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Black Lightning is an upcoming American television series that will air on The CW, based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil created the series, which stars Cress Williams as the titular character alongside China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, James Remar, Damon Gupton, and Marvin "Krondon" Jones III. The series sees the retired Black Lightning return to the hero life and its effects on his family life.

Development on the series began in September 2016 when Fox ordered a pilot production commitment for Black Lightning. In February 2017, Fox passed on the series, with it being picked up by The CW with a new script for the pilot. The CW officially ordered the series in May 2017. Black Lightning premiered on January 16, 2018, for a 13-episode run.

The CW renewed Black Lighting for a second season!


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Black Lightning Comic Books

Black Lightning Black Lightning Comic Black Lightning Cartoon
Black Lightning CW Series

Black Lightning is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Tony Isabella and artist Trevor Von Eeden, first appearing in Black Lightning #1 (April 1977) during the Bronze Age of Comic Books. He is a member of a fictional subspecies of humans born with superhuman abilities known as metahumans in the DC Universe. Born Jefferson Pierce, he grew up in the disreputable Southside section of Metropolis known as Suicide Slum. Returning to his hometown after an extended leave due to tragedy, Pierce becomes the principal at Garfield High School. Having supressed his abilities since adolescence, he adopts his new alias and persona to combat the criminals and corrupt leadership in the area while protecting his loved ones from harm. He is capable of electrical manipulation and generation. Black Lightning is one of the first major African American superheroes in all of comics and the first to star in their own series for the DC imprint.

Black Lightning Live-Action TV SeriesTony Isabella, an experienced writer having done work for the Luke Cage character at Marvel Comics, was signed on to develop DC's first starring black character. He pitched the idea for Black Lightning and it was developed though one single issue was released before the series was cancelled during the infamous DC Implosion. However, the character continued to make appearances in other titles over the years, including a Justice League of America storyline in which Pierce is offered but turns down a position with the group. He does later become one of the founding members of the Batman-helmed Outsiders superhero team.

Pierce has 2 daughters with his former wife who are also metahumans. His eldest daughter Anissa, known as Thunder, can increase the denseness of her physique rendering her almost indestructable and create shockwaves when stomping the ground. Pierce's younger child Jennifer, also a superhero known as Lightning, has powers almost identical to her father though she is still inexperienced and not in full control of them. A common misconception is that Pierce is the father of fellow superhero Static, who debuted much later and possesses similar abilities. Pierce addresses this coincidence in a Justice League narrative.

Along with his presence in comics, Black Lightning has made various appearances in DC-related animated television series, video games and comic strips. The character will be portrayed in live action for the first time by Cress Williams for the self-titled upcoming 2018 television series Black Lightning, a production of The CW network. In 2011, he was ranked 85th overall on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Books Heroes" list.


Justice League of America

Years ago, Green Arrow brought Black Lightning to the attention of the Justice League of America, who extended an offer of membership to the protector of Suicide Slum. He turned down the offer, preferring to work as a loner and focus on street-level crime, though he did offer to become a reservist. Years later, when all of the JLA reservists were called in to fight a newly revived Amazo, Black Lighting was one of the heroes called, confirming that the League had accepted his offer. Most recently, however, Black Lightning has joined the JLA, once again appearing with a modified costume. He appears to be primarily based in Washington, D.C. again. Black Lightning assists the JLA with intelligence gathered from the criminal community. Many super villains still believe he is 'in' with Lex Luthor and are willing to cooperate. Jefferson also helps the team in a battle against Amazo. He was the first member of the League to respond to the recent attacks made by the Amazons of Themyscira, and he also saved the President of the United States in this event.

Black Lightning was the focus of the one-shot Final Crisis: Submit, in which he helped the new Tattooed Man and his family escape at the cost of his own freedom. He is subsequently shown in issue 4 of Final Crisis under Darkseid's thrall.


Black Lightning (2017- TV Series)

Jefferson Pierce, who retired from his superhero persona Black Lightning 9 years ago after seeing the effects it had on his family, is forced to become a hero again when the rise of the local gang The One Hundred leads to increased crime and corruption in his community.

  • Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce / Black Lightning: A retired superhero with the ability to harness and control electricity who becomes a principal at a charter high school. He returns to fighting crime thanks to his daughter and the threat of a star student being recruited by a local gang.
  • China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce: Jefferson's younger daughter who is "an independent, outspoken scholar-athlete with a wild streak of her own."
  • Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce: Jefferson's older daughter who is in medical school and teaches part-time at Jefferson's school.
  • Christine Adams as Lynn Pierce: Jefferson's ex-wife.
  • James Remar as Peter Gambi: Jefferson's oldest friend, who became a father figure and mentor to him, and works as his "tailor".
  • Damon Gupton as Henderson: A veteran detective inspector with the police, who becomes an unlikely ally to Jefferson, despite his role in the community.
  • Marvin "Krondon" Jones III as Tobias Whale: A former politician who rose through the ranks of local government through corruption but was brought down by Alvin Pierce, Jefferson's father. After killing Alvin, Tobias was exiled, only to become the leader of The 100 gang.
  • Kyanna Simone Simpson as Kiesha: Jennifer Pierce's best friend and the daughter of Henderson, who encourages Jennifer to challenge her perfect image.
  • Edwina Findley as Tori Whale: Tobias Whale's younger sister.
  • Chantal Thuy as Grace Choi: A bartender who becomes the love interest of Anissa.
  • Jill Scott as Lady Eve: The owner of a funeral parlor who connects Tobias Whale with a secret group of corrupt leaders.


"Black Lightning"
Season 1 Episodes (2018)

Despite airing on The CW and being created by Berlanti, Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW said in May 2017 that the series "at this time, is not part of the Arrowverse. It is a separate situation." Berlanti had previously stated when the series was in development at Fox that it would not crossover with his other DC Comics television properties on The CW nor would it exist in the Arrowverse. However, Akil later stated that they were not ruling out eventual crossovers. In August 2017, Pedowitz added, "If [the showrunners] wish to bring it in, that is their call. We had a long discussion with the studio, Mara, Salim and myself. We were fine with them making it separate from the Arrowverse, they have a different point of view. If they end up wanting to go that way, that will be their decision."

