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"Titans" (Live-Action 2018 DCTV Series)

Titans is an American web television series created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti for DC Universe. Based on the DC Comics team Teen Titans, the series depicts a group of young heroes who join forces in their fight against evil. Featured as members of the eponymous Titans are Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Kory Anders (Starfire), Rachel Roth (Raven), Gar Logan (Beastboy), Jason Todd (Robin), Donna Troy (Wondergirl), Dawn Granger (Dove), Hank Hall (Hawk), Rose Wilson (Deathstoke's daughter), and Conner (Superboy).

Titans premiered on October 12, 2018, and its first season comprised eleven episodes. A 13-episode second season premiered on September 6, 2019, and a third season is scheduled to premiere in 2020. Characters introduced in Titans later reappeared in the DC Universe series Doom Patrol, although Doom Patrol is set in a separate continuity.


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The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans and the Titans, are a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, often in an eponymous monthly series. As the group's name suggests, its members are teenage superheroes, many of whom have acted as sidekicks to DC's premiere superheroes in the Justice League. First appearing in 1964 in The Brave and the Bold #54, the team was founded by Kid Flash (Wally West), Robin (Dick Grayson), and Aqualad (Garth), with the team adopting the name Teen Titans in issue 60 following the addition of Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) to its ranks.

Titans Blackbirds TV 2015Over the decades, DC has cancelled and relaunched Teen Titans many times, and a variety of characters have been featured heroes in its pages. Significant early additions to the initial quartet of Titans were Green Arrow's sidekick, Speedy (Roy Harper), Aquagirl, Bumblebee, Hawk and Dove, and 3 heroes who did not wear costumes: boxer Mal Duncan, psychic Lilith, and caveman Gnarrk.

The series became a genuine hit for the first time however during its 1980s revival as The New Teen Titans under writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez. This run depicted the original Titans now as young adults and introduced new characters Cyborg, Starfire and Raven, as well as the former Doom Patrol member Beast Boy (then known as Changeling), who would all become enduring fan-favorites. A high point for the series both critically and commercially was its famous The Judas Contract storyline, in which the team is betrayed by its member Terra to its archenemy Deathstroke.


Titans (2018 TV Series)

Titans is an upcoming American web television series that will air on an unnamed DC Comics digital service, based on the DC Comics team of the same name. Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti created the series, which sees Brenton Thwaites star as Dick Grayson / Robin, the leader of the Titans, alongside Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter as Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, respectively.Titans Beast Boy

A live-action series based on the Teen Titans entered development in September 2014 for the cable channel TNT, with Goldsman and Marc Haimes writing the pilot. The pilot had been ordered by December 2014, but never came to fruition, with TNT announcing in January 2016 it would no longer be moving forward with the project. In April 2017, it was announced that the series was being redeveloped for DC Comics' new direct-to-consumer digital service, with Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti attached. Brenton Thwaites was cast as Dick Grayson in September 2017. Titans is scheduled to debut in 2018.

