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"Riverdale" Season 4 on CW in 2019!

Archie Comics are set in the fictional small town of Riverdale. The state or even the general location of the town is unspecified. The New York Times postulated that "the cartoonist Bob Montana inked the original likenesses of Archie and his pals and plopped them in an idyllic Midwestern community named Riverdale because Mr. Goldwater, a New Yorker, had fond memories of time spent in Hiawatha, Kansas. The CW renewed the series for a third season.

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Archie Comics

Archie Comic Publications, Inc. (or shortly known as Archie Comics) is an American comic book publisher headquartered in Pelham, New York. The company is known for its many titles featuring fictional teenagers like Archie Andrews, Sabrina Spellman, Josie and the Pussycats, Wilbur of Wilbur Comics, and Bingo Wilkin of That Wilkin Boy. The main Archie characters (Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Reggie Mantle) were created by Bob Montana.

Archie first appeared in Pep Comics #22 on December 22, 1941, drawn by Montana and written by Vic Bloom. With the creation of Archie, publisher John Goldwater hoped to appeal to fans of the Andy Hardy movies starring Mickey Rooney. Archie Comics was also the title of the company's longest-running publication, the first issue appearing with a cover date of Winter 1942. Starting with issue #114, the title was shortened to simply Archie. The flagship series was relaunched from issue #1 in July 2015 with a new look and design suited for a new generation of readers. Archie Comics characters and concepts have also appeared in numerous films, television programs, cartoons, and video games.

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Riverdale TV Series

Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters by Archie Comics. It was ordered to series at The CW in May 2016, and the 13-episode first season premiered on January 26, 2017, and concluded on May 11, 2017. It was adapted for television by Archie Comics' chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and executive produced by Greg Berlanti. On March 7, 2017, The CW renewed the series for a second season.

The series features an ensemble cast based on the characters of Archie Comics, with KJ Apa in the role of Archie Andrews; Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, and Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, the series' narrator. The cast also features Ashleigh Murray as Josie McCoy and Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom. Other characters in the series include Fred Andrews, Alice Cooper, FP Jones, and Hermione Lodge, the parents of Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica respectively.

  • KJ Apa as Archibald "Archie" Andrews: An intense and conflicted teen, Archie is a boyish high school sophomore who got pumped up over the summer working at his father's construction business. He is now juggling the interest of several girls, as well as trying to balance his passion for writing and performing music—against the wishes of his father and his football coach.
  • Lili Reinhart as Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper: A sweet, smart, eager-to-please and beautiful girl with a longtime crush on her best friend, Archie. She is tired of being the perfect daughter, student, sister, etc., so she turns to her new friend, Veronica, for life advice—much to the consternation of her emotionally brittle mother.
  • Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge: A beautiful, sophisticated, confident, silver-tongued high school sophomore and former socialite. Veronica is the "new girl" in town and is eager for a fresh start. Veronica sees the move to Riverdale from New York as an opportunity to reinvent herself while making amends to redeem herself from the rich spoiled girl she once was. Humbled from her old ways in the past and from an embezzlement scandal involving her father, she and her mother have lost most of their status and wealth.
  • Cole Sprouse as Forsythe "Jughead" Jones III: A philosophically inclined social outcast who was once the best friend of Archie, who is still dealing with the rift that came between them over the summer. His father is the leader of a local motorcycle gang called the Southside Serpents.
  • Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge: Veronica's mother, who has returned to Riverdale with her daughter in order to continue a deal established by Lodge Industries and to start an affair with Fred Andrews, following the recent incarceration of her husband Hiram Lodge.
  • Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom: A wealthy, entitled, and manipulative girl who recently lost her twin brother in a mysterious accident.
  • Ashleigh Murray as Josephine "Josie" McCoy: A striving, competitive, fierce, snooty, and ambitious girl who is the lead singer for the popular band Josie & the Pussycats.
  • Mädchen Amick as Alice Cooper: Polly and Betty's mother, who is the editor of the local paper. She is a controlling and demanding perfectionist who places exceedingly high expectations on her daughters.
  • Luke Perry as Frederick "Fred" Andrews: Archie's father, who owns a construction firm that he hopes his son will take over one day.
  • Mark Consuelos as Hiram Lodge: Veronica's father, recently incarcerated for illegal activities.
  • Casey Cott as Kevin Keller: A high school student who is friends with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. He is the son of Riverdale's sheriff.


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Reginald Reggie Mantle Marmaduke Moose Mason Chuck Clayton Dilton Doiley Kevin Keller
Katy Keene Sabrina Victoria Spellman Nancy Woods Terry Pop Tate The Black Hood
Josie McCoy Melody Valentine Valerie Brown Alexander Cabot III Alexandra Cabot


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Betty Cooper Veronica Lodge Cheryl Blossom


"Riverdale" Season 1 Episodes (2017)

Episode #1: "Chapter One: The River's Edge"
January 26, 2017

During an eventful summer, which includes the tragic death of quarterback Jason Blossom on the Fourth of July, Archie Andrews discovers his passion for music. He soon begins his sophomore year, and expresses his love for music to Betty Cooper, the sweet girl-next-door who is harboring her own secret—her feelings for Archie. Meanwhile, Veronica Lodge, the beautiful daughter of a millionaire facing embezzlement charges, arrives in town, instantly capturing Archie’s affections. Despite the fact that a love triangle is developing, Betty and Veronica become fast friends, united when Veronica stands up against the condescending captain of the cheerleading squad, Cheryl Blossom, who may be hiding a secret concerning her brother’s death. Archie’s former best friend, Jughead Jones, begins to write a novel retelling the events of the summer, including what happened between him and Archie. Kevin Keller and Moose Mason stumble across Jason's body by the lake.

#2 "Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil" - Feb. 2, 2017

Veronica's kiss with Archie strains his relationship with both girls, while Miss Grundy insists that he not reveal that the two of them heard the gunshot that may have killed Jason since it would also expose their secret affair. Kevin, disturbed by the discovery of Jason's body, refuses to acknowledge Moose's affections for him. Jughead, after accidentally discovering Archie and Grundy holding hands, deduces their secret and confronts Archie for refusing to go to the sheriff. Archie asks his father for advice, and decides to come clean. Cheryl strikes up a friendship with Betty, but it soon ends when it becomes clear that she blames Betty's sister, Polly, for Jason's death. At a pep rally in his honor, Cheryl runs away after imagining her brother on the field; in the locker room, where Veronica has followed to comfort her, Cheryl admits to her that Jason was supposed to "come back". Against her mother's wishes, Betty renews her friendship with both Archie and Veronica, while Archie also reconciles with Jughead. The next day, during science class, Cheryl is arrested due to evidence from Jason's autopsy, which revealed that he was actually murdered a week after the Fourth of July.

#3 "Chapter Three: Body Double" - Feb. 9, 2017

Cheryl is questioned by the sheriff about her role in Jason's death, but she gets bailed out by her parents. Betty, upset with how her mother is attacking the Blossom family in the press, restarts the school newspaper, the Blue and Gold, and sends Jughead to interview the Adventure Scouts who found Cheryl at Sweet Water River just after Jason died. Veronica is horrified to learn that her new boyfriend, Chuck Clayton, has been slut shaming her to the rest of the school, and when he refuses to stop, she, Betty, and Cheryl find evidence linking him and his friends, including Jason, to the shaming. Jughead learns from one of the Scouts that the shot heard on July 4th was fired by the troop's Scoutmaster, Dilton Doiley, during a training exercise. Betty and Veronica drug and torture Chuck until he apologizes, and Jughead pressures Dilton to come clean. Archie's dad builds him a studio to practice, Chuck is kicked off the football team, and Betty and Cheryl burn the evidence after agreeing to help each other find the truth about Jason and Polly. Dilton reveals that he saw Ms. Grundy's car by the river, and Jughead realizes Archie's secret is at risk.

#4 "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show"
February 16, 2017

Jughead despairs over the news that the local drive-in where he works is closing, comparing Riverdale to Salem. At the diner, Betty spots Archie and his father having dinner with Ms. Grundy, and she confronts him about their relationship. Under the guise of an interview, Betty questions Ms. Grundy about her life, while Veronica demands answers from her mother; Hermione insists that nothing shady happened. Betty and Veronica meet with Archie and inform him that there is no trace of Geraldine Grundy ever existing, aside from a woman who died seven years ago. They break into her car and find a gun and ID with the name "Jennifer Gibson". Grundy reveals that she was in an abusive relationship, and only wanted to escape. At the drive-in's final night, Veronica spots her mother meeting with the same man from before. Alice exposes Archie's affair and threatens to put Grundy on trial, but agrees not to so long as she leaves town. Sheriff Keller finds that all of his evidence pertaining to Jason's murder has been stolen. Jughead vandalizes the projectionist's booth/former temporary home in full view of the Serpents' leader, who turns out to be his father.

#5 "Chapter Five: Heart of Darkness"
February 23, 2017

Cheryl's parents refuse to allow her to speak at Jason's funeral memorial, but she does so anyway, in the white dress she wore the last time she saw him, and breaks down during her address. Coach Clayton pits Archie and Reggie against each other for the coveted spot of team captain. Archie is introduced to a potential songwriting mentor, who ultimately does not agree to teach him. Trev informs Betty that Jason had become much more secretive in the weeks before his death, and was rumored to be selling drugs. Jughead suggests searching the Blossom family mansion for clues, during which he and Betty encounter Jason's grandmother, who mistakes Betty for Polly and tells her not to let Penelope know that she and Jason were engaged. While cleaning the diner, Hermoine finds a box with a snake inside it, a warning from the Serpents. Betty learns that her family has hated the Blossoms ever since their ancestor cheated the Coopers out of a fortune decades before. Archie is named captain, but turns it down to focus on his music. Jughead and Betty deduce that her father is responsible for stealing the murder evidence.

#6 "Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!"
March 2, 2017

With Riverdale High's annual variety show approaching, Valerie's efforts to help Archie prepare for his debut performance leads to a major fallout with Josie. Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead's investigations into Jason's murder brings them face-to-face with Betty's sister Polly, who is revealed to be captive at a home for troubled youths, unaware of Jason's death, and seven months pregnant. As Veronica decides to rebuild her relationship with her mother, she learns that Hermione is using her for her own purposes. At the same time, Hermione's first day of work at Andrews Construction brings her closer to Archie's father, Fred. Josie deals with her own family pressures after her father visits for her performance at the variety show. Betty confronts her parents about Jason's death, to no avail, but grows closer to Jughead, eventually kissing him. After, they discover a car hidden in the woods containing drugs and Jason's belongings. However, an unknown perpetrator torches the car and destroys all incriminating evidence before the police arrive, and Polly escapes from the home.