Episode #1: "The Resurrection"
January 16, 2018

After his older daughter Anissa is arrested for protesting, high school principal and former superhero Jefferson Pierce is again pulled over for a crime he did not commit due to racial tension is prevalent in his community. The last straw comes when his youngest daughter, Jennifer, gets in trouble at a club owned by a gang called the 100, and he is forced to use his powers to rescue her. Gambi, his mentor and friend, urges him to become Black Lightning again, but Jefferson refuses to break the promise he made to his ex-wife Lynn to give up heroics in hopes of reconciling with her. A 100 gangbanger, Will, and his friends abduct Jennifer and Anissa from school despite an agreement between Jefferson and the gang, and Lynn frees him from his promise. With Gambi's help, he saves the girls but is unable to find Will's boss, Lala. After being brought to the head of the 100, Tobias Whale, by his two underlings, Lala is instructed to kill Black Lightning. Anissa's trauma activates her own powers, causing her to break a sink in half.

#2 "Lawanda: The Book of Hope"
January 23, 2018

Jefferson assures Lynn that he is giving up his Black Lightning identity for good. However, he learns that not only are the 100 still running prostitutes at the Seahorse Motel, his daughters are being targeted as witnesses. Jefferson asks Gambi to help him find Lala by hacking the police's database. Anissa's girlfriend offers to get her a therapist. Will escapes police custody, but is captured and executed by Lala for his mess-up. When a former student of Jefferson's named Lawanda tries to free her daughter from the grip of the 100, he promises to help her. Lawanda is shot dead when she confronts Lala at the Seahorse Motel. Blaming himself for her death, Jefferson throws aside his concerns and prepares to go after the 100. Lynn visits Gambi and asks him to convince her husband otherwise, but he refuses. Using information from Will's recovered phone, Jefferson suits up and storms the hotel where Lala is hiding, beating him severely just before the police arrive to arrest him. While out shopping, Anissa subdues a robber with her powers. Using his connections in the police department after the Seahorse Motel was shut down, Tobias gets access to Lala's cell and strangles him with only one hand.

#3 "Lawanda: The Book of Burial"
January 30, 2018

Following Lawanda's death, Freeland's local reverend named Reverend Holt plans to orchestrate a peace march in light of the 100's crime waves much to the dismay of Jefferson Pierce and Inspector Henderson. As Anissa meets Grace Choi and still works out the limits to the abilities that she developed, Tobias Whale has an talk with Lady Eve and later instructs one of his minions to commit a massacre at the peace march as a way to rise to the ranks and make up for the late Lala's repeated failure. In order to protect the peace marchers even when members of his family will be in it, Black Lightning tests his new gear in a training sequence to keep the peace marchers from being killed. Though Black Lightning succeeds in stopping the assailant, Tobias Whale was nearby as Syonide shoots Reverend Holt. The bullet goes through Reverend Holt and hits Khalil. At the hospital, Jefferson sees the mixed news about the opinions of Black Lightning from the peace marchers and Inspector Henderson. At the tailor shop, Peter deletes evidence that Tobias was the one responsible for the reverend and Khalil being shot. Back at the hospital, Lynn talks to Anissa about her lack of being around and that she will always be there if she needs to talk about everything that's been going on. Jefferson and Jennifer tell them that Reverend Holt is doing well and that Khalil was shot in the spine meaning that he won't walk again. As Jefferson embraces his family, he continues to see the news about Black Lightning as other peace marchers praise his heroic actions.

#4 "Black Jesus" - February 6, 2018

One of Jefferson's students, Bernard, almost overdoses on a new strength-enhancing street drug, Green Light. Jefferson is forced to use his powers to knock him out. The school board wants Bernard expelled but lets him stay when Jefferson cedes final authority over student matters to the board. Gambi and Jefferson track Green Light to a mid-level dealer named Two Bits, an old friend of Jefferson's. When he dismisses Jefferson, Black Lightning gets him to reveal the location of a warehouse. Anissa and Grace are confronted outside a bar and Anissa uses her strength on the two thugs. Gambi erases the security footage, but keeps a photo of Anissa's footprint. Black Lightning saves Bernard from a drug den and Jefferson puts him in rehab. Jenifer quits track to focus on supporting Khalil. Lady Eve gets impatient with Tobias, who entered the criminal world after being forced out of city council for supposedly killing Black Lightning. Tobias has Joey Toledo murder the morgue doctor who told him Black Lighting was dead. Tobias' sister Toni arrives and proposes turning the people against Black Lightning. Tobias visits Khalil where he pays his medical bills and tells him it's Black Lightning's fault that he'll never walk again.

#5 "And Then the Devil Brought the Plague:
The Book of Green Light" - February 13, 2018

Gambi alters Black Lightning's suit for flight. Jefferson experiences severe headaches. Tobias pays Gambi a visit, looking for the identity of Black Lightning but Gambi says he doesn't know; and that Tobias is breaking their deal by coming to him. Tracking Green Light, Black Lightning finds out it is coming from Joey Toledo. Jennifer defends herself against two girls at a skating rink. One girl's family is furious. While Jefferson and Lynn take responsibility upon being confronted by the family, they are impressed. Toni says Tobias needs to finally deal with their abusive father, Eldridge. Now an old man, Tobias breaks his father's back and convinces Toni to let him die. Anissa discovers that, decades ago, her grandfather, reporter Alvin Pierce, had a story on the disappearance of nine enhanced teenagers. The newspaper wouldn't print the story and Alvin was murdered a week later. Anissa visits the paper's editor who says "they" are still watching. Nevertheless, he gives her some files and Anissa suits up to explore a storage unit after putting together a costume from different clothes she purchases. On a tip from Inspector Henderson, Black Lightning confronts Toledo, but his headaches incapacitate him. This allows Toledo to escape as he vows to Black Lightning that Tobias Whale will kill him.

#6 "Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder"
February 27, 2018

Peter picks up Black Lightning before the police can find him and informs Lynn what happened.. The next day, Jefferson deals with two different issues: Anissa getting in trouble with the police for getting involved with vandalism of a statue of someone which was offensive to the black people and Vice-Principal Fowdy showing cyber-bullying videos about Jennifer. Lynn compares the brain scans of those on Green Light and Black Lightning. While Black Lightning prepares for a confrontation with Tobias Whale upon tracking his doctor, Anissa uses her powers to destroy the statue after someone is killed over it. Afterwards, Anissa contacts her mother to let her know about her current condition. Due to an attack at the hospital, Black Lightning cancels his planned attack on Tobias Whale. Anissa shows up and fights off the two attackers; though Black Lightning battles her, thinking she attacked Lynn. After injuring her and realizing it is Anissa, Lynn and Jefferson call Peter. Peter visits Lady Eve having trained her in the past, and made a deal with her to keep the Pierce family off-limits to The 100; who want to stop Lynn's research. Meanwhile, Khalil takes up Tobias Whale on his offer as he and Syonide tell him that they have a way that he can walk again. Back at their home, Anissa regains consciousness and discovers that her father is Black Lightning.

