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"Doom Patrol" (2019 DCTV Series)

Doom Patrol is an American web television series based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name that premiered on February 15, 2019, on DC Universe. It is a spin-off of Titans, with April Bowlby, Brendan Fraser, and Matt Bomer reprising their roles, as well as Diane Guerrero, Alan Tudyk, Joivan Wade and Timothy Dalton joining the cast. Filming began in Georgia in late August 2018, and the first season is expected to consist of 15 episodes.

Set after the events of Titans, the show follows Cliff Steele / Robotman, Rita Farr / Elasti-Girl, Larry Trainor / Negative Man, Crazy Jane, and Willoughby Kipling as they are called into action by Cyborg when their leader and mentor Dr. Niles Caulder / The Chief is kidnapped by the supernatural super-villain known as Mr. Nobody.


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Doom Patrol Season1 Doom Patrol  
Titans Season1 Cyborg  


"Doom Patrol" Characters & Cast

Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder Chief Joivan Wade as Victor Stone Cyborg Brendan Fraser as Clifford Steele Robotman
Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor Negative Man April Bowlby as Rita Farr Elasti-Girl Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane


"Doom Patrol" Animated Cartoons

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo Young Justice Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  Justice League: The New Frontier  


"Doom Patrol" Comic Books

  DC Comics  
My Greatest Adventure 80 Doom Patrol 13 2002 Doom Patrol 121 RIP
Cyborg Teen Titans Robotman Cliff Steele Doom Patrol Negative Man
Doom Patrol Elasti-Girl Rita Farr Doom Patrol 263 Crazy Jane DoomPatrol 89 Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man Menace
Teen Titans 01 1966 Beast Boy Comic Book Beastboy Ravagers


Doom Patrol Cast
Doom Patrol Bus


The Doom Patrol is a superhero team appearing in publications from DC Comics. The original Doom Patrol first appeared in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963), and was created by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, and artist Bruno Premiani. The Doom Patrol has since appeared in multiple incarnations in comics and adapted to other media. Although not one of the most popular superhero teams, they have never been out of print more than a few years since their introduction.

The first Doom Patrol consisted of super-powered misfits whose "gifts" caused them alienation and trauma. Dubbed the "World's Strangest Heroes" (an epithet conceived by editor Murray Boltinoff), the original team included The Chief (Niles Caulder), Robotman (Cliff Steele), Elasti-Girl (Rita Farr), and Negative Man (Larry Trainor). The team remained the featured characters of My Greatest Adventure, which was soon retitled Doom Patrol from issue #86 (March 1964) onwards. The original series was canceled in 1968 when Drake killed the team off in the final issue, Doom Patrol #121 (September-October 1968). Since then, there have been six Doom Patrol series, with Robotman as the only character to appear in all of them.


Doom Patrol (2019 TV Series)

Following the team's 2018 appearance in Titans, it returned with its own Doom Patrol series on the same DC Universe streaming service in 2019. It was confirmed that the group would include at least Robotman (played by Brendan Fraser), Negative Man (played by Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman (played by April Bowlby), Crazy Jane (played by Diane Guerrero), leader Dr. Niles Caulder (played by Timothy Dalton), and that they would be organized at the behest of Cyborg (Joivan Wade).

  • Joivan Wade as Victor "Vic" Stone / Cyborg: A half-human, half-machine superhero, struggling with his duality, who calls the Doom Patrol into action.
  • Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan as Clifford "Cliff" Steele / Robotman: A member of the Doom Patrol and former NASCAR racer whose brain was transplanted into a robotic body after an accident destroyed his own. Fraser voices the character and appears as Steele in flashbacks, while Shanahan physically portrays Robotman.
  • Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk as Larry Trainor / Negative Man: A member of the Doom Patrol and former pilot, who crashed into negative energy and is now wrapped in bandages from head to toe. Bomer voices the character and appears as Trainor in flashbacks and his present day burnt body, while Zuk physically portrays Negative Man.
  • Diane Guerrero as Kay / Crazy Jane: A member of the Doom Patrol with 64 distinct personalities, each displaying a different super power.
  • April Bowlby as Rita Farr / Elasti-Girl: A member of the Doom Patrol and former actress, who developed the power to stretch, shrink and grow after being exposed to a toxic liquid.
  • Mark Sheppard as Willoughby Kipling, an occult detective, chaos magician and member of the Knights Templar.
  • Alec Mapa as Steve (Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man), a tourist who undergoes Von Fuchs' enhancement procedure and is turned into a mismatched fusion of dinosaur, vegetable and mineral.
  • Timothy Dalton as Niles Caulder / Chief: The leader of the Doom Patrol and a leading doctor in medical science who specializes in finding those in need who are "on the edge of death in need of a miracle". Dalton is listed amongst the main cast but credited as special appearance.
  • Alan Tudyk as Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody: A living shadow able to drain the sanity of others after being experimented on by ex-Nazis in post-war Paraguay.


