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Human Target is an American action drama television series that was broadcast by Fox in the United States. Based loosely on the Human Target comic book character created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino for DC Comics, it is the second series based on this title developed for television, the first TV series having been aired in 1992 on ABC. Developed by Jonathan E. Steinberg, Human Target premiered on CTV in Canada and on Fox in the United States in January 2010. The series was officially canceled on May 10, 2011, after the conclusion of the second season.

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Human Target

Human Target (2010 TV series)

The series follows the life of San Francisco-based Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a unique private contractor, bodyguard and security expert hired to protect his clients. Rather than taking on the target's identity himself (as in the comic book version), he protects his clients by completely integrating himself into their lives, to become a "human target". Chance is accompanied by his business partner, Winston (Chi McBride), and hired gun, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley). Former client, Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma), becomes Chance's benefactor, while experienced thief, Ames (Janet Montgomery), joins the team to seek redemption. Chance puts himself on the line to find the truth behind the mission. Even his own business partner Winston does not know what drove him towards this life, although it is explained in the first season finale episode (which also explains about the name Christopher Chance itself).

On May 18, 2009, Fox announced that Human Target would premiere mid-season. The show was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. On May 12, 2010, it was announced that Human Target had been renewed for a second season. Matt Miller took over as showrunner from Jon E. Steinberg who remained part of the production team as an executive producer. Warner Bros. had contacted Miller to take a look at the first season and give his opinions on what changes he would make to the show. The show was officially canceled on May 10, 2011.

Human Target – The Complete 1st Season was released as a widescreen three-disc region 1 DVD box set as well as a two-disc region free Blu-ray version on September 21, 2010. In addition to the 12 episodes of the season, which have an enhanced audio mix, a number of extras are included; several unaired and deleted scenes, an audio commentary by Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jonathan E. Steinberg and Peter Johnson for the pilot episode and two featurettes; "Human Target: Full Contact Television" and "Human Target: Confidential Informant". The set received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from, with concerns expressed that "squeezing twelve episodes onto two discs takes a bit of a toll" and caused some artifacting. The site also questioned the use of a lossy 640 kbit/s audio track and the small number of special features, calling it "a tad pricey for twelve episodes". By contrast, DVD Verdict said that the DVD's gave "a better-than average offering of supplements".

To date, Warner Home Video has made no announcement on whether the second season will be released on DVD and/or Blu-Ray.


Human Target (1992 TV series)

Human Target is an American action drama television series broadcast by ABC in the United States. It is based on the DC comic book character of the same title created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino, and developed for television by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo. The seven-episode series premiered on July 20, 1992, and last aired on August 29, 1992. This series is unrelated to the 2010 Fox television series of the same name, also based on the Human Target character.

The series follows the adventures of Christopher Chance (Rick Springfield), a Vietnam War vet turned bodyguard and private investigator who uses advanced technology and sophisticated makeup to assume the identity of his client, becoming a human target. In a departure from the original comic book stories, Chance flies from job to job in a large, gizmo-laden stealth aircraft known as the Blackwing. Additionally, he is assisted by computer expert Philo Marsden (Kirk Baltz), Blackwing pilot Jeff Carlyle (Sami Chester), and former CIA operative Libby Page (Signy Coleman). Page coordinated Chance's missions, Carlyle also served as cook and chauffeur, while Marsden created new gadgets and developed the masks Chance used to impersonate his clients. Chance took an unusual approach to compensation for his services: ten percent of his client's annual income ("whether you're a busboy or the king of England"). One reviewer described the show as "50 percent Mission: Impossible (Martin Landau's master of disguise character) and 50 percent Quantum Leap (jumping into other people's lives at moments of crisis)."


Human Target (1990 TV Pilot)

A television pilot, starring Rick Springfield, was produced in 1990. Springfield starred as Chance, who was now a Vietnam vet as well as a private investigator/bodyguard. In this version, for ten percent of a client's annual income ("whether you're a busboy or the king of England"), Chance would take the client's place and protect his or her life. Philo Marsden (Kirk Baltz) was an eccentric computer genius who helped Chance by designing high-tech masks, and Jeff Carlyle (Sami Chester) was the chauffeur, cook and pilot for Chance's mobile base of operations, the Blackwing (designed by Mike Kaluta). Lilly Page (Signy Coleman) was an ex-CIA agent who helped coordinate Chance's missions. The show was created by Warner Brothers and Pet Fly Productions (producers of The Flash, Viper and The Sentinel), and aired on ABC.

