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iZombie Season5 on CW in 2019

The CW
iZombie (stylized as iZOMBiE) is an American television series developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright for The CW, and is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, and published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint.

iZombie premiered on March 17, 2015. 71 episodes of iZombie aired over 5 seasons.

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iZOMBiE Comic Books

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iZombie TV Series

Seattle medical resident Olivia "Liv" Moore is turned into a zombie while attending a boat party. To cope with her new appetite for brains, Liv takes a job at the King County morgue and shares her secret with her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. In order for Liv to survive, Ravi encourages her to eat the brains of murder victims who are delivered to the morgue. Whenever she eats a victim's brain, Liv inherits some of their personality traits temporarily. She also experiences flashbacks which often give her clues as to the nature of the murder. Liv uses this new ability to help the Seattle Police Department solve crimes, passing herself off as a psychic consultant.

Main Characters

  • Rose McIver as Olivia "Liv" Moore:
    The series protagonist and narrator. A former medical resident who became a zombie when a boat party she was attending was attacked by people who had just taken a new drug called 'Utopium'. She now works as a coroner's assistant for the King County Medical Examiner's Office to have access to the human brains she must frequently consume to keep her humanity intact and suppress her hunger. Without feeding, she becomes increasingly less intelligent. She experiences flashes of memories from the brains she eats, taking on random quirks from her subjects (ranging from a fear of pigeons to a sudden appreciation for art or martial arts skills) and has demonstrated the ability to take a bullet to the chest with little damage. She graduated from the University of Washington.
  • Malcolm Goodwin as Clive Babineaux:
    A Seattle PD detective, newly-transferred from vice to homicide when the series starts, who gets Liv's help to solve crimes. Liv and Ravi claim that she is "psychic-ish" to account for her knowledge of victims.
  • Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti:
    A medical examiner and Liv's boss. He knows Liv's secret and assists her whenever he can to protect as well as study her, expressing an interest in finding a cure for her condition. He used to work for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention but was fired for his obsession with preparing for an attack with biological weapons.
  • Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite:
    Liv's ex-fiancé; she ended the relationship to prevent him being "infected" by her condition. Like Liv, he is a graduate of the University of Washington, and he worked as a social worker at the local teen center in season one. In season two, he began work as a physical trainer and covert zombie hunter.
  • David Anders as Blaine DeBeers:
    The series main antagonist. A drug dealer-turned-zombie whose experimental drug caused the zombie outbreak. He claimed to Liv that he resorts to grave-robbing to access brains, but in reality he has set up a new 'drug ring', with other zombies as the customers and the brains of murdered local homeless teens as the product. His base of operations in season one is a local butcher shop from which he runs a home delivery service of gourmet prepared brain meals for wealthy zombie customers. In season two, his base is a funeral home. In keeping with his drug-dealer approach, he has been shown attacking his former criminal associates/rivals and creating new zombies to drive demand (including at least one rich woman he turned during a one-night-stand before making arrangements to sell her the brains she needed to stay stable).

Recurring Characters

  • Aly Michalka as Peyton Charles: Liv's best friend and roommate, who expresses concern about Liv's declining interest in life after the boat party. She works as an assistant district attorney for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Peyton learns of Liv's secret at the end of season 1, prompting her to leave. Peyton returns in season 2, in charge of the task force against utopium.
  • Molly Hagan as Eva Moore: Liv's mother, who often attempts to encourage Liv to get over her perceived "PTSD" from the boat party. Eva works as a hospital administrator.
  • Nick Purcha as Evan Moore: Liv's brother.
  • Aleks Paunovic as Julien Dupont (also called the Candyman), a zombie thug working for Blaine. (season 1)
  • Bradley James as Lowell Tracy, a musician and fellow zombie who is romantically interested in Liv. (season 1)
  • Hiro Kanagawa as Lieutenant Suzuki, Babineaux's senior officer who is secretly a zombie in Blaine's employ. (season 1)
  • Steven Weber as Vaughn Du Clark, the CEO of Max Rager, an energy drink company that is under investigation.
  • Leanne Lapp as Gilda, Vaughn's daughter and assistant who is tasked with spying on Liv while posing as her roommate.
  • Jessica Harmon as FBI agent Dale Bozzio
  • Eddie Jemison as Stacey Boss, Seattle's most dangerous crime lord that controls the majority of the city's organised crime.


"iZOMBIE" Season 1 Episodes (2015)

iZombie Season1iZombie (stylized as iZOMBIE) is an American television series developed by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright for The CW, and is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, and published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. The series was officially picked up on May 8, 2014, for the 2014-15 season and premiered on March 17, 2015.

On May 6, 2015, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered October 6, 2015. On November 23, 2015, The CW ordered six additional episodes, increasing the season order to 19 episodes. On March 11, 2016, The CW renewed the series for a third season. As of March 22, 2016, 28 episodes of iZombie have aired.

Season 1: Episode #1: "Pilot" March 17, 2015
(Written & Directed by Rob Thomas)

Having been transformed into a zombie during a boat party and forced to give up on her old dreams and family ties, Liv Moore finds herself assisting rookie Detective Clive Babineaux in the investigation of a murdered Romanian prostitute when her boss, Ravi, introduces her as a psychic after she has a flash of insight about the victim based on the consumed brains. Meanwhile, Liv struggles to keep her undead existence a secret from her roommate Peyton as well as her former fiancé Major.

#2 "Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?"
March 24, 2015

Liv develops a painting obsession when she eats the brain of a murdered artist that Clive is investigating. Liv also encounters another zombie for the first time in the form of the drug-dealer, Blaine DeBeers, who was unintentionally responsible for her transformation. Blaine asks that Liv supply him with brains from the morgue, but Liv quickly begins to distrust him. Blaine then kills his former drug dealing contacts as well as infects a woman that he picks up from a local bar.

#3 "The Exterminator" March 31, 2015

While investigating the murder of a sociopath hitman, Liv becomes emotionally distant after eating his brain, causing her to make increasingly morally questionable decisions which includes interfering with Peyton's court case as well as bad-mouthing Clive's investigation. Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi discover another zombie hidden away who happens to be Marcy, Liv's old work friend. With Marcy having regressed to a 'standard' zombie mentality, Ravi hopes that providing her with food will help him determine a cure for Liv. Also, Blaine continues his quiet killing spree across Seattle and his latest victim is a friend of Major.

#4 "Liv and Let Clive" - April 7, 2015

When her latest brain causes Liv to experience a flash of Clive apparently brutally assaulting a gang member, she begins to suspect that he is a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Blaine's new operation hits a stumbling block when two of his men attempt to set up shop for themselves.

#5 "Flight of the Living Dead" - April 14, 2015

A skydiving trip turns into a disaster when Holly White (Tasya Teles), an ex-sorority student and Liv's friend, is found dead and a fellow skydiver accuses one person, Lowell Tracy (Bradley James). Reluctantly, Liv eats Holly's brains to find out the truth, which leads to a vision when a Facebook video shows Holly being pressured by Tracy. Liv asks Babineaux to pursue Holly's death as a new case, to which he agrees, even though it is not listed as a homicide. He interrogates the witness Tracy, a singer, and they find out the GoPro footage was deleted. Other witnesses include Ren Smith (Blair Penner), an athlete with a sponsorship deal from the energy drink company Max Rager, Eliza Marquette (Summer Bishil), an executive at Max Rager who claims the footage was deleted on account of graphic images, and Carson McComb (Ryan Hansen), a pro snowboarder. Liv has a vision of McComb which implies that he is in an intimate relationship with Smith. Later, Babineaux manages to get the case listed as a homicide, due to a prescription of GHB. Liv attends a memorial for Holly, in which the team asks Liv to leave, to no effect. Liv discovers Lowell is a zombie, with him hitting on her in the process. McComb is accused of obtaining the drug, where he reveals that Eliza is the real killer.