#7 "Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place"
March 9, 2017

Cheryl informs Sheriff Keller that Polly has escaped, and the town organizes a search party to find her. As tensions continue to grow between the Blossoms and the Coopers, Betty finds her sister hiding in the attic of their house. Cheryl offers to help Betty take care of Polly. F.P., after being offered a job by Fred, reveals that he and Fred founded Andrews Construction together, but that Fred kicked him out of the business after bailing him out of jail. Fred counters that F.P. was stealing money from him and abusing drugs and alcohol and that he had no choice. Jughead is taken into custody as a suspect in Jason's murder, but Fred provides Keller with an alibi. Cheryl suspects that her parents have bad intentions with Polly, and so Polly moves in with the Lodges instead. F.P. is revealed to have Jason's jacket in his trailer.

#8 "Chapter Eight: The Outsiders"
March 30, 2017

Polly reveals to Sheriff Keller that Jason was supposed to make a drug delivery for "some biker gang", implied to be the Southside Serpents, in exchange for money before both of them ran away. Veronica suggests hosting a baby shower for Polly. Fred's workers leave because of payment by Clifford Blossom. Archie tries to help Fred by getting some friends to continue work on the construction project. After a confrontation with F.P. Jones in a Serpents' bar, Archie realizes Jughead's father is a Serpent. At the baby shower, Penelope and Alice fight over whom Polly should live with. Alice finds out that Hal had previously tried to take Polly to get an abortion and then kicks him out of the Cooper Household. F.P. recruits some of his Serpents to replace Fred's crew, and informs Hermione that Hiram is behind the attack on Fred's construction site. Polly chooses to live with the Blossoms.

#9 "Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion"
April 6, 2017

As the Blossom family's annual maple tree-tapping ceremony approaches, Cheryl asks Archie to be her escort. When he refuses, Penelope offers to get him into an exclusive music school as a favor. Veronica grows close to Ethel, but when Hermione reveals that her father was one of Hiram's investors, she becomes distraught upon learning that he attempted suicide after losing his home. Alice prepares to publish a full-blown expose on the Blossoms, but Hal retaliates for being thrown out by firing her from the paper. Finding that everyone in his life disapproves of him mingling with Cheryl, including Val who believes Cheryl plans to steal Archie away from her, Archie asks Cliff to assist his father in return for him agreeing to help present Cheryl as a worthy successor. The two share a kiss, but a confused Archie leaves. While doing so, he overhears her parents discussing how they conspired to have Hiram arrested. Betty gets a call from Archie, learning that Polly moved in with the Blossoms to learn the truth about Jason's death. She and Jughead decide to write the tell-all expose in the Blue and Gold and ask Alice to join them. Finally realizing that the Blossoms' are using him, Archie attempts to reconcile with Val, but she breaks up with him. Cheryl plots to remove both Archie and Polly from her life.

#10 "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend"
April 13, 2017

Fred leaves for Chicago to finalize his divorce, leaving Archie alone. Betty learns that Jughead's birthday is coming up, and that he has never had an actual party. She and Veronica persuade Archie to let them throw it at his house. Veronica's father threatens to retaliate against her mother if Veronica refuses to testify on his behalf. The Vixens elect Veronica as their captain for Homecoming over Cheryl, and she retaliates by crashing the party with Chuck and his friends. F.P. also shows up, on Betty's advice. Jughead argues with Betty and tries to leave, but Cheryl forces him to stay for a "game" in which participants are forced to reveal their secrets. Jughead and Chuck get in a fight, and F.P. declares the party over. He urges his son to reconcile with Betty and confronts Alice, implying she was once a member of the Serpents. Archie and Veronica comfort each other and share a kiss. Veronica subsequently changes her mind and agrees to testify on her father's behalf. Fred returns home with, to Archie's surprise, his mother Mary.

#11 "Chapter Eleven: To Riverdale & Back Again"
April 27, 2017

While Archie and his mother reconnect, Veronica learns that her father may soon be released from prison. F.P. questions the purpose of Jughead's novel, urging him to consider moving on. To learn the truth about Hiram, Veronica decides to investigate F.P. as a possible suspect in Jason's murder. The Blossoms, increasingly suspicious of Polly, forbid her to enter their master bedroom. Fred and Mary agree to attend Homecoming together. Polly and Cheryl discover the former's engagement ring in Penelope's jewelry collection, which she claims is because Jason threw it away in disgust after arguing with his father. At a contentious dinner, Alice tries to question F.P., but he shuts her down. Afterwards, he informs Jughead that they will be moving to Toledo to reunite with the rest of the Jones family. While Archie and Veronica perform "Kids in America" at Homecoming, the police execute a search warrant on F.P.'s trailer, find a gun, and arrest him for murder. Jughead disappears, and Archie and Veronica deduce that someone is framing F.P. for Jason's death.

#12 "Chapter Twelve: Anatomy of a Murder"
May 4, 2017

Jughead calls his mother, but she refuses to let him move in with her. F.P. confesses to everything, including Jason's murder. Betty and Alice catch Hal trying to destroy evidence, and learn the family secret: the Coopers are, in fact, Blossoms by blood, and Jason and Polly's relationship was technically incest. The Coopers take Polly back to their home. Mary, posing as F.P.'s lawyer, advises Jughead to visit his father, who tells him never to come see him again. With Joaquin's help, the group tracks down one of F.P.'s associates, but find him dead of overdose. The police are summoned, and find a bag full of money with Hermione's initials on it. With both Hal and Hermione cleared as suspects, Jughead and Betty investigate a lead from Kevin, and find Jason's varsity jacket. Inside one of the pockets, they find a thumb drive and discover Clifford murdered Jason, before informing Cheryl. Nevertheless, Jughead learns that his father's other charges will not be dropped. Veronica learns that her father has been formally released, and Mary returns to Chicago. When the police go to arrest Clifford, Cheryl directs them to his corpse hanging in the syrup distillery, next to several open casks filled with drugs.

#13 "Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter"
May 11, 2017

It is revealed that Clifford Blossom was in the drug business and that Jason found out, leading to his abduction and subsequent death at the hands of Clifford. F.P. is cleared of any charges relating to the murder but remains in police custody. Alice reveals to Betty that in high school, she found out that she was pregnant, but Hal sent her to the Sisters of Silent Mercy and made her give up the child, a baby boy, for adoption. Jughead is placed in the care of a foster family and transfers to Southside High. After receiving a text from Cheryl announcing she is going to commit suicide, Veronica, along with Archie, Betty, and Jughead, rush to Sweetwater River, where Archie manages to punch though the ice and save Cheryl. Cheryl later burns down her mansion, much to Penelope's dismay. Archie meets his father at Pop's where a masked man arrives with a gun and demands Pop show him the safe. He then tells Fred to turn over his wallet, pointing his gun at him. Archie tries to save his dad, but Fred is shot.


"Riverdale" Season 2 Episodes (2017-2018)

#1: "Chapter 14: A Kiss Before Dying"
October 11, 2017

After Fred Andrews was shot by a mysterious man in Pop's diner, Archie loads his father into his truck and takes him to the hospital. Archie is quickly joined by Jughead, Veronica and her mother, and Betty and her parents. Sheriff Keller gains a description of the shooter from Archie and calls him in for a lineup, but none of the men in the lineup are the shooter. Archie goes to his house with Veronica to shower, where they make out. At the house, Archie goes through his father's things and finds Fred's wallet missing. Betty and Jughead go to Pop's looking for the wallet, but find nothing. However, Jughead learns from Pop that the shooter didn't take any money from the register, meaning that it was not a robbery, and further's Jughead's suspicion that the shooting was a hit. Jughead asks a member of the Southside Serpents to investigate the shooting, and later finds two serpents in his trailer interrogating another Serpent, proving that the Serpents have Jughead's back. Veronica suspects that her mother Hermione was the one who placed the hit on Fred; Hermione vehemently denies this and tension develop between the mother and daughter. Cheryl Blossom arrives at the hospital, as her mother is being hospitalized for the burns she suffered after Cheryl burned down the Blossom estate. Cheryl tells many of the Riverdale students, who are there to support Archie, that her mother saved her from the fire. Archie talks to his father in his hospital room, who awakens. Veronica's father Hiram arrives in Riverdale, further escalating the tension in the Lodge family. In the nearby town of Greendale, Mrs. Grundy, Archie's former lover and music teacher is strangled and killed by Fred's shooter.

#2 "Chapter 15: Nighthawks"
October 18, 2017

After learning of Ms. Grundy's murder, an increasingly anxious Archie suspects that her death is connected with Fred's shooting, which pushes him to ask Dilton Doiley for a gun to further protect himself. Following the shooting, business at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe has sharply declined, leading Pop to consider selling the diner, but Betty convinces Pop not to sell and instead let her throw a retro fun night to drum up business. Jughead learns that F.P. is facing 20 years in prison and seeks help from Penny Peabody, a Serpent lawyer, who advises Jughead to ask the Blossoms to testify on F.P.'s behalf. Cheryl initially refuses, but relents when Betty extorts her with the video of Jason's murder. With Cheryl's testimony, the judge decides to revisit F.P's sentence, and when F.P finds out Jughead had been talking to Peabody, he warns him of what may come from their meeting. Hiram quietly buys the diner from Pop, but tells Veronica he made a "charitable donation". After the event, Hiram tells Veronica that the family butler, Smithers, has gone on leave to care for an ill relative, which has Veronica suspicious. In the woods, Moose Mason and Midge Klump take some jingle jangle, and as they do so, they are shot dead by Fred's shooter.

