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Preacher Season4 Sundays on AMC

Preacher is an American television series developed by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin for AMC starring Dominic Cooper. It is an adaptation of the comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint.

33 episodes of Preacher have aired, concluding the third season. The series has been renewed for a fourth and final season that premiered on August 4, 2019.

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Preacher TV Series

Preacher is an American television series developed by Sam Catlin, Evan Goldberg, and Seth Rogen for AMC starring Dominic Cooper. It is an adaptation of the comic book series Preacher created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, and published by DC Comics' Vertigo imprint. The series was officially picked up on September 9, 2015, with a 10-episode order which premiered on May 22, 2016. On June 29, 2016, AMC renewed the series for a 13-episode second season that premiered on June 25, 2017.


"Preacher" Season 1 Episodes (2016)

Episode #1: "Pilot" May 22, 2016

An entity crosses the galaxy and finds its way to Earth, where it inhabits a preacher in Africa who explodes soon after. The same phenomenon is observed at a Satanic Temple in Russia and in a gathering of Scientologists. Meanwhile, in Texas, Jesse Custer, a preacher with a sordid past, begins to lose his faith in his church and debates leaving. Tulip O'Hare, a mysterious woman from Jesse's violent past propositions him with a job, but Jesse turns her down. Cassidy, an Irish vampire, lands in Texas after a violent episode on a private jet. Jesse has a run-in with the abusive husband of one of his churchgoers and quickly subdues him and his friends, meeting Cassidy in the process. Jesse heads to the church to ask for a sign to continue. The entity appears in the church and inhabits Jesse. Three days later, Jesse awakens and decides not to leave the church, saying he is not quite done yet.

#2 "See" - June 5, 2016

In 1881, a cowboy leaves his home, searching for medicine for his sick daughter. In the present, Jesse baptizes his congregants. One of them, Linus, confesses to Jesse about his urges toward a young girl. Jesse warns him against acting on his urges. Odin Quincannon, owner of Quincannon Meat & Power, and his employees tear down a home after purchasing its land. At the church, Cassidy tells Jesse he's a vampire, but Jesse doesn't believe him. Jesse takes a drink from Cassidy's flask and passes out due to its potency. DeBlanc and Fiore – the two mysterious men who are after what's inside Jesse – attempt to extract it from him. First with a song, then with a chainsaw. Cassidy interrupts and a fight ensues. In the process, Cassidy is shot but he kills them. Tulip continues to nag Jesse about the "job", but he refuses. Jesse uses his power on Linus, so he can "forget the girl". Cassidy buries the bodies of the two men, however, the next day, they are back in their motel room being interrogated by Sheriff Root, who tell him "We're from the Government".

#3 "The Possibilities" - June 12, 2016

Tulip meets a woman named Dany in Houston, Texas and receives a piece of paper with the address of the enigmatic Carlos, with Tulip intending Jesse to aid her in confronting and killing the man who ruined their lives. Jesse tests the limits of his newly found abilities of persuasion and finally understands the nature of his abilities when Donnie confronts him with a gun, with Jesse later holding control over him. Cassidy tells Jesse of the possibilities of his abilities, while discovering the true nature of Fiore and DeBlanc; that they are from Heaven and that people will die if they do not retrieve what is inside Jesse.

#4 "Monster Swamp" - June 19, 2016

Cassidy tries to tell Jesse about Fiore and DeBlanc, though it falls on deaf ears as Jesse is distracted by the thought of rebooting All Saints Congregational, wanting more visitors. He later converts atheist Odin Quincannon to Christianity, using his power, in front of the entire congregation to achieve that goal. Angry at the death of a woman, Tulip carries out a form of vigilante justice, but the consequence are not expected as she mistakenly throws Cassidy out of a window, only to discover him to be an immortal vampire.

#5 "South Will Rise Again" - June 26, 2016

Eugene asks for Jesse's help with him and his dad after a disturbing message is conveyed to Eugene. Jesse abides and helps him an more ways than one. Fiore and DeBlanc attempt to assuage their reason to be on Earth, but are unable to convey their message. Jesse meets with the angels, who inform him of Genesis and Jesse's powers are not to be used; but Jesse has been abusing them to help those who have come to him after persuading Quincannon at the church. Tulip and Cassidy bond after her learning of Cassidy's secret and Quincannon meets with the Green Acres representatives to unexpected results.

#6 "Sundowner" - July 3, 2016

Jesse, Fiore, and DeBlanc head to the motel after a scuffle with another angel at the restaurant, which leads to more trouble than they had expected until Cassidy intervenes. Eugene makes new friends at school. Tulip reaches an understanding with Emily and helps with her chores. Eugene comes to Jesse in the church to have him take back the "forgiveness" Jesse bestowed the town. In anger, Jesse tells Eugene to "go to hell," making him disappear.

#7 "He Gone" - July 10, 2016

A young Jesse and Tulip get in trouble for fighting at school, and because her parents are either in jail or drunk, Jesse's father has Tulip stay at the church. In the present, Odin Quincannon asks Jesse to sign over the church, claiming to have won the bet. Later, Jesse lies to the sheriff about whether he knows what happened to Eugene. In the past, it's clear Jesse and Tulip have grown close, and Jesse's father hands Tulip over to child protective services, telling Jesse that she's an O'Hare and bad things follow her. That night, Jesse angrily prays that god will kill his father and send him to hell. In the present, Cassidy confronts Jesse about sending Eugene to hell, and exposes himself to the sunlight, making sure Jesse understands exactly what Cassidy is. It's unclear whether Jesse saves the badly burned Cassidy. In the past, armed men come to the church. Jesse's father tries to protect him from them, but they end up killing Jesse's father in front of him, shooting him in the head as Jesse confesses that he prayed for this to happen. In the present, Jesse argues with Tulip and Emily and sends them both away. Then he tears up the floor of the church and, using the voice of genesis, repeatedly yells at the ground for Eugene to come back. The episode closes with Odin Quincannon riding a bulldozer up to the church at night, surrounded by dozens of his men from the meat and power plant.