#6 "Virtual Reality Bites" - April 21, 2015

Liv's newly-acquired hacking skills may be the key to cracking their latest case when a reclusive hacker known for posting critical reviews is murdered, but she also has to deal with the victim's agoraphobia.

#7 "Maternity Liv" - April 28, 2015

When a young pregnant woman is found by campers murdered, Liv develops strong maternal instincts while trying to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Major's investigations into the missing persons become complicated when he inadvertently alienates Clive and his own efforts at detective work result in him being arrested.

#8 "Dead Air" - May 5, 2015

When a radio host known for relationship straight talk is murdered on air, a rival show host is suspect. Liv applies the host's uncompromising psychological insight to those around her, annoying Clive and making Ravi uncomfortable. Peyton and Ravi spark up a moment when they cross paths unexpectedly while seeking to get Major released from jail. Liv repeatedly tries to convince Ravi that Peyton is not his type, even while Liv's relationship with Lowell heats up. The tested lab rat bites Ravi. On the elevator on the way out from Lowell's apartment, Liv sees Blaine from down below holding a delivery. Liv gets a vision of Jerome in Blaine's car.

#9 "Patriot Brains" - May 12, 2015

A retired elite sniper turned paintball instructor is found dead during a game and the prime suspects are his ex-wife and her new husband. Ravi is relieved to discover the infection cannot jump across species. The Candyman attacks Major at his home, but flees after being repeatedly shot. Liv confronts Lowell about the brains that he purchases from Blaine and decides Blaine should die. When Liv decides to not go with the plan, Lowell attempts to kill Blaine himself, but ends up being shot in the head instead.

#10 "Mr. Berserk" May 19, 2015

After Blaine kills Lowell, Liv is taken into custody and is questioned by the police. Lt. Suzuki cuts the interrogation short and orders the case closed as a suicide. Meanwhile, Rebecca Hinton, an alcoholic reporter, is found dead. She had been working on the missing children case and was collecting evidence for aggressive behavior caused by Max Rager. The murder leads to a bigger conspiracy involving the energy drink company, which is the suspected cause of the zombie outbreak. As Liv is closing in on the truth, a company "enforcer" named Sebastian Meyer attacks Liv. Unaware that she is a zombie, he attempts to drown her, but she can overpower him. Major, who believes he is going crazy, admits himself for psychiatric help. At the institute, he meets Scott who tells him what he described were zombies.

#11 "Astroburger" - May 26, 2015

At the mental institute, Major's chess buddy Scott is murdered. He was delusional about being chased by the devil, and he had told Major that he recorded a cell phone video of the zombies at the Lake Washington boat party. After eating Scott's brain, Liv becomes delusional, too. Major leaves the institute to search for Scott's phone. From Scott's apartment, he follows Blaine to the butcher's shop, where he steals the delivery of astronaut brain. Liv can find Scott's murderer and his phone, but the video is incriminating herself. Ravi succeeds in finding a cure on his test rat. Major declares to a horrified Liv that he will hunt down and kill all the zombies.

#12 "Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat"
June 2, 2015

In a flashback to the evening of his fight with Liv, Sebastian awakens as a zombie, having been infected by Liv's blood, and is hit by group of local rockband players with their stolen car. They take his thumb drive before he attacks them and kills one of them. Two weeks later, Liv and Clive investigate the murder; Liv, after consuming the victim's brain, develops a high-school cheerleader persona. Ravi's cured zombie rat dies, so he restarts his experiment with the last utopium. Liv is taken aback when she realizes that Sebastian is undead and that she is the reason for his condition. When Sebastian shows up at Liv's apartment to kill her, he attacks a defenseless Peyton. Liv soon arrives; in the ensuing fight, both of them sink into "full-on zombie mode", and Liv is able to kill him before the eyes of a horrified Peyton. Liv finally reveals to her that she is a zombie, and Peyton abandons her. Major prepares to attack Blaine's meatshop only to be captured. Liv's brother drops off an application and is hired by Blaine as his new errand boy. Someone begins killing off the remaining rockband players responsible for hitting Sebastian.

#13 "Blaine's World" - June 9, 2015

Blaine is holding Major captive in the freezer to force him to reveal the location of the stolen brains. Ravi produced two doses of experimental cure with his last tainted utopium. Liv and Clive continue to investigate the rock band killings after Teresa is found murdered. They meet with Max Rager CEO Vaughn Du Clark who maintains that Sebastian has not been working at the company for several months. Vaughn knows that Sebastian and Liv are zombies and that Max Rager mixed with utopium was the original cause. He asks his scientist to ensure their new Super Max energy drink won't have the same problem, and plans to deal with the existing zombies. Clive finds the last rockband member and gets hold of Rebecca's research. While Blaine meets Liv to obtain his brains, Major breaks out and kills everyone at the shop. Blaine returns and stabs Major just before Liv arrives. She uses the cure on Blaine to prevent him from making more zombies, and turns Major into a zombie to save him. She later turns him back with the last cure. Suzuki tries to clean up the butcher shop with a gas explosion in which Liv’s brother is injured.


"iZOMBIE" Season 2 Episodes (2015-16)

Episode #1: "Grumpy Old Liv" October 6, 2015

Three months have passed since Liv turned Blaine and Major back to normal with the last remaining cure. As a side effect, they can now detect other zombies. Major is working as personal trainer. Blaine is running a funeral home which provides a source of brains for his clients and a cover for his utopium dealing business. Liv remains estranged from her mother and younger brother for refusing a blood transfusion to avoid being discovered. She consumes the brain of a cantankerous old man who had made plenty of enemies among his neighbors. Together with Detective Clive Babineaux she can track down the murderer. Ravi is out of the tainted utopium from the night of the boat party which he needs to produce the cure, so Liv asks Blaine, who tries to find out who had cut the utopium. Liv's new roommate, Gilda, is working for Vaughn Du Clark and is secretly spying on her. Vaughn plans the release of the new Super Max and must deal with the zombie problem. When he learns about Major’s special ability, he makes him work as his zombie killer, threatening to kill Liv if he refuses.

#2 "Zombie Bro" - October 13, 2015

Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a frat pledge captain. Liv's consuming the frat guy's brains makes her feel more outgoing. Ravi asks Major to help him acquire some utopium to gather some first-hand experience on its effects, which ends with a bad low, and Major becoming addicted to the substance. Meanwhile, Blaine is expanding his utopium trade in his effort to control the city, but his unseen rival Stacey Boss retaliates by killing his dealers. Blaine then approaches the zombie District Attorney Floyd Baracus to go after Boss who demands the money needed to bribe the police and judges. Blaine then approaches his estranged zombie father Angus, a businessman, who agrees to give Blaine the money needed, but Blaine demands more which is Angus' entire company. Also, Liv's attempts to approach Major are unsuccessful.