The Titans

  • Brenton Thwaites as Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin / Nightwing: The leader of the Titans and former vigilante sidekick of Batman, seeking to move past his mentor and his Robin persona. A member of the original team, he reforms the Titans while giving up being Robin. Viewing his character as a "reluctant leader", Thwaites said that Dick is "trying to figure out who he is at the same time he's trying to keep the crew protected and safe." Tomaso Sanelli plays the young Dick Grayson.
  • Anna Diop as Princess Koriand'r / Kory Anders / Starfire: An extraterrestrial princess from the planet Tamaran who has the ability to absorb, generate and redirect ultraviolet energy and heat from her hands. Sent to Earth to assassinate Rachel, a bout of amnesia causes Kory to forget her mission and sends her on a journey to discover who she really is. Diop commented that the character has a "really innocent, naïve, pure, fun, curious thing about her", which she sought to bring to her portrayal, and enjoyed playing an alien because of her immigration from Senegal to the United States at an early age.
  • Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth / Raven: A telekinetic and empath born to a demon father and human mother. At first understanding little of her lineage and abilities, Rachel's powers lead her to Dick and subsequently becoming a member of the new Titans. Croft noted Rachel's relationship with Dick is "more of a father-daughter relationship" since they both "share the same feeling of abandonment."
  • Ryan Potter as Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy: A shapeshifter who developed the power to transform into animals from a drug that cured him of a lethal disease. Gar previously lived with the Doom Patrol before joining Dick's new Titans team. A fan of the character since he watched the animated Teen Titans series, Potter described Gar as bringing "a warmth to the show" through "humor and lighthearted moments".
  • Curran Walters as Jason Todd / Robin (season 2; recurring season 1): Dick's successor as Batman's vigilante sidekick who is brought into the new Titans team at the request of Bruce Wayne. According to Walters, Jason has both a "fun" and a "dark side" and transitioning between the two was the most challenging aspect of portraying the character.
  • Conor Leslie as Donna Troy / Wonder Girl (season 2; guest season 1): An adopted member of the Amazons sharing their enhanced physical abilities. Formerly Wonder Woman's sidekick, she befriended Dick at an early age and was in the original Titans team. Leslie noted that Donna has "a brother-sister friendship" with Dick and the two "understand each other in a way no one else ever will." Andi Hubick portrays Donna Troy as a teenager and Afrodite Drossos portrays Donna as a child.
  • Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger / Dove (season 2; recurring season 1): A vigilante who serves as a tactical counterpart to her partner and boyfriend Hank.[16] She was also a member of the original Titans team and previously in a relationship with Dick. Kelly described Dawn's fighting style as "more that of a dance" due to the character's background in ballet, jiu-jitsu, and gymnastics, whereas Hank "is a brute and just blows stuff up."
  • Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall / Hawk (season 2; recurring season 1): The aggressive half in a vigilante duo composed of himself and his girlfriend Dawn. In addition to forming the Hawk and Dove team with his half-brother Don, he was part of the original Titans. Initially reluctant to take the role because he previously portrayed Aquaman on the series Smallville, Ritchson said that he accepted the part after hearing a pitch from series co-creator Geoff Johns. Tait Blum portrays the young Hank.
  • Joshua Orpin as Subject 13 / Conner / Superboy (season 2): A genetic clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, possessing the abilities and personality traits of both. Created at Cadmus Laboratories, he comes into contact with the Titans after escaping from the facility with Krypto. The character was previously portrayed by body double Brooker Muir in the first season.
  • Chella Man as Jericho (season 2): Deathstroke's mute son and Rose's half-brother, who has the power to possess other people's bodies through eye contact.
  • Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson (season 2): Deathstroke's daughter, who shares his enhanced reflexes and regenerative healing.

Justice League

  • Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne / Batman (season 2): A billionaire who moonlights as a feared vigilante in Gotham City and Dick's former mentor. The character was previously portrayed by stunt doubles Alain Moussi and Maxim Savarias in the first season.

Titans Villians

  • Michael Mosley as Dr. Arthur Light (season 2): A former physicist who turned criminal after gaining the ability to control light energy.
  • Esai Morales as Slade Wilson / Deathstroke (season 2): A biologically-enhanced assassin and former Delta Force operator who has a history with the original Titans.[20] Morales stated that Deathstroke's conflict against the Titans is "personal" for him "because you don't mess with a man's family".
  • Mayko Nguyen as Adeline (season 2): Jericho's mother and Deathstroke's ex-wife.
  • Demore Barnes as William Wintergreen (season 2): Deathstroke's handler and friend.
  • Natalie Gumede as Mercy Graves (season 2): The personal security specialist to Lex Luthor, assigned to oversee Cadmus Laboratories.
  • Raoul Bhaneja as Walter Hawn (season 2): The vice president of special projects at Cadmus Laboratories.
  • Seamus Dever as Trigon: An interdimensional demon with the power to destroy worlds and Rachel's father. Dever also portrays Frank Finney, a Gotham City police captain, along with an ice cream truck driver and a drug supplier in the illusions created by Trigon.
  • Rachel Nichols as Angela Azarath: Rachel's biological mother, secretly in allegiance with Trigon.
  • Reed Birney as Dr. Adamson (season 1): A high-ranking member of Trigon's organization.
  • Jeff Clarke as Nuclear Dad (season 1): The patriarch of the Nuclear Family.
  • Melody Johnson as Nuclear Mom (season 1): The matriarch of the Nuclear Family.
  • Jeni Ross as Nuclear Sis (season 1): The daughter/sister figure of the Nuclear Family.
  • Logan Thompson as Nuclear Biff (season 1): The son/brother figure of the Nuclear Family.