#7 "Equinox: The Book of Fate" - March 6, 2018

Since the discovery of Anissa having developed metahuman powers, Lynn examines Anissa while Peter Gambi comes clean to Jefferson about not telling him that Tobias Whale is back in town. Investigating the break-in at the hospital, Inspector Henderson gets the description of the criminals responsible and thinks the 100 is behind this though the two thieves are killed. After visiting Lady Eve about Tobias Whale, a disguised Gambi enters Tobias's club and kills Toledo to make Tobias fall in line. Lynn asks Gambi to make a suit for Anissa. At a club that Tobias is attending, Black Lightning fights him and his henchmen which results in Tobias getting wounded and Tori accidentally getting killed by a stray bullet. During this time, Tobias Whale's henchmen use special electrical guns to kill Lady Eve and her minions. After a talk with Anissa, Black Lightning gets a call from Henderson believing he killed Lady Eve. In the final scene, Lala is in a hotel room as he is brought back to life with Lawanda's head tattooed on his chest.

#8 "Revelations" - March 13, 2018

Two henchmen are surprised to see Lala back from the dead; while Lawanda talks to him encouraging violence and seducing him. Peter Gambi meets with A.S.A. member Martin Proctor whom wants Black Lightning dead as a threat to the Freeland experiment. Examining Lady Eve's body, Jefferson and Anissa trace the weapon's radiation; finding it and the body of Lady Eve's killer. Meanwhile, Jennifer is startled at school, causing her to unlock her own electrical powers. After calling Henderson, Jefferson and Anissa hide nearby when they see someone coming close. While Jefferson sneaks up on the person, Anissa sees that it is about to explode and activates her powers to shield her father. Jefferson suspects The 100 intercepted his call to Henderson. Lynn finds that Greenlight was similar to a vaccine that was found in Alvin Pierce's locker from 30 years ago. Gambi admits that his real name is Peter Esposito and that he withheld some things to protect Jefferson and his family from the A.S.A. who made the vaccine and hunt metahumans. Jefferson warns Peter to stay away from his family. In the final scene, Jennifer confides in Anissa about her electrical powers.

#9 "Little Black Lies" - March 20, 2018

Anissa reveals her own powers and the fact their father is Black Lightning to Jennifer; and she feels lied to by her parents all her life. Three separate investigations of Inspector Henderson into the corrupt police officers, Peter into the electrical weapons, and Jefferson and Anissa into Green Light from Alvin's research all lead to the same lab where the drug is currently being manufactured. Peter gives Anissa her costume as Thunder and says he made a mistake in keeping secrets, but he was just trying to protect the ones he loves. With help from her mother, Jennifer is able to see why her parents lied but doesn't want to save the world, mourning her loss of her chance at a normal life. Black Lightning and Thunder attack the Green Light lab together and Inspector Henderson is able to make a few arrests before they blow it up. ASA agents attack with weapons to disable Black Lightning's powers, but Thunder saves him. At home, Jennifer is able to forgive her father who promises to be honest with her from now on.

#10 "Sins of the Father:
The Book of Redemption" - March 27, 2018

Thunder investigates Peter's tip about the kids from 30 years ago and finds they are still alive. When she brings Black Lightning to the lab, it's empty and they fight off ASA agents again. Two Bits sees one of Jefferson's students display powers and get kidnapped, telling Jefferson. Meanwhile, Lala begins seeing Will, now also tattooed on his chest, as a ghost while taking over The 100 to sell traditional drugs again while planning revenge on Tobias Whale. He even displayed increased strength on anyone who disagrees with the plan. Anissa and Jennifer argue about powers again causing Jennifer's whole body to flare up with electricity. Lynn finds that while their father is like a battery manipulating electricity, Jennifer can generate it. Martin Proctor and the A.S.A. kidnap and torture Peter, demanding Black Lightning's identity. Under orders of Martin, two A.S.A. agents take Jefferson away while he mentors a child to get Peter to talk. Jefferson uses his powers, allowing Peter to kill two A.S.A. agents. Peter begins healing in his basement base and the Pierce family hides in Alvin's old house. Peter tells Jefferson to find the new A.S.A. spotter in the community that finds kids with powers. At the new location of the stasis pods holding the kids, Martin has realized that Jefferson is Black Lightning after putting two and two together and informs Vice-Principal Fowdy about it as she is revealed to be the A.S.A.'s new spotter.

#11 "Black Jesus: The Book of Crucifixion"
April 3, 2018

Black Lightning and Thunder raid another location and find that the bodies have been moved again. Vice-Principal Kara Fowdy tells a scientist to keep an eye on the stasis pods stable, but one teenager from 30 years ago dies. From the shadows, Fowdy instructs Deputy Chief Cayman to have Jefferson framed for possession of Greenlight. In an online discussion with her bosses, Fowdy is told that the federal agents will take Jefferson to the black site to determine if he is Black Lightning. While Lynn tries to find a lawyer that can defend Jefferson, Henderson visits Jefferson's cell, as he acts out an interrogation with Jefferson by talking about why his daughters were kidnapped by Lala. Thanks to Peter, Thunder runs after his remote-controlled car using a hologram of Black Lightning; to fool everyone into believing Jefferson cannot be Black Lightning. Henderson is able to catch one of the corrupt officers and convinces him to snitch on the rest. Henderson has Jefferson released and Cayman is arrested for his corruption. Jefferson has been exonerated and Henderson has been sworn in as the new Deputy Chief of Police. Peter joins the Pierce family for dinner to celebrate Jefferson's exoneration.