#3 "Chapter 16: The Watcher in the Woods"
October 25, 2017

Kevin, who was in the forest, hears the gunshots and rushes to find Midge crying. Moose, who shielded Midge from the gunfire, is hospitalized and survives. Following the incident, Archie founds a vigilante group called the Red Circle, inspired by a comic book he found, to protect Riverdale High students. Dilton Doiley joins, as well as Reggie and other football players. The Coopers receive a letter from "the Black Hood", taking responsibility for the shootings of Fred and Moose/Midge and the murder of Ms. Grundy, leaving Fred's wallet and Grundy's glasses as proof. Alice and Hal prepare to post the letter in the Riverdale Register, while Polly leaves town, fearing for her unborn children. While on patrol for the Red Circle, Archie and Reggie come to the aid of Ethel Muggs. Meanwhile, Jughead begins his tenure at Southside High, where he meets Toni Topaz, a Serpent, who tells him the best way to survive Southside is to ally with the Serpents, while Jughead wants to go his own way. Jughead refounds the school newspaper, the Red and Black, and brings in Toni as a photographer. One night, Jughead stays late, where he is ambushed by a ghoulie (a "thug" at Southside), and decides to make friends with the Serpents. Archie meets Hiram, and Hiram invites him to dinner, while tensions continue to grow between Hermione and Veronica. Kevin keeps going out late at night for runs, which causes Betty to grow concerned. Betty follows him on one of his runs, which leads to him lashing out at her. Hiram tells Archie that Archie should utilize the Black Hood's main weapons (fear and terror) for the Red Circle. Inspired by this, the Red Circle makes a video calling out the Black Hood; Hiram watches the video on YouTube and smiles, satisfied.

#4 "Chapter 17: The Town That Dreaded Sundown" - November 1, 2017

Archie's viral video results in negative repercussions, as Principal Waldo Weatherby demands he disband the Red Circle. Though Archie refuses, the Red Circle disbands regardless due to the football team being suspended but later reassembles when Archie runs afoul of the Serpents and assists him in a rumble, in which Dilton is injured. Veronica finds out that Archie intends to murder the Black Hood and convinces him to discard his gun. Betty receives a letter from the Black Hood, revealing that her speech from the jubilee ball inspired his actions and gives her a cipher that only she could solve. Mayor Sierra McCoy (Josie's mother) hosts a town meeting to discuss action against the Black Hood, in which Alice blames the Serpents, but Fred argues against letting fear rule them. Betty and Jughead figure out that the Black Hood intends to attack town hall and have the meeting evacuated, before showing the letter to her parents, Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy. Later, Betty receives a call from the Black Hood.

#5 "Chapter 18: When a Stranger Calls"
November 8, 2017

The Black Hood reveals to Betty that he knows where Polly is and threatens to kill her unless she publishes a mugshot of Alice, who at the time was a teen on the Southside, which she does. Hiram invites the St. Clair's, friends of the Lodges from New York. On the Southside, Jughead attempts to stop Sweet Pea and the Serpents from blowing up the Riverdale Register office and decides to join the gang to prevent unnecessary violence from happening. Betty's next call from the Black Hood forces her to cut ties with Veronica and Jughead, which she confides in Archie. At the Lodge's open house event, Nick St. Clair drugs Cheryl and takes her back to his hotel room to rape her, but is stopped and beaten by Veronica and the Pussycats. Betty receives a call from the Black Hood telling her to go to an abandoned house, where she'll find who the Black Hood is. Jughead and Toni sit in his trailer, where he tells her his relationship with Betty is over; they kiss. Back at Betty's house, the Black Hood tells her that by telling Archie, she has broken the rules and he will now kill Polly unless she gives him the name of a "sinner" to kill, to which Betty names Nick St. Clair for his rape attempt.

#6 "Chapter 19: Death Proof"
November 15, 2017

The Black Hood challenges Betty to find the identity of The Sugarman, who has been supplying the jingle jangle to Riverdale. Cheryl wants to press charges against Nick, whom the Black Hood did not attack, but Penelope agrees not to in exchange for money from the St. Clair's. Archie goes to Southside High, where he saves Jughead from a raid organized by McCoy and Sheriff Keller. Tall Boy, F.P.'s right hand man, reaches an agreement with the Ghoulies, the dealers of jingle jangle. Jughead and Archie visit F.P., who tells Jughead to challenge the Ghoulies to a race. During the race, Archie pulls the brake on Jughead's car, and reveals he called Sheriff Keller, who arrests the Ghoulie leader. Veronica convinces Hiram and Hermione to stop investing with the St. Clair's, while Cheryl does the same with Penelope. Later, the Lodges receive a call that the St. Clair's have been run off the road, but will recover in months. Penelope reveals to Cheryl that the Sugarman is Robert Philips; Cheryl later tells Betty, who exposes him in the Blue and Gold. Philips is subsequently arrested and shot by the Black Hood in jail.

#7 "Chapter 20: Tales From The Darkside"
November 29, 2017

After killing Phillips, the Black Hood leaves a letter at Pop's challenging Riverdale to go 48 hours without sinning, or he will kill again. Jughead is enlisted by Peabody to deliver a crate of drugs to repay her for her earlier help, which he does with Archie. She says this is a one-time thing, but Jughead later finds she was lying. Josie begins to receive weird messages from a secret admirer, implied to be Cheryl, including a box with a pig's heart. Mayor McCoy reprimands her for coming home late, revealing she has received death threats. Betty, realizing that Phillips was killed in the sheriff's office, believes Sheriff Keller might be the Black Hood. She investigates, but Keller is able to provide proof that he is not the Black Hood. However, Betty and Veronica discover that he is having an affair with Mayor McCoy. Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Josie, and Cheryl all at Pop's. After Jughead leaves to visit F.P., the Black Hood calls Pop to inform him Riverdale failed his challenge, and Pop grimly announces that "The reckoning is upon us".

#8 "Chapter 21: House of the Devil"
December 6, 2017

F.P. is released from jail and begins working at Pop's, intending to quit the Serpents. Jughead and Betty decide to throw F.P. a "retirement" party at the Whyte Worm, so they enlist Archie and Veronica to do the detective work. While Jughead reconnects with his dad, Betty goes to the Whyte Worm to organize the party. There, she meets Toni and tells her she wants to keep watch over Jughead. Archie and Veronica follow a lead on a past serial killer called the Riverdale Reaper, who murdered a family of four before being killed himself by a lynch mob. Their investigation leads them to discover there was a fifth member of the family, which they discover to be the school's janitor, Joseph Svenson. Archie and Veronica confront Svenson, but decide he isn't the Black Hood. At the party, F.P., who is upset that Jughead helped Peabody, decides to stay with the Serpents. Outside, Veronica breaks up with Archie following a discussion about love. Jughead, not wanting to bring Betty into the Serpents' business, also ends their relationship.

#9 "Chapter 22: Silent Night, Deadly Night"
December 13, 2017

Fred receives a hospital bill of $86,000. Failing to convince her parents to help Fred, Veronica sneaks into Hiram's study and finds out that he bought Pop's. She later convinces him and Hermione to stop hiding secrets from her and help Fred. Jughead rallies the younger Serpents, who kidnap Peabody and cut off her Serpent tattoo. Betty and Archie receive a box from the Black Hood, containing Svenson's finger. They then receive a call from the Black Hood, who challenges them to find Svenson. They are able to find Svenson's location, but instead find an empty coffin. The Black Hood then arrives and tries to force Betty into burying Archie alive, but flees when the police arrive. After a chase, Keller shoots and kills the Black Hood before he can escape. The Black Hood is then revealed to be Svenson himself.

#10 "Chapter 23: The Blackboard Jungle"
January 17, 2018

The Lodges strike a deal with Mayor McCoy for land which involves shutting down Southside High, causing Jughead, Toni, Sweet Pea and the other Serpents to transfer to Riverdale High, putting them at odds with other students. Archie is approached by FBI Agent Adams, who wants his help on finding proof of Hiram's criminal dealings. Archie agrees to help in exchange for immunity for Veronica and Fred. Archie investigates Nick, who implies that Hiram was behind his car crash, which broke both of his legs. Despite Hal's objections, Betty and Alice track down Alice's son she gave up for adoption, Chic. Chic initially refuses to come with them, but later agrees. Jughead, following advice from FP, gets his fellow Serpents to lay low. Archie reveals to Adams that he secretly doubts Svenson was really the Black Hood. That night, Chic lurks in Betty's room while she sleeps.

#11 "Chapter 24: The Wrestler"
January 24, 2018

Pickens' Day, a day in remembrance of Riverdale's founder, nears. Archie tries out for the wrestling team in order to impress Hiram, a former wrestler. Betty learns that Chic is a webcam model, and attempts to reach out to him. Jughead interviews Toni's grandfather for a school project, learning that he is a member of a Native American tribe which was slaughtered by Pickens. Jughead publishes the story, escalting tensions with the two sides. At the Pickens Day fest, the Serpents protest the event, but Hiram spins their words positively. That night, Archie meets with Hiram, who offers him his business tutelage, which Archie accepts. The next morning, Mayor McCoy, Sheriff Keller, and the Lodges meet at the statue of Pickens, which has been decapitated.

#12 "Chapter 25: The Wicked and the Divine"
January 31, 2018

Veronica's confirmation nears, bringing many Lodge family members and business associates to Riverdale. While serving at a poker game with Hiram and his associates, Archie learns that Hiram is a mobster and his associates are planning his 'removal' after Veronica's confirmation. Archie alerts Hiram to this, and Hiram later arranges that mobster's death. Meanwhile, Mayor McCoy orchestrates the eviction of all Serpents from their trailer park. Jughead and Betty are alerted to the location of the Pickens head by a scrapyard owner, who gives them evidence that Tall Boy decapitated the statue. Jughead and FP put Tall Boy on trial, who reveals that Hiram assisted him launching a mutiny so that Tall Boy could remove FP and Jughead from the Serpents. A strange man comes to the Cooper house asking for Chic, and Betty later returns home to find Alice cleaning up the man's blood.

#13 "Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart"
February 7, 2018

Betty and Alice clean up the man's body and dispose of it with help from Jughead and FP. Jughead sends the Pickens' head statue to the Lodges, which Hiram believes may be a declaration of war. Mayor McCoy attempts to take control of her deal with the Lodges, and the Lodges prepare to expose her affair with Sheriff Keller. Veronica, however, warns her of this, and McCoy resigns from office. Agent Adams attempts to strong-arm Archie into giving him the information, including blackmailing Archie in order for him to plant a bug in Hiram's office. Archie instead reveals this to Hiram. Hiram's driver takes Archie to a private location to meet with 'the boss', revealed to be Hermione. Hermione tells Archie that Adams is actually one of the Lodges' capos and was a test, which Archie has passed. Hermione welcomes him to the family.