#3 "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"
October 20, 2015

Liv and Clive investigate the murder of Taylor, a rich housewife who once had an affair with Vaughn. The leads point to a murder-for-hire contract and Liv, after consuming the dead Taylor's brain, becomes more fashion obsessed and lady-like to the baffled Clive. Meanwhile, Major is still hunting and vanishing zombies for Max Rager, and is seduced by Gilda, who is revealed to be Vaughn's daughter and whom Liv is still unaware about her secret alliance with the enemy. Major continues using utopium while keeping it a secret from Liv. Meanwhile, Peyton returns to town and announces to lead the new task force against the utopium trade. Peyton reconciles with Liv, Major and Ravi. When Taylor's husband Terrence plans to take revenge on Vaughn with a hostile takeover of Max Rager for his tryst with his wife, Vaughn feeds him to his previous scientist, now a zombie.

#4 "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues"
October 27, 2015

Liv and Peyton reconcile. The murder investigation of a strangled woman turns Liv into a passionate country singer. FBI Agent Dale Bozzio is investigating a series of unsolved missing person cases (all of which are zombie-related). She is also interested in Clive. Blaine is wondering about his disappearing zombie customers, too. He collaborates with Peyton and gives her information about Boss' utopium trade, in exchange for immunity. Furthermore, Blaine catches Preach who was responsible for tainting the utopium at the boat party, but when Preach does not want to give away his secret recipe, Blaine turns him into a zombie, knowing that he will have to come back for brains. Major's utopium use takes its toll on him and he eventually turns to Liv for help.

#5 "Love & Basketball" - November 3, 2015

A children basketball coach is shot while working as security guard. Clive and Liv investigate, as Major takes over the coaching. Preach cuts the "boat party" utopium for Blaine, who has it delivered to Ravi. Preach dies when he desperately wants to be cured and erroneously injects himself the tainted utopium, which makes it clear that it was the wrong cut and the cure will not work. The new researcher of Max Rager wants an intelligent zombie specimen. Faking a kitchen accident, Gilda steals a blood sample from Liv. Dale found the astronaut's hair in the sink at Meat Cute. Clive calls Suzuki's widow whether he was suicidal, which first causes trouble at the precinct, but then she finds some brain in her freezer. Major reports the zombie suspects as negatives to spare them, and breaks up with Gilda who is becoming suspicious. He also disposes of his utopium. He wants to be back together with Liv, but at first she is afraid she might accidentally turn him into a zombie.

#6 "Max Wager" November 10, 2015

Harry Cole is murdered over rigging college sport gambling. The investigation leads Liv and Clive to the barber, who is the city's bookie. His barbershop is also frequented by Mr. Boss, who visits Peyton to threaten her to stop her investigations against him. From examining her information, Boss also knows they all came from Blaine. Clive goes on a date with Dale when they meet Major. He learns about the FBI investigations on the missing persons which are the zombies he is disposing of for Max Rager. Ravi discovers that condoms cannot protect against the zombie virus, so Liv and Major cannot have sex. Blaine's father takes over the business after discovering Blaine is no longer a zombie. Blaine kills his beloved grandfather to use his brain to weaken his father and reclaim his business, but in the end, Major captures Blaine's father and freezes him.

#7 "Abra Cadaver" - November 17, 2015

Clive and Liv investigate a murder at a magician convention. Blaine asks Liv to help him find out about the disappearing zombies. They break into Dale's apartment and look through her evidence collection. They also find an unopened letter stating the brain in Suzuki's freezer was human, and change it into cow brain. When Liv delivers the faked report, she is seen by a woman who later leaves an anonymous note. Major is struggling with Liv's mood swings. Peyton tells Blaine that Boss knows he gave her the inside information about his organization. Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend Steph and tries an advance on Peyton.

#8 "The Hurt Stalker" - December 1, 2015

Regina Summer is murdered with Clive's gun, so he is suspended for the investigations. He was dating her before Dale, but dropped her when she started to stalk him. She had left a scrapbook of photoshopped pictures at Dale's doorstep, as she was jealous of her. Regina's brains make Liv act jealous, too, and Liv finds the text messages between Major and "Rita". The new Super Max drink makes the zombie test subjects faster and stronger, and when Vaughn drinks it for his workout, he becomes very aggressive, too. When Liv tries to retrieve Regina's album from Chief Price's car, where he hid it to save his marriage as he, too, was involved with Regina, she is caught and lands in jail. Ravi can get her out and they trace the murder to a couple who had hired Regina as wedding planner but then she started another affair with the fiance.

#9 "Cape Town" - December 8, 2015

"The Fog", a vigilante crime fighter, is murdered intervening the mugging of Mary Contreras, a mobster money courier. The other "superheros" tell Liv and Clive that The Fog wanted them to prevent a weapon shipment for Mr. Boss. Blaine asks Liv to save Drake, a fatally wounded drug dealer of his, by turning him into a zombie, as Drake is the only one who knows about the tainted utopium for the cure. He tells them that his friends Vic and Larry were smuggling the drug when they were caught by Boss's thugs, killed, and buried near the Jensen water tower, with the drug still inside their bodies. Major meets a woman in a bar who was an upscale prostitute and turned into a zombie by one of her clients, Blaine, who keeps her working as a zombie prostitute for brains. She wants to commit suicide, but Major convinces her that he will freeze her until a cure is available. Under the influence of The Fog’s brain, Liv disguises as vigilante and tries to bust the weapon shipment herself, but is stricken down by Mary. Mr. Boss saves Liv by shooting Mary and once again gets away by covering up his involvement with the events. In the end, Liv breaks up with Major, and Ravi finds that his cured rat has turned back into a zombie.

#10 "Method Head" - January 12, 2016

Ravi explains to both Major and Blaine that the cure is only temporary and they sooner or later will revert back to zombies without more of the cure, so they need to dig for the murdered drug couriers with the tainted utopium inside, without success. Meanwhile, Clive and Liv investigate a murder on the set of Liv's favorite zombie TV show. With Boss' organization hit by the D.A., Blaine's funeral-brain delivery business is running well, but Dale is investigating against him and begins to make the connection to Meat Cute. Also, Vaughn sets up a test for Major's allegiance, which Major passes, as he planted a listening device on him beforehand.

#11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter"
February 2, 2016

A librarian and author of an upcoming erotic novel is poisoned. Liv and Blaine investigate. Blaine gives Peyton more information about Boss and they sleep together. Dale tries to find the "Chaos Killer" by GPS-tracking the dog of one of his victims, so Major has to get rid of Minor. Dale finds evidence that make her suspect that Blaine is the Chaos Killer and arrests him, but Peyton asks her to set him free as he is her star witness against Boss. However, the information that Dale presented makes Peyton suspicious so she asks Liv about Blaine and is devastated when she learns the truth. Drake ends up in Liv's bed.

#12 "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie"
February 9, 2016

When Mr. Boss sends three of his men to kill DA Baracus, he kills and decapitates them and goes into hiding. Their bodies are found in Lake Washington without the heads, so Liv can get no clues from their brains. Instead, she eats the brain of a vlogger. When Mr. Boss meets Blaine at the funeral of his nephew, he demands his profits from the boat party, with interest. Blaine learns that Peyton knows about Liv and the zombies. Peyton wants to resign, but her request is turned down as the DA is missing. The police investigates about the chaos killer and learns about a utopium turf war between Boss and a new cut called "Lucky You". Liv finds out that it is distributed by Blaine when she sees Don E. in a vision. Vaughn also figures that Baracus is a zombie, despite of what Major had told him. He blackmails Major into finishing his job and Baracus ends up in his freezer.