#12 "The Resurrection and the Light:
The Book of Pain" - April 10, 2018

Khalil resurfaces where he now has a spinal implant that makes him walk again. Peter Gambi confronts a weapon maker for information about Martin Proctor. While the weapon maker finds the information, he is confronted by Lala, who acted strange after hearing the phrase "The devil deals the cards." Meanwhile, Lynn works to help Jennifer with her condition. Under orders of Tobias Whale, Khalil as Painkiller, attacks Jefferson High using paralysis needles based from a toxin his implant now creates; to draw out Black Lightning so that they can find out who he is. When Black Lightning confronts Khalil, Tobias joins the fight. As Jennifer works to get control of her abilities, Thunder faces off against Syonide where she manages to get a cut in Syonide's left arm under her internal body armor. As Tobias restrains Black Lightning, Khalil does a strike that accidentally stops Black Lightning's heart. Tobias reprimands Khalil for that action. When Thunder appears, Syonide covers their escape as Jennifer builds up enough energy to resuscitate Black Lightning. Falling back to a cabin in the woods at North Freeland, Peter cloaks them from tracking. Following the incident at the school, Martin Proctor tells Kara Fowdy to find Black Lightning even if she has to burn Freeland to do it. Meanwhile, Lala is brought to Tobias Whale by Syonide, who is unsurprised to see Lala alive. Using the phrase, Tobias is able to control Lala and plans on taking out Martin Proctor next.

#13 "Shadow of Death: The Book of War"
April 17, 2018

Near death in New Freeland, Jefferson remembers and speaks with his father Alvin, who motivates him to wake up, though his powers are gone. With the pods from thirty years ago dying, Martin Proctor demands Lala be brought to him for information on Tobias. Tobias had Lala revived and placed under his control. The tattoos are a side effect of the reanimation process to remind Lala of the ones he's killed. Tobias nicknames him Tattoo Man. He sends him with a bomb inside his stomach to the A.S.A. which kills a few agents. Tattoo Man's fate is unclear. As Proctor sends agents to the cabin, Inspector Henderson gets word and the police pursue. Jennifer is able to use her powers to restore her father's. The entire Pierce family and Peter are able to defeat the A.S.A. agents and avoid the police. Meanwhile, Tobias, Syonide and Painkiller attack the ASA headquarters and only Martin is able to escape. He goes to the pods where the Pierce family confronts him and Peter realizes he is running a rogue operation as Gambi kills him while the scientist watching them states their current condition. Lynn has the pods exposed to the media and the public recognizes Black lightning and Thunder as having stopped the A.S.A.'s experiments. As the Pierce family vows to protect Freeland, Tobias opens Martin's briefcase using Martin's thumbs that Syonide obtains from Tobias' ally at the coroner's office. This gives him something he needs to be Freeland's king and to take out Black Lightning.



"Black Lightning"
Season 2 Episodes (2018-2019)

The season was ordered in April 2018 and production began that June. Cress Williams stars as Jefferson, along with principal cast members China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Marvin "Krondon" Jones III, Christine Adams, Damon Gupton, and James Remar also returning from the previous season, while Jordan Calloway was promoted to the principal cast from his recurring status in season one.

Episode #1: "The Book of Consequences:
Chapter One: Rise of the Green Light Babies"
October 9, 2018

Garfield High is shut down pending the school board's investigation into Jefferson's whereabouts during the assault. Meanwhile, Lynn is questioned by the new head of the ASA, who realizes that she's lying about not knowing what happened to Proctor or his team. Syonide confronts Kara Fowdy regarding Tobias' briefcase, only to end up dying by her hand. Kara makes a deal with Gambi to bring him the briefcase in exchange for her safe passage out of the life. Deputy Chief Henderson summons Black Lightning and informs him that he knows his identity. Jefferson removes his mask and Henderson leaves feeling betrayed. Families of the Green Light babies learn they must sue the government in order to see their loved ones. Jefferson tries to convince Anissa to let the system work, but Anissa decides to help the families by stealing money from drug dealers and giving it to the families for their legal fees. Jennifer's powers begin acting out and Lynn suggests to Jefferson that they both see a therapist. As Kara searches for the briefcase, Tobias harpoons her for killing Syonide, but Kara escapes through a window. Instead of letting the school close down, Jefferson decides to resign as principal.

#2 "The Book of Consequences:
Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues"
October 16, 2018

A freed pod child kills an ASA scientist, as well as himself with his electrokinetic powers. When another pod is opened, Lynn and the other scientists try to keep the frightened girl calm, but she uses her aerokinetic powers to escape. Lynn tells Jefferson, and Gambi reveals that her name is Wendy Hernandez. Lynn takes in Issa Williams, a young metahuman who was killed by police and subsequently rejected by his loved ones following his resurrection. When the Pierces start snapping at each other, they realize that Issa's powers force people reveal their darkest thoughts. Khalil visits Jennifer, who pushes him off the roof. Black Lightning confronts Wendy without Thunder, whom he feels isn't being humble, but is forced to shock her out of a psychotic episode. With everyone she knew 30 years ago long gone, Wendy opts to go back into the pod until Lynn can find a cure for the metagene. Faced with the same choice, Issa instead decides to live for however long he has left. Jefferson officially resigns as principal, but tells his students that he will remain a teacher, with the students chanting his mantras in support.

#3 "The Book of Consequences:
Chapter Three: Master Lowry"
October 23, 2018

Black Lightning helps the police stop a Green Light victim who developed super-strength. Afterwards, Jefferson and Gambi discover that the security footage didn't pick up Tobias Whale or Syonide as Jefferson plans to get some information from Painkiller. After seeing metal detectors set up at Garfield High, Jefferson meets the new principal, Lowry. Jennifer begins psychic therapy with Gambi's old contact, Perenna. At the persuasion of Agent Odell, Lynn enlists convicted criminal scientist Dr. Helga Jace to help with the pods. When the police find the burnt remains of Detective Summers and his car, Henderson has Jefferson look in on it as Black Lightning. In light of Syonide's death, Tobias forces Painkiller to work harder to fill the void. After looking into the arson case, Black Lightning informs Henderson that the culprit was hired by Tobias Whale. Gambi assists Anissa on a raid of a building owned by Zlovic to save a church-sponsored clinic from being shut down and Gambi finds Kara Fowdy badly wounded. While Black Lightning tries to reason with Painkiller, Tobias visits his sister's crypt, where Henderson arrests him. Henderson visits Jefferson to notify him that Tobias Whale has finally been apprehended.