#14 "Chapter 27: The Hills Have Eyes"
March 7, 2018

Hiram suggests Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead go to the Lodge's lake house for a romantic getaway. Cheryl, upset over not being invited, calls Jughead and informs him of Betty's kiss with Archie, which causes tension within the group. Veronica and Jughead kiss to "level the playing field". Later, the girls go into town while the guys have a discussion over the close mutual bonds between the four. Back in Riverdale, Josie informs Kevin of their parents affair. Cheryl reveals to Toni that she had a "friendship-turned-lesbian-relationship" broken up by Penelope. At the lake house, tensions arise again when Jughead and Betty learn that Hiram bought the trailer park and the Riverdale Register. A group of men that Veronica interacted with in town break into the house, but Veronica activates a silent alarm. One of Hiram's men arrive and kills one of the intruders, and the four return to Riverdale.

#15 "Chapter 28: There Will Be Blood"
March 14, 2018

Jughead keeps investigating the Lodges' plans, but he cannot use what he finds. Hiram and Hermione want Fred to run for mayor, including financing his run. Hal asks Alice for a divorce, and Polly comes back to Riverdale, while Betty is suspicions of Chic. Clifford's secret will is read, which distributes money to anyone of Blossom's blood, including the Coopers; at this reading, Clifford's twin brother Claudius returns. When Chic refuses the DNA test, Betty steals his dental floss to do her own test. Betty discovers that Chic is not who he says to be and confronts him. After Smithers points Jughead to Shankshaw Prison, F.P.'s inside contact allows them to learn the truth about the Lodge's plans, which forces the Lodges to tell Fred: they want to turn Southside High into a private prison and the housing Fred is building will be for the employees of the prison. Fred refuses to run for Mayor, so Hermione announces her run instead. Archie undergoes a blood ritual with Hiram, pledging loyalty. Meanwhile, Claudius and Penelope plot to get their house "in order", including Nana and Cheryl, who overhears the plan.

#16 "Chapter 29: Primary Colors"
March 21, 2018

Jughead learns Southside High will be turned into a prison, and goes on a hunger strike to protest. Upon hearing of this, Hiram accelerates the timeline for demolition, so the high school Serpents chain themselves to the school to protest. Fred attempts to end his contract with the Lodges, leading to a legal dispute. Hiram asks Archie to cut the Serpents' chains, which Archie does in exchange for Fred being released from his contract. Betty learns Chic's father is not Hal, and the two trade threats. Penelope and Claudius attempt to kill Nana Rose, but she survives. Veronica runs for student president, but her secrets cause her campaign to take a hit, and Betty tells her she can't trust her anymore. Following the protest, Jughead tells Betty he wants to run for student president, with Betty moving in with Jughead to avoid Chic. Cheryl tells Penelope she knows what she did, leading Penelope to get Cheryl committed. Free of his contract with the Lodges, Fred announces he is running for mayor against Hermione.

#17 "Chapter 30: The Noose Tightens"
March 28, 2018

Hermione's run for mayor is considered risky by fellow mobsters Kowalski and Martin, believing it may lead to unwanted investigation. They demand a 25% cut of the prison's profits, which Hiram refuses. Kowalski and Martin, however, turn Hiram's capo Adams into hospitalizing Andre, leaving the Lodges shorthanded on security. Archie scares the two into abandoning the deal with the help of Reggie and other Riverdale athletes. Meanwhile, the car belonging to the man Chic killed is found. The owner of the car demands $10,000 from the Coopers to prevent her from going to the police, but Jughead and the Serpents scare her away. Alice sends Chic away and apologizes the Serpents for her years of badmouthing them. Toni and Veronica discover that Cheryl has been admitted into conversion therapy, and with help from Nana Rose, find out she's at Sister of the Quiet Mercy. Toni, Veronica, and Kevin rescue Cheryl, and Toni and Cheryl kiss. Cheryl soon returns to Riverdale High, which she declares 'will burn'.

#18 "Chapter 31: A Night to Remember"
April 18, 2018

This episode is a musical event covering songs from Carrie: The Musical.

During a rehearsal of Riverdale High's musical production of Carrie, Cheryl calls out those who question her ability to play the lead role of Carrie White by demonstrating her singing ability. After rehearsal, Kevin confides in Jughead that he received several threats demanding that the role of Carrie be recast, supposedly from the Black Hood. Kevin gives in, and Midge replaces Cheryl as Carrie. Tensions arise between Archie and Fred after he finds out that Hiram bought Archie his first car, to which Archie warns Hiram not to get between him and his father. Cheryl, doused in blood, confronts her mother for her actions against the family and demands that she be emancipated. During the performance, a set wall is moved up to reveal Midge hung up to the wall with knives, murdered by the Black Hood who leaves a warning of his return.

#19 "Chapter 32: Prisoners"
April 25, 2018

Following Midge's funeral, her mother, Cheryl and the River Vixens blame Sheriff Keller for her death, causing him to consider resigning. Archie is abducted by Nick St. Clair, who demands a ransom from the Lodges. With her parents unwilling to pay and lacking the money herself, Veronica pretends to surrender herself to Nick but drugs him. Archie manages to escape and they hold Nick for ransom instead. Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead investigate Chic and learn from the Sisters of the Quiet Mercy that he is an impostor, resulting in his imprisonment. Betty is secretly contacted by the Black Hood, who offers to get rid of Chic. Betty gets Chic to confess that he murdered her real brother, Charles, by accident and then hands him over to the Black Hood, leaving him to die. Betty lies to Alice that Chic left town before learning that Hal was absent at the time of the exchange, leading her to suspect him as the Black Hood.

#20 "Chapter 33: Shadow of a Doubt"
May 2, 2018

Betty tells Cheryl that she believes Hal is the Black Hood. Hiram restarts The Red Circle in hopes of causing unrest, and help Hermione's campaign. Moose reveals that Midge was having an affair with Fangs. A body, first thought to be Chic's, is found and Betty reveals she feels guilty for his presumed death. Fangs is arrested at school. Members of The Red Circle damage The Whyte Worm, and Reggie later reveals that Hiram is paying them. Betty and Cheryl visit a room being paid for by Hal and find the same book used as a cipher previously. After the Black Hood attacks the Mayoral debate, Veronica wants her mother to stop running but she insists on continuing. Betty confronts her father, and arranges a meeting with him later. The Black Hood then appears at Cheryl's door. Fangs is released from prison, but is accidentally shot amidst the protesters outside.

#21 "Chapter 34: Judgment Night"
May 9, 2018

The Black Hood attacks Cheryl, but she wounds him with a bow-and-arrow. Reggie is accused to be Fangs' shooter, but it is later revealed to be Midge's mother. Veronica searches Hiram's study, where she finds that Hiram planned to reveal Hermione's affair with Fred, but Hermione reveals her involvement, as it would destroy Fred's campaign. The son of the mobster whose death Hiram arranged attacks the Lodges, killing Andre, but Hermione shoots him dead. The Ghoulies are released from prison and attack Pop's. Meanwhile, Hal reveals himself as the Black Hood to Betty and Alice. After admitting he did not attack the debate, he is subdued by Betty and arrested. Fred, who is wearing a bullet proof vest, is shot by a man in a black hood, and Betty and Archie realize the man was not Hal. Penny Peabody resurfaces and holds Toni captive but Jughead and Cheryl help her escape. F.P. alerts the Serpents of Fangs' death, and the Serpents decide to fight the Ghoulies. Jughead turns himself over to avoid bloodshed, but Penny breaks her promise, and the Ghoulies attack Jughead. Learning of this, F.P. goes to save him. Later, Archie, Cheryl, Betty, and the Serpents find F.P. carrying Jughead's bloodied, unconscious body.

#22 "Chapter 35: Brave New World"
May 16, 2018

Jughead survives his assault and Fangs is revealed to be alive. Sheriff Minette reveals the second Black Hood to be Tall Boy, who was killed by one of his officers.Cheryl discovers Penelope and Claudius meeting with Hiram; Cheryl reveals this to Veronica, who reveals this to Hermione. Hermione, believing it to be conceivable that Hiram would have planned the attack at the debate, reveals to Veronica that Hiram attempts to consolidate the entire Southside, and is attempting to buy the Whyte Worm to set his plan fully into motion. Jughead, Archie, and Cheryl lead the Serpents to the Northside, where they are offered asylum. Veronica buys the Worm, and trades it to Hiram for Pop's. F.P. retires from the Serpents, naming Jughead the new King, asking Betty to be his queen. Cheryl joins the Serpents. Hermione wins the mayoral election. Hiram meets with several people from around Riverdale and they discuss plans for the new Southside. Archie is elected student body president, but during his inauguration, he is arrested by Minetta (on Hiram's orders) for a murder he did not commit: the murder of Cassidy Bullock, of one of the intruders from the lake house.



"Riverdale" Season 3 Episodes (2018-2019)

#1: "Chapter 36: Labor Day"
October 10, 2018

Archie's friends and family spend the summer at his trial. The judge orders the jury to deliberate over Labor Day weekend. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead decide to spend the weekend together. A furious Veronica confronts Hiram, while Hiram explains that he did this because of her betrayal. Meanwhile, Betty has trouble with Alice and Polly as the two of them try to persuade her to join their cult, the Farm. Jughead faces off with Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies over Hot Dog and after taking over the Southside, the Ghoulies declare the Northside fair game. Later, Archie accepts a plea deal to serve two years in juvenile detention after a hung jury causes a mistrial. Betty arrives home and sees Alice and Polly carrying out a strange ceremony involving the twins and fire, triggering Betty to faint and convulse. Meanwhile, Dilton's strange actions lead Jughead to discover him and Ben in Fox Forest, unconscious in front of a dark skeletal totem Dilton had referred to as the Gargoyle King.