Cyborg (April 3, 2020)

Cyborg appears in the DC Extended Universe played by Ray Fisher. He first appears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a brief sequence of footage that is viewed by Wonder Woman. The footage depicts Cyborg's origin story. Fisher will reprise the character in the Justice League films, the first set for release on November 17, 2017, its sequel set for June 14, 2019, along with The Flash in 2018 and a Cyborg solo film scheduled for April 3, 2020. Cyborg's look will be 100% CGI.

In April 2014, Ray Fisher was cast as Victor Stone / Cyborg. In October, Warner Bros. announced the character's solo film, titled Cyborg.


Gotham City Sirens (2020?)

In May 2016, it was reported that a Harley Quinn-focused spin-off film, which will feature other DC Comics female characters, was in development. Robbie will reprise her role as Quinn and serve as a producer as well. As of September 2016, Robbie's newly created studio LuckyChap Entertainment will help develop the upcoming film. In November 2016, it was confirmed that Christina Hodson will serve as the screenwriter the film. In December 2016, it was announced that David Ayer will direct the spin-off film, entitled Gotham City Sirens, from a screenplay by Geneva Robertson-Dworet.


Nightwing (2021?)

By February 2017, Warner Bros. was developing a film centered on Dick Grayson / Nightwing, with Chris McKay and Bill Dubuque signed on as director and screenwriter respectively. In discussing what he is looking for in casting the character, McKay cited the level of physical activity the actor will have to endure, including martial arts, gymnastics and stunts as what will be required for the role.


Batgirl (2021?)

In March 2017, Joss Whedon was hired to write, direct and produce a Barbara Gordon / Batgirl film. According to Entertainment Weekly, the film will draw inspiration from The New 52 comics by Gail Simone. In April, Whedon stated that he was drawn to the character because of her choice to become a vigilante, even though she did not have a childhood tragedy like Bruce Wayne / Batman had, and that the damaged aspect of the character will be explored in the film. In July, Geoff Johns stated that Whedon will begin production on the film in 2018. At the San Diego Comic-Con, the title was announced to be Batgirl.


"Titans" Season 1 Episodes (2018)

Episode #1: "Titans" - October 12, 2018

Following her mother Melissa's murder at the hands of a mysterious assailant, troubled teen Rachel Roth exhibits telekinetic powers and flees town. Detroit detective Dick Grayson fights crime at night using his vigilante persona, Robin. Rachel is picked up by Detroit police, recognizes Dick from her nightmares, and asks him for help. By the time he realizes that she was telling the truth about her mother, Rachel has been drugged and abducted. Meanwhile, in Vienna, Austria, Kory Anders awakens in a bullet-ridden car wreck with no memory of her identity. She finds her way to gangster Konstantin Kovar, whom she has apparently betrayed in her search for a certain girl—Rachel. When Kovar attempts to shoot her, she releases a fiery power that incinerates him and everyone else in the room. About to be ritually slain by the man who killed her mother, Rachel blacks out as a dark version of herself emerges and kills her would-be murderer. Dick arrives, and takes her off to safety. In Covington, Ohio, a green tiger is on the prowl in an electronics store at night and transforms into a human boy.

#2 "Hawk and Dove" - October 19, 2018

Dick takes Rachel to Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, masked vigilantes known as Hawk and Dove with whom Dick fought crime years earlier. Though Hank and Dawn are in a committed relationship, Rachel senses that Dick and Dawn were previously involved, and still have unresolved issues. When a jealous Hank fights with Dick, Rachel's dark self manifests to stop it. The Nuclear Family is "activated" to retrieve Rachel, and they torture Dick's new partner, Detective Amy Rohrbach, to find him. Hawk and Dove take down an arms dealer with Robin's brutal assistance. Rachel is upset to discover that Dick intended to leave her with Hank and Dawn and not return. The Nuclear Family defeats Dick, Hank, and Dawn, capturing Rachel and leaving Dawn gravely injured.