#13 "The Whopper" - February 16, 2016

Still digging for the utopium couriers, Ravi and Major unearth the body of Corey "Big Fish" Carp, a pathological liar and criminal, who was working for Mr. Boss. Through her visions, Liv uncovers that Big Fish had killed the utopium couriers, Vic Parisi and Lonny Evans. When Don E. and Drake were looking for them, Big Fish shot at Drake before he was killed by Don E. and buried in the same field. The gun buried with Carp was also used in an unsolved drug-smuggling related murder. Clive finds the previous suspect, Terrell Johnson. When Mr. Boss learns about Johnson's location, he sends Drake to kill him. Don E. and Chief catch Major when he went after a zombie customer of Blaine's. Blaine demands to know who hired him as the chaos killer, but Major won't tell. However, he offers to bring back Blaine's father who had disinherited his son in the case of an unnatural death, and Blaine tries to force his unfrozen father to change the will. Finally, through Liv's vision, Ravi and Major find the location of the buried drug dealers with the tainted utopium.

#14 "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind"
February 23, 2016

The death of the owner of Ravi's favorite coffee shop, 'Positivity', leaves Liv seeing the bright side to everything around her. Meanwhile, the newly-found tainted utopium does not cure Ravi's rat. Drake is revealed to be undercover for the police. Shortly after losing his sense of taste, Blaine finds himself killed by Mr. Boss who found out Blaine was working against him with the DA. However, Blaine resurrects as a zombie. Finally, Liv discovers that her roommate Gilda is Rita, Major's alleged lover.

#15 "He Blinded Me... with Science"
March 22, 2016

While investigating the murder of a research scientist who was recently demoted at her job, Liv and Detective Babineaux are shocked to learn where she had been employed. Meanwhile, Blaine pays Ravi a visit at the morgue, and Liv discovers something new about Drake. Lastly, Vaughn du Clark confronts Major.

#16 "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie"
March 29, 2016

Blaine isn't quite himself lately, and Ravi discovers that the new cure causes memory loss. Major and Ravi help Peyton move back in with Liv when she receives a surprising phone call from a stripper about information pertaining to Mr. Boss. However, the stripper is murdered before she has a chance to meet Peyton. Liv consumes the brain of the stripper and has a vision of the location of one of Mr Boss's drug operations. Ravi breaks into Major's safe and discover that Major is the Chaos Killer. While tracking down the whereabouts of Drake, Liv visits Drake's mom, where Liv discovers that Drake is an undercover cop.

#17 "Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be"
April 5, 2016

Liv consumes the brain of Bailey Barker, a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive and driven student near the top of her class, who is everything that Liv used to be as a human. Detective Benedetto reveals to Liv that he recruits students to be confidential informants to help him track the supplier of Lucky U. Blaine continues to deal with his memory loss. Meanwhile, Major convinces Ravi to help him inject the zombie cure into Vaughn. Liv has a vision of Bailey buying drugs from Steve the snack bar cashier. They deduce that Steve is the prime suspect, but before they can reach Steve, Benedetto arrives at Steve's place first. Benedetto is attacked by the Chief while gathering evidence. The Chief kills Steve. At the end, a witness comes forward to Agent Bozzio to identify Major as the prime suspect in the Chaos killings.

#18 "Dead Beat" - April 12, 2016

Major is arrested after the tip-off to being the Chaos Killer. Liv tries to help out Major to supply him with brains before he turns with 48 hours and becomes a zombie. Agent Bozzio and Babineaux attempt to link Major with other crimes after another witness comes forward to reveal that he sold Major weapons used in the deli massacre months earlier. Ravi is finally forced to tell Liv the truth about Vaughn blackmailing Major into being his zombie-killer, but when they head to the warehouse where Major is keeping his sedated victims, they are gone... having been taken away by Vaughn's henchmen. Major deals with the sleazy lawyer Brant Stone, who has been hired by Max Rager Corp. to represent him. Meanwhile, Blaine continues struggling with his memory loss despite skeptic views to if his lost memories are real or fabricated. Liv is finally forced to tell Babineaux the truth about who she is and about Major's position to plead with him to get him released before he turns. Using a legal loophole, Babineaux has Major released on a technicality which puts him at odds with Bozzio who ends their professional and personal partnership.

#19 "Salivation Army" - April 12, 2016

Liv, Major and Babineaux infiltrate a party thrown by Vaughn to celebrate the purchase of Max Rager by a private military contractor, Vivian Stoll. While they try to gain access to the basement to free the Chaos Killer zombies, a few employees mix utopium and Super Max starting a zombie massacre. Meanwhile, Mr. Boss learns that Blaine is still alive and has Peyton kidnapped to force Blaine to turn himself over. Blaine and Ravi plan a daring rescue, but Blaine single-handedly engages and kills Mr. Boss' men, leaving a dismayed Ravi to witness Peyton embracing Blaine. Back at Max Rager, Liv, Major and Babineaux free Rita to get her to help, but Vaughn shows up and messes their plan. Liv and Babineaux manage to free the prisoners, but Liv is forced to kill Drake who has turned into a Super Max zombie. Major traps Vaughn to be killed by zombie-mode Rita, and shoots Rita. In the climax, Vivian Stoll's army shows up, leading Liv to the discovery that they are zombies too, and have nefarious plans to establish Seattle as international Zombie HQ.

On March 11, 2016, The CW renewed the series for a third season. As of April 12, 2016, 32 episodes of iZombie have aired, concluding the second season.


"iZOMBIE" Season 3 Episodes (2017)

#1: "Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother"
April 4, 2017

Liv, Major and Clive are outside the Max Rager building, with Vivian Stroll, the new owner of the company Filmore Graves. Her military team bombs the building to destroy evidence of the zombie outbreak. After Blaine rescued Peyton from Mr Boss, they and Ravi, who was also at the scene, are investigated by Cavanaugh. All the guys meet together and promise not to hide any big secrets from each other. Frustrated with Blaine's amnesia, Don E joins Angus, Blaine's father, to form a rival company to Blaine's. Major, Clive and Liv visit Vivian at her office, where she tells them that most of her company are zombies who are undergoing military training to defend themselves if humans attack them on D-Day, or Discovery Day, the day when humans find out about zombies. Ravi tells Liv that he is upset about Blaine and Peyton's growing attraction to each other. Ravi shows Clive the experiments he's been conducting to restore memory loss, a side-effect of the zombie cure. At a radio show named the Chuck Burd Show, Billy, the security guard of Max Rager, who was there during the outbreak, announces live that he saw zombies eating people. The tough mercenary brain that Liv had eaten starts wearing off, and Liv becomes distraught about killing her boyfriend. When no one else will hire him, Major gets a job at Filmore Graves as a mercenary. At the morgue, Dr. Kupps, Ravi's old boss, examines a body found at Max Rager's. Ravi and Liv go to a murder scene to find Clive devastated, since he knew the murder victims. They were zombies, shot in the head, with fingernails missing and Max Rager cans stuffed in their pockets. Liv and Clive conclude that some humans know of the existence of zombies and are attacking them.