#2 "Chapter 37: Fortune and Men's Eyes"
October 17, 2018

Archie is processed in jail, but without protection due to his refusal to stab a Ghoulie, he faces abuse from Ghoulies he previously helped lock up. Archie then tries to bring the prisoners together but his attempt is ambushed by Hiram, who orders the guards to beat the prisoners and start a riot. Dilton dies, and Betty and Jughead investigate what happened to him and Ben and discover three symbols etched into Dilton's back. They later search for Dilton's bunker where they find Ben and Dilton were participating in a board game turned lethal. They then question Ethel about the game, who after refusing to talk about it, begins to have a seizure. Later, at the hospital, Betty and Jughead witness Ben commit suicide, after claiming he will ascend to the Kingdom and be reunited with Dilton. Elsewhere, Fred, Hermione, Alice, F. P., Hiram, Sierra McCoy, Tom Keller, and Penelope Blossom gather to discuss an incident that occurred in their youth, one they swore not to speak of ever again. Hermione claims it is happening again with their children.

#3 "Chapter 38: As Above, So Below"
October 24, 2018

After spending time solitary confinement, Archie accepts the Warden's offer to participate in a trial by combat beneath the prison. Veronica opens a speakeasy under Pop's but is shaken down by Sherriff Mineta and Penny. With Cheryl and Toni's help she gets evidence of the Whyte Worm being used to make jingle jangle, and blackmails Hiram. Betty befriends Evelyn to try learn more about The Farm and is taken back when she learns Alice has told them all their family secrets. Meanwhile, Ethel plays Griffins and Gargolyes with Jughead, and after giving Jughead the scripture, Ethel drinks from a poisoned chalice and is placed on suicide watch. Later, F. P. burns the scripture; however, a copy is placed in each students locker at Riverdale High, with Ethel proclaiming to the Gargoyle King that everyone will soon join them.

#4 "Chapter 39: The Midnight Club"
November 7, 2018

With the Riverdale kids playing Griffons and Gargoyles, Alice opens up to Betty about her past and her involvement with the game. In 1992, Alice, a rebellious teenager pregnant with F. P.'s child, is forced to spend detention along with Penelope, Sierra, Hermione, Fred, and F. P. Initially strangers, they soon find the Griffins & Gargoyles game and play it as a group, gradually becoming addicted to it. However, after receiving strange invitations from the Gargoyle King, Alice soon finds the bathroom graffitied with messages and so finds chalices, she encounters the creature. Principal Featherhead encounters the Gargoyle King and is found dead with the same symbols from Dilton's back etched into the door. The group vow to never talk about the incident. After explaining, Alice tells Betty that they do not know who was trying to kill one of them, but it was a member of their group. Later on, Betty finds Jughead in the cellar playing the game as he reveals he is about to ascend to the third level.

#5 "Chapter 40: The Great Escape"
November 14, 2018

Betty asks Jughead to investigate their parents as she believes one of them is a murderer. Jughead finds out the game is a metaphor for Riverdale itself, and claims he will eventually be able to confront the Gargoyle King. After a failed prison escape, Archie is branded by the Warden and finds out Hiram paid the witnesses to lie and frame him. Betty claims whomever was the Game Master when their parents played Griffins & Gargoyles may be the same person running the game now. Jughead tells F. P. whomever killed the principal when their parents were at school was the game master. Josie and Kevin question their parents to no luck. Before the fight club, Joaquin stabs Archie, claiming the Warden told him if he did he would ascend. Joaquin is later seen by Kevin escaping to a "new gang". Veronica, Betty, Josie, Reggie, and Kevin hatch a plan and manage to help Archie escape and they hide him in Dilton's bunker. Jughead realizes Archie's brand is the same symbol that was on Dilton's back. Kevin, Josie, and Reggie begin to play the game. The Warden, set to meet with Hermione, commits suicide by cyanide poisoning after failing to ascend in the game by killing Archie. Jughead comes face to face with the Gargoyle King.

#6 "Chapter 41: Manhunter"
November 28, 2018

The students are questioned about their whereabouts during Archie's escape when Josie has a seizure. Betty gathers the Midnight Club at Veronica's speakeasy and questions them about the murder of Principal Featherhead, where Penelope confesses Dilton's father, Darryl, poisoned the chalices so they could all ascend together, and later killed himself out of guilt, but Betty is not convinced. Veronica, determined to clear Archie's name finds the full interview footage on Hermione's computer proving Archie's innocence and emails it to the prosecution. Archie is cleared of all charges, but he refuses to return to Riverdale and breaks up with Veronica before leaving town with Jughead. Joaquin proclaims the symbol branded on Archie means sacrifices, and he is later found dead with the same symbol carved into his forehead. Meanwhile, Betty and Alice are horrified to find the Gargoyle King in their house. They retreat to Betty's room but find a gravestone on Betty's bed before F. P. arrives and comforts them. Later, Alice has Betty forcibly taken to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy where she discovers all the patients are painting pictures of The Gargoyle King.

#7 "Chapter 42: The Man in Black"
December 5, 2018

Archie and Jughead plan to take a break at a farm, where they meet Laurie and Gracie. Laurie, during a meeting with Archie, kisses him and he reciprocates, but later thinks of Veronica and stops. Jughead finds children taking Fizzle Rocks and playing Griffins & Gargoyles and the common symbols regarding the Gargoyle King appear. When Jughead finds that the entire town is owned by Hiram and Laurie is helping him trace Archie, he and Archie flee. Veronica moves out, and opens a Casino in her speakeasy, later learning about Minneta's brutal killing. Betty finds Ethel at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where she tries to make her life seem insignificant. She finds the sisters feeding the patients with Fizzle Rocks and finds Hiram helping them to do so. Now with solid evidence of who the sisters really are, she tries to flee, but the Sisters and Ethel catch her. They then make her meet the Gargoyle King and then forcefully feed her Fizzle Rocks. Later while being interrogated, Betty hallucinates and finds the Gargoyle King approaching her.

#8 "Chapter 43: Outbreak"
December 12, 2018

The Riverdale Vixens squad suffer from a mass seizure with the exception of Cheryl who soon asks for Toni to move in. Veronica learns that Hiram intends to shut down Riverdale High. Reggie informs Veronica that the drugs are coming from the prison Hiram is constructing. Elsewhere, Jughead and Archie meet his mother Gladys and sister Jellybean, and learn that Hiram intends to take over the town. Archie leaves to prevent danger. Betty learns that the Gargoyle King is a hallucination from the drugs and along with Ethel, tie up Sister Woodhouse. They set free the patients afterwards. Cheryl and Veronica interrogate Penelope and learn that she was helping Hiram. However, as they both, along with Kevin and the RROTC decide to stop Riverdale from closing down, they are too late as the town is shut down, quarantined and blocked off. Alice takes Betty and the patients home. Hiram calls the Governor and thanks him for sealing the town off. They hang up and Hiram is shown raising a drink to the Gargoyle King who is standing in front of him.

#9 "Chapter 44: No Exit"
January 16, 2019

A month after Riverdale's shutdown, Archie has now fled town and staying in a cabin with Vegas. Betty has taken in the freed patients from the SOQM while Veronica is being forced by Hiram to pay for protection for the speakeasy. However, Reggie is beaten up by Gargoyle-dressed men sent by Hiram while on a run for supplies and eventually she hires the Serpents to protect her club. Cheryl and Toni are both kicked out of the Serpents after stealing from Hiram and Reggie and Veronica kiss. Meanwhile, Archie is attacked and mauled by a bear and experiences strange hallucinations before being found bloodied and unresponsive by park rangers while Betty tries to convince the nuns to testify against Hiram. After a meeting with Attorney McCoy, Betty realises that the nun's argument may be useless but soon discovers that the Sisters have all committed suicide to avoid testifying against Hiram. Betty is shocked when she learns that Alice kicked out the patients from their house and shipped them off to the Farm.

#10 "Chapter 45: The Stranger"
January 23, 2019

Archie, having survived his attack, returns to Riverdale to face his demons and to overcome his problems. Alice liquidates Betty's college funds to provide for the escaped SOQM patients who have been living at the Farm. A furious Betty then seeks help from attorney McCoy, who informs Betty that she must go visit Hal, as Alice forged his signature. Betty does so and finds Hal is impressed with the Gargoyle King's kill count and wants to see one of the game's manuals in return for him signing an affidavit for Betty so she can pursue legal action. Betty learns Penelope visits him and Hal wants Betty to return for visits. The Serpents find Fangs and the Gargoyle Gang in a clearing in Fox Forest having a ceremony. They crash the ceremony and Jughead and F.P. unmask the Gargoyle King, revealing Tall Boy, who faked his death and has been working for Hiram. However, he is killed during an escape attempt. Hiram is shot and critically injured in the Pembrooke. Believing Archie may have been responsible, Veronica breaks up with Archie and reconciles with Reggie. Hermione appoints F.P. as the new sheriff of Riverdale after Claudius is found dead.

#11 "Chapter 46: The Red Dahlia"
January 30, 2019

Veronica sets Jughead out on a mission to find who shot her father. Betty investigates Penelope, learning that she killed Claudius and Clifford, and stumbles upon her brothel "The Maple Club". Meanwhile, Archie is still spiraling, and Josie tries to help him face his demons. Veronica and Reggie set out to find the truth about the quarantine and the series of seizures that occurred in the town. Jughead comes face-to-face with Mrs. Mulwray, and later finds that Sweet Pea, who had been tracking Hermione for him, spots her and the believed-to-be dead Sheriff Minetta conspiring against F.P. in a secluded cabin. Jughead goes and warns F.P., whos that Hermione put him up to shooting Hiram in the first place. Archie considers murdering Hiram, but ends up saving his life instead. After this, Veronica and Archie share their apologies and Hiram, now awake, calls a truce with Archie. Hermione, after meeting with Jughead, is called out on her mission to kill Hiram, and kills Minetta to tie up loose ends.

#12 "Chapter 47: Bizarrodale"
February 6, 2019

Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller are preparing to get married where Kevin invites Moose to be his date and Moose decides to come out to his strict father Marcus. However, Moose is not ready yet and is almost outed by Cheryl during a school morning announcement but Moose decides to come out anyway after Kevin gives him an ultimatum and they consummate their love in Dilton's bunker. However, Sierra and Tom both receive a message from the "Gargoyle King" calling the Midnight Club to reassemble and complete their ascension that failed when they were teenagers. The parents assemble at the school to sip from the chalices; however, it is revealed to be a hoax. Marcus dresses up as the Gargoyle King and captures Kevin and Moose, hoping to scare his son straight. Moose leaves Riverdale afterwards. Archie and Josie get close to one another and kiss, starting a relationship while Veronica and Reggie discover that Jughead's mother Gladys is Hermione's buyer of the Fizzle Rocks lab which was burned. Gladys and Jellybean return to Riverdale, intending to stay for good with a plan.