#3 "Origins" - October 26, 2018

Kory tracks down Rachel, and watches the Nuclear Family abduct her. Rachel's dark self refuses to help her, but Kory arrives, incinerates Nuclear Dad with her powers, and convinces Rachel to leave with her. Rachel and Kory find their way to a convent where Melissa had supposedly hidden from Rachel's father when she was a baby, and which Kory had visited in search of Rachel a year before. Dick recalls learning that his parents' death was not an accident, and being taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne, who offers to teach Dick "another way to deal with the pain." Rachel meets Garfield Logan briefly, and Dick arrives. After Rachel's dark self manifests again, Dick and Kory take her back to the convent, where the sisters secretly lock her in the basement. Kory discovers that before her memory loss she was researching various doomsday prophecies concerning the advent of an apocalyptic "raven". Rachel's dark self taunts her and then manifests, leading to an explosion that allows Rachel to flee.

#4 "Doom Patrol" - November 2, 2018

Rachel comes across Gar, in his tiger form, as she flees through the woods. Gar takes Rachel to his house, where she meets Cliff Steel / Robotman, Larry Trainor / Negative Man, and Rita Farr / Elasti-Woman. Dr. Niles Caulder / The Chief arrives, furious with Gar for bringing a stranger to their home—where they are living in secret—but interested in running tests on Rachel. She agrees, but then demands to be unstrapped from the table. Niles refuses, and shoots Gar with a tranquilizer dart when he tries to intervene. Rachel's dark self emerges and attacks Niles. Meanwhile, Dick and Kory find the convent in ruins, and track Rachel to the Caulder house. Dick calms Rachel down and promises he will protect her. He departs with Rachel and Kory, and Gar goes with them, encouraged by Cliff to live his own life.

#5 "Together" - November 9, 2018

Dick makes the alliance with Kory, Gar, and Rachel official, and they all demonstrate their powers. Rachel and Gar connect, and Dick and Kory have sex. Dr. Adamson sends a new Nuclear Stepdad to the family. The Nuclear Family attacks, but together the group is able to subdue them. Dick also reveals himself as Robin to the group. Dick visits Adamson, who kills the family via a remote detonator. When a strike team comes to kill Dick, the new Robin appears and saves him.

#6 "Jason Todd" - November 16, 2018

Dick and Jason Todd, the new Robin, take Adamson to one of Bruce's safe houses in Chicago, where they are later joined by Kory, Rachel, and Gar. Learning that Bruce implanted a tracker in his arm at some point in the past, Dick removes it with a scalpel. Jason tells Dick that someone is murdering everyone who worked with his parents at the circus. Dick seeks out Clayton Williams, the only performer still alive and the likely next target. Clayton is abducted by Nick Zucco, son of Tony Zucco, the mobster who killed the Graysons. Nick wants revenge against Dick, who he blames for the Maronis' murder of his entire family. Jason helps Dick neutralize Nick, but Dick is disturbed by his needless brutality. Meanwhile, Adamson tells Kory that he will only talk to Rachel.

#7 "Asylum" - November 23, 2018

Adamson slashes his own throat to force Rachel to use her empathic powers to revive him. He then informs Dick and Kory that Rachel will "purify" the world. Adamson tells them about Angela Azarath, Rachel's birth mother, who is being held at an abandoned asylum. They are captured when they arrive at the asylum, and Dick, Kory, and Gar are subjected to torturous examinations. Adamson promises to end their suffering if Rachel calls to her father, but Rachel kills Adamson instead. Rachel finds Angela, showing her birthmark to prove she is actually Angela's daughter. Taking Angela with her, Rachel frees the others, although Gar is traumatized by having killed an asylum doctor. They escape; Kory burns the asylum down, and Dick burns his Robin suit.

#8 "Donna Troy" - November 30, 2018

While Rachel, Kory, and Gar accompany Angela by train to the house she owns in Ohio, Dick goes off on his own to reconnect with an old friend, Donna Troy. The FBI stops the train in search of Kory, but she and the others escape after she causes a train car to explode. While Rachel uses her powers to unlock Kory's memories, Donna translates text that Dick photographed in Kory's storage unit. Donna's interpretation of the lost ancient language is that Kory's mission is to kill Rachel. Kory has a flash of memory, and grabs Rachel by the throat.