#4 "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four:
Translucent Freak" - October 30, 2018

During her therapy session with Perenna, Jennifer has a vision of fighting Painkiller, and later meets with Khalil in person. Henderson interrogates Tobias while Gambi advises a wounded Fowdy to come forward with what she knows about Tobias' briefcase. Jefferson confronts Anissa after hearing about what she was doing for the clinic from Gambi, and Anissa decides to move out. Jefferson breaks up a fight between two students, but Principal Lowry expels the one that started it and suspends the other; causing a disagreement between them. Smuggled in by Tobias' lawyer, Steven Connors meets with Tobias and they come up with a plan to bomb the clinic. A cryokinetic pod child suddenly dies under Lynn and Dr. Jace's watch. While Black Lightning and Thunder reduce the bomb explosions, Gambi confronts the woman who planted them in a fight, but she gets away. The next day, ADA Mendez asks Jefferson about his experience of the day Alvin Pierce died. Before dying of her wounds, Fowdy gives her phone to Gambi. As Tobias is released from police custody, Jefferson and Lynn opt to have Jennifer home-schooled. Tobias tells the 100 "I'm back" as they celebrate this victory.

#5 "The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem"
November 13, 2018

Gambi is driven off the road and apparently killed. A grieving Jefferson, refusing to believe he's dead, starts investigating who attacked him. Anissa takes a job at the clinic at Reverend Holt's suggestion and becomes entangled in a conspiracy surrounding one of her patients; a pregnant young woman named Anaya. Tobias starts using the contents of the briefcase to his advantage, bringing city councilman Kwame Parker under his control, as he was previously assisted by Martin Proctor. After a night with Anissa, Grace starts to develop spots on her skin. Councilman Parker holds a press conference to say that the clinic has received an anonymous donor, but is forced to dodge questions about the source being Tobias. Anaya's boyfriend Deacon collapses at the clinic, begging Anissa to save the unborn child before dying and emitting a metal-like substance. Later on, Tobias has dinner with Painkiller, as he now considers him the only family he has left. Lynn believes she's found a way to save the pod children, but is double-crossed by Dr. Jace, leading to the deaths of 14 patients. After talking to her father, Anissa heads to South Freeland where she runs into its sheriff, but leaves after seeing something crawling under his skin.

#6 "The Book of Blood: Chapter Two: The Perdi"
November 20, 2018

Gambi is revealed to be alive, albeit in hiding, as he kills one of his attackers. Lynn shares the news of the deceased pod children to their angry families. In South Freeland, Anissa meets Anaya and her family, and learns they're of the Perdi, a group of black people that live in the woods of South Freeland. The other residents are the Sange, white people who are under the control of Looker via her Element. Anaya gives birth to twins: one black and one white. After Councilman Parker is unable to get Reverend Holt to relocate his clinic, Tobias sends Painkiller to take out Holt, though he doesn’t go through with it. Tobias also reveals to Khalil that he was the one who paralyzed him. Khalil visits Jennifer, suggesting this could be their last meeting. Painkiller attacks Tobias, but is overpowered. When the Sange attack the Perdi, Black Lightning helps fight them off. As Anaya gets away with Anissa and one of her babies, Black Lightning follows the Element hoping to find Looker and the other baby. At Looker's home, her attempts to remove the substance from the baby she's taken fail.

#7 "The Book of Blood: Chapter Three:
The Sange" - November 27, 2018

Black Lightning continues to follow the Element to Looker's lair, only to be captured. After getting a vision from the Element in Anissa's possession, Looker leads a small group of Sange to retrieve the baby; leaving Black Lightning to fend off his captors and rescue the baby they took. After a talk with Perenna, Jennifer decides to speak to Khalil, who's currently on the run after Tobias learns he still hasn't killed Holt. As Looker and her gang arrive, Black Lightning and Thunder fight them off, with the latter wounding Looker to the point where she "bleeds" the Element in her body; freeing the Sange from her control. Jefferson later tracks Gambi to a hotel, where he learns he faked his death to spare the Pierce Family from whoever's after him. After Jennifer saves Painkiller by revealing her abilities to him, they decide to run away from Freeland; causing concern amongst the Pierces and forcing Tobias to call in a professional to deal with his traitorous underling.

#8 "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One:
Exodus" - December 4, 2018

Tobias has placed a bounty on Painkiller, but wants him brought in alive. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi begin their search for Jennifer, with Henderson providing assistance. Tobias visits Khalil's mom, who states that she hasn't made contact with him. Khalil and Jennifer make their way to the former's aunt, where the latter calls Anissa to let her family know she's okay. Meanwhile, Tobias calls in a British mercenary named Cutter to hunt down Khalil. She catches up to them as Khalil uses his bracers to keep his aunt safe. Khalil tries his best to hold off Cutter until Black Lightning and Thunder arrive; with Jennifer and Khalil sneaking out during the resulting fight. Once they're far enough, Jennifer uses her powers to short out a tracker in Khalil's head so Tobias can't locate them again. As Black Lightning and Thunder continue their search, Cutter contacts Tobias to tell him Black Lightning got involved. This causes Tobias to start putting two and two together; remembering that Black Lightning came back only after Pierce's daughters were taken hostage.

#9 "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two:
Gift of Magi" - December 11, 2018

Due to a wound he received during his fight with Cutter, Khalil's health starts declining, so he and Jennifer are forced to hide out in a barn. Gambi finds blood at Khalil's aunt's house, leading to him, Black Lightning, and Thunder staking out the local hospitals. Lynn grows desperate to find Jennifer, leading her to reach out to Khalil's father, only to hit a dead end. Jennifer sneaks into a hospital and uses her abilities to get access to some medicine, unaware that Cutter's not far behind. Meanwhile, Tobias reaches out to Todd Green, a highly intelligent individual who has been constantly looked over. Gambi identifies the attacker as Giselle Cutter, who is rumored to be a low level telekinetic metahuman. Though Cutter locates Khalil, Jennifer subdues her and forces her to give her the antidote. Black Lightning and Thunder eventually locate the barn that Jen and Khalil were hiding in, only to find it empty. With Khalil fully recovered, he and Jen drive off to parts unknown. Elsewhere, an unnamed teleporting meta gets called to Freeland by an unknown individual.

#10 "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three:
Angelitos Negros" - January 21, 2019

Gambi tracks Jennifer and Painkiller based on the radius of where they were. Cutter visits Tobias Whale and Todd Green, stating that she lost their trail. Jennifer and Painkiller get tired of running and return to Freeland so that they can stand up to Tobias Whale after being persuaded to by Lynn. At Jefferson's suggestion, they contact Deputy Chief Henderson to cut a deal where Khalil will turn himself over to the authorities in exchange for providing testimony against Tobias. One of the assistant district attorneys on Tobias' side informs him of this, so he sends Cutter to intercept. She kills the police officers in the convoy and makes off with Painkiller. Henderson informs Jefferson on what happened. Once Painkiller is brought to his lair, Tobias tears out his spinal implant and leaves him for dead; though he's found by Reverend Holt and the local churchgoers. Tobias is called down by Green, who cracked the briefcase's code, and find that the A.S.A. was developing metahumans for Project Masters of Disaster.