#8 "El Valero" - July 17, 2016

In the 1980s, Odin Quincannon lost his family in a gondola accident during winter, prompting his spark for Atheism. Jesse fends off Quincannon's attempts to tear down the church, and sees Eugene come back from Hell. Tulip decides to buy a dog. DeBlanc and Fiore are called to the church to extract Genesis in exchange for bringing Eugene back. While Quincannon becomes impatient and plans his assault once again, Donnie figures a way around Jesse's power. Though Genesis is extracted, it manages to escape after an argument with Jesse, Fiore, and DeBlanc happens. Jesse asks for one more chance from Quincannon with a bigger bet than before.

#9 "Finish the Song" - July 24, 2016

In 1800s Ratwater, the Butcher of Gettysburg returns to massacre those who killed his family. In the present, Jesse tells Sheriff Root where Eugene is before escaping from the cop car into the night. Fiore and DeBlanc book a trip to Hell. Tulip asks Emily to take care of Cassidy while she takes care of something else; with Emily seeing just what Cassidy really is. Sheriff Root makes a discovery in Fiore and DeBlanc's hotel room. Cassidy and Jesse make amends with the former helping Jesse with using the Heaven's phone to find God.

#10 "Call and Response" - July 31, 2016

Tulip comes back looking for Jesse, and finds him in an unusual place. Sheriff Root interrogates Cassidy for Eugene's whereabouts. Carlos' betrayal comes to light and revenge comes to the fold. After deliberation, Tulip and Jesse decide what to do with Carlos. While the police move in to where they think Jesse is, Donnie, Tulip, Betsy, and Jesse make preparations for the call to God. Though Quincannon shouts his issues with the existence of God to the crowd, Jesse attempts to make the call with technical issues. God eventually shows up to answer the crowd's questions, but Jesse has questions of his own. With Genesis, Jesse gets "God" to reveal that God is missing and no one knows where he is. With people's faith shattered from the call, consequences for the townspeople happen in various ways. While at a diner, Jesse's new plan is to travel and find God.



"Preacher" Season 2 Episodes (2017)

AMC aired a marathon of the first 5 episodes of Preacher from June 30 to July 1, 2016, with bonus behind-the-scenes footage within each episode.

Episode #1: "On the Road" - June 25, 2017

Preacher AMCJesse, Tulip, and Cassidy start their journey to find God, which is quickly put on hold after a police car flags them down and they go on a car chase involving multiple police cars. When they stop due to empty gas, Jesse uses Genesis to make the police officers do embarrassing things, but they are abruptly interrupted by the Saint of Killers who begins massacring all of them. Barely getting away, the trio make their way to Mike, a religious scholar that Jesse knows through his father. Mike reveals that a local strip club manager has supposedly seen God frequent the strip club. Mike later kills himself when the Saint of Killers arrives shortly after the trio leave, to avoid telling him where Jesse is. At the strip club, the manager is forced to tell Jesse and Tulip that God only came because he liked the jazz music, after she is shot accidentally by a security guard that Cassidy was fighting. At a motel later that night, Jesse sees the Saint of Killers walking up the road, and learns that Genesis is unable to work on him.

#2 "Mumbai Sky Tower" - June 26, 2017

Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip narrowly escape from the Saint of Killers, learning of Annville's fate in the process. Cassidy then remembers that he saw Fiore on television, now an act at a local Indian-style casino and hotel. It is revealed that after coming back from Hell, Fiore attempted to kill himself after the loss of DeBlanc, but ended up earning a job instead as a novelty act where he kills himself and comes back to life. Upon questioning, Fiore reveals to Jesse and Cassidy that the man hunting them down is the Saint of Killers and that the two angels hired him to kill Genesis. Cassidy promises Jesse he can "convince" Fiore to call off the Saint of Killers. While at the casino, Tulip runs into someone from her past and kills him during a fight. At the bar, Jesse comes to the conclusion that he can find God in New Orleans. Leaving the hotel, Jesse tells Fiore to "find peace." Fiore tells the Saint of Killers that the contract is still valid, and then asks the Saint to kill him, which he does.

#3 "Damsels" - July 3, 2017

Arriving in New Orleans, the trio separate into two groups. Jesse searches several bars in the city asking where he can find God, to hardly any responses. Eventually, he finds a singer in a jazz bar that is later kidnapped by a mysterious group and saved by Jesse. She reveals that someone previously had told her God was missing, and that the man later turned up dead. The woman is later revealed to be an operative for the mysterious group, who confirms Genesis' existence to their boss. In the meantime, Tulip and Cassidy go to a house owned by Denis, a friend of Cassidy's. Tulip gets increasingly nervous, and hides from a black limo driving around. She tells Cassidy that she is hiding from a man named Viktor, whom she previously betrayed. Hoping to end the problem, Tulip allows herself to be found and caught by Viktor's men. Meanwhile in Hell, Eugene is made to relive the memory of the day he became "Assface" repeatedly, with the memory showing that he was not at fault. A fault in Hell eventually pulls him out of the memory and shows him to be in a prison-type location. He learns that his cell's door is unlocked and walks out into a long corridor filled with cells. Calling out for help, Eugene is shocked and terrified to see Adolf Hitler walk out of the cell next to him.