Though produced in 1990, the show aired only briefly in 1992 (7 episodes aired in the summer of 1992 although the pilot itself was never aired). The version of the show which aired in 1992 had a slightly different cast from that of the unaired pilot episode. Guest stars included David Carradine in the episode entitled "Second Chance". In November 1991, prior to the show's debut, Chance appeared in his own book, a 48-page one-shot titled The Human Target Special #1, an ostensible tie-in to the television show (the cover advertised that it was "Coming soon to ABC-TV!"), in which Chance and his cohorts protected a DEA agent from harm. It was written by Mark Verheiden, with pencils by Rick Burchett and inks by Dick Giordano.


Human Target (on Arrow)

Chance appears in the fifth season of Arrow portrayed by Wil Traval in the episode "Human Target" as an old friend of John Diggle.

Oliver rescues Rene, who tells him that he gave up Green Arrow's true identity to Church. Church plans to kill Oliver as the Mayor instead of the vigilante. Diggle rejoins the team and recommends bodyguard Christopher Chance, the "Human Target", to help them. Christopher impersonates Oliver at the City Hall and fakes the Mayor's death when Church's mercenary attacks. The team realizes that Church plans to consolidate the drug traffic of five cities through Star City, needing Green Arrow eliminated for his plan to succeed. Oliver and his team, joined by Diggle and Christopher, raid Church's meeting and capture him and other crime lords. Oliver publicly claims that his faked death was part of a sting operation. Prometheus kills Church during transport, despite Church telling him Green Arrow's identity. Television reporter Susan Williams obtains evidence that Oliver was in Russia during the time he was supposedly stranded on the island. Meanwhile, Oliver finds out that Felicity is dating Billy Malone, a police detective recently assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit. In flashbacks, Oliver is ambushed by other Bratva members. However, the men are killed by Christopher, whom Anatoli had hired to protect Oliver.



"Human Target" Episodes (1992)

Episode #1: "Pilot" - July 20, 1992

Chance is hired to protect Jay Palmer (Scott Paulin), an architect and construction company owner who believes his life is in danger. Chance has to fool not only Palmer's colleagues but also his wife and children.

#2 "Second Chance" - July 25, 1992

Chance assumes the identity of an American general (R. Lee Ermey) who was nearly assassinated but then Chance discovers that the would-be assassin is his mentor (David Carradine).

#3 "Designed by Chance" - August 1, 1992

Chance takes on the identity of fashion designer Garner St. John (John Wesley Shipp) who once had a romantic relationship with Libby.

#4 "Mirror Image" - August 8, 1992

A psychiatrist (David Clennon) believes that one of his patients has him marked for death so he hires Chance to uncover the would-be killer.

#5 "Cool Hand Chance" - August 15, 1992

Chance breaks into a prison in an attempt to clear the name of a man convicted of murder.

#6 "Going Home" - August 22, 1992

Chance assumes the identity of a judge targeted by an unknown attacker and is reunited with his father during the mission.

#7 "Chances Are" - August 29, 1992

A television reporter finds her life threatened by the subject of her investigation and Chance makes an emotional connection while trying to protect her.



"Human Target" Season 1 Episodes (2010)

Episode #1: "Pilot" - January 15, 2010

An ex-bank-employee takes the bank hostage; when he agrees to release the bystanders he finds that his main victim, Lydecker, is replaced by Chance. After the attempted murder of Stephanie Dobbs (Tricia Helfer), the designer of a Californian bullet train, she hires Chance to protect her. He poses as her Japanese-English translator. Chance accompanies her on the train's first voyage – a three-hour trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. When an attempted poisoning is spotted by Chance, the killer, dressed as a waiter, takes a more direct approach. Chance is able to fight him off and kill him. Meanwhile Guerrero and Winston discover that Dobbs used to have a relationship with reporter Mark Hoffer, to whom Dobbs anonymously leaked damaging information about the train manufacturer. Dobb's husband knew about the affair, but waited to kill her until she finished designing the train so that he could receive the financial bonus for its completion.