#2 "Zombie Knows Best" - April 11, 2017

Liv and Major eat the brains of a father named Stan and his daughter Cindy, respectively. Liv, now in the mind of a 40-year-old, acts like one. She tries to relate to Major, who is now acting like a 15-year-old. They bicker often, with Ravi and Clive being dragged into the drama. Major experiences a vision of Cindy showing something from a girl named Winslow Sutcliffe on her phone to her father, which he tells her to take to the police. Clive finds that Cindy and Winslow shared four classes. Vivian announces her intention to have a zombie named Baracus elected as mayor. Clive asks an IT guy to look up Winslow online, and get information from the phone company. Clive, Major and Liv investigate Winslow's mother and step-father. Liv has a vision of the phone, showing Winslow to be having illegal relations with her step-father. The IT guys pulls up Tinker Spy on Winslow's phone, an app designed for parents to keep track of their child's phone calls and texts, with its subscriber being Winslow's mother. She confesses to the crime and is send to prison. Winslow leaves to live with her aunt. Her step-father is arrested for statutory rape. Cavanaugh interviews Clive about the murder of Wally and his family. Clive is revealed to have been a neighbor of Wally's family in an apartment building. Clive arrested Wally's abusive father and took him to jail. Wally's mother Anna thanked him and a few days later, asked him to babysit Wally for a few hours. When Wally's father was about to be released from jail, Anna decided to take Wally to her brother's house to live there, as she doid not feel safe in the apartment. She left while Clive was out on a case for two weeks, and he did not get to say goodbye.

#3 "Eat, Pray, Liv" - April 18, 2017

Major takes some time getting used to training and the new lunches being offered. After failing several exercises, he becomes friends with a man who used to be a DJ. Meanwhile Liv eats the brain of a mindfulness instructor, channeling his zen personality. As Clive and Liv investigate his death, Liv proves to be less than useful due to her lack of visions. Major invites his new friend for dinner, but has a coughing fit. Blaine settles into his new job as a lounge singer and spends some time with Peyton. Meanwhile, Blaine's father and Don E are up to no good, setting up their new business, the Scratching Post. Ravi and the gang try to convince Blaine to try the memory concoction that Ravi has been working on. Ravi acts out, alarming Peyton. Blaine finally agrees to take the serum in order to help Major. Clive and Liv interrogate an old friend of the mindfulness instructor, and accuse him of being the killer, on the basis of evidence that Clive has been collecting. Later, when Peyton confronts him, Ravi finally admits his feelings, but this causes another secret to be revealed.

#4 "Wag the Tongue Slowly" - April 25, 2017

Liv eats the brain of an office gossip after she is poisoned to death by a yogurt. Delving into the gossip surrounding the sales company, Liv receives many complaints about the victim. Liv and Clive also review possible suspects for the murder of Wally and his family by scouting an online Anti-Zombie forum. Major has another coughing fit, but is saved in the nick of time by using a special inhaler. Ravi gives Major the cure and tells him to use it only in case of emergency. Peyton looks after Blaine while he waits for Ravi's serum to kick in, which makes them grow closer. Clive and Liv track down a man whose brother was killed in the outbreak at Max Rager, but don't have any solid evidence to tie him to Wally's murder. Meanwhile, Major finally finds Natalie and gives her Ravi's cure.

#5 "Spanking the Zombie" - May 2, 2017

Major and the rest of the Fillmore-Graves army try to stop a terrorist hostage situation, with Major getting excessive knife wounds in the process. His condition begins to deteriorate as his wounds are not healing properly. Meanwhile, Liv eats the brain of a dominatrix named Roxanne Greer, aka "Lady Payne", who was strangled in her dungeon by her own whip. Although her body was cremated, Ravi had kept her brain as the means to test his memory loss cure on. After investigating the crime scene, Liv and Clive find that Greer secretly taped all her sessions, but the memory card is missing. They suspect that the killer could be anyone from her client list, which include D.A. Baracus, Johnny Frost, and Brent Stone. Later, Liv and Clive find that the killer is the victim's neighbor, who blackmailed her clients so they would not testify against him and send him back to jail. Don E. has trouble finding employments for the "Scratching Post" and later meets up with Blaine's old buyer of Lucky U and offers him a job in exchange for supplying him with more Lucky U. Later, Ravi is ready to give the cure to Major, but Liv stops him, knowing that Major will die anyway as a result of his knife wounds once he is human. She buys them some more time and, the next morning, Major takes the cure, knowing he may forget everyone he knows as a result.

#6 "Some Like it Hot Mess" - May 9, 2017

Major begins to regain his humanity after taking the cure, but both Liv and Ravi fear what will happen if he loses his memories for good. Clive investigates the murder of a narcissistic DJ, and when Liv eats her brain, she begins to act out and behave irresponsibly. One of Don E.'s clients offers him $1 million for Ravi's cure, but the latter refuses to sell it. However, Don E.'s suggestion that Blaine is merely faking his memory loss to get a fresh start intrigues Ravi, and he mentions it to Peyton. Later, Blaine admits that, while he did initially lose his memory, it returned in a couple of days, and he pretended otherwise in a bid to win Peyton's affections. Major returns to his family just as his memories fade, but they soon come back. Clive deduces that the victim's roommate is the murderer, and is surprised to learn that Liv intends to take the cure herself and become human. However, somone steals Ravi's supplies from the morgue. When Major returns, he reveals that he did have one last syringe that Ravi gave him earlier, but he has already given it to Natalie.

#7 "Dirt Nap Time" - May 16, 2017

Clive is shocked to find that Liv is still a zombie; nevertheless, he has her eat the brain of a murdered preschool teacher who engaged in multiple affairs with his students' mothers. Meanwhile, Peyton agrees to help the public defender representing the suspect from the dominatrix murder convince his client to take a plea deal. However, a high-priced lawyer persuades him to reject the deal, and he later commits suicide in his cell. Major reveals to Justin, his close friend at Fillmore-Graves, that he is human again. Clive and Liv are able to locate a private investigator hired by the husband of one of the victim's partners, learning that the husband is the real killer. Don E. informs Blaine that he is buying out his business with the help of Blaine's assistant, Candy; one of his men then shoots and severely wounds Blaine on his father's orders. Major and Justin are sent to intercept two anti-zombie militants planning to kill District Attorney Baracus, but in the process, Justin gets run over and attacks the militants, unintentionally providing them with video evidence that zombies are real.

#8 "Eat a Knievel" - May 23, 2017

Vivian holds a meeting with Major, Liv, and Clive to discuss the fallout after the release of the zombie footage; afterwards, she takes Major off active duty after confirming that he is no longer a zombie before dying in an accident when her helicopter explodes. An Internet stuntman, Finn Vincible, is killed when a performance goes horribly wrong, and Liv eats his brain to determine that a prank he pulled on his friend, Rudy, is connected to his death. Blaine, having narrowly escaped death by bribing the hitman, reveals his survival to Don E., who then informs his father. Clive and Liv search Rudy's house and discover that his wife had an affair with Finn, which angered Rudy so much that he decided to murder him. Blaine abducts his father and imprisons him in a well, taking over his business. Vivian's brother arrives and assumes control of Fillmore-Graves, declaring that its soldiers must begin preparations for "Discovery Day". Liv disguises herself as a human and tries to infiltrate an anti-zombie meeting along with Ravi, but is forced to leave him behind when she nearly gets recognized.