#4 "Viktor" - July 10, 2017

Unaware that Tulip is in danger, Jesse goes to Denis' house and talks to Cassidy about his search. Cassidy notices a man on an infomercial that he recognizes as the actor who played the imposter God who spoke to Jesse's church. They learn that the actor is Mark Harelik (playing a fictionalized version of himself), and go to his talent manager who provides them with a demo reel given to him by the people who hired Harelik to play imposter God. In the tape, Harelik is executed in order to get to Heaven, and Jesse ponders why New Orleans has so many coincidences surrounding his search for God. Cassidy reveals to Jesse that Tulip went to Viktor and may be in danger. Tulip is met with an extremely frosty reception from everyone at Viktor's home, before Jesse arrives to find her. After confronting Viktor, Tulip reveals to Jesse that Viktor is her husband. Meanwhile in Hell, the cells keep breaking down, and in down times, Eugene bonds with Hitler and learns that his worst memory is 1918 Munich, when he met an art gallery owner. The superintendent of the ward meets with Eugene to tell him to act evil because he is in Hell and that they will be watching him, sanctioning deviant behaviour. Upon returning, Hitler is beaten by a fellow inmate, Tyler, with other inmates joining in. Eugene sees the camera and begins to kick Hitler.

#5 "Dallas" - July 17, 2017

In flashbacks, it is shown what happened to Jesse and Tulip after Carlos betrayed them and Tulip lost their unborn child in Dallas. They try to lead a normal life with legal jobs, but fail to get pregnant again. After a while, Tulip secretly resumes her work as a contract criminal. When Jesse finds out that she is back in crime, also learning that she has been taking contraceptive pills all the time, he decides to return to his father's church in order to become a preacher himself, which leads to their breakup. After that Tulip meets Viktor and marries him for his money and power. However, when Dany calls her and tells her that she found Carlos, she leaves Viktor immediately. In the present, Jesse ponders to kill Viktor, while Tulip takes her stepdaughter to Denis's house. However, Cassidy can persuade his friend not to do it, claiming Tulip has never stopped loving him. Instead, Jesse makes Viktor sign the divorce papers. In the evening, the Saint of Killers appears at Viktor's house looking for Jesse and kills Viktor. At gunpoint, his scared daughter, who has been hiding in a closet, tells the murderer that she knows where Jesse is.

#6 "Sokosha" - July 24, 2017

When the Saint of Killers turns up at Denis's home, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are just able to escape. At a library, they do research on their pursuer and find out that he has lost his soul. Jesse confronts the Saint and makes a deal with him: He will get him a new soul, so he can enter heaven. Tulip, Cassidy and Denis, who turns out to be Cassidy's son, have to stay behind. Searching for a soul at a voodoo shop, Jesse learns that a Japanese company has taken over the soul-dealing business. It is revealed that Jesse comes from a family called L'Angelle, who somehow used to be involved in this. Being unable to find a matching soul in the company's armored truck, Jesse finds out that his own soul does. So he extracts 1% of it and gives it to the Saint just in time. Jesse disarms the Saint of Killers, locks him in the armored truck, and drives it to a place called Angelville, where he sinks it in a swamp.

#7 "Pig" - July 31, 2017

In Vietnam, Herr Starr investigates the case of a floating pig, which has generated media exposure, and resolves the matter by ruthlessly killing everyone involved. In flashbacks, it is shown how he joined a powerful organization called the Grail, which preserves the lineage of Jesus Christ for the apocalypse and fights relentlessly any conflicting lore. Meanwhile in New Orleans, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy participate in a game where people get shot at while wearing a bulletproof vest and trick the other players in order to rob their money. Afterwards, Denis tells his father that he is dying from congestive heart failure and wants to be turned into a vampire to survive, but Cassidy declines. While Tulip suffers from nightmares about the Saint of Killers, Jesse has second thoughts about having sacrificed part of his soul for his friends and discusses the matter with a street preacher. Herr Starr is given the information on his phone that his next target is Jesse.

#8 "Holes" - August 7, 2017

In Hell, Superintendent Mannering knows one prisoner isn't supposed to be there, due to the drain on the central generator, and vows to learn who it is. Sensing that it is Eugene, Hitler trips another prisoner and Eugene helps the downed person stand. His good deed gets him tossed into the "Hole", where he is shown a memory of Tracy telling him that she promised herself to God and kissing Jesse. Eugene later returns to his cell, and Hitler promises to help him escape. In New Orleans, Denis' health worsens, and he insists that Cassidy make him a vampire. Jesse takes the audition video to have it analyzed, and Tulip accompanies him to buy a refrigerator for the apartment. The technicians can only see the serial number of the gun in the video has been filed off and the reflection of a coffee pot. While Tulip waits for the installation, she notices a bullet hole through the adjacent apartments. She follows its path, ending at the apartment of Herr Starr's operative, Lara Featherstone, who has been surveilling her neighbors.

#9 "Puzzle Piece" - August 14, 2017

The agents of the Grail discover evidence of Jesse's power, but being disinterested, Herr Starr orders them to kill Jesse. After a whole Grail SWAT team fails, Herr Starr is advised to activate "B.R.A.D." in order to complete the task. During the fight with the soldiers, it turns out that Cassidy has turned Denis into a vampire after all. While B.R.A.D. is readied, Herr Starr starts to take an interest in Jesse, after finding out that he's searching God, and starts reading his file for the first time. B.R.A.D., revealed to be a combat drone, has been activated and is about to blow up Denis' apartment with a missile, when Herr Starr calls the mission off, having found something of interest in Jesse's file. The missile destroys Harry Connick Jr.'s house instead, killing the singer. Herr Starr meets Jesse at a bar and offers help in the quest for God.