Titans (2018 TV Series)

Titans is an upcoming American web television series that will air on an unnamed DC Comics digital service, based on the DC Comics team of the same name. Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti created the series, which sees Brenton Thwaites star as Dick Grayson / Robin, the leader of the Titans, alongside Anna Diop, Teagan Croft, and Ryan Potter as Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy, respectively.

A live-action series based on the Teen Titans entered development in September 2014 for the cable channel TNT, with Goldsman and Marc Haimes writing the pilot. The pilot had been ordered by December 2014, but never came to fruition, with TNT announcing in January 2016 it would no longer be moving forward with the project. In April 2017, it was announced that the series was being redeveloped for DC Comics' new direct-to-consumer digital service, with Goldsman, Johns, and Berlanti attached. Brenton Thwaites was cast as Dick Grayson in September 2017. Titans is scheduled to debut in 2018.

  • Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson / Robin: A former circus performer who, after his parents' death, was trained by Batman to fight crime, and later becomes the leader of the Titans in his quest to step out from Batman's shadow.
  • Anna Diop as Koriand'r / Starfire: An alien princess with the ability to shoot energy bolts and fly, who seeks asylum on Earth and comes into contact with the Titans.
  • Teagan Croft as Raven: An empath who is the daughter of a demon, and whose powers are driven by her emotions.
  • Ryan Potter as Garfield "Gar" Logan / Beast Boy: A teen whose shapeshifting powers are the side effects from a drug that cured him of the lethal disease Sakutia.
  • Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall / Hawk: An aggressive, offensive bruiser who fights crime with his partner and girlfriend Dove.
  • Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger / Dove: A strategic, defensive and lithe vigilante who fights crime with her partner and boyfriend Hawk.
  • Lindsey Gort as Amy Rohrbach: A police detective who is the new partner of Dick Grayson.


Cyborg (April 3, 2020)

Cyborg appears in the DC Extended Universe played by Ray Fisher. He first appears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a brief sequence of footage that is viewed by Wonder Woman. The footage depicts Cyborg's origin story. Fisher will reprise the character in the Justice League films, the first set for release on November 17, 2017, its sequel set for June 14, 2019, along with The Flash in 2018 and a Cyborg solo film scheduled for April 3, 2020. Cyborg's look will be 100% CGI.

In April 2014, Ray Fisher was cast as Victor Stone / Cyborg. In October, Warner Bros. announced the character's solo film, titled Cyborg (2020).


"Doom Patrol" Season 1 Episodes (2019)

Episode #1: "Pilot" - February 15, 2019

In Paraguay 1948, third-rate criminal Mr. Morden takes part in an experiment run by former Nazi scientist Heinrich Von Fuchs which transforms him into a metahuman. In Florida 1988, NASCAR driver Clifford Steele is in a car crash, but is saved by Dr. Niles Caulder, who transfers Cliff's brain into a robotic body seven years later. Also living with Caulder are Rita Farr, a 1950s actress who was exposed to a toxin while filming that turned her into plastic, and Larry Trainor, a former United States Air Force test pilot who was exposed to negative energy in the early 1960s. In the present, the group have lived together for many years in "Doom Manor" with Crazy Jane, a young woman with 64 superpowered personalities. Jane convinces the others to go into the nearby town of Cloverton, Ohio while Caulder is away. Rita becomes upset and turns elastic, unintentionally wreaking havoc until Cliff stops her. Caulder urges them to flee with him, as their actions will attract the enemies he has been hiding from. He, Jane, Rita and Larry leave, but they return to help Cliff protect Cloverton. Caulder is confronted by Morden, who opens a vortex in front of the team.