#2 "Rewind" - January 18, 2010

Chance is hired by Tennant (Alessandro Juliani) to protect a hacker (Ali Liebert) that is flying over to meet him. The hacker, who goes by the screen name Casper discovered 'the skeleton key' to the internet, a means to bypass all security. But Chance only knows the flight and has no way of reaching her. Chance disguised as Martin Gill, a passenger, boards the plane along with Winston disguised as a flight attendant to identify both hacker and assassin. Chance subdues the assassin but shots fired in the struggle rupture a fuel tank and expose wiring, creating a fire in the planes conduits. A Sky Marshal handcuffs Chance. With the plane on fire and the pilot out, Chance, with the help of a flight attendant, Laura (Courtney Ford), subdue the Air Marshal and flip the plane upside down to direct the heavier airstream above the plane through the conduit and blow out the fire. When the plane is upside down the flight computer freezes. Casper proposes to replace the computer with her laptop, but it must be patched in manually and the flight computer is at the bottom of the plane. Chance and Laura crawl into the fuselage and connect the laptop. Laura reaches for her concealed gun, but Chance already swiped it off her. While the plane is turning Laura attacks Chance and attempts to push him out of the plane, he injects her with Ketamine and she falls out the plane. Meanwhile Guerrero, with help from Sergei (Sean Owen Roberts), discover who hired the kidnappers. Casper makes it safely to Tennant.

#3 "Embassy Row" - January 25, 2010

Chance races against time and crashes a black-tie affair at the Russian Embassy to find a friend's killer. As he becomes embroiled in an international arms deal, he meets his match in a beautiful female counterpart Emma Barnes (Emmanuelle Vaugier).

#4 "Sanctuary" - February 1, 2010

Chance needs a miracle to help protect a reformed thief from his vengeful former accomplices as they race to recover priceless religious artifacts hidden in a remote monastery in northeastern Quebec.

#5 "Run" - February 8, 2010

Chance is hired to protect a district attorney who is running from her family's past and marked for murder because of her investigation into an organized crime family. Chance battles against rogue San Francisco police detectives out to assassinate the attorney in the course of protecting her.

#6 "Lockdown" - February 15, 2010

Chance is hired by the father of a weapons designer for a top secret defense company because they are holding his son hostage. The company fears their prized weapons engineer might whistleblow on them for covering up a situation involving the Burmese government using one of their secret weapons to crush dissent. The company killed the man's partner and it seems apparent they will kill him also after he completes his current task. Chance's goal is to sneak the engineer out of the highly-secured facility with no one noticing. The company's heads decide to cut their losses and use every effort to make certain that their employee does not leave the building alive. Chance's ID is sent to a mysterious location after a computer signal bounces across several different continents. It is implied in the end of the episode by Guerrero that the signal belongs to Chance's yet unnamed "old boss", who has been hunting him down for years. Now, Chance's ex-boss is one step closer to finding him.

#7 "Salvage & Reclamation" - March 10, 2010

Chance is reunited with an old flame when he goes to South America to rescue an archeologist being targeted by a deadly bounty hunter. But all is not as it seems, for his ex has changed her allegiances.

#8 "Baptiste" - March 14, 2010

Chance's past comes into focus when he recruits FBI Agent Emma Barnes to help him stop his former partner, an assassin named "Baptiste", from assassinating a visiting foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Guerrero tests out a familiar face as a new recruit to the team.

#9 "Corner Man" - March 21, 2010

Chance enters the ring as a prize fighter in Belgium in order to make an underworld figure lose. In the course of his investigation, Chance meets up Eva Kahn (Grace Park), the daughter of a prize fighter before he died.

#10 "Tanarak" - March 28, 2010

Chance travels to a remote Alaskan island to find a missing doctor (Moon Bloodgood) and expose an industrial giant’s involvement in the death of a mining foreman after mercenaries were sent to kill her.

#11 "Victoria" - April 4, 2010

Chance is hired to protect Victoria, Princess of Wales (Christina Cole) whose decision to seek a divorce to marry a commoner has her marked for assassination by her corrupt Royalty Protection bodyguards. Forced to take on the Royal Family's "Cleaner", Chance and the Princess are forced to seek help from an ex-IRA guerrilla – who had previously placed two bounties on Victoria's head.

#12 "Christopher Chance" - April 11, 2010

When clients of Chance's old boss capture and question him about an old assignment when he was an assassin, Chance, Winston and Guerrero recall the events that led up to their unlikely partnership including Chance's meeting Katherine (Amy Acker), whose death drove him to adopt his current profession. Lee Majors appears as the preceding man to adopt the Christopher Chance alias as well.