#10 "Dirty Little Secret" - August 21, 2017

While the female Grail agent, who's been surveying Denis' apartment, worms her way into Tulip's confidence in order to make mischief, and Cassidy bonds with his son, who appears to have no control over his vampire desires, Jesse repeatedly uses his powers on Herr Starr to make him reveal the true nature of the Grail. He learns that it was the Grail who hired and killed the God imposter. However, it becomes clear that neither the organization, nor the Christian religious leaders know God's whereabouts. In the end, Jesse meets the latest descendant of Jesus Christ, a retard from inbreeding called Humperdoo, who's clearly unfit to fulfill the role of the new Messiah. Herr Starr suggests that Jesse should use his powers to fill the gap left by God missing, which Jesse declines, relying on his friends. In the meantime, Tulip has been manipulated to find the weapons of the Saint of Killers and wants to confront Jesse about it.

#11 "Backdoors" - August 28, 2017

In flashbacks, a teenage Jesse is submerged by his grandmother L'Angelle in a pond locked inside a coffin to break his will. In the present, when Jesse and Tulip have the armored truck raised from the swamp, the Saint of Killers seems to have disappeared, leading to tensions within the group. Herr Starr reveals his plan to replace the retarded Messiah with Jesse to his agents. Jesse has an intuition that the man in the dog costume, whom he met briefly when he first started his search for God in New Orleans, might have been the Almighty after all. However, when he returns to that place, the person is no longer there. Tulip tries to have the weapons of the Saint melted down, but finds out they cannot be destroyed; she then sends them to Brazil by mail. After playing a recording of Jesse's prayers to him, including the one where he begged for his father's death, Herr Starr repeats his offer of Jesse taking over God's job, which Jesse declines again. As a consequence, it is revealed that the armored truck has been swapped by the Grail, and the Saint of Killers is released by an operative on Starr's order. In Hell, after having seen Hitler's worst memory of his last day as a good person, Eugene accepts his help to escape and they enter the "Hole" for a backdoor together.

#12 "On Your Knees" - September 4, 2017

In the "Hole" in Hell, Hitler tells Eugene that he has to prove that he does not belong there in order to find the backdoor. After Eugene stands up to his father, Sheriff Root, in one scenario of Tracy's suicide, they can escape through a shaft. In a flashback, it is shown how the Grail secured the cooperation of the Saint of Killers by freeing him of his new soul, thus restoring his powers. Meanwhile, Jesse declares that he does not want to think about God anymore. After his release, the Saint of Killers attacks Jesse and his friends at Denis' apartment, injuring Tulip, Cassidy and Denis in the process, but is stopped by the superintendent from Hell, who threatens to put his family in Hell. As a result, she takes him with her, telling Jesse that he is fortunate to have Herr Starr on his side. Back in Hell, the Saint demands to meet Satan. The ambulance that Jesse uses to take his friends to the hospital belongs to the Grail and brings Tulip and Cassidy to Herr Starr, who reveals his plans for Jesse to them, also telling them that Jesse does not really care for them. After watching a news on TV, in which the Pope announces God's disappearance and the coming of the Messiah (Humperdoo), Jesse draws the conclusion that he has no other choice but to take over God's job. He calls on Herr Starr, who then kneels before him.

#13 "The End of the Road" - Sept. 11, 2017

In a flashback, the teenage Jesse steals money from tourists in Angelville and is bullied by the men who work for his grandmother. When he kills a chicken in a fit of rage, he asks his grandmother to revive the animal. However, she tells him that it comes at a price. In the present, Jesse holds his first filmed speech as the new Messiah in front of a school class, when armed Armenians storm the room and are defeated in hand to hand combat by Jesse. Afterwards, Herr Starr tells him that the attack had been staged and that the video is going viral. Next, Jesse is supposed to appear as a guest in Jimmy Kimmel's talk show, but Jesse claims that this is not what he had intended. In the end, Herr Starr enforces Jesse's cooperation by showing him the vial containing his soul fragment. Cassidy realizes that Denis cannot control his own vampire desires and kills his son by exposing him to sunlight. After Tulip uncovers that Lara Featherstone has been spying on the group, she is shot fatally by her. When Genesis does not work to save Tulip, Jesse prevents Cassidy from turning her into a vampire, leading to her death. Jesse and Cassidy drive her body to Angelville, where the resurrected chicken is still alive. When Eugene and Hitler manage to escape Hell, Hitler bolts immediately. In a motel room with the Man Dog costume, God emerges from the bathroom.



"Preacher" Season 3 Episodes (2018)

Episode #1: "Angelville" - June 24, 2018

In a flashback, Jesse's mother tries to run from her own mother Madame L'Angelle, who is a Voodoo witch, but is stopped by her mother's henchmen T.C. and Jody. When she swallows a photograph of baby Jesse, Marie L'Angelle retrieves it by cutting open her stomach and leaving her to die. In the present, Jesse and Cassidy arrive at Angelville with Tulip's body looking for Jesse's grandmother. Jesse implores her to bring Tulip back from death promising to do anything she wants. She sends Jesse and Cassidy on an errand to procure the things she needs for the ritual. Jesse has to go to the rival Boyd clan with Jody, the man who killed his father, to get some transpoil. Meanwhile Tulip is shown scenes from her traumatic childhood in Purgatory. When Gran'ma L'Angelle is alone with Cassidy and Tulip's body, she offers him a favor for returning Jesse home. After violently obtaining the transpoil, Jody makes Jesse fight him before turning it over. Now Gran'ma can coax Tulip back to life. On her way back Tulip meets God (Man Dog), who tells her that she is part of His big scheme and orders her to "Get those ...". Later, when his grandmother reminds Jesse of his promise, he tells her that he might cheat and kill her instead. She answers that he could try and see what happens.

