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Freedom Fighters: The Ray is an American animated cartoon web series developed by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. It debuted in December 2017 on The CW's online streaming platform, CW Seed and is based on DC Comics character Ray Terrill / The Ray, a reporter who gains light-based powers after being exposed to a genetic light bomb. The series is set in the Arrowverse, the same fictional universe as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, while also taking place on the alternate earth, Earth-X (in a world where the nazis won World War I and control America under a fascist dictatorship led by Dark Arrow and Overgirl).

"Freedom Fighters: The Ray"
(CW Seed Animated Series)

Freedom Fighters: The Ray

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  Freedom Fighters The Ray  
DCTV Crossover Crisis on Earth-X 2017 Justice League Unlimited Vixen 2015
Supergirl TV Series The Flash Season4 Green Arrow Fifth Season5 on CW

Freedom Fighters Comic Books

  National Comics 3  
JLA Earth-X Freedom Fighters1 1976 Freedom Fighters 10
Uncle Sam Comics Black Condor Crack Comics Black Condor
Human Bomb Phantom Lady 17 Red Tornados
Feature Comics 77 Doll Man Firebrand 1996 DC Comics Miss America
Vixen Return of the Lion #1 Justice League of America: Vibe Mister Terrific Comics


  • Russell Tovey as Ray Terrill / The Ray: A reporter who gains light-based powers after being exposed to a genetic light bomb and becomes a member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Uncle Sam: A member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Black Condor: A member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Human Bomb: A member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Phantom Lady: A member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Red Tornado: A member of the Freedom Fighters.
  • Stephen Amell as Dark Arrow: An alternate version of the Earth-1 Green Arrow who is a member of the New Reichsmen.
  • Grant Gustin as Dark Flash: An alternate version of the Earth-1 Flash who is a member of the New Reichsmen.
  • Melissa Benoist as Overgirl: An alternate version of the Earth-38 Supergirl who is a member of the New Reichsmen.
  • Cisco Ramon / Vibe
  • Curtis Holt / Mister Terrific
  • Mari McCabe / Vixen


Freedom Fighters: The Ray
(2017 Animated Web Series)

Earth-X is a world in the multiverse where the Nazis won World War II and the New Reichsmen rule over present day America. Raymond "Ray" Terrill is a reporter who discovers a genetic light bomb in his investigation of a secret government project attempting to harness the power of light and weaponize it. The bomb goes off, and instead of killing him, gives him light-based powers, and he is recruited to join the Freedom Fighters.

The Ray (Russell Tovey) is a member of the Freedom Fighters along with Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and Red Tornado — while Overgirl (an alternate version of Supergirl) and Dark Arrow and Dark Flash are members of the New Reichsmen. Cisco Ramon / Vibe, Curtis Holt / Mister Terrific, and Mari McCabe / Vixen also make appearances.

The series was announced by The CW with a 2017 debut and to air on CW Seed, from executive producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim. The lead character is gay. The series was inspired by Grant Morrison's Multiversity comic book series. Guggenheim noted there was "a very specific reason" the series was titled as it was, in order to introduce the Freedom Fighters and Earth-X. He continued, "Morrison came up with an idea we really responded to: The Freedom Fighters are made up of various minorities targeted by Nazis: women, gays, Jews. We wanted to honor that idea. At the same time, it's an origin story about the Earth-1 iteration of The Ray."


Crisis On Earth-X

DCTV Crossover: "Crisis on Earth-X"

Tovey appeared as The Ray in "Crisis on Earth-X", the Arrowverse crossover event between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Additional concepts and characters from Freedom Fighters will also be featured in the crossover.


Freedom Fighters & Infinite Crisis

Freedom Fighters is a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The original 6 characters were Black Condor, Doll Man, the Human Bomb, the Ray, Phantom Lady, and Uncle Sam. Although the characters were created by Quality Comics, they never were gathered in a group before being acquired by DC. The team first appeared in a Justice League of America / Justice Society of America team-up, which ran in Justice League of America #107–108 (October–December 1973), written by Len Wein and drawn by Dick Dillin. Their own ongoing series premiered with Freedom Fighters #1 (April 1976), written by Gerry Conway and Martin Pasko, and drawn by Ric Estrada.