#2 "Donkey Patrol" - February 22, 2019

Morden takes Caulder into the vortex, and Jane follows, after which the vortex devours Cloverton. Realizing the futility of trying to live in the regular world, Rita retires to the Manor to wait for Caulder's return, and Larry tries to leave town, but the negative energy being inside him will not let him. Victor "Vic" Stone, a half-man, half-machine friend of Caulder's who is Detroit's well known superhero Cyborg, sees news footage about the destruction of Cloverton, and travels there to investigate. Morden's donkey spits out Jane. Back at Doom Manor, Cliff is unable to interrogate Jane about her experience because she is cycling through her personalities. As Cliff learns about Jane's condition, Vic triggers one of her violent personalities and she attacks Cliff and Vic. Rita begrudgingly agrees to go into the gateway via the donkey's mouth, and Larry and Vic are sucked in as well. On the other side, Morden tortures them with fantasies to thwart their search for Caulder, but Larry's energy being intervenes and the team, as well as the entire town of Cloverton, are spit back out. Vic's father Silas asks him to come home, but Vic refuses and decides to join the team.

#3 "Puppet Patrol" - March 1, 2019

Vic goads the others into a road trip to Paraguay, hoping that by learning what happened there in 1948 they can find Caulder. While trying to gain some control over the negative energy being, Larry recalls his estrangement from his wife Cheryl and lover John Bowers after his accident. The team discovers that Caulder was present when Von Fuchs changed Morden into Mr. Nobody, and that Von Fuchs is still alive but is killed by one of Jane's personalities. They return to Doom Manor on a jet provided by Silas. At Fuchtopia, a man named Steve undergoes Von Fuchs's enhancement procedure and is transformed into a metahuman.

#4 "Cult Patrol" - March 8, 2019

Occult detective Willoughby Kipling comes to Doom Manor seeking Caulder's assistance to prevent the end of the world. He convinces the team to help him instead. They abduct a tattooed, 18-year-old man named Elliott who is the key to the Cult of the Unwritten Book's attempt to summon the Decreator, an interdimensional entity who will destroy the world. Kipling sends Cliff and Jane to a priest whose stigmata are a gateway to the lost city of Nurnheim, but before Jane can sew the wounds closed, she and Cliff are drawn through the gate and captured. The high priestess of Nurnheim sends otherworldly assassins to retrieve Elliott, and Cyborg, Larry, Kipling, and Rita are unable to stop them. The cult begins the ritual, and a giant glowing eye appears in the sky.

#5 "Paw Patrol" - March 15, 2019

Mr. Nobody releases Caulder from captivity so the two can work together to stop the Decreator. Mr. Nobody travels to 1977 and uses one of Jane's personalities, Dr. Harrison (whose power is persuasion), to create a Cult of the Rewritten Book, which will create a counterpart to Elliot that can oppose the Decreator. Back in the present, Cliff and present day Jane escape Nurnheim with instructions left by Dr. Harrison. Meanwhile, Caulder, Kipling, Vic, and Larry find Elliot's counterpart, a dog, which Kipling uses to summon the Recreator, who brings back everything previously disintegrated by the Decreator. Just before Caulder leaves, Mr. Nobody freezes time and self-destructs Vic's arm cannon. In the past, Caulder rescues Jane from a mental institution in which she was being tortured, and promises to keep her safe. Unbeknownst to Caulder, Mr. Nobody tells Jane to find the Doom Patrol.

#6 "Doom Patrol Patrol" - March 22, 2019

Victor's father Silas arrives to repair him. Jane's investigation leads her, Larry, and Rita to an old superhero team called the Doom Patrol; consisting of Steve Dayton / Mento, a millionaire with psychic powers whom Rita dated in 1955; Arani, a woman with elemental control of fire and ice who claims to be Caulder's wife; Rhea, a woman with electromagnetic abilities; and Joshua Clay, a man who fires kinetic energy blasts. The current team learns that Caulder assembled and led the original Doom Patrol, but they disbanded after being defeated by Mr. Nobody. Steve, Arani, and Rhea are also revealed to be old and mentally ill, with Joshua as their caretaker. A medicated Steve has projected an illusion that they are young and running a school for super-powered children. He subjects Jane, Larry, and Rita to delusions of painful events from their pasts before Rita is able to calm him down. Meanwhile, back at Doom Manor, Vic hacks into Cliff's daughter's social media account for him after Cliff discovers that she survived the crash that destroyed his body and killed his wife.