#2 "Sonsabitches" - July 1, 2018

In a flashback, a teenage Jesse helps Jody and T.C. to rope in a customer, who failed to pay for a spell. As a consequence his grandmother takes the man's soul away. In the present, Tulip tells Cassidy and Jesse that she was shot by the female Grail agent. While Cassidy wants revenge right away, Jesse presses his friends to focus on escaping Gran'ma first, leading to further tension. He contacts Herr Starr, who's in India at the Krishna Headquarters and kills everyone for refusing to support Humperdoo, and demands his soul fragment back in hope to regain his powers. As a diversion, he stages an attack of the Boyd clan on Angelville, while he meets Herr Starr. The handover fails, because Tulip remembers Man Dog telling her to "get those sonsabitches" and assaults the Grail agents. However, Herr Starr can get away and leaves Jesse to deal with his family. Marie L'Angelle punishes Jesse for trying to double-cross her using witchcraft. On her orders, Jesse enters a cellar labeled as The Tombs, where he finds the customer chained to the wall.

#3 "Gonna Hurt" - July 8, 2018

When Tulip drives to the New Orleans office of the Grail, she finds the premises deserted. On her way back, she meets God on the road, who tells her that He wanted her to fail as part of His plan, and that he's on earth to prepare some test. She doesn't believe Him and promises to "kick His ass". Because T.C. is getting suspicious of Cassidy's healing capacities, Jesse tries to make up with his friend and warn him about Angelville, but he won't listen. While Jesse is away with Jody trying to recruit new customers for his grandmother, T.C. explains about blood-dept compacts to Tulip, and Cassidy asks Marie L'Angelle for a love spell. Meanwhile, Tulip seeks out Madame Boyd for help to break Jesse's compact. When Jody and T.C. find out that Cassidy is a vampire, they hang him upside-down from a tree planning to kill him by sunlight. Jesse intervenes by finally agreeing to re-open the Tombs and to arrange a fight between Cassidy and the customer locked there, acting as master of ceremonies.

#4 "The Tombs" - July 15, 2018

In Hell, the Saint of Killers meets Satan and is whipped as a punishment for prison break. Meanwhile, Tulip tries to force Madame Boyd to reveal how to break Gran'ma's spell and escapes with her as hostage. In a flashback to a Tomb session in the old days, T.C. warns young Jesse to keep his romantic dates a secret. It turns out that he is in love with Madame Boyd, but dumps her in order to protect her. When her brother turns up at the Tombs, he is accidentally killed by Jesse. In the present, Cassidy wins his fight. Before the next match, Jesse chops him into pieces and tries to ship him in a parcel. While driving around with Madame Boyd, Tulip learns her history with Jesse. When it turns out that Cassidy has seemingly escaped, Jesse tells the spectators that God is missing and that the Tombs are closed again. However, Cassidy returns to the ring to fight Jesse, ending with Jesse stabbing him with a stake just as Tulip shows up. Jesse and Tulip make up, and she sends Cassidy off on a bus to New Orleans telling him that she does not love him. The next morning, Madame Boyd, still being in the trunk of Tulip's car, tells her that she must kill Gran'ma to break the compact. In Hell, Satan releases the Saint on an assignment to bring in two people alive who hinder his expansion plans for the reward of killing preachers.

#5 "The Coffin" - July 22, 2018

Tulip is not able to shoot Gran'ma in her sleep. When T.C. and Jody find out that Cassidy has escaped, they capture Jesse and Tulip and lock him in a coffin submerged in a pond. Meanwhile, Herr Starr oversees Humperdoo's preparations for being revealed as the Messiah. Herr Starr is not impressed by Humperdoo's performance, but his superior, the Allfather, orders him to speed up the process, when Lara Featherstone makes a suggestion how to force Jesse to rejoin the Grail. At the same time, Cassidy tries to meet other vampires in New Orleans. After Tulip breaks away from Jody, she strangles Gran'ma in self-defense, but drops dead afterwards, because her life is linked to the old woman's. Jesse, who has managed to escape from the coffin, can resuscitate Marie L'Angelle, thus reviving Tulip as well. As the Grail stages a fake video message from Cassidy begging Jesse to rescue him from their grasp, cloaked figures storm the room. Jesse tells Tulip that Madame Boyd tricked her in killing Gran'ma knowing it would kill herself as well. When T.C. claims that Gran'ma needs to devour a soul in order to recuperate, a fight starts. In New Orleans, Cassidy meets the Children of Blood.

#6 "Les Enfants du Sang" - July 29, 2018

After Eugene finds out that Annville has been destroyed and its population killed, he is put in an orphanage but is immediately adopted by the Saint of Killers, who intends to take him back to Hell after another stop. It turns out that Eccarius, the leader of the Children of Blood, is a real vampire who possesses more supernatural powers than Cassidy by eventually drinking the blood of his human disciples. He wants Cassidy as a companion. However, Cassidy is revolted by his scheme, but still returns to him in the end. Jesse and Tulip have lost the fight. In order to prevent T.C. from taking Tulip's soul, Jesse offers to steal Madame Boyd's storage, which is kept in a bank deposit box. With the help of Jody and T.C., they manage to rob the bank and feed all the souls to Gran'ma, but it is still not enough. So Jody kidnaps Madame Boyd, and they extract her soul for Gran'ma to devour. Jesse shoots Madame Boyd afterwards to keep her from having to fight in the Tombs. He promises to pay his debt to his grandmother and decides to call the Grail. In his New Orleans office, Herr Starr meets the Allfather, who tells him of his plans to destroy the world by a nuclear apocalypse in preparation for the second coming of the Messiah and that he wants to talk about Jesse Custer.