"Human Target" Season 2 (2010-2011)

Episode #1: "Ilsa Pucci" - November 17, 2010

Following Winston's kidnapping, Chance and Guerrero plan his rescue. Following the success of the rescue at a bank, Chance retires from the protection business. Six months later he is found in Nepal and approached by billionaire philanthropist Ilsa Pucci, who wants to hire him following the mysterious death of her husband Marshall Pucci, fearing someone is after her. Chance eventually gets out of retirement to help her, but she is later kidnapped during an evening event. Meanwhile, Winston and Guerrero catch Ames, a master thief who stole Ilsa's ring. Ames later admits that she was instructed to do so by Ilsa's kidnapper, who is revealed to be her lawyer. Chance and the team track them to a bank in Geneva. Chance is able to stop the assailants and escape from them. In the end, Ilsa wants Chance to work for her, and in exchange they will have access to funds to help his clients.

#2 "The Wife's Tale" - November 24, 2010

Chance is contacted by Donnelly (M. C. Gainey) who tells him that Rebecca Brooks (Molly Parker), the wife of a man he assassinated seven years earlier, is a target. Chance pretends to be her date from an online dating serves to get her to safety, but her real date "Kevin" (Adrian Hein) shows up and turns out to be the assassin. Rebecca takes off and Chance follows her and drives off with her when the assassin starts shooting at her. They figure out that he must have been killed over a theory which she wants to complete, but he shipped his papers from the university to a family home in Tiburon. Meanwhile Guerrero and Ames figure out that a lawyer from a private investment bank ordered the hit, and that Daniel Brooks used to blackmail the firm. Brooks realizes that the theory can be applied to manipulating the stock market. Chance confesses that he killed her husband and she shoots him in the shoulder and runs away. The assassin shows up and he and Chance fight, Chance wins. Rebecca pulls a gun on Chance, Donnelly disarms Rebecca and is about to shoot Chance as Winston shoots him.

#3 "Taking Ames" - December 1, 2010

Chance follows Ames after she stole some of Guerrero's tools, and confronts her after she and Brody Rivera (J. D. Pardo) steal explosives. When Rivera delivers the explosives to Mr. Markus (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) he's presented the score of a lifetime, steal three massive diamonds, but they need Ames for the heist. After they leave Ames calls Chance and asks for help. Chance infiltrates the team by pretending to be Mr. Chicago, while Guerrero intercepted the real Chicago (Mike Dopud). The team breaks into the museum. Chance takes out the members of the team, including Yuri (Douglas O'Keeffe) another cleaner. Rivera spots him and drives off with the van, but Ames lifted the diamonds off him. Markus phones Ames telling her to bring the diamonds to the train station or Rivera dies. She places the diamonds in a locker, after Markus leaves with them he gives Rivera's location, Winston, Guerrero stop him and the real Mr. Chicago drives off with Markus. Rivera sits on a bomb with a pressure switch, Chance tackles him off the bench clear of the explosion. Pucci admits that Ames is loyal and accepts her back on the team.

#4 "The Return of Baptiste" - December 8, 2010

A journalist friend of Ilsa, Susan Connors, is kidnapped by Miguel Cervantes. In an effort to find and rescue her, Chance is forced to turn to Baptiste, who once worked with Cervantes, and is in a Siberian prison. Under Chance's guard the two travel to Paraguay and are quickly met by resistance. When they meet Cervantes, Baptiste appears to betray Chance by offering his services to Cervantes. An imprisoned Chance finds Connors and they break free. Baptiste assists in allowing the two to escape. Meanwhile, Winston and Guerrero and Ilsa work to release her plane from the Paraguayan army. They succeed just as Chance, Baptiste and Connors arrive at flee the country. Baptiste reveals he has no intention of going back to prison, but Chance manages to drug his drink beforehand, and he is returned to Siberia.

#5 "Dead Head" - December 15, 2010

When a client's (Roger Bart) amnesia prevents him from remembering his identity (and knowing who might want him dead) Winston is forced to ask his ex-wife (Tracie Thoms) for help.

#6 "The Other Side of the Mall" - Dec. 22, 2010

The team travels to a suburb during the holiday season as they go undercover to try and figure out why a seemingly innocent family was a target of a murder attempt.

#7 "A Problem Like Maria" - January 5, 2011

Chance and Ilsa's partnership is tested when his former girlfriend (Leonor Varela) requests his help to rescue a colleague of hers who is held captive by a South American dictator.

#8 "Communication Breakdown" - Jan. 5, 2011

Winston, Guerrero and Ames must save inept private investigator Harry (Tony Hale) when he blows his case making him a target. Meanwhile Ilsa and Chance's plane is shot down by a man seeking revenge.