#9 "Twenty Sided, Die" - May 30, 2017

At the meeting, Harley Johns and the militants reveal their plan to capture a zombie and turn it vicious. Ravi instead suggests developing a vaccine, and he meets an enthusiastic hunter named Rachel. Meanwhile, Blaine introduces new brains infused with Ravi's serum as part of an experiment to determine how effective it is. After the gamemaster of a Dungeons & Dragons club is poisoned, Liv and Clive learn that he was hated by his fellow players for poor sportsmanship. Major receives a letter from a woman named Shawna, who claims to be sympathetic to his having been accused of a crime. Peyton learns more details about her prosecution in her dominatrix case. With few leads, Liv organizes her friends to play a round, triggering a vision that reveals the victim was running a Russian hacking operation. Clive learns that his former girlfriend, Agent Dale Bozzio, has been assigned to take over the case. Don E. eats a large part of one of Blaine's infused brains and has a severe episode in front of his patrons before fleeing and getting captured by Harley's men. Elsewhere, Baracus is shot at a fundraiser by an unknown militant sniper and nearly loses control before Liv is able to calm him; Justin chases the militant, but he escapes. Later, Blaine's old rival, Stacey Boss, returns to Seattle looking for revenge.

#10 "Return of the Dead Guy" - June 6, 2017

Mr. Boss steals diamonds from his wife, while the militants prepare to torture Don. Peyton convinces Liv to eat the brain of her deceased client, but during roleplay, she experiences a side effect that allows her to hallucinate about seeing Drake's ghost. Clive inadvertently triggers another vision revealing that a guard at the city jail murdered the victim, but they are unable to find a suspect. Mr. Boss ambushes Blaine at his home and kills him, but is quickly subdued by the latter's superior strength upon his revival as a zombie once more. Liv is bothered by Major's new relationship with Shawna. She and Clive get the name of the killer, but learn that he died in an accident shortly after he committed the murder. Mr. Boss wakes up in a coffin, and Blaine persuades him to act as his international broker for acquiring brains. Clive locates the dead man's daughter, but she refuses to talk; as he and Liv drive away, it's revealed that she is a zombie. Liv finally finds the courage to let go of Drake's memory, and she and Blaine go to save Ravi and Don E.

#11 "Conspiracy Weary" - June 13, 2017

Liv and Blaine rescue Don E. and Ravi from the anti-zombie militants. Fillmore-Graves soldiers arrive, killing two of the militants. Liv, Don E. and Blaine eat the brain of one of the militants, who was a conspiracy theorist. With her newfound paranoia Liv discovers that Shawna has been posting her personal affairs on Tumblr. Despite her claims of good intentions, Major cuts her out of his life. Peyton's investigation into James Weckler's death goes deeper as she meets with his daughter and discovers she’s a zombie after witnessing a vision. Baracus wins the mayoral election. It is revealed that Rachel, the photographer who has taken interest in Ravi, is actually a journalist who was writing a story about “zombie fanatics.” Clive and Liv get a lead on the whereabouts of Harley. They track him to the hidden, underground shelter at his cabin. They find Harley when Liv experiences a vision vouching for his innocence in the murder of Wally’s family. Liv is unable to inform Clive before Harley fires at gun. Clive returns fire and kills Harley. However, Harley survives and is revealed to now be a zombie. Ravi discovers Rachel’s article revealing the existence of zombies.

#12 "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1"
June 20, 2017

Liv calls Major, who sedates and freezes Harley. Chase Graves deduces that Major is human from Shawna's posts and fires him. Major's teammates, unaware of Ravi's cure, admire the risks he took as a human and plan a farewell party for him. Liv, now disguised as a human, and Ravi receive a new case—the murder of Ravi's former boss Katty Kupps. A colleague reveals that Kupps was tracing a flu outbreak and interviewing witnesses. Baracus offers to hire Peyton as his chief of staff. Despite her concerns, Peyton takes the job. Natalie returns and comforts Major. Major takes Natalie's offer to join her in Europe to escape his notoriety. Liv meets with a potential witness at a hotel and nearly sleeps with him. After a similar incident the next day, she realizes that Kupps was a sex addict. Liv increasingly feels powerless against those urges, eventually cheating on Justin with Chase. Afterwards, Liv finds a clue suggesting that Chase is tied to Kupps' murder. Clive identifies the daughter of a Fillmore-Graves executive as the likely transmitter of the virus. Harley sneaks into Major's party and detonates an explosive vest, seemingly killing most of the guests.

#13 "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2"
June 27, 2017

Major voluntarily becomes a zombie again so as to rejoin Fillmore Graves, while Justin learns of Liv's affair with Chase and breaks up with her. Liv and Clive suspect Chase murdered Kupps, but they discover Fillmore Graves executive Carey Gold and her daughter are the real killers. Learning Carey also murdered Wally Reid and Vivian, forced Weckler to kill Roxanne Greer to aid Baracus' campaign, and introduced a deadly disease into the public, Chase kills her, but her plan has enough support among Fillmore Graves' staff that Chase is forced to proceed with it, using vaccinations against the disease to turn many humans into zombies, including Dale and Johnny Frost. Liv persuades Johnny to reveal zombies' existence to the public, after which Fillmore Graves help maintain order between humans and zombies. Ravi develops a potential vaccine for the zombie virus and ingests it, persuading Liv to scratch him to test its effectiveness.

As of June 27, 2017, 45 episodes of iZombie have aired, concluding the third season. On May 10, 2017, The CW renewed the series for a fourth season.



"iZOMBIE" Season 4 Episodes (2018)

#1: "Are You Ready for Some Zombies?"
February 26, 2018

The season premieres three to four months after the season three finale. Seattle, which has been renamed as New Seattle, is protected by a wall, built around the city by the U.S. Government. Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a Seattle Seahawks superfan, who was not a fan of zombies. Chase Graves assigns Major to mentor homeless teen zombies after looking into his past. Angus is rescued out of the well Blaine was keeping him in and begins to preach to other zombies. Ravi's zombie cure is revealed to have technically worked, however he relapses into a zombie form for 72 hours once a month as a side effect.

#2 "Blue Bloody" - March 5, 2018

A rich socialite, who always spoke her mind no matter whom it offended, is murdered by one of her assistants; Liv adopts her personality while looking into the case with Clive. While at work on the front-line, Fisher and Jordan, accompanied by Major, witness a group of young adults ganging up on a zombie-friendly restaurant and step in, putting Jordan at risk. Meanwhile, Angus' priesthood attains a cult following as he roams around the streets preaching.

#3 "Brainless in Seattle, Part 1"
March 12, 2018

A woman looking to get snuck into New Seattle was found dead, with most of her brain matter missing. The small bits left behind is all Liv has to eat. The woman easily fell in love, which prompts Liv to very easily swoon for a new guy. In the end, they realize that she was murdered by the coyote who was sneaking her in. Meanwhile, Blaine is asked by Graves to find the coyote Renegade. He finds a zombie who had been turned by her, and reveals that he has the cure for zombieism and proceeds to eat his brain.