#7 "Hilter" - August 5, 2018

Hitler works in a diner under an alias, planning a fascist revolution, when the Saint of Killers shows up with Eugene and takes him away in chains. When Jesse and Tulip burn Madame Boyd's body, the Grail arrives at Angelville. In negotiations with Herr Starr about the terms of Jesse's release, Gran'ma demands more souls. Starr agrees to obtain souls from the Japanese soul dealing company, which is owned by the Grail, provided that he can borrow Jesse immediately. Marie L'Angelle consents, but threatens to kill Jesse, if Starr doesn't follow through. Before Starr sends Lara Featherstone and Tulip together with Jody undercover to Osaka, Tulip asks Jesse to look after Cassidy. Jesse reveals his plan to kill his grandmother as soon as he has got his powers back. Meanwhile, Cassidy befriends Eccarius and takes part in his scheme with the Children of Blood, even biting one of their disciples. When a gang of priest assassins, hired by the Grail, try to kill Eccarius and arrest Cassidy, they are defeated by Cassidy. It turns out that Eccarius, unknown to Cassidy, has killed all the victims he turned into vampires. Starr orders his operative Hoover to continue the hunt for Cassidy. T.C. asks Gran'ma about Genesis. When Starr and Jesse arrive at New Orleans, Starr demands Jesse to kill "him" in order to get back his soul fragment and takes Jesse to meet the Allfather, which he was assigned to do.

#8 "The Tom/Brady" - August 12, 2018

Jesse grabs Herr Starr's gun and shoots at the Allfather, who keeps his soul fragment inside his rectum, but succeeds only to wound him. Starr is reluctant to kill his superior himself. When Jesse is overwhelmed by the Allfather's bodyguards, he is strapped to a gurney. Grail scientists manage to extract Genesis from his body and, after several unsuccessful attempts, transfer it to a Humperdoo clone. The clone is executed, before the real Humperdoo is brought into the room. Meanwhile Marie L'Angelle negotiates with Satan, who would claim her soul after her death, to deliver Tulip to him instead, who knows where to find Genesis. Satan sends Sydney, the Angel of Death, on an errand to get Tulip. Cassidy and Eccarius capture the Grail operative Hoover, who is after them, and turn him, with Starr's consent to dispatch him, into a vampire. Cassidy finds out that Eccarius has murdered all the other vampires in order to increase his supernatural abilities and confronts him. In the fight, Cassidy is knocked out unconscious by Eccarius and Hoover escapes. Tulip, Lara Featherstone and Jody manage to rob the vault of the soul dealing company in Osaka. Upon their return to New Orleans, they are stopped by Sydney, but Tulip tricks her into taking Featherstone, who still carries the suitcase full of souls, with her instead of herself. At a bus stop to Hell, they meet the Saint of Killers with Eugene and Hitler. Hitler persuades Featherstone to borrow her cell phone and sends a message to a friend at the diner.

#9 "Schwanzkopf" - August 19, 2018

Jesse manages to transfer Genesis into the Allfather, causing him to explode before returning to Jesse. He fights successfully with Herr Starr for the vial containing his soul fragment and gets his power back. When Starr explains to him that the Allfather has already set in motion a plan to destroy the world and put Humperdoo in charge, Jesse wants to kill Humperdoo, but is not able to shoot him. Instead, he releases him along with all remaining clones, making it impossible to identify the real one, and departs to Angelville. As Starr finds out that Hoover has been turned into a vampire, he is enraged at Jesse. When Cassidy refuses to go along with Eccarius' spree, he is seized by the other vampire, who threatens to kill him. Before Sydney enters the bus to Hell with the others, Tulip walks up to her and persuades her to give her the suitcase full of souls. However, she is exposed by Eugene, and Sydney forces Tulip to enter the bus, while Featherstone and Jody leave with the suitcase. During the ride to Hell, the bus is ambushed by neo-Nazis. When T.C. tells Marie L'Angelle that Jesse has not shown up yet, she answers that Jesse will come back to kill her.

#10 "The Light Above" - August 26, 2018

In a flashback, a young Jesse is watched by God and Satan as he attempts unsuccessfully to kill Gran'ma. In the present, T.C. and Jody try to stop Jesse, but Jesse forces T.C. to wound himself and beats Jody in mortal combat at the Tombs, before burning the place down with T.C. choosing to die in the flames. After that, Jesse orders Gran'ma to release him and Tulip from her spells as well as to destroy the suitcase of souls. In spite of his grandmother telling him that he will go to hell if he murders her, he kills her. Tulip, Sydney, and the Saint of Killers fight the neo-Nazis trying to rescue Hitler, who is knocked out by Eugene as he runs away. God stops a shell aimed at Tulip and offers to bless her family, if she persuades Jesse to stop looking for him. However, Tulip declines and escapes. When the Saint delivers his captives to Satan, he gets his guns back and learns that it was God's idea to let his family die. After he shoots Satan, Hitler takes the devil's seat, and the Saint departs from Hell with Eugene. Cassidy convinces the Children of Blood, who have been secretly turned into vampires, that Eccarius has killed his former victims, so they turn against their leader and devour him. Just as Hoover shows up and hides with Cassidy an umbrella, the Grail removes the roof of the building and kills the Children of Blood. Cassidy is captured and brought to Masada, the Grail headquarter, where Starr kills Hoover and plans to torture Cassidy and kill Jesse. Jesse reunites with Tulip and finds out that Cassidy has been taken by the Grail.


"Preacher" Season 4 Episodes (2019)

The series was renewed for a fourth and final season, which premiered on August 4, 2019. As of August 11, 2019, 36 episodes of Preacher have aired.