#7 "Therapy Patrol" - March 29, 2019

The team struggles with their personal demons. Rita struggles to figure out her true identity. Larry's energy spirit forces him to revisit his affair with John. Vic discovers that online dating is difficult for Cyborg. Jane struggles to connect with her personalities. Cliff confronts his daughter's adoptive father Bump, only to realize the scenario is a hallucination. Cliff decides the team needs a group therapy session, and they reluctantly begin to share in turn: Rita is having an identity crisis, Larry is lonely and laments pushing John away after the accident, and Vic blames himself for his mother's death. Cliff and Jane hurt each other's feelings, and Cliff has a breakdown caused by Admiral Whiskers, a rat convinced by Mr. Nobody to seek revenge against the team, who caused his mother's death.

#8 "Danny Patrol" - April 5, 2019

Cliff and Rita seek out Jane, who is under the control of Karen, a perky but unstable personality with the power to make people love her. In their search for Caulder, Larry and Vic come across a sentient, genderqueer, teleporting street named Danny the Street, which is being hunted by the Bureau of Normalcy. Larry remembers his own experience with the Bureau, which experimented on him in the 1960s after his accident and gave him the first glimpse of his negative energy spirit. Former Bureau agent Morris Wilson has become a drag queen named Maura Lee Karupt who helps keep Danny going by sustaining a party atmosphere. She faces off with her former partner, Agent Darren Johnson, to stop the Bureau's persecution of Danny. Jane and Karen fight for control of her mind, but soon Jane snaps, leaving her catatonic while her consciousness is dragged into the Underground.

#9 "Jane Patrol" - April 12, 2019

A catatonic Crazy Jane is confronted by her many other personalities in the Underground, who want her to restore order and resume being the dominant personality. With the help of Driver 8, Jane chooses to remain catatonic and try to figure out what is wrong with her. Back in Doom Manor, the team argues about how to help Jane until Larry's negative spirit sends Cliff's consciousness into the Underground. He is soon subdued by two of Jane's aggressive personalities, Hammerhead and Driller Bill, and locked in a cell next to Karen. She is let go, and Penny Farthing leads Cliff through Jane's memories. Cliff and Jane face her biggest fear, revealed to be Jane's abusive father, who appears as a giant monster made of puzzle pieces. Jane's cathartic rage destroys him, and she and Cliff leave the Underground. Jane awakens in Doom Manor.

#10 "Hair Patrol" - April 19, 2019

The Bureau of Normalcy tasks The Beard Hunter to locate Caulder. In 1913, Caulder and his partner Alistair are investigating a strange creature for The Bureau of Oddities. Alistair is seemingly killed by wolves. Caulder breaks his leg while fleeing, and is rescued by a primitive woman named Slava. Caulder falls in love with her, and discovers that she is immortal and controls the creature. Caulder stays with Slava for years, but Alistair reappears and says that the Bureau of Oddities is now the Bureau of Normalcy, with the new mission of killing any oddities they find, including Slava. Caulder kills Alistair to save Slava, and returns to the Bureau claiming she does not exist. In the present, Mr. Nobody offers Caulder the chance to save the team and be released if he reveals Slava's location, but Caulder adamantly refuses. The Beard Hunter infiltrates Doom Manor and consumes some of Caulder's facial hair from the sink drain as means to track him. Vic and Rita find and interrogate him, but he is able to get free and overpower Vic. Later, The Beard Hunter tracks down an effigy of Caulder, and Slava's creature appears and attacks him.

#11 "Frances Patrol" - April 26, 2019

The team faces their shortcomings. Jane laments that they are unable to save Caulder. Cliff, accompanied by Rita, arrives at Bump's memorial service to reconnect with his daughter Clara. There, Cliff realizes how important Clara's adoptive father had been to her while he was gone and decides to affirm his love by retrieving a watch, treasured by Clara, from Frances, the massive alligator that killed Bump. Larry and John revisit their love affair through a shared dreamscape, as the negative spirit pushes Larry to reconcile with an aged John in the real world. Vic worries about his cybernetics' operating system Grid, over which he seems to be losing control as the cybernetics are slowly expanding throughout his body. Following the clue previously left behind by Danny the Street, Vic and Jane pursue a man called the "Hero of the Beach" who goes by the name of Flex Mentallo. Vic is captured by the Bureau of Normalcy during the search.