#9 "Imbroglio" - January 12, 2011

Chance and Ilsa try to protect her sister-in-law (Olga Sosnovska) when a hostage situation develops at the opera.

#10 "Cool Hand Guerrero" - January 12, 2011

When Guerrero is framed for a friend's murder and ends up in jail, Chance is forced to break him out.

#11 "Kill Bob" - January 31, 2011

Chance believes a man's wife is a Russian spy who is trying to kill him and steal classified military information. Meanwhile, Ames tries to keep a secret from Winston and Guerrero discovers a secret file on Marshall Pucci.

#12 "The Trouble with Harry" - Feb. 2, 2011

Chance reunites with inept private investigator Harry when the girlfriend of the owner of a rival security firm needs protection. Meanwhile, Ilsa faces her first field mission and two members of the team get closer. At the end of the episode, Ilsa and Chance discuss a photo of Marshall and his possible mistress, and share a kiss.

#13 "Marshall Pucci" - February 9, 2011

Ilsa plans to move back to London, but Guerrero finds Marshall's (Steven Brand) supposed mistress, Julia (Emily Foxler). Ilsa tries to help Julia, who was not Marshall's mistress but a worker for him. Julia isolates Ilsa from the team and tries to kill her on a subway, telling Ilsa that she killed Marshall. Ilsa escapes but Julia returns to a rogue CIA agent, who infiltrates the teams office. They run: Guerrero returns to the office to stop the CIA from hurting his son. Meanwhile, Chance, Ilsa, and Ames go to a hotel Marshall and Ilsa visited a lot and find evidence that could end the hostilities, but when Ilsa finds out that Julia is present, she takes her hostage to the roof. Chance climbs up and finds that Ilsa can't shoot Julia, and the CIA arrives. Chance and Ilsa jump off the building, but grab onto a gargoyle to hold themselves up as Ames and Winston arrive and order the rogue SOG operatives to surrender, which they do. Guerrero kills the agent with a car bomb. Winston promises Ilsa to send the file she found to the appropriate parties. Ilsa once again tries to move back to London. Chastised by Winston, Chance drives to the airport and asks her to stay, but she had already cancelled her flight plans. She stays in San Francisco with the team.




"Arrow" Season 5

#5 "Human Target" - November 2, 2016

Oliver rescues Rene, who tells him that he gave up Green Arrow's true identity to Church. Church plans to kill Oliver as the Mayor instead of as the vigilante. Diggle rejoins the team and suggests that bodyguard Christopher Chance, the "Human Target", could be able to help them. Christopher impersonates Oliver at City Hall and fakes the Mayor's death when Church's mercenary attacks. The team realizes that Church plans to consolidate the drug traffic of five cities through Star City, needing Green Arrow eliminated for his plan to succeed. Oliver and his team, joined by Diggle and Christopher, raid Church's meeting and capture him along with several other crime lords. Oliver publicly claims that his faked death was part of a sting operation. Prometheus kills Church during transport, despite Church telling him Green Arrow's identity. Television reporter Susan Williams obtains evidence that Oliver was in Russia during the time he was supposedly stranded on the island. Meanwhile, Oliver finds out that Felicity is dating Billy Malone, a police detective recently assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit. In flashbacks, Oliver is ambushed by other Bratva members. However, the men are killed by Christopher, whom Anatoli had hired to protect Oliver.


"Arrow" Season 6

#21 "Docket No. 11-19-41-73" - May 3, 2018

Several witnesses are called at Oliver's trial to testify about the identity of the Green Arrow including John, Dinah, Dr. Schwartz, Rene, and Felicity. Diaz coerces Rene into saying Oliver is the Green Arrow at trial by threatening his daughter in front of him. After Oliver takes the stand, the Green Arrow crashes through the skylight, revealing himself to be Tommy Merlyn back from the dead. Tommy testifies that he is really the Arrow and is taken into custody. When being saved from Diaz's men by John and Rene, he is revealed to be Christopher Chance, the Human Target. Laurel takes the stand and, despite being threatened by Diaz earlier, testifies that Tommy is the real Green Arrow. Oliver is found guilty, proving the assumption that both the judge and the jury were in Diaz's pocket. Oliver's lawyer moves for a judgment notwithstanding verdict and the judge surprisingly agrees. Oliver returns to the lair and discovers that Chance switched places with the judge during jury deliberation. Oliver and Rene reconcile. Diaz kills the real judge just before Laurel appears and attacks him and his men, momentarily downing Diaz, before he takes her captive, telling her that he plans to kill Oliver and everyone he cares about.


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