Episode #1: "Masada" - August 4, 2019

Tulip and Cassidy meet in a hotel room, where they talk about death and kiss. In Australia, Jesse mortally falls from the sky. A few months earlier in the Middle East, Jesse and Tulip manage to invade Masada, where Cassidy is being held captive by the Grail. Cassidy is in a cell with an outcast Archangel and is tortured by an American mobster called Frank Toscani, who teaches "advanced torture" at the "University of the Grail." Herr Starr loses an ear in the ensuing fight with Jesse. However, seemingly because of a quarrel over Tulip with Jesse, Cassidy refuses to leave Masada. Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers and Eugene Root are still searching for Jesse in the United States. After some nightmares (in which he sees an atomic explosion at a phallic rock formation, his dead father calls him on the phone and tells him to start looking for God again, and he tries to strangle Tulip), Jesse departs in the same night, leaving Tulip behind. Herr Starr confers with God. Together they decide to make Jesse suffer.

#2 "Last Supper" - August 4, 2019

This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (September 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) In prehistoric times, God sentences the dinosaurs to extinction, because they refuse to stop committing coprophagia. In the present, while Jesse travels to an airport, losing his Zippo lighter on the way, Tulip plots to free Cassidy on her own. Herr Starr is promoted to Allfather. During a meeting with leading politicians from all over the world, the New Zealand deputy prime minister is executed for asking about the revelation of the Messiah, whom the Grail hasn't located yet. After ongoing torture by having his foreskin cut again and again in front of a class of Grail students, Cassidy breaks from his cell, but fails to escape when he can‘t resist the temptation to take drugs the Grail is hoarding. Posing as an injured Grail agent, Tulip cheats her way into Masada. From an airline pilot, Jesse learns that the rock formation he has seen in his dream is in Australia. When he retrieves his lighter at the brothel of Jesus de Sade, there is a long haired albino man obviously abusing a child. The pilot, who drove Jesse to the place, forces Jesse to help. Herr Starr watches on a CCTV monitor as Jesse enters the house. Afterwards, Jesse is alone on a plane to Australia. God, looking smug, hums contently in front of models of Jesse's aircraft, the coffin Gran'ma used to punish him, and his former church in Annville.

#3 "Deviant" - August 11, 2019

This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (September 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Cassidy is shown in a cosmetics factory in Bensonhurst, where his foreskins are used in facial cream. Back in Masada, the Archangel wonders why he doesn't struggle anymore. Cassidy thinks back to when he was an Irish freedom fighter during the Easter Rising. After his injured friend was killed by British soldiers, he flees from Dublin. On his way back home, he is attacked and turned into a vampire, so he resigns to return to his family. When his cellmate tells him that the angels were moved by his fate, his high spirits are restored. On their journey, Eugene finds out that the Saint of Killers doesn't want an apology like himself, but plans to murder Jesse. Eugene is arrested by the vice squad, after an officer in the adjacent toilet booth coaxes him to put his mouth to a hole in the divider. The Saint shoots the policeman as they drive off. Meanwhile, Agent Featherstone discovers how Tulip sneaked into Masada. At the Grail hospital, Tulip reveals her personality disorder in a Rorschach test, but is discharged anyway. She makes it to Cassidy's cell only to find out that he's been brought back to Bensenhurst. At the brothel, Jesse single-handedly beats all the clients in a fight. Unfortunately, the child has been shot accidentally. In a fit of rage, he kills Jesus de Sade, before he gets back to the airport observed by God. There he meets Adolf Hitler, who tells him that Satan is dead and that he would like Jesse to join him in Hell, which he declines. As he finds out that he is wanted for the carnage at the brothel, Jesse's plane is about to crash on its flight to Australia.

#4 "Search and Rescue" - August 18, 2019

In a meeting, God assures Herr Starr that his great plan is at work and asks him about Humperdoo, who is still missing. Jesse and the pilot survive as the plane ditches in a thunderstorm at sea. In spite of his powers, he can't keep the pilot from dying of some severe injuries, but reaches the Australian coast in a life raft. Jesse gets more enraged with God. When Cassidy is rolled to the helipad, Hitler arrives at Masada for a conference of Heaven and Hell. Using an angel's feather, Cassidy breaks free, killing his guards and Frank. Just as he is about to reunite with Tulip, he is arrested by Featherstone. Being mistaken for a Grail agent, Tulip is assigned as a valet to Jesus Christ, who is the celestial emissary and senses that she is in trouble. She teams up with him to free Cassidy from the dungeons. When they finally get to his cell, they find that he has escaped with the help of the Archangel. Jesus wants to join Tulip in her continuing search for Cassidy. While Hitler discovers Humperdoo and his tap-dancing abilities, the Saint of Killers creates a hole through the center of the earth to get to Australia with Eugene.

#5 "Bleak City" - August 25, 2019

This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (September 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) With the Saint of Killers and Eugene on his heels, Jesse tries to make his way to the Lost Apostle, the rock formation from his dream. When he runs into Eugene, the boy warns him before the Saint can kill him. Jesse comes back to save him from the Saint, but when he apologizes sincerely to him, Eugene isn't satisfied and shoots Jesse in the back. Tulip and Jesus walk into Kamal's bar and motel to find Cassidy. Jesus is reluctant to play his part in the Apocalypse and to leave Humperdoo in the role of the Messiah. After they learn that Jesse is wanted for murder, Cassidy suggests they start looking for Jesse and help him, but Tulip and Jesus cruise around in a car for a while, imagining what it would be like to go on a bank heist together. Tulip tells Jesus that God is an arsehole. The Archangel tries to persuade Cassidy to take his chances with Tulip, something the vampire dismisses, and meets his lover, a Demon. After dancing and having sex with her, he unsuccessfully tries to kill her, starting a fight. In the end, just as Herr Starr realizes that the Son of God has been missing, Jesus returns to Masada for the conference with Hitler, and Tulip reunites with Cassidy to follow Jesse, who faces the Saint.