#12 "Cyborg Patrol" - May 3, 2019

Silas arrives looking for a missing Cyborg, who the team soon realizes has been taken by the Bureau of Normalcy. Determining that Vic is being held at the Ant Farm, Silas devises a plan to rescue him, and enlists the others to help. At the facility, Vic is tortured and Grid reboots twice, further disorienting him. Silas and the team infiltrate the Ant Farm with Jane and Larry posing as agents of the Bureau bringing in Cliff as a prisoner. Darren and his team surround and subdue the team with specialized weapons, Silas having tipped them off in exchange for access to his son. Vic is furious at what Silas has done, but Silas's "betrayal" is part of the rescue plan. Rita, who has been hiding in her elastic form inside Cliff, sets him and then Larry free. Karen emerges in Jane, and uses her power to escape before Jane reemerges. They free all of the Bureau's other prisoners, creating enough chaos for them to flee. Silas and a confused Vic argue, and Vic beats his father senseless. Mr. Nobody appears, having orchestrated Grid's reboots, and taunts Vic that he has just killed his own father.

#13 "Flex Patrol" - May 10, 2019

The team returns home with Flex Mentallo, who is suffering from memory loss. Silas is alive but in critical condition. In 1964, Flex is captured by the Bureau of Normalcy. Larry has a chance to help him escape, but is too afraid of the consequences. Flex is continually tortured but resists cooperating, until the Bureau threatens to harm his wife. In the present, Cliff, Jane, and Larry try to restore Flex' memories and abilities, eventually deciding to reunite Flex and his wife. When Dolores disintegrates in front of him during their reunion, Flex unleashes his powers in his agony, causing an electrical outage over a large region. Rita deals with her guilt over the suicide of a young actress who conceived a baby with a film producer after Rita arranged their meeting, and was left alone to care for it. With Rita's support, Cyborg decides to reinstall Grid, stay with his injured father, and leave the team. Larry decides to give a new chance at life to the negative spirit and releases it, but he is left slowly dying in the process. The negative spirit, however, returns to Larry. Mr. Nobody acknowledges that the team is ready to face him.

#14 "Penultimate Patrol" - May 17, 2019

In 1946, Morden's girlfriend Millie leaves him after he is fired from the Brotherhood of Evil, calling him a nobody. In the present, the team's search for the Beard Hunter brings them to Danny the Street. Though afraid of Mr. Nobody, Danny reveals that Caulder is being held in a dimension called "the White Space". Vic apologizes to a recovering Silas for his attack, but Silas confesses that he altered Vic’s memories of his accident. Vic's mother also survived the explosion, but Silas could only save one of them, and chose Vic. Flex transports the team to the White Space, where they each find themselves reliving the day their respective tragedies occur. Mr. Nobody offers to let them live out their lives differently if they give up their search for Caulder. They refuse, and Vic shows up and atomizes the villain. A year later, the team has become the next Doom Patrol, but they are caught in a time loop in which they keep dying. Mr. Nobody reveals this to be an illusion, and that they are all still in the White Space. He coerces Caulder to reveal the secret that Caulder is responsible for all of the team’s tragedies.

#15 "Ezekiel Patrol" - May 24, 2019

Caulder recalls the events that led to the creation of each of the Doom Patrol members. The team goes their separate ways and attempt to integrate into society, but are summoned to Doom Manor by Danny, who has been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody. Caulder reveals why he did what he did: he was desperately searching for the means to extend his own life so that he might protect his troubled, superpowered daughter as long as possible. The team steps through a painting to rescue Danny and Caulder's daughter, who has enlarged Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers. The two creatures have forced Mr. Nobody out and are on a rampage. The team executes Vic's plan: Rita convinces Mr. Nobody to continue his narration, which exerts control over Ezekiel and Whiskers, and the team allow themselves to be devoured by Ezekiel. Larry unleashes a nuclear blast, killing Whiskers, trapping Mr. Nobody and the Beard Hunter in the painting and reducing Danny from a street to a brick, but the others are protected by being inside Ezekiel. Back at Doom Manor, Vic slices open Ezekiel's abdomen and they step out, including Caulder's daughter, Dorothy Spinner.




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