#4 "Brainless in Seattle, Part 2"
March 19, 2018

Liv and Clyde continue to look for the coyote killing his rich and desperate clients. Ravi volunteers to pose as bait to lure the coyote out. Meanwhile, Blaine and Don E. are under the effects of a guy who tells his secrets in an effort to find out where Renegade operates. Blaine finds her, kills her bodyguards and brings her to Graves.

#5 "Goon Struck" - March 26, 2018

Liv consumes the brain of one of Renegade's bodyguards who were murdered by Blaine in the previous episode. Major and Don E. work together to kidnap the daughter of a man who wants to nuke Seattle in order to stop the zombie population. Meanwhile, Chase Graves puts Renegade in zombie jail (freezing zombies) despite persistent efforts from other people calling for Renegade to be executed. Reluctantly, he ends up having to execute Renegade, publicly. As Liv, Ravi, and Peyton, horrified, watch the execution, Liv speaks to one of her associates, Levon, and demands him to gather Renegade's remaining associates–in order to restart her business.

#6 "My Really Fair Lady" - April 9, 2018

While on the brain of a dramatic actress who was in a bus crash, Liv devises a plan to pick up where Mama Leone left off. She, Levon and Mama Leone's other contacts smuggle 5 humans across the border, turning them in the process. Liv distracts a security guard while Levon and the others rescue the humans. After they are scratched, Liv sees a family reunite. Meanwhile, Peyton helps a mother find her dog, after her husband, a heroin addict, dies in the bus crash. Ravi eats his brain to help Peyton, as he still has feelings for her. Ultimately, she reunites the mother with the dog, and she thanks Ravi by kissing him, passionately. Blaine finds out his father is out of the well and is the leader of the zombie cult, who stages a protest at Blaine's restaurant to get his followers free food.

#7 "Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain"
April 16, 2018

Liv eats the brain of a professional player, who is murdered via poisoned condoms. While on the brain, she comes onto Levon and tries to seduce him into sleeping with her. Simultaneously, she and Levon visit Angus and ask for his help in distributing brains to the zombies that they have smuggled across the New Seattle border. Ravi tries to help Clive get a girl to have sex with, since he and Bozzio cannot due to their different species. Clive has a one-night stand with a escort, and after seeing Dale, finds out he was the first out of the two to have sex with another person. Don E chops off Dino's head to be taken to Blaine for further questioning. Chase Graves assigns Major as his "Vice President of Getting Stuff Done", and the two storm a newspaper office printing "fake news", where Rachel identifies Major as the chaos killer. Peyton catches Liv printing I.D. cards for the zombies she has smuggled across the border.

#8 "Chivalry Is Dead" - April 23, 2018

Clive takes Ravi and Liv to the scene of the crime, where the victim is described as a medieval history professor who enjoys LARP-ing in his spare time. One of Liv's coyote's, Isobel, goes missing, however she is brought to Liv, who tries to turn her into a zombie. Despite multiple scratches, she doesn't turn to a zombie. Angus and Blaine's arrangement continues, but Blaine asks him for a favor after Mr. Boss comes to visit him. Russ and Major terrorize zombies.

#9 "Mac-Liv-Moore" - April 30, 2018

Ravi finds out about Isobel and helps Liv and Peyton. Major saves Chase Graves' life after his paranoid fears ring true. Blaine gives Don E a 'special brain' which turns out to be the brain of a genius and together the two devise a real estate plan, leading them to kill Baracus.

#10 "Yipee Ki Brain, Motherscratcher!"
May 7, 2018

Liv gets suspended for beating someone up while on a brain, meaning she can only do investigations. Angus compares Blaine to zombie god making Blaine attend his church, where he lets his followers kill and eat their old housemaid. Blaine watches this in horror. Liv's comrade, Curtis, gets caught by Chase Graves and is told to give up the name of the new Renegade or meet death, and he tells them a fake story, implicating Brother Love. Isobel tells Ravi she wants to have sex before she dies. Liv and Levon are revealed to be in a relationship, and she scratches Curtis to prevent the Filmore-Graves employees from killing him. Russ and AJ are shown to be working together, and Major figures out Liv is the new Renegade.

#11 "Insane in the Germ Brain" - May 14, 2018

Clive and Dale officially break up after she hears him and Liv talking about Michelle. Russ Roche takes Major to his superior, AJ, and he reveals that he has been working for Filmore-Graves the whole time. He tells them that he has a tracker and an explosive on him, and blows up the building. Chase celebrates that they are gone with a party at The Scratching Post, but Major tells him Russ stole Jordan's gun and Chase makes an attempt on her life. Captain Seattle shoots back at him, and Chase kills him. Peyton prepares to fly to Washington, D.C. as the acting mayor, and her parents tell her not to come back. Liv and Levon bring Isobel's mother into the city, but shortly after, Isobel dies.

#12 "You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away"
May 21, 2018

Major kidnaps Liv and takes her to Oregon. They eat the brains of an old married couple, but the woman secretly hated the man leading Liv to lock Major in a caged area with two rabid zombies. Clive and Ravi work together in her absence to find the killer of a zombie-turned-human, which brings Brother Love to their attention. As they attempt to arrest him, one of his minions confesses to the murder. Chase threatens to execute Curtis unless Renegade steps forward, which makes Levon falsely confess to being Renegade to protect Liv and save Curtis' life, but when Liv returns to New Seattle she confesses to being Renegade and Chase prepares to execute them both together. Ravi runs tests with Isobel's brain and finds out that it produced a zombie cure, instead of a vaccine.

#13 "And He Shall Be a Good Man"
May 28, 2018

Chase prepares to execute Liv and Levon, while Ravi, Peyton and Clive all try to stop him. Major and Jordan work together to distract Fillmore-Graves, which leads them to move up the execution and do it silently. Liv's associates release Levon's documentary video on her work, which goes viral. Major, during the executions, breaks the door open and saves Liv's life, killing Chase in the process. Major becomes the new commander of Fillmore-Graves, while Liv retires as Renegade. Ravi gives her Isobel's brain and tells her that it is the zombie cure, however Liv decides to give it to Dale after she and Clive get married, in order for Clive to be able to become a father. Angus leads 1,000 zombies outside the wall, but the US Army shoots them all down and kills them. Major asks Blaine to bring brains into the city illegally, and also gives Liv permission to carry on with her Renegade actions. As Liv prepares to retire, she walks into her apartment lobby where a large amount of zombies and humans alike cheer her on. She decides to stay as Renegade while basking in the applause.



"iZOMBIE" Season 5 Episodes (2019)

#1: "Thug Death" - May 2, 2019

A video showing two zombies devouring a human woman jeopardizes Blaine's ability to maintain New Seattle's brain supply, so the police make finding the killers an urgent priority. Major finds himself struggling with the responsibility of deciding which humans are allowed to leave the city. The CDC assigns a new doctor, Charlie, to assist Ravi with his research; however, their initial meeting goes poorly due to him being on the brain of a professional leg-breaker. Ravi learns that Charli has also discovered the zombie cure, but warns that mass-producing it will lead to teenagers being targeted for their brains. Anti-zombie extremists bomb a Fillmore-Graves checkpoint, killing a number of soldiers. Blaine blackmails several Border Patrol agents to turn a blind eye to his operation, and kills one who refuses to comply. Two girls being smuggled by one of Liv's coyotes are caught without papers by state police.