#13 "Chapter 48: Requiem for a Welterweight"
February 13, 2019

The Serpents’ numbers have decreased due to the Pretty Poisons, leading Jughead to go after the Ghoulies. Archie has been getting into boxing and must throw his first fight. Hiram wants Veronica to take control of his drugs, but she starts working for Gladys. Alice is preparing to be rebaptized by the Farm, and only Betty realizes that she is doing something dangerous. The Ghoulies (now the Gargoyles) are led by Kurtz, who has been keeping G&G going. Kurtz tells Jughead that only the worthy will ascend, while promising the Gargoyle King is alive. Hiram and Gladys meet and when Gladys threatens Hermione, Veronica is forced to join Hiram. Betty meets with an ex-Farm member, who left the farm after her sister’s death. Betty learns they believe in reaching near-death to reach ascension. Archie fights in the match but loses. Alice takes place in the rebirth. Almost dying, Polly and the Farm refuse to help her until Betty intervenes. Veronica covers for Hermione and now owes debt to Hiram. Gladys takes control of the Gargoyles. Alice claims she is reborn and sees her purpose. She says she will sell the house and she, Betty, and the Farm will be one forever.

#14 "Chapter 49: Fire Walk with Me"
February 20, 2019

Alice attempts to sell the house, only to be sabatoged by Betty. Archie finds a boy named Ricky branded with the Sacrifice Symbol in the boxing gym. He starts taking care of him, until Ricky runs away to hide from the Gargoyles. The Serpents, Gargoyles, and Pretty Poisons begin clashing at school, and chemistry equipment is stolen to make drugs. Betty finds Kevin going deep into the Farm, and stumbles across a ceremony where he walks across fire. She threatens to expose the Farm, but Evelyn and Kevin respond by threatening to expose all of Alice's secrets. Veronica opens a casino and uses it to lower her debt, leading to Hiram's associates clashing at a showcase. Veronica recruits the Pretty Poisons to work at the speakeasy, who bar Hiram and Gladys from entering. The Gargoyles and the Serpents begin working with the police, causing Kurtz to walk out. Archie finds out Ricky is Joaquain's little brother. Ricky reveals he is working with the Gargoyles and faked everything and tries to kill Archie to complete the Red Paladin quest. Jughead tells Archie that it is time for them to end it (along with Betty). Alice sells the house and comes home to find it in flames.

#15 "Chapter 50: American Dreams"
February 27, 2019

Archie, Betty, and Jughead set out on a journey to eliminate the "Red Paladin" quest from the realm of Gryphons and Gargoyles that was initially spread about by Hiram. Meanwhile, Betty finds out about Gladys' criminal intentions from Veronica after she learns that the Jones family has bought her house. After Betty informs Jughead of his mother’s business in town, he becomes angered and plans to drive his mom out of town after giving a speech at F.P.'s 50th birthday party. Archie defeats all players that set out to kill him, lifting his brand for sacrifice. Cheryl and Toni continue to experience tension in their relationship, up to the point that Cheryl asks Toni to move out. Consequently, she summons Kevin to inform him that she must channel her anger into the school musical, which she demands to be Heathers.

#16 "Chapter 51: Big Fun; Heathers"
March 21, 2018

While preparing the Riverdale High production of Heathers, Cheryl discovers that Toni has been assigned as choreographer while Kevin makes Evelyn co-director due to the Farm financially backing the musical. Veronica learns that her parents are breaking up and turns to Reggie for comfort. Jughead learns that the old trailer is being used as a Fizzle Rock lab by Gladys and with the help of Betty, sets fire to it. Betty becomes angered at Evelyn's involvement and attempts to involve Principal Weatherby who turns out to be a follower of the Farm. Evelyn throws a pre-show party where Kevin has a frightening drug induced hallucination driving him closer to Evelyn and the Farm. Toni and Cheryl soon decide to repair their relationship after a fight. Veronica divulges the state of her parents marriage and Reggie realizing this is why she slept with him decides to end their relationship. On the night of the show, the cast performs and is followed by the appearance of Edgar Evernever, Evelyn's father who starts clapping while those audience members dressed in white follow suit giving a standing ovation to the musical.

#17 "Chapter 52: The Raid"
March 27, 2019

While on a tour of the Farm, Betty enlists Cheryl to help her infiltrate the farm. Archie is given word by his old cell mate, Mad Dog, that Leopold and Loeb is being closed, and that all juvenile prisoners are to be transferred to Hiram's prison. They persuade the governor to pardon Archie's prison friends. When they get out, they jump right into action helping Jughead take down the Gargoyles after Mad Dog learns his family is in danger. Veronica tries to get her parents together, but her plans do not work, when their marriage is annulled. While Cheryl is at the Farm, she gets in with Edgar, and they discuss Jason's death and the location of the testimonies that Betty wants Cheryl to get her hands on. Cheryl decides to join the cult, after she tells Betty that the Farm has allowed her to see Jason. Betty goes asks Alice if the reason she has joined the Farm is that she can see Charles, and Alice says yes. Jughead and Archie, receive a single baby tooth as a message. They learn that Archie's prison mate, Baby Teeth, has fallen victim to the Gargoyle King, after F.P. finds him dead in a clearing in the forest.

#18 "Chapter 53: Jawbreaker"
April 17, 2019

F.P. and Jughead investigate Baby Teeth's death; the coroner tells them that a matchbook from the Maple Club had been lodged in his throat at the time of his death. At Penelope's brothel, they find a client foaming at the mouth and gripping a knife after consuming a bad batch of Fizzle Rocks, known as "G". Kurtz is the one dealing “G”. Betty sends Toni the video of Clifford murdering Jason, but it does not convince Cheryl that Jason is dead. Betty tries the same tactic, as she takes Alice to a fake grave of Charles, she is not convinced. Betty chloroforms her and holds her in Dilton's bunker to force her to remember her past. She threatens both Edgar and Evelyn—but decides that she must let her mother heal. She hires Toni to join the Farm to try and free Cheryl and Alice. Archie, while participating in a boxing tournament, must rematch Randy Ronson, who has just taken "G" and collapses after the fight. F.P. and Jughead capture Kurtz making a drug deal at Archie's gym, he informs them that Jellybean has been "summoned". She is led into the woods with Ricky, who reveals the Gargoyle King standing behind her.

#19 "Chapter 54: Fear the Reaper"
April 24, 2019

After the death of Randy Ronson, Elio tries to frame Archie for dealing him drugs to use for the fight. Veronica reveals that Archie and Mad Dog passed a drug test and helps Archie raise money for the Ronson family. The Jones family and Kurtz play a game of Gryphons and Gargoyles to bring Jellybean home. F.P. is shot while they rob Pop's, Gladys is severely stabbed while in a fight with an undead Penny Peabody; Jughead is nearly killed after Kurtz locks him in a freezer—emerging to find Kurtz has been killed by the Gargoyle King. Jughead returns home to Jellybean and Gladys makes the decision to leave town. Betty learns of Edgar's plans to adopt Polly's babies as his own after his marriage to Alice. Betty continues an investigation on the Farm, discovering that Evelyn is 26 years old, recruits, and is Edgar's wife. Josie leaves town. After this, she enters the Farm to save the babies, but is led into a room of several cult members by Toni, who is now in the cult. They try to capture her. Later, Veronica tells Betty that her father has died in an accident while being transported to her father's prison.

#20 "Chapter 55: Prom Night"
May 1, 2019

Betty is dubious that her father actually has died after seeing the crash scene with Veronica. At the same moment, Archie's mom returns to town and makes plans for Archie to meet with a recruiter at the naval academy so Archie can go to college on a boxing scholarship. While Cheryl and Toni campaign for prom queens, Edgar and Evelyn both remind them that doing so is against the rules of the Farm. Meanwhile, while Jughead speaks with Jellybean, she informs him about the Gargoyle King's gospel, which Jughead finds on an abandoned bus with F.P., so he can bring the serial killer down. When Betty wins prom queen, she is summoned by the Gargoyle King, who plans for her to ascend, placing chalices in the girl's bathroom. When Betty rejects and is about to shoot the Gargoyle King, the Black Hood attacks her, revealing to Betty that her dad did indeed survive the crash and is now working with the Gargoyle King. Afterwards, Betty goes to warn her mom that Hal is likely going to prey on the Farm next. In doing so, Betty is asked by Edgar if she will stay at the Farm for her safety, and she accepts.

#21 "Chapter 56:
The Dark Secret of Harvest House"
May 8, 2019

Edgar has Betty come face-to-face with her "dark side", that he is faking, while she learns that Kevin and Fangs have undergone massive surgeries; Toni is next. Betty realizes Edgar hypnotizes and creates pain which makes everyone follow him; turning crazy. Jughead finds Ricky trying to ascend who sends a group of Boy Scouts to attack him; he hides in the bunker where he finds Ethel. Jughead and Ethel search for a young scout has gone to the abandoned bus at the junkyard, leading them into the arms of the Black Hood. Archie, Molly, and plan to get Hiram arrested when he makes a move at the town. During a boxing match Archie set up, the FBI arrests him for illegal activity at his businesses, which includes La Bonne Nuit. Betty realizes that the Farm has been performing surgery to harvest organs, she informs Cheryl, who saves Toni from receiving her procedure. Toni escapes, but Cheryl is taken away by guards. When Betty warns Kevin and Fangs, they send her to the operating room so she can undergo her organ harvest next. At the police station, Ethel tells Jughead the Gargoyle King's identity—Jason Blossom. He digs up Jason's grave to reveal an empty casket.