Ray joins other JSA reserves to help contain the damage caused by the villainous trio of Mordru, Obsidian and Eclipso. He later joins a new, government-sponsored Freedom Fighters team. However, the Freedom Fighters are ambushed and many of the team are as murdered by the Secret Society in Infinite Crisis #1. The villainous Dr. Light is the Society member who manages to capture Ray alive. As he is dragged away by the Psycho Pirate, the barely conscious Terrill is told that Luthor (Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth 3) needs him alive. Ray is captured for Alex's master plan, but later escapes during the battle in the arctic along with Power Girl, Breach, Lady Quark, and all the other prisoners attached to the reality altering tower created from the Anti-Monitor's corpse. There Ray deduces that it was Psycho-Pirate responsible for manipulating Bizarro into beating the Human Bomb to death. Before managing to use his emotion altering powers on Ray and Power Girl, the Psycho-Pirate is definitively slain by the enraged Black Adam.


The Ray (Ray Terrill)

The Ray (real name Raymond C. "Ray" Terrill) is a fictional character, a superhero in the DC Comics Universe. He is the second character to use the codename The Ray. Ray Terrill first appeared in The Ray #1 (February 1992), and was created by Jack C. Harris & Joe Quesada.

Ray absorbs, stores and processes light; uses the energy to fly and create destructive bursts of coherent radiation. His energy capacity is virtually limitless. He is capable of manipulating light externally to create illusions and even solid light constructs, as well as render himself and others invisible. He can convert his body completely into any wavelength on the EM Spectrum. No physical harm from impact can come to him in this form (as demonstrated when Lobo punched Ray through his skull). This process can also be used to "reset" damage that his physical form has already sustained (seen in the story "Ray Gets Shot In The Head" where a bullet was lodged at the base of his skull; Ray was told by doctors he would be paralyzed from the neck down, but after turning to his energy form the damage was healed instantly). As pure energy, he can travel at the speed of light and cross space unassisted. In addition to his super powers, Ray is also one of the most skilled computer programmers in the DCU, and stories set in the future of the DC universe suggest he has the ability to develop into an accomplished businessman.

Terrill made background appearances in Justice League Unlimited beginning with the episode "Dark Heart". Most notably, Ray is shown battling the Ultimen in the episode "Panic In The Sky." Though not shown, Ray was mentioned in the episode "Patriot Act" as being on an off-screen space mission with Vixen. Ray never had any lines in the series.

Ray's adventures continue, bringing him to battle with villains such as Brimstone, Neron, and Vandal Savage. Following the death of Superman, Ray is recruited into the Justice League for roughly a year of service. During this time, Ray has a brief romance with Black Canary. His tenure with the League takes place as the team was split into different factions, one led by Wonder Woman who consistently deferred to the team's United Nations mandate and the other, more hotheaded Captain Atom. Ray was present when fellow League member Ice was killed by the Overlord, prompting a number of member departures and signifying the end of the League operating closely with the U.N. Ray is then asked to join the ranks of the Justice League Task Force, led by Martian Manhunter. With the Task Force he shared a number of adventures, including repeated tangling with Vandal Savage. Ray eventually began to view fellow Task Force members Gypsy and Triumph as a family and viewed the Martian Manhunter in more of a fatherly role than his actual Dad. This was complicated by Triumph's frequent conflicts for leadership with the Manhunter. Though Ray's own issues (as shown within his solo series which ran concurrently with Task Force) caused him to leave the team he would eventually leave to aid them in their last off-world mission to help the robot L-Ron who was then inhabiting Despero's body. The last adventure of the Justice League Task Force involved their traveling to the center of the Earth and into Skartaris, world of the Warlord. Ray's body was taken over by a mystic and used against the team until he was freed by his friends.


"Freedom Fighters: The Ray"
Season 1 Episodes (2017)

Episode #1.1 - December 8, 2017

The Freedom Fighters, comprised of The Ray, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, Dollman, and Blitzkrieg fight to rescue refugees from the New Reich on Earth-X.

Episode #1.2 - December 8, 2017

Overgirl, Black Arrow and Dark Flash engage in the battle with the Freedom Fighters on Earth-X in an attempt to obtain Red Tornado's neural cortex.

Episode #1.3 - December 8, 2017

The Ray lands on Earth-1 and transfers his powers to his doppelgänger, Ray Terrill.

Episode #1.4 - December 8, 2017

Ray and John learns about Earth-X and discovers his new powers. Meanwhile, Overgirl, Black Arrow and Dark Flash search for the Freedom Fighters and Red Tornado's neural cortex.

Episode #1.5 - December 8, 2017

Ray tests out his newfound powers, while S.T.A.R. Labs detects a breacher in Oklahoma.

Episode #1.6 - December 8, 2017

Ray acts as a superhero on Earth-1. Meanwhile, on Earth-X, Vibe searches for the Ray.

#7 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...

#8 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...

#9 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...

#10 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...

#11 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...

#12 "Untitled" - TBA, 2018

coming soon...


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