humans but her friend, a mutant, was killed right in front of her by human racists. In the present, she dates Quinn, a bank employee, genuinely liking him but using him as part of the plan. The Inner Circle attacks the bank promising nobody will be hurt if they cooperate. Draining their funds, having the Frosts force a confession of mutant persecution and getting something from the vault, they prepare to leave. But Rebecca, wanting to punish humans, happily kills all the employees; horrifying even Reeva. The Mutant Underground moves Reed to the now abandoned clinic and Caitlin convinces him to go see his father's old assistant Madeline. Marcos and Johnny confront Clarice for working for Erg, which she admits reasoning that at least the Morlocks have a plan to help mutants while the Underground is a mess with no vision. Jace meets with television reporter Benedict Ryan who wants Jace to expose the lies of Sentinel Services. He refuses but is convinced after he hears about the bank incident.

#8 "the dreaM" - November 27, 2018

Flashbacks show Lorna was a rebellious teen living with her Aunt and could never talk about her birth father; whose only contact with her was leaving one gift of a medallion for her. Rebecca leaves the Inner Circle while escaping the bank. With anti-mutant attacks on the rise, Lorna fears for Dawn's safety. Esme suggests a mutant school in Switzerland. Lorna lets a distraught Marcos say goodbye to Dawn; but actually takes her to her Aunt, realizing her own father did the same to keep her safe. Lorna turns the medallion into a helmet for herself. When Johnny and Clarice try to track the Inner Circle, Rebecca tells them they were looking into the tech company Regimen. Rebecca is later captured by Fade. The Struckers meet Madeline who is able to temporarily stabilize Reed's powers but wants to study Lauren to make a cure as she does for any mutants who come to her. Her assistant Noah got control of his vibration powers and convinces Lauren she might have a normal life; but Lauren is horrified that Madeline wants to cure all mutants and her brother Matthew founded the Purifiers.

#9 "gaMe changer" - December 4, 2018

One year ago, Rebecca's parents turn her in to Sentinel Services. In the present, Andy disagrees with Reeva imprisoning Rebecca as the humans did. He decides to free Rebecca and run, but she wants to kill the entire Inner Circle instead; Andy accidentally kills her in the process of thwarting her attack. Johnny, Marcos and Clarice kidnap an analyst from Regimen. Clarice leaves John after his obsession with stopping the Inner Circle causes a manhunt for all mutants in the area. The analyst reveals Regimen controls every mutant prison collar in the country. Fade arrives and kills the analyst on Reeva's orders but is captured by Johnny and Marcos. The Purifiers find them, and Johnny stays behind so Marcos and Fade can escape, which leads to his capture by Jace. Lauren convinces her parents to destroy Madeline's research, while Madeline reveals Lauren's DNA has two strains of the x-gene. Madeline and Noah stop the Struckers, but after Madeline says mutants, including Noah and Lauren, should not have been born, Noah turns on her and destroys the research so the Struckers can escape. Lorna and Andy destroy the Regimen servers, freeing every incarcerated mutant in the country.

#10 "eneMy of My eneMy" - January 1, 2019

Three years ago, Marcos, Lorna and Johnny all promise to be there for each other when it matters most. In the present, as Jace interrogates Johnny at a Purifier compound, the Mutant Underground reluctantly asks Lorna for the Inner Circle's help in rescuing him. Lorna and Andy find the compound and join the Underground to assist. Andy's parents are happy to see him and tell him about Reed's powers, though Lauren does not trust him. Jace believes the Underground has been behind the mutant uprising but pauses to consider Johnny's claim that Andy and Lorna left for the unsubstantiated Inner Circle—until he sees Lorna and Marcos attack the compound together. Believing Johnny has lied, he becomes enraged and shoots him with a shotgun multiple times. Jace flees before Clarice, Andy and Lauren arrive to rescue Johnny. On the way out of the compound, Andy delights in torturing a Purifier who tried to shoot Lauren, disgusting his family when he says they deserve to be wiped out. Caitlin determines they must destroy the Inner Circle to get him back. Lorna kisses Marcos goodbye but claims it does not change anything between them. Clarice reaffirms her love for the wounded Johnny. The Strucker siblings train, separately, to increase their powers.

#11 "meMento" - January 8, 2019

In 1985, after his sister's death, Andreas Von Strucker has the music box altered and leaves something behind after killing a shop owner with a powered sword. Presently Reeva gathers new recruits to the Inner Circle but their sadistic past makes Lorna realize Reeva must be stopped. Lauren studies the Von Struckers, dreaming Andrea's death by being shot and mirroring Andrea's power of turning her barriers into cutting disks. Caitlin approves of this to take down the Inner Circle though Reed is upset when Lauren risks exposure to distract cops that appear at their home. Lauren later intimidates the landlord who called them with her powers; after finding hair samples from both Original Fenris in the music box. Benedict Ryan sends the Purifiers out and they invade a youth shelter. While Jace seems remorseful, he decides to cover up his partner killing a mutant teen in cold blood; he is seen as a hero in the media but cannot face his ex-wife. Marcos and Clarice seek Erg for a tip. Lorna and Marcos reunite as a couple. Evangeline Whedon calls Johnny to gather the Mutant Underground. Investigating the tip, Lorna and Marcos see Reeva meet with Benedict Ryan.