#6 "The Lost Apostle" - September 1, 2019

This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (September 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) God watches a video of him testing Abraham by sacrificing his son, before he returns to his desk, where there are models of an atomic bomb and a small plane. He calls Herr Starr and orders him to initiate phase 2, while Jesus is negotiating with Hitler for the souls of the dead of the coming Apocalypse. In New Zealand, a car with the Australian coat of arms delivers the crate containing the remains of their deputy prime minister to some security agents. Tulip and Cassidy arrive in Australia and start looking for Jesse to find that Jesse has been shot by Eugene, who is under arrest. However, the body is missing, so Tulip assumes that he is still alive. Jesse is with the Saint of Killers, who removes the bullet and wants to hunt down God with him in order to kill the Almighty. Tulip and Cassidy follow Jesse to the Outback, but they have no clue where to go, until Tulip stumbles upon a trailer that obviously belongs to God. There she finds a picture postcard of the Lost Apostle, observed by God. They head there on a stolen plane and snatch Jesse on the way. While political tensions grow between New Zealand and Australia, a truck with the New Zealand coat of arms, carrying an atomic bomb, arrives at the Lost Apostle national park. Following a phone call, Starr travels to Australia as well. At the rock formation, while Grail agents arm the nuclear bomb, he and God await Jesse's arrival. Because he lost Humperdoo and lied about it, God makes a dingo rip off Starr's genitalia, before he forces Jesse to fall to his death from the plane.

#7 "Messiahs" - September 8, 2019

This episode's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. (September 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) While the Saint of Killer watches how Jesse's body is buried, Fiore seemingly welcomes Jesse to Heaven and tells him, that the angels want him to take God's place. However, Jesse refuses to sit on His throne, claiming that it would be a sin and that he doesn't belong in Heaven. It turns out, he is actually in a prison cell in Hell. Fiore then shows him a projection of how God fled from Heaven, when he learned that Genesis had escaped, and hints at God's plan to replace humanity by his next creation. Tulip and Cassidy return to Willamsburg, where they seek the help of Dany in exchange for killing her husband. She leads them to the real Humperdoo, who hides inside a synagogue at Jesse's request. They take Humperdoo with them in order to take revenge on God. Meanwhile Herr Starr, severely injured by the dingo's attack, is found by someone, and worldwide political tensions increase, because the Grail has exploded the atomic bomb. Jesus, still negotiating with Hell, meets a Humperdoo clone, who is shot by Hitler telling him that the Grail has lost the Messiah. He suggests that Jesus should take up the role, which he declines. Lara Featherstone kills Hoover 2, who is an undercover cop, just as he is about to report the Grail's conspiracy to his superior.

#8 "Fear of the Lord" - September 15, 2019

Herr Starr is rescued by Lara Featherstone from the cannibals who picked him up, installed a faucet to his bladder and amputated a leg for food. He is so desperate that he tries to commit suicide, but fails. Finally God tells him where to find Humperdoo. So when the Grail snatches the Messiah from Tulip and Cassidy and return him to Masada, Starr‘s beauty is restored, and a date is set for the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, in spite of being tortured in Hell, Jesse still refuses to sit on God‘s throne. When the Almighty resurrects Jesse from his grave, the two finally meet. God tells Jesse that he failed the test, simply because he was tempted to accept the angels‘ offer, which enrages Jesse. Then God bites out one of Jesse‘s eyes, invites him to the Apocalypse, and sends him back to reunite with his friends, who have returned to the Middle East.

#9 "Overture" - September 22, 2019

While the Grail has started the one hour variety show that will culminate in Humperdoo doing his tap dance to initiate the Apocalypse, Jesse and his friends sneak into Masada with the help of the Archangel and the Demon, who are the parents of Genesis. As they try to locate the Messiah, they get separated. God tries to tempt both Cassidy and Tulip ending with the vampire being dismembered and disemboweled, and Tulip trapped in an office. After Herr Starr and Lara Featherstone made out, she learns that Starr selfishly plans to kill just the people who stand in his way instead of all human kind. However, Hoover 2 didn't get to pass on these new orders. Starr rushes to fix that in the last minute, but has trouble with the fax machine. Featherstone, who has been hoping to enter Heaven after Last Judgment, frees Tulip in order to stop Starr. Hitler offers Jesus to kill Humperdoo for him, but Jesus eventually backpedals. When Eugene is released from prison, he is run down by a taxi. God faces Jesse alone and demands Genesis from him. Even so, Jesse will not give it up, but wants God to take it, which he seems unable to do. Jesse makes the Saint of Killers appear, but the cowboy has a deal with God to go for the preacher instead.

#10 "End of the World" - September 29, 2019

As the TV show nears its end and Grail agents infiltrate nuclear strike bases, Humperdoo gets stage fright. Jesse fights the Saint of Killers with the help of the Archangel and the Demon, who both get killed, while Jesus strangles Hitler. When Tulip arrives backstage, Cassidy won't let her kill Humperdoo, so they start fighting. Lara Featherstone challenges Starr, who murders her. Jesse persuades the Saint not to finish him, but to let him execute the cowboy. Cassidy comes to his senses and shoots Humperdoo, thus preventing Apocalypse. God offers the role of Messiah to Jesus, but when His son declines, God decides to run away. Jesse announces that Apocalypse is cancelled, then uses Genesis to order the Grail to hunt down God. Eugene has survived the car accident and starts a promising career as a street singer. Two years later, Jesse and Tulip have a baby daughter, when the Grail has finally located God at the Alamo. Jesse faces Him there and learns that Genesis has power over God as well. They chat, but when God tells him that everything that happened was a display of His affection and wants Jesse to love Him back, Jesse tells God that the world is better off without Him. He releases Genesis and walks away. When God returns to Heaven, the Saint awaits Him, having made a deathbed confession. The Saint kills God and sits down on His throne. Forty years later, Cassidy meets Jesse's and Tulip's daughter at the graves of her parents. After their talk, Cassidy commits suicide by walking into the sunlight.


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