#2 "Dead Lift" - May 9, 2019

The coyote manages to spring the girls from custody, only to be killed by zombie hunters near the border. With the investigation dragging on, Liv ingests the brains of a fitness guru to help keep herself motivated. Peyton decides to launch a New Seattle PR campaign, only to be stymied by infighting between the city's two remaining councilmen. Jordan is killed by a sniper while on patrol, and some zombies retaliate by shooting up a human-only bar, killing a patron. Ravi proposes making online comedy videos to help de-stigmatize zombies. Bozzio manages to locate the car used in the murder, and it quickly becomes clear that the attack was an elaborate hoax. The police arrest the suspected participants, but Major insists that the zombies who fired on the bar be executed in return. Secretly, however, he arranges for Liv to smuggle them out of the city. To raise money for Ravi's project, Peyton illegally sells the naming rights to the Space Needle.

#3 "Five, Six, Seven, Ate!"
May 16, 2019

Ravi and Liv go undercover as dance partners to investigate the poisoning of two contestants in a local dance competition. Peyton is forced to deal with the aftermath of FG personnel entering a school discriminating against zombies, which escalates when one of the students, who happens to be Jordan's brother Michael, gives into his rage and attacks a bully. Clive learns that Michelle is pregnant, but she doesn't know if her baby is his and he refuses to make her take a DNA test. With help from Clive, Ravi gets in shape for the contest, only to mess up his performance when Liv walks off the stage after having a vision. The case is ultimately left unsolved when the prime suspect is himself poisoned without any clues as to who was responsible. Bozzio decides to help support Michelle after recognizing that she has no one else. Major and Peyton turn Michael and his brother Jalen over to Liv for protection as they can no longer attend school.

#4 "dot zom" - May 23, 2019

The police investigate the poisoning of tech mogul Cornell Piercy, and discover that he was working on a human repopulation project. Blaine meets Al, a zombie writer working on his upcoming magazine profile, and invites her to a soiree. Liv and Major hire Mr. Moss, a recently fired zombie teacher, to work as a tutor. The investigation leads Liv and Clive to Sheldon Drake, a local businessman and zombie bigot. Using Piercy's brain, Liv realizes that he offered to sell his company's user data to Drake in order to fund his project; Clive finds poisonous mushrooms in his backyard and has him charged and arrested. Zombie supremacists kidnap Moss and recruit him as a mole in Liv's operation. A vision leads Liv to deduce that Cornell's former lover Melissa killed him and framed Drake to stop him from using the data to find and kill zombies. Al finds evidence of Mayor Baracus's murder in Blaine's office and decides to secretly investigate him.

#5 "Death Moves Pretty Fast"
May 30, 2019

Blaine is accused of murdering his neighbor, Bitcoin investor Harris Burrows. With Clive immobilized with an injured back, Liv and Ravi take over the case. A newspaper publicizes the zombie cure, leaving Ravi stricken with guilt. Brain tubes made from dementia patients are distributed throughout Seattle, affecting dozens including Major; a subsequent blockade of brain dispensaries triggers a violent response from FG personnel while he's recovering at home. Liv sets up a sting that nets the killer, Harris's disgruntled lackey Hamm. Al stands Blaine up and runs her story, accusing Peyton and the city of covering up his crimes. Major learns that Commander Enzo was responsible for the violence and has him put in the "freezer". Blaine's suppliers cut him off, just as he learns about the existence of the zombie cure and contemplates capitalizing on it. Major learns that, in total, seventeen prisoners have disappeared from FG custody, for no explained reason.

#6 "The Scratchmaker" - June 6, 2019

Blaine narrates the events surrounding his arrest for murder: Clive and Liv investigate the murder of professional matchmaker Carol Barbara, Don E contemplates taking over Blaine's operation with Mr. Boss, and Major tries to find a new brain supply. Blaine makes bail and goes to threaten Al, but she tears him down emotionally and forces him to leave. He then finds out that one of his men tossed the remaining cures, leaving him with nothing to sell. Moss arranges for a zombie spy, Riley, to infiltrate Liv's outfit. Boss thanks Al, his niece, for ruining Blaine. Major decides to approach a new supplier rather than deal with Boss's demand that FG pay more for brains. With help from Don's associate Candy, Liv identifies Carol's killer. Bozzio goes on maternity leave, leaving Clive as acting Lieutenant. Enraged to learn that Boss and Don E have caved in to Major, Blaine decides to start a new operation: obtaining the cure and selling it to wealthy zombies.

#7 "Filleted to Rest" - June 13, 2019

Charlie asks Ravi to track down her twin sister Lyla in return for providing the names of Freylich sufferers. Liv eats the brain of chef Eleanor Hickmott, turning her into a demanding perfectionist. An attack on FG by the zombie supremacists leads to the remaining prisoners, including Enzo, being taken. Clive discovers that he is not the father of Michelle's baby, but she still wants him to raise the child. Liv's mother tells her that her biological father, Martin Roberts, is in Seattle. A deserter warns Major that Captain Bell, his close friend, helped plan the attack. Lyla reconnects with her sister and they agree to meet, with Liv having her smuggled out of the city. Clive learns that Hickmott's death was tied to a theft of her restaurant's brain supply, leading them to the killer, a zombie employee. Major sets up a trap for Bell and then shoots him dead when he tries to take a hostage. Liv goes to see Martin, who, unbeknownst to her, is the leader of the supremacists.

#8 "Death of a Car Salesman"
June 22, 2019

A flashback shows Martin, a chemist, developing the Utopium-Max Rager formula for zombification. A car salesman, Rick Randall, is killed when someone hacks his car. Major proposes, to the U.S. government, using FG's unfinished "zombie island" to protect zombies until the cure can be developed. Liv is disgusted to learn Martin is still using. Clive and Liv discover that Rick's wife was cheating on him, and Ravi has a vision of his car being vandalized. Clive looks into it, and identifies the daughter of a former salesman Rick got fired as a suspect; however, the salesman then admits he killed Rick to protect her. A zombie doctor infects several human delegates working on Major's proposal and sends them back to Washington. Liv decides she's willing to help her father kick his addiction. Don E meets Darcy, one of Blaine's "Freylich girls", and the two share a kiss. Enzo warns Martin not to let his relationship with Liv interfere with their plans.

#9 "The Fresh Princess" - June 27, 2019

After Martin collapses from hunger, Liv moves him to her house. Clive is handed an unusual case: Laurie Beth-Spano, a victim of attempted murder twenty years ago who's recently died under suspicious circumstances. Ravi learns that the police have some tainted Utopium in evidence, but the vials were switched out by Don's twin Scott E. Major deduces that his ward/hostage Sloane has been abducted; Don E and Darcy obtain a brain from one of the kidnappers. Liv moves her mother and Evan out of the city so he can receive desperately needed treatment. Ravi and Peyton find the vials, but they're empty. The next day, Ravi learns that Peyton resigned as mayor under pressure from the City Council. Liv and Clive set a trap to guilt Laurie's mother into confessing. Two feral zombies, including Sloane, are set loose at a public fair before FG troops kill them. Ravi and Peyton find Martin's address and realize that he is the man who created Utopium.

#10 "Night and the Zombie City"
July 11, 2019

already aired...

#11 "Killer Queen" - July 18, 2019

already aired...

#12 "Bye, Zombies" - July 25, 2019

already aired...

#13 "All's Well That Ends Well"
August 1, 2019

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