#12 "hoMe" - January 15, 2019

Fourteen years ago, Clarice and her foster sister Lilly escape their abusive foster father, but Lilly goes back to save the other foster children and is killed. In the present, Evangeline arrives and is pleased Lorna is their spy. She coerces Erg to come to the Underground meeting; he and Evangeline founded and led the Mutant Underground together until a human ally betrayed them, and he left to form the Morlocks. The Inner Circle's recruits are sent on a mission to kill Evangeline and the other Underground leaders. Despite Lorna's warning, Johnny and company are too late to save them. With Johnny determined to keep fighting, Clarice tearfully leaves to join the Morlocks. Caitlin and Lauren reach out to Caitlin's brother Danny for government intelligence on the Purifiers and Reeva. He can only tell them the government is compromised before Lauren has to fight off SS agents so she and Caitlin can escape. The Frosts discover the dream link between Andy and Lauren, convincing him to attempt to persuade Lauren to join their side by telling him it will save his family; actually their intent is to increase the Inner Circle's power.

#13 "teMpted" - January 22, 2019

Six years ago, Erg is in love with a human woman, but she is caught by SS and betrays Evangeline and the Underground. Erg rejects her and vows never to trust a human again. In the present, a Morlock named Glow is shot on a supply run. Given the similarity of her powers to Marcos', Clarice brings him and Caitlin to the sewers to save Glow's life. Erg does not trust Caitlin but accompanies her and Clarice out for medical supplies. Purifiers attack but the three fight back and escape. They save Glow and Erg honors Caitlin. The Frosts use Andy to reach out to Lauren in her dreams and she decides to give in. Johnny and Reed track her down; Reed confesses he feels the allure of their family's power as well. Lauren agrees to return, and takes the serum to suppress her powers, cutting off her connection to Andy. Meanwhile, Lorna discovers that the Inner Circle's new recruits are targeting government buildings. Lorna sends Marcos after the recruit Max, ending with Marcos being shot before Max's car explodes.

#14 "calaMity" - February 12, 2019

Four years ago, Benedict Ryan is a failing radio host. Reeva promises to make him famous. In the present, she has him send Jace's Purifiers to attack the Morlocks in the sewers. Though the Morlocks kill a few Purifiers, Jace leads his team through, killing the Morlocks' fighters. Clarice asks for help evacuating the sewers. Lauren and Reed decide not to take the serum and face their powers. As the police close in on the evacuated Morlocks, Caitlin shoots her way through a police blockade to get away. Clarice has to stay behind in the sewers to get everyone out. While saving a mutant girl with Erg, Clarice is shot by Jace and her portal closes in front of John. Jace is shocked to find that they attacked children. When the Inner Circle discovers that Max is dead, Reeva locks down their headquarters to find the spy. Because Lorna was using Sage's password to spy on Max, Sage is blamed for his death. With Sage's brain immune to their telepathy, the Frosts are unable to determine her guilt or innocence, and Reeva – convinced Sage is the spy – kills her, devastating Lorna.

#15 "Monsters" - February 19, 2019

Two months ago, Clarice does not believe she deserves to be happy because of her past; John says everyone deserves redemption, even Lorna and Andy. In the present, John saw her fall into a portal, unsure if she survived. While Jace processes what he has done, his partner Ted finds Reed. Reed's powers activate, killing Ted. Caitlin and Lauren take cover in an abandoned building as Lauren's powers return. Reed and Marcos rescue them. Reeva prepares her plan; she and Andy will attack and kill SS headquarters through the sewers, Lorna will take down communications, the Frosts will telepathically impose the idea of a mutant homeland as the solution, and the rest will destroy government buildings. Lorna tells Andy of Reeva and Benedict Ryan's arranging the attack on the Morlocks to clear out the sewers. Andy does not believe he can return, convinced he is a monster. Reed, empathizing with Andy, confesses to killing Ted out of anger. Jace confronts Benedict Ryan, who tells him another mutant attack is coming. Andy and Lorna reunite with the Mutant Underground; while John hears Clarice's voice. Upon learning Andy and Lorna defected, Reeva declares they will be killed.

#16 "oMens" - February 26, 2019

Five years ago, after the 7/15 incident, Reed becomes a mutant crimes prosecutor to protect his family. In the present, Reeva has Benedict Ryan send Jace's Purifiers to attack the Mutant Underground. The Frosts sneak in with Fade and force Andy and Lauren to leave with them. John distracts the Purifiers so the others can go after them. Erg appears and helps Johnny, giving Johnny the chance to have Jace at his mercy. The Frosts force Andy and Lauren to destroy the SS headquarters, killing many. Lorna is able to speak to Esme of their friendship, weakening the Frosts' grip, allowing Marcos to knock out Sophie and Phoebe and save Andy and Lauren. As the adults battle the Inner's Circle's recruits in the parking garage of their base, Caitlin kills Fade. Reed goes to confront Reeva alone. She turns her ability on him, which further destabilizes his already volatile powers—as he intended. He loses control of his powers and explodes, killing them both. Weeks later, Esme joins the group, forcing a confession out of Benedict Ryan. Jace is left in the hospital. Lorna and Marcos reunite with Dawn. The Struckers mourn Reed. Erg meets with them telling them mutants need new leadership; a new Mutant Underground. Clarice appears out of a portal-stating she must show them all something.


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