#9 "Hank and Dawn" - December 7, 2018

With Dawn still in a coma, Hank remembers his childhood, when he allowed himself to be sexually abused by his football coach to save his little brother Don from molestation. In college, Hank and Don become vigilantes, Hawk and Dove, to punish sex offenders. An unconscious Dawn remembers her life as a ballerina, and the last time she saw her mother. Dawn's mother and Don are killed in the same accident, and Dawn and Hank get to know each other in grief counseling. Dawn discovers Hank's past as Hawk. He tells Dawn about his abuse, but admits that he never sought retribution against the coach because he could not face what happened to him. Dawn finds the abuser and demands that he confess; when they have beaten each other brutally, Hank arrives and finishes off the coach. Hank and Dawn sleep together. In the present, Dawn awakens, and tells Hank they need to find Jason Todd and help Rachel.

#10 "Koriand'r" - December 14, 2018

Donna stops Kory from killing Rachel. Dick and Donna follow a remorseful but confused Kory to an abandoned warehouse, where a spaceship uncloaks itself for Kory. She is Koriand'r, from the planet Tamaran, on a mission to destroy Rachel before she brings about the destruction of Earth and Tamaran. Rachel's father is Trigon, a being from another dimension who devours worlds. Rachel is both Trigon's doorway back to our dimension, and a means to destroy him. Dick, Donna, and Kory realize that Angela is assisting Trigon. Gar begins seeing apparitions in Angela's house, and collapses. With Gar dying, Angela convinces Rachel to call Trigon to help her. She does, and Trigon and Angela are reunited. Trigon heals Gar, and tells Angela that they can begin destroying the world once Rachel's heart breaks. Dick, Donna, and Kory arrive, but only Dick can pass through the mystical barrier that now surrounds Angela's house.

#11 "Dick Grayson" - December 21, 2018

Five years in the future, Dick is living happily with Dawn and their son John, with another baby on the way. Rachel and Gar are at college. A paraplegic Jason asks Dick to stop Bruce, who is intent on killing the Joker. Dick travels to Gotham and is reunited with Kory, who has joined the FBI. Batman kills the Joker in cold blood, as well as every patient and staff member at Arkham Asylum. Dick feels compelled to reveal Batman's secret identity to the police so they can apprehend him. A SWAT team raids Wayne Manor, but Batman slaughters them and kills Kory. Dick demolishes the mansion with explosives, and when he finds Batman alive but trapped in the rubble, Dick kills him. In the present, Rachel is horrified to see Dick enslaved by Trigon's power, and the dark future and Dick's murder of Batman is revealed to have been a fantasy created by Trigon to lead Dick to embrace darkness. Later, somewhere in Metropolis, a man designated as "Subject 13" (and bearing a Superman logo tattoo) escapes containment in a laboratory. He also frees a Labrador Retriever, whose eyes glow red.


Titans (Season 2)

Episode 1: "Trigon" - September 6, 2019

Hank, Dawn, and Jason arrive at Angela's house, joining Donna and Kory in attempting to stop Trigon, but they all succumb to Trigon's powers. Trigon breaks Rachel's will by having the heroes seemingly beat Gar to death. With Rachel under his control, Trigon begins to destroy all life around him, starting with Angela. However, Gar survives and uses his friendship with Rachel to free her from Trigon. In turn, Rachel saves Dick before defeating her father and freeing the rest. Afterwards, the heroes go their separate ways, with Dick accompanied by Jason, Rachel, and Gar. Dick meets with Bruce to reconcile and reestablish the Titans at their original San Francisco base. Bruce agrees to have Dick lead a new team under the condition that Jason be a member. Meanwhile, Deathstroke comes out of retirement when he learns that the Titans have resurfaced.

#2: "Rose" - September 13, 2019

Three months after Trigon's defeat, Dick continues to train his team in San Francisco where Rachel's powers begin to act strangely. Dick rescues a female metahuman on the run and attempts to recruit her into the Titans, despite her resistance to receiving help. Jason and Gar identify the young woman as Rose Wilson, Deathstroke's daughter. Hank and Dawn have retired to Wyoming, but tensions ensue when Hank discovers that Dawn is continuing to operate as Dove. In Chicago, Kory and Donna fight crime together and capture rogue metahuman Shimmer. Dawn, Hank, and Donna are forced to reunite with Dick when Dr. Arthur Light escapes from prison and begins targeting the Titans. Kory encounters fellow Tamaranean Faddei, who takes her captive.