#22 "Chapter 57: Survive the Night"
May 15, 2019

Penelope buys Betty from Edgar before receiving surgery. When Betty awakens, she is at the Thorn Hill Hunting Lodge where she finds the gang having dinner with Penelope. Penelope reveals herself as the mastermind of the game and Chic as the Gargoyle King. She sends them on a final quest. Alice learns of Edgar's plans for ascension and Cheryl attempts to break Kevin and Fangs out. They demand proof to leave. Cheryl stumbles upon Jason, grave robbed by Edgar. Alice helps free Juniper and Cheryl, staying back to save Polly. In the woods, the four are nearly killed and Betty shoots Hal to receive the antidote to Cyanide. Penelope then kills Hal. The Pretty Poisons and the Serpents save the four. The Farm is disbanded. Hermione is arrested for attempting to kill Hiram; Cheryl brings Jason's body home. Betty and Jughead are greeted at home by their brother, Charles, alive and an FBI agent. Alice reveals she was undercover at the Farm to expose the harvest program. The four vow to enjoy senior year. A flashforward reveals Archie, Betty, and Veronica covered in blood in the woods, burning Jughead's beanie and Betty demanding they go their separate ways, so they do not get caught.



"Riverdale" Season 4 (2019-2020)

#1: "Chapter 58: In Memoriam"
October 9, 2019

As Riverdale prepares for the first Independence Day parade since Jason Blossom‘s death, Archie learns that his father has been killed by a hit-and-run driver in the town of Cherry Creek. The funeral home notifies Archie and his mom that they'll be unable to transport Fred’s body home until after the holiday, which Archie finds unsettling. So, he asks Veronica, Betty, and Jughead to come with him to bring his dad home. While retrieving Fred’s truck, the gang meets a woman (Shannen Doherty) and soon learns that Fred died saving her life by pushing her out of the way of the speeding car that killed him. They share a prayer and leave flowers at the edge of the road. As they sit down to lunch, F.P. calls Archie to inform him that the man responsible for his father’s death has turned himself in. Angry, Archie abandons the others and runs to the man’s home. Upon confronting him, Archie learns that the man was protecting his own son by taking the blame for the accident. Archie forgives the man and his son. Arriving back in Riverdale, the friends are greeted with a rally in Fred’s honor. Fred’s funeral takes place as the town is still grieving. After the service, Archie and his friends set off fireworks in his backyard in remembrance of his father.

#2 "Chapter 37: Fortune and Men's Eyes"
October 16, 2019

On the first day of senior year, the gang encounters some surprises. Veronica struggles with the paparazzi, Betty deals with trusting Kevin after his affiliation with the Farm, and Jughead is offered a position at the prestigious Stonewall Prep, which he declines. Meanwhile, the school’s new principal, Mr. Honey, cancels the dance due to the murders that occurred at the junior prom. Upset, Cheryl throws a party at Thistle House instead. Betty learns that Kevin is still talking to Fangs, who is feeding him information about the Farm and how Kevin can prove his loyalty. Learning that Kevin is still brainwashed, Betty and Charles help him recover, which actually allows Kevin to trick Fangs into telling him where the Farm has been relocated. Archie witnesses Reggie’s father’s abuse towards Reggie—which causes him to speak out to Mr. Mantle. Reggie and Archie then decide to break Mr. Mantle’s car for payback for the abuse he has inflicted on Reggie. Betty encourages Jughead to go to Stonewall Prep, which he obliges to. After FP speaks on his pride for Jughead’s acceptance to the school, an ominous flash-forward shows the town desperately searching for a missing Jughead during Spring Break.

#3 "Chapter 60: Dog Day Afternoon"
October 23, 2019

As Jughead settles in at Stonewall Prep, he develops a hostile relationship with his roommate, Bret. Jughead also reconciles with Moose, who is another roommate of his, now going by “Marmaduke”. Meanwhile, Cheryl deals with having to conceal Jason’s body when Toni hires a live-in assistant to help Nana Rose. When Cheryl is talking with Jason in the basement, Toni stumbles upon them. Elsewhere, Archie wrestles with coming up with $40,000 to help renovate the gym so it can be turned into a community center. Veronica is able to pull together some money to help him, while in the process of changing her name to ditch the Lodge label. All the while, Betty and Charles work on safely retrieving the members of the Farm. Edgar asks for money, food, passports, and a bus, which Betty is able to receive in order for her to infiltrate the motel where the cult has relocated. While there, Evelyn knocks Betty unconscious. Betty later wakes up tied to a chair next to Alice in a motel room, and they are able to escape—knocking Evelyn unconscious. The two attempt to board all of the members onto the bus. Alice follows Edgar to the roof of the motel, where he “ascends” by shooting and killing himself. When Betty has returned home, her and Jughead are met with a ring of the doorbell, to reveal a videotape at the doorstep.

#4 "Chapter 61: Halloween"
October 30, 2019

On the eve of Halloween, Riverdale families receive videotapes of their houses being watched for hours upon hours. As Halloween approaches, Cheryl and Toni re-bury Jason's body, but Cheryl is worried that Jason's ghost will now haunt Thistlehouse. After a seance in the Blossom chapel, Nana Rose reveals that Cheryl was supposed to have a second brother named Julian, but she absorbed him before birth. Meanwhile, at Stonewall Prep, Jughead's classmates haze him and lock him inside a coffin in Mr. Chipping's office for Halloween night. Elsewhere, Archie and Munroe throw a Halloween party for the kids of the community in order to keep Dodger away, but the party ends in Dodger shooting one of the kids who attended the party. Veronica wards off an escaped patient from Shady Grove, as he poses as another man and tries to murder her in the speakeasy. Betty and Jellybean, while home alone, receive phone calls by someone claiming to be the Black Hood. When Charles tracks the phone calls, Betty learns that they are coming from Polly. An ominous closing flash-forward shows F.P. and Betty at the coroner's office identifying what appears to be Jughead's dead body.

#5 "Chapter 62: Witness for the Prosecution"
November 6, 2019

The trials of Hermoine and Hiram begin, and Veronica is working hardest on proving her mother's innocence. When some revelations come to the surface, Veronica is forced to have her mother plead guilty to her crimes and bribe the governor to pardon her. Veronica meets her sister, Hermosa, who has helped Hiram get released—-much to her dismay. At Hiram's release, he says he will be running for mayor. Meanwhile, Archie and Munroe continue to ward off Dodger from the community center. Elsewhere, Betty and Kevin join the Junior FBI Training Program where Betty is incredibly successful. Betty is also haunted by her past when it is confirmed that she has the “serial killer genes”. Jughead, while at Stonewall Prep, learns more about the Baxter Brothers novels that he loved when he was a kid, and enters a contest to become the next ghost writer for the series. A flash forward reveals Archie, Veronica, and Betty being arrested in biology class for the murder of Jughead.

#6 "Chapter 63: Hereditary"
November 13, 2019

Archie continues to get kids off the streets, despite Dodger's threats. With Veronica's parents out of jail, she wants nothing to do with Hermosa and Hiram. Hiram and Hermione sleep together, leading them to renew their vows, which Veronica is reluctant to attend. Jughead finds proof that his grandfather wrote the first Baxter Brothers Book, which the original writer denies. After asking for Mr. Chipping's help with the investigation, Mr. Chipping apologizes to Jughead and dives out of a window in his office. Cheryl and Toni try to expel Julian's spirit from Thistlehouse with an interruption from Cheryl's Aunt Cricket and Uncle Bedford who want her to sign away the family business. Later, Uncle Bedford gains access to the chapel to find Jason's body, and declares Cheryl sick and pins her against the wall. Toni then kills him with a candlestick. Betty deals with proving Charles's trust to her family. She visits Chic, and Chic lies and tells her that Charles killed someone. Chic tells the authorities that Alice murdered a man, leading F.P. and Charles to remove any proof, proving his trust to Betty. Charles visits Chic, and it becomes clear that they are lovers and are working on the demise of the Cooper family.

#7 "Chapter 64: The Ice Storm"
November 20, 2019

Betty and Jughead look into Mr. Chipping's death while staying on Stonewall Prep's campus during an ice storm. With Thanksgiving on the way, Archie and Veronica make plans to host a Thanksgiving dinner at the community center, which Hiram derails as the new mayor of Riverdale. While preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner, Dodger's family preys on the community center to kill Archie for revenge, believing that he had hurt Dodger. Things escalate quickly, but just as Archie is about to be killed, an explosion occurs with one of the dishes, prompting Mary to order them to leave. Alice and F.P. decide that they want to have turkey dinner at Pop's for Thanksgiving and joined by Hiram and Hermion, which ends in an altercation between Hiram and F.P. in Le Bonne Nuit. While Cheryl and Toni are trying to cover up Bedford's murder, Cheryl's Aunt Cricket will not stop stalking them. They invite her over to dinner and lead her to believe that the meat she is eating is Bedford's body, when really it was just a distraction so they could dump Bedford's body in Sweetwater River before it froze over. Archie dedicates the community center to Fred's legacy while the town watches.

#8 "Chapter 65: In Treatment"
December 4, 2019

More videotapes appear at Riverdale doorsteps. Betty learns that she does not get into Yale and Alice claims it is because of her sexual activity. After a session with Ms. Burble, the guidance counselor, Betty and her mother argue and Alice reveals that Betty is her favorite child and that is why she puts so much pressure on her, despite her neglect to Betty at times. Archie and Ms. Burble discuss Archie's business as a vigilante to keep Dodger off of the streets, and she urges him to take discretion. Archie then decides to move out so his mother is no longer harmed by his battles. Cheryl loses the leadership of the Vixens due to her delicate mental state. After her meeting with Ms. Burble, they discuss how Cheryl can find better outlets to deal with her trauma and that Julian's ghost has not truly been haunting Thistle House, because Cheryl did not absorb his fetus. Meanwhile, Veronica receives an acceptance to Harvard, but learns that Hiram had influence in the acceptance. Ms. Burble advises her to no longer associate with Hiram due to their poor relationship. Jughead has not yet submitted any college applications due to his busy schedule. He is advised to receive recommendations from Riverdale staff to better supplement his applications. When Betty and Jughead return home, they further piece together the murders disguised as suicides that happened to members of the secret society that Mr. Chipping was a part of. A flashforward shows Archie, Betty, and Veronica being taken into custody at the police station for Jughead's murder, as Bret tells FP that he saw them kill Jughead.