#11 "The Book of Secrets: Chapter One:
Prodigal Son" - January 28, 2019

During a sermon, Reverend Holt faints from a poisoned handkerchief Cutter planted on him. Lynn enlists the A.S.A. doctors into helping treat Khalil after he's hospitalized. A civilian catches Jennifer composing on her SUV and calls 911, causing her to lose it and fry her SUV before Perenna intervenes. Todd finds info on his laptop about the A.S.A. and Dr. Jace. After being informed about Holt's death, Jefferson and Gambi brings Henderson into the latter's lair to find a way to expose Tobias. Jennifer's suggestions to get Khalil into a pod are turned down as Lynn says the toxins in him are too great. Henderson visits Tobias' apartment to ask him about Painkiller, with Jefferson and Gambi listening on Henderson's earpiece. Todd breaks into Dr. Jace's cell, deactivates her ankle implant, and sets up a hologram of her so he can take her to Tobias, as she developed his anti-aging serum after the A.S.A. brought her from Markovia. Jen and Nichelle share their final moments with Khalil before he passes away. Dr. Jace takes Tobias to the Freeland Clinic, where the remaining pods are, and breaks down a hidden door.

#12 "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two:
Just and Unjust" - February 4, 2019

Lynn and Anissa are attacked by gunmen, though Agent Odell and the A.S.A. drive them off. After Gambi notices the coincidence, Lynn speaks to Odell, who still does not trust her, just before he arranges for Jace's release. The gunmen target Perenna, but she repels them. Gambi identifies them as Markovian secret service and tells Jefferson so he can stop them. Unfortunately, Henderson is unable to arrest them because of their diplomatic immunity. While at school, janitors throw items from Khalil's memorial shrine away, so Jennifer retrieves them. However, Principal Lowry suspends her for it; greatly upsetting Jefferson. Elsewhere, Anissa tries to help a woman being abused by her boyfriend, a cop aligned with the 100, only to get shot for it. This finally convinces her she's being too reckless, so she plans to put the money she claimed towards Khalil's funeral. The Pierce family attend said funeral, while being watched from afar by Odell. With some of the pods in their possession, Tobias and Dr. Jace plan to make a metahuman army.

#13 "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three:
Pillar of Fire" - February 11, 2019

Odell tells Lynn that Markovia has been making metahumans, suspecting that the Markovians who attacked her want her expertise. He suggests moving the pods, much to her chagrin as she's close to stabilizing them. Tobias is informed of the impending transfer, which he thinks might affect the briefcase; so he awakens Shakedown from his pod and sends him with Cutter to intercept. Dr. Jace locks Lynn in a separate room, and though she's able to alert Black Lightning and Thunder, the heroes are too late to stop Tobias' henchmen. While investigating Grace's sudden disappearance, Anissa finds one of her pills and has Gambi analyze it; learning that it's used to treat schizophrenia and that "Grace Choi" is an alias. The incident between Lowry and Jennifer goes viral, which leads Napier to offer Jefferson his job back. Even in spite of Lowry however, he chooses to give his replacement another chance. Elsewhere, Anissa warns Jennifer to lay low, but she disobeys her to track down 100 members and demand Tobias' location. They nearly kill her, but Thunder rescues her. With Todd's usefulness at an end, Tobias has him killed by one of Cutter's car bombs.

#14 "The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four:
Original Sin" - March 4, 2019

Lazarus Prime, an old associate of Lady Eve's, resurrects Lala to help him get revenge on Tobias for her death, but he confronts Pierce to ask about his late friend Earl. Despite some resistance, he remembers that he was the one who killed Earl before the 100 could. On his way out, he sees Earl's ghost as his tattoo manifests on his left abdomen. Lynn has a disagreement with Agent Odell on how to handle Wendy, which leads to the latter taking over the testing. As Thunder, Anissa goes to look for Grace and encounters a man who is secretly a form of Grace as she escapes. Jennifer tries out the first stage of her new costume with Gambi's help. Thanks to him, Henderson learned of Tobias' connection with Todd as his glasses were found at the scene of the explosion. Odell has the Pierce family put under surveillance. While recalling how Lazarus put him back together, Lala plans to redeem himself by renewing his revenge for Tobias.

#15 "The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter One:
The Alpha" - March 11, 2019

The police put down Cape Guy, a veteran suffering from PTSD, after he develops magnetic abilities. Jefferson tries to instill in his daughters a superhero's code, namely to not go on missions alone and to not kill, but Jennifer outwardly disagrees with the latter point. Dr. Jace awakens Joe / Heatstroke, Darryl / Coldsnap, and Rebecca / New Wave from their pods. Anissa talks to Gambi about what she saw on search for Grace and they deduce that Grace may be a shapeshifter. After taking Jennifer's suggestion to enlist Perenna, Lynn tells Odell that Wendy must be readjusted to civilian life before she becomes one of his meta-soldiers. Tobias orders Heatstroke to attack Freeland, wherein he burns Councilman Parker alive and sets off several gas lines. Black Lightning and Thunder fight him until Tobias reluctantly orders Heatstroke to retreat. Lala finds Tobias's hideout, and proves immune to Cutter's attacks. She informs Tobias about Lala, causing the other Masters of Disaster to retreat as well. While keeping tabs on Tobias and Cutter, Gambi spots Jennifer in her unfinished suit. He alerts Black Lightning and goes in to stop her. Tobias and Cutter get away and Jennifer suddenly collapses, charged with too much power.

#16 "The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two:
The Omega" - March 18, 2019

Gambi stabilizes Jennifer and Jefferson stumbles onto the pod kids' location. Jace attempts to stop him, but Lynn takes her down. Jace offers them information in exchange for protection, but the teleporting bounty hunter Instant takes her for the Markovians. Tobias sends the Masters of Disaster, the 100, and the pod kids to cause a riot, but Black Lightning and Thunder are able to stop the prison metas with some unexpected assistance from Lala. Holt miraculously survives Cutter's poison and quickly returns to rallying the community. After Cutter leaves Tobias, Lala attacks him but is quickly incapacitated by a trigger word that Tobias uses to activate all of Lala's tattoos at once. Now calling herself Lightning, Jennifer storms in to enact her revenge on Tobias for killing Khalil. However, Jefferson arrives and is able to talk Jennifer down in favor of having Tobias sent to a metahuman prison called The Pit. Odell is revealed to have Issa, Wendy, and Khalil in the pods. As the Pierces celebrate their victory, Odell reveals that he knows their secret identities. He tells them that the Markovians are coming to Freeland and that the A.S.A. is swearing them in for the inevitable war.