#3: "Ghosts" - September 20, 2019

Donna, Hank, and Dawn meet Dick at the Titans' base, who notifies them that Deathstroke is in the city and pursuing Rose. Rose reveals to Dick that she is attempting to assassinate Deathstroke because he killed her brother Jericho. Working together against the Titans, Deathstroke tells Dr. Light of his plan to lure the heroes to them by separating the weaker members from the group. After Dr. Light escapes from the original team, Jason convinces Gar to search for him on their own. Jason defeats Dr. Light, but is ambushed by Deathstroke. Meanwhile, Faddei informs Kory that her sister Blackfire has ordered her return to Tamaran to become queen. A call from Rachel about losing control of her powers, however, prompts Kory to trap Faddei in her ship and travel back to her friends.

#4: "Aqualad" - September 27, 2019

Five years before the present day, an assignment sends Deathstroke to San Francisco where Jericho and his mother Adeline are hiding. Assisted by new member Garth, the original Titans capture Dr. Light. Garth and Donna harbor romantic feelings for each other, but Donna has resisted Garth's advances because the Amazons require that she return to Themyscira. After the two ultimately have a sexual encounter, Garth learns from Dick that Donna will be leaving immediately. When Garth appears before Donna at an airport to persuade her to stay, he is shot by Deathstroke. The surviving members of the team identify Deathstroke as Garth's killer and dedicate themselves to hunting him down. A week later, Jericho is befriended by Dick, unaware that Dick seeks revenge against his father.

#5: "Deathstroke" - October 4, 2019

Following Jason's abduction, Deathstroke kills Dr. Light and informs the heroes that he will release Jason in exchange for Rose. The original Titans explain their situation to Kory after she arrives, while Gar, Rachel, and Rose eavesdrop on the conversation. Rose attempts to escape when she learns that the team is considering surrendering her and is nearly killed by Rachel's unstable powers. After Dick tells his teammates that they will ambush Deathstroke under the guise of making the exchange, he secretly meets with Deathstroke in a skyscraper to offer his life for Jason's. Unmoved, Deathstroke reveals that he has bound Jason to a scaffold rigged with explosives. Kory intervenes, but she and Dick are unable to stop Deathstroke from activating the explosives, sending Jason falling from the skyscraper.

#6: "Conner" - October 11, 2019

In Metropolis, Subject 13 escapes from Cadmus Laboratories with Krypto, calling himself "Conner" after the nametag on a uniform he takes. Memories bring Conner to Lionel Luthor's Kansas home before Mercy Graves' team, accompanied by Dr. Eve Watson, attacks him. Defeating the team, Conner confronts Eve, who reveals that she created him from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. Eve takes Conner to the original Cadmus facility in San Francisco to help him better understand himself and the traits that he shares with his DNA hosts. Urging him to flee, Eve also warns Conner not to draw attention to himself by using his powers, but Conner disregards her warning when he sees Jason falling. Upon saving Jason, Conner is shot with kryptonite bullets as Graves' team recaptures Krypto.

#7: "Bruce Wayne" - October 18, 2019

Dick leaves the tower to search for Deathstroke while tormented by a hallucination of Bruce. In Dick's absence, Rose suspects that the Titans were involved in Jericho's death when she discovers one of his records and the heroes find items planted around the base that remind them of painful memories. Jason is accused by the other Titans of being responsible, until Dick's search uncovers that Deathstroke has infiltrated the tower. With Jason contemplating suicide over trauma from his fall and feeling blame for the team's problems, Dick admits to Jason that he is at fault for their current situation because he killed Jericho. Eve arrives at the tower after freeing Krypto to help Conner, where she finds him dying from kryptonite poisoning. When Eve informs Kory that Conner can only be healed by solar radiation, Kory uses her powers to save him.

#8: "Jericho" - October 25, 2019

coming soon...

#9: "Untitled" - TBA, 2019

coming soon...

#10: "Untitled" - TBA, 2019

coming soon...


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