#9 "Chapter 66: Tangerine"
December 11, 2019

After receiving a phone call, Polly attacks a Shady Grove nurse named Betty. Alice attempts to stab Betty with a knife, also after receiving a phone call. Betty learns that Evelyn had been making calls from prison and using a trigger word to initiate attacks on Dark Betty. Betty tries to remove her dark side before it is born, but fails. FP is shot by Dodger at Pop’s, and Archie fights Dodger in an alley, nearly killing him, despite the family being in the process of fleeing the town. Archie then meets his uncle at the community center. Veronica invites her Abuelita to town to tell her how her father’s been treating her and to get the family Rum recipe, although Hiram claims to have patented it. Jughead is awarded the Baxter Brothers contract, which causes him to track down his grandfather. His grandfather tells him that Dupont legally took over writing the book after he left Stonewall Prep. Jughead goes back later to find that his grandfather is gone. He then returns to Stonewall Prep and is inducted into the Quill & Skull Society. Meanwhile, Cheryl lures Penelope out of the walls of Thistlehouse where she has been staying. She puts Penelope on trial for gaslighting her, attempted murder of her friends, and murder of several individuals. She banishes Penelope to Dilton’s bunker and decides to give Jason a final farewell by way of a Norse funeral on Sweetwater River with Toni, Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead in attendance. A flash forward is then shown indicating that Betty had killed Jughead with a rock.

#10 "Chapter 67: Varsity Blues"
January 22, 2020

The Riverdale Bulldogs make it to the state finals against the Stonewall Stallions, who have been reported to play unfairly. Betty attempts to find the truth. The Vixens receive a new cheer coach Mrs. Appleyard, much to Cheryl's dismay. Veronica continues to pursue her rum-making endeavors until her father comes after her for copying his recipe. Archie learns that his uncle Frank has a troubled past, and Jughead gets in deeper with the Quill & Skull Society after discovering that he has earned an interview with Yale. Tension builds up between Riverdale High and Stonewall Prep before game day, as after Munroe is attacked outside the community center, Archie and the Bulldogs get into a fight with Stonewall's team. On game day, Frank gives Munroe drugs so that he can play and Cheryl locks Appleyard in a classroom so she can have the squad to herself. The Stonewall Stallions won, prompting Betty to form a quiz team so that Riverdale High still has a chance to get an edge over Stonewall Prep in something. Jughead is accepted to Yale and a flash-forward shows Betty packing up Jughead's dorm room with Bret telling her that she "got what she wanted."

#11 "Chapter 68: Quiz Show"
January 29, 2020

Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni win in the Quiz Show semifinals and earn a spot in the finals against Stonewall Prep. Jughead and Bret tell Betty that they got into Yale, and Betty learns out that Bret's father bought his way in. Cheryl and Veronica turn the speakeasy into a club in to cover up serving rum. Hiram finds them and they must relocate. Cheryl and Veronica decide to set up in the Maple Club. They make a deal with Penelope to keep watch on the Maple Club. Archie lands in hot water with Tom as Frank takes over Andrews construction and makes risky moves. Kevin earns money by making videos where he is tickled by men. Charles tells Betty that the reason she was denied to Yale was because she was the daughter of the Black Hood. Betty smashes Hal's gravestone. At the Quiz Finals, the Yale recruiter says Betty is in if Riverdale wins against Stonewall Prep. Alice leaves Betty the answers, but Betty tears them up. Bret plants the evidence in Betty's room, which leads Alice to be suspended from work and Betty to be suspended from school. A flash-forward then reveals Archie comforting Betty in a booth at Pop's as she mourns the loss of Jughead.

#12 "Chapter 69: Men of Honor"
February 5, 2020

Betty decides to spend suspension time with Alice to look more into Mr. Chipping's murder. They meet with Mr. Chipping's wife, who says Donna was lying about the affair she had with him, and Moose, who says that Bret videotaped him having sex. Betty and Alice go to find Bret's videotapes while he is preoccupied with Jughead and the duel, but he finds them. Archie meets Frank's friend from the Army, who turns out to be a mercenary out for blood. F.P. locks him up, but he escapes and attacks Archie at school. Frank was also a mercenary, so he is forced to leave town before capture. Veronica catches up with her friend Katy Keene in New York, and after she returns learns that her father is ill. Nick St. Clair appears, and Toni, Kevin, and Fangs turn the tables on him, forcing him to leave Riverdale from Cheryl. Jughead gives Bret the win in their duel, and Betty reveals that she was able to sneak a tape labeled "Donna" from Stonewall Prep. The tape shows Donna giving the same speech she gave to Betty about her affair with Mr. Chipping, only this time she is incriminating a man who does not exist, pushing Betty to investigate Donna.

#13 "Chapter 70: The Ides of March"
February 12, 2020

Jughead learns that his Baxter Brothers contract is being terminated and he has been removed from the Quill & Skull Society. Archie tries to make decisions about his future, which includes almost selling Andrews Construction. Veronica struggles with Hiram's diseased state. Cheryl and Toni discover Hermosa in disguise trying to gain knowledge on Cheryl and Veronica's business. Jughead is accused of plagiarizing the story that got him into Yale. He plans to fight these accusations until Bret informs Jughead that he must accept his punishment and leave Stonewall Prep or he will release a video of him and Betty having sex. Bret still invites him and Betty into the woods for a party to celebrate the Ides of March. Betty invites Veronica and Archie so they can all spend some time together. Jughead goes to the party seeking revenge on Bret, luring him into the woods. Betty follows Donna into the woods, where Donna reveals that she met with Evelyn in prison and Evelyn revealed to Donna that there is a special word that will hypnotize Betty into hurting people she loves. Donna and Bret are then seen walking out of the woods, with Archie and Veronica stumbling upon Betty, who has seemingly killed Jughead with a rock.

#14 "Chapter 71: How to Get Away with Murder"
February 26, 2020

After Jughead’s death, Betty, Archie, and Veronica burn his beanie and their clothes in the woods. When arriving home late that night, they all provide different explanations to their parents. Meanwhile, Betty decides to plant a bug at Stonewall Prep to determine the events of the night Jughead died because she doesn't remember anything after her conversation with Donna in the woods. However, it is soon found by Bret and Donna and destroyed. Back in Riverdale, Alice and F.P. discover Jughead's cellphone is in Betty’s jacket, having been planted by Joan. While continuing the investigation, F.P. takes a bloody rock into evidence which is replaced by Charles with a decoy with fake blood. Charles helps Betty come to terms with what happened the night of the murder. She remembers that Donna blew a powder in her face called “devil’s breath”, which would've made her incapable of murdering Jughead. This means that the Stonewall kids murdered Jughead and planted the evidence on her. Jughead’s body is found when a search party goes out for him, and Betty and F.P. identify it at the morgue. After, Betty, Archie, and Veronica go back to Pop’s to discuss their next moves.

#15 "Chapter 72: To Die For"
March 4, 2020

Alice begins to make a documentary about Jughead’s alleged death as investigation is under way. At Stonewall Prep, F.P. is in Donna’s room looking for evidence for the case when Donna tells him that the Core Three killed Jughead. F.P. then goes to Riverdale High and arrests them but lets them go when the test results on the rock reveal that the blood was fake. Betty plans a funeral for Jughead and Donna, Bret, and Joan attend. Donna, believing that Jughead is alive, orders Bret to open the casket, which gets them kicked out. Donna, believing that they are being fooled decides to dig a little deeper into the death of Jughead. At school, Cheryl creates a locker memorial for Jughead which makes Betty emotional. She runs to the music room, followed by Archie and they kiss. Cheryl tells Veronica; who angrily confronts them in the lounge. Donna follows Betty into Dilton’s bunker that night to find her and Archie kissing. Knowing that Donna was following her, she hid a very alive Jughead under the cot as a diversion so Bret and Donna would crack under pressure. At home, Betty and Archie flirtatiously text and Hermosa finds evidence about Donna’s identity to help take-down the Stonewall kids.

#16 "Chapter 73: The Locked Room"
March 11, 2020

Jughead and Betty hold a locked room with the Stonewall kids and Mr. DuPont, explaining all. Mr. Chipping killed himself out of guilt as he orchestrated each student to commit the perfect murder. Whoever was assigned the ghostwriter job, would write their murder. Moose was supposed to be the murdered student. Betty and Jughead deduce that all four students had a hand in killing Jughead. Charles ordered the trio to burn their clothes and all evidence while he took Jughead in for injuries. Betty brings in Charles, FP, and Forsythe. Forsythe has been living in hiding, trying to prove Mr. DuPont murdered his original literary circle. Jughead was bait to lure out Forsythe so Mr. DuPont could finish the murder. DuPont kills himself to avoid jail, Joan leaves the country. Brett reveals the location of the tapes, while he faces charges. Betty blackmails Donna into disappearing, figuring out Donna's grandmother was murdered by DuPont, making her the mastermind behind everything. Betty starts to realize she might have feelings for Archie. FP and Forsythe begin talking. Veronica and Betty promise to tutor the guys so they can graduate together.

#17 "Chapter 74: Wicked Little Town"
April 15, 2020

Residents of Riverdale receive more videotapes of their houses. Kevin wants to sing a song from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the school's variety show. Archie and the gang decide to sing as a band; however, Principal Honey believes the show to be too inappropriate. Hiram has been skipping his doctor appointments which leads to him collapsing. Betty tutors Jughead, who is not taking it seriously and investigating the videotapes. Cheryl and Toni devise a plan to try to get Honey to accept the show, but he denies, threatening to ban students from senior prom. After a peaceful protest, Honey cancels the variety show. Veronica and Archie fight over Hiram going to the gym, just as Betty and Jughead fight over him taking school seriously. Only Archie and Betty show up to rehearsal, and they end up kissing. Later, Veronica and Jughead apologize for their blowup, as Betty and Archie look at each other nervously from their windows. Veronica hosts the variety show at La Bonne Nuit and the Archies perform there. Watching the tapes, Jughead sees a person tied up wearing a Jughead face mask who is brutally murdered by another person in a Betty face mask.

#18 "Chapter 75: Lynchian"
April 15, 2020

coming soon...

#19 "Chapter 76: Killing Mr. Honey"
May 6, 2020

coming soon...

#20 "Chapter 77: UNTITLED"
TBA, 2020

coming soon...

#21 "Chapter 78: UNTITLED"
TBA, 2020

coming soon...

#22 "Chapter 79: UNTITLED"
TBA, 2020

coming soon...



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