Black Lightning (Season 3)

The season continues to follow Jefferson, a high school principal-turned-teacher and recently re-emerged superhero Black Lightning, in his fight against the local gang called The 100 in his community of Freeland, as well as new threats from the country of Markovia. Cress Williams stars as Jefferson, along with principal cast members China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Marvin "Krondon" Jones III, Christine Adams, Damon Gupton, Jordan Calloway, and James Remar also returning from previous seasons.

#1: "The Book of Occupation:
Chapter One: Birth of the Blackbird"
October 7, 2019

While detained by the A.S.A., Jefferson is one of several apparent metahumans who are interviewed by their A.I. Meanwhile, a woman named Jamillah Olsen reports on the emergence of a new vigilante called Blackbird in the absence of the allegedly deceased Black Lightning. The facility is attacked by Markovians led by a metahuman named Ned Creegan / Cyclotronic. Commander Carson Williams, reporting to Agent Odell, slays the Markovians and threatens Deputy Chief Henderson into issuing a press conference regarding a new curfew. Gambi informs Anissa that Commander Carson is a metahuman who can mimic the abilities of other metas. Jennifer practices controlling her powers and Lynn is reunited with Jefferson, who starts to see through things even without his suit. By way of Issa's truth-extracting powers, an aging Tobias expresses ignorance of the briefcase's whereabouts and reveals that Martin Proctor worked under Odell, who works for the President of the United States. Having served his purpose, Odell then fatally poisons Issa. As Blackbird takes the Green Light metas through the A.S.A.'s perimeter, she is hit by a rocket blast. Her body is later found by the Perdi, led by Anaya's father. Elsewhere, Lala awakens next to the briefcase.

#2: "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Two:
Maryam's Tasbih" - October 14, 2019

As the A.S.A. takes control of outgoing media broadcasts from within Freeland's enclosed perimeter, the Markovians plot their next moves. Jefferson and Lynn are moved to an upgraded holding room while Lynn attempts to assist the camouflaging metahuman Maryam Luqman through her failing health. Jennifer tampers with the Pierce home's surveillance, promoting a visit from Agent Odell. Jennifer covers up Anissa's disappearance while arranging for them to be contacted by their parents. Gambi enlists Henderson to help him obtain an A.S.A. device needed to find Anissa. In the Perdi community, Anaya and her father Thierry house Blackbird, but clash with her when Blackbird insists that they help other metahumans. During the power testing, Maryam blends into her backgrounds until she collapses. Jennifer breaks up a fight at school, Lala takes over as leader of The 100, and Jamillah continues broadcasting until she is shut down by the A.S.A. With a brain chip in a revived Painkiller's head, Agent Odell sends him to kill his mother. Jefferson learns from Maryam that Agent Odell is making the other metahumans fight each other. After getting through to Anissa, Gambi coordinates her attacks on the approaching Markovian soldiers.

#3: "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Three:
Agent Odell's Pipe-Dream" - October 21, 2019

As a virus spreads among the A.S.A.'s detained metahumans, Henderson visits Detective Sergeant King, who admits to being a metahuman as a result of having taken Green Light. Before succumbing to the virus, she directs Henderson to get money she had stashed to her husband Herbert. To win Jefferson over, Odell gives him a watch that manifests a new Black Lightning costume on him. Odell then attempts to torture Tobias for information regarding the briefcase to no avail. While Henderson gives the envelope of money to Herbert, Lynn reports to Odell that the virus is man-made and suspects that Dr. Helga Jace made it for the Markovians, who used Cyclotronic as their carrier. Anissa reunites with Grace Choi as she accepts Grace's shapeshifting abilities. After making a claim that the Markovians killed Nichelle, Odell ropes Lightning into attacking a facility where Black Lightning had just rescued A.S.A. commandos and discovered that Jace wasn't there. Painkiller complies with Odell's order to raid a house and slays the Markovians hiding out there. Jefferson and Lynn are released from A.S.A. custody and they reunite with their daughters. Tobias has a hallucination that Black Lightning is taunting him.

#4: "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four:
Lynn's Ouroboros" October 28, 2019

Upon returning to Garfield High, Jefferson is informed by Principal Lowry that the A.S.A. has ordered him to reassign Jefferson to the role of guidance counselor. Meanwhile, Major Grey informs Henderson that the A.S.A. is now using the police station as a holding area in light of the meta disease outbreak. Odell warns Jennifer of the danger posed by Markovia and Gambi informs Jefferson that he's secretly marked the A.S.A.'s vehicles. Jefferson meets Grace, learning of her abilities, and clashes with Anissa regarding her Blackbird activities. Lowry is knocked out while trying to prevent Major Grey from taking a suspected metahuman student named Tavon out of class and Jefferson enlists Blackbird to break him out. Painkiller targets those who have been raiding the A.S.A. convoys and poisons their leader, Sinzell Johnson of The 100. Odell visits Jefferson about Black Lightning's supposed involvement with Blackbird's attack. After testing it on herself, Lynn informs Odell that the vaccine to cure the meta disease is working. Odell and Major Grey note that Lynn is unaware that she has become addicted to Green Light. Later that night, Odell provides Lightning with a new suit that enables her to survive beyond Earth's atmosphere.

#5: "The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem for Tavon" - November 11, 2020

As Tavon hides among the Perdi, Odell runs an algorithm to uncover Blackbird's identity. Lynn has a nightmare of a young meta dying during a test, which gives her an idea about how to stabilize the meta gene. Odell offers Tobias as a test patient, who informs Lynn that he knows her family's secrets. Jefferson convinces a reluctant Anissa to retrieve Tavon on behalf of his concerned parents, who maintain that he's not a meta, and Odell sends Painkiller to deal with Blackbird. Meanwhile, Odell visits Anissa's apartment. Grace poses as Anissa to throw off Odell's suspicions with Gambi and AI Shonda's help. Tavon succumbs to Painkiller's poison, prompting the students at Garfield High to act out against the A.S.A. soldiers, who beat up Jefferson for defending the students. Jennifer's new classmate Brandon stops her from intervening, revealing himself to her as an energy-absorbing metahuman. Jennifer informs Odell of what his soldiers did and Odell assures her that they will be punished. Later, the soldiers are visited by Lightning. Facing public scrutiny for his complicity with the A.S.A.'s occupation, Henderson seemingly arrests outspoken rebels Two-Bits and Reverend Holt, but actually recruits them for the resistance against the A.S.A.

#6: "The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking on Heaven's Door" - November 18, 2020

Anissa prepares a goodbye video in the event of her passing. Thirty hours earlier at Tavon's funeral, Lynn denounces retaliation. Tobias threatens Lynn into providing him with information on the A.S.A.'s metahuman inventory, though she withholds the files on Erica and Wendy Hernandez. Gambi confirms that Anissa's poisoning is terminal, reluctantly agreeing to keep this secret while he works on a cure. Jennifer breaks into Brandon's apartment and after a brief altercation with him, learns of his geokinetic abilities and his vendetta against Dr. Jace, who killed his mother. Henderson recruits Jamillah to be the voice of the Resistance. Odell confronts Jefferson for breaking their agreement by going rogue as Black Lightning. The metahuman mercenary Instant and Markovian Colonel Yuri Mosin infiltrate an A.S.A base and escape after being thwarted by Odell and Black Lightning. Finding Anissa collapsed, Grace calls Gambi, who produces an anti-venom. Grace stays with Anissa as she heals and Gambi goes to Khalil's grave, discovering his empty coffin. At the Markovians' camp, Colonel Mosin plots with Dr. Jace to steal Lynn's metahuman stabilization method. Lynn, experiencing audio-visual distortions and frustrated at Jefferson for continuing to risk their family's safety without her knowledge, moves out.

#7: "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson's Opus" - November 25, 2020

Jennifer meets with Major Grey, who has taken over the A.S.A.'s operations while Odell recuperates from his wounds. Jennifer agrees to work with Major Grey in exchange for information on Dr. Jace. Lynn continues testing Erica with assistance from a new scientist, Dr. Matthew Blair, and convinces a reluctant Major Grey to give her access to the other Green Light metas. With her powers yet to return, Anissa attempts to help Grace control her shapeshifting. Lynn sneaks a disguised Gambi into the Pit where they find Painkiller, confirming Gambi's suspicion that the A.S.A. revived him. After learning of his past missions, they agree not to tell Jennifer, but Lynn vows to save Khalil. After thwarting the Resistance's bomb plot, Jefferson is confronted by Henderson. Jennifer and Brandon experiment with combining their powers. With Grace unable to control her shapeshifting, Anissa enlists Black Lightning to sneak Grace and other suspected metas out of Freeland. When they’re nearly discovered, Grace is forced to kill an A.S.A. soldier in self-defense. Once Jefferson catches up with her, she reveals that she knows his secret identity. As Jennifer acquires the information on Dr. Jace, Painkiller learns that Black Lightning is his next target.

#8: "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three:
The Battle of Franklin Terrace" - Dec. 2, 2020

Anissa's powers return and Gambi shows her that the A.S.A.'s occupation of Freeland has been reported by the outside media as a SARS coronavirus outbreak containment. To prevent the A.S.A. from using him to finish the meta gene stabilizer and weaponize the young metas, Tobias suggests that Lynn give him Maryam's camouflage abilities so that he can escape. Henderson tells Jefferson that Commander Williams, the A.S.A.'s new acting director of operations in wake of Major Grey's incapacitation, plans to make the Franklin Terrace apartment complex an A.S.A. base. However, when tenant Ms. Shepard refuses to move out, Henderson recruits Jefferson to convince her otherwise. Instead, Ms. Shepard stands her ground and Black Lightning is joined by Thunder and the Resistance to defend her. Painkiller battles Thunder, who learns that he is Khalil, and Black Lightning defeats Commander Williams in an electrical duel. Thunder then goes to help Gambi and a technopathic pod meta named Baron / TC, so that Jamillah can report the truth of Freeland's occupation to the outside world. Afterwards, Gambi helps Lynn escape the Pit when it goes into lockdown, but she accidentally leaves her bag containing the virus cures and her personal drugs behind.

#9: "The Book of Resistance: Chapter Four:
Earth Crisis" - December 2, 2020

This episode ties into the Arrowverse crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and leads into Black Lightning's appearances in Part Three and Part Five of the crossover.

Jennifer makes a video for Anissa, explaining her conflicted feelings about working with Odell and the A.S.A. The Resistance learn that the A.S.A. intercepted and altered their message to the outside world. Knowing that the A.S.A. will soon strike back, Anissa tells Jefferson about Khalil's resurrection and that killing may be necessary. After Odell tells Jennifer she'll soon have to pick a side, Jennifer waits at Anissa's apartment to talk to her in person. As the skies turn red, Jennifer begins phasing out of reality before she collapses. In a dark void, she encounters two doppelgängers of herself from parallel universes. Gen of Earth-1 sided against the A.S.A. by taking away all metahuman powers in Freeland, resulting in Odell imprisoning her in the Pit and later executing Jefferson, the Secretary of Education. Jinn of Earth-2 sided with the A.S.A. and ended the Markovian war by becoming a power-obsessed killer, resulting in her murdering her entire family. Jennifer begins to understand the downfalls of having too little and too much power as an anti-matter wave wipes out Gen and Jinn. As the Pierce family tries to bring Jennifer back, the anti-matter wave overtakes them while Jefferson is teleported away.

#10: "The Book of Markovia: Chapter One: Blessings and Curses Reborn" - Dec. 9, 2020

Following his role in the Crisis, Jefferson returns to Freeland and reunites with Jennifer and Gambi. Though Gambi has no knowledge of the event, he detects anti-matter traces on the Pierces and warns Jefferson that unforeseen changes may have occurred. Despite being resolute in killing Odell, Jennifer leaves to check on Lynn at Jefferson's suggestion while he checks on Anissa. As Jennifer finds Lynn in a desperate state, Major Grey informs Odell that Carson is almost healed and that Jennifer hasn't responded to their calls. After coming home to find Lynn addicted to a modified Green Light, Jefferson gets a call from Henderson about the rebellion's latest mission. Dr. Blair continues working on Lynn's vaccine as Major Grey pairs Sergeant Gardner Grayle with Specialist Travis, who was implanted with a control chip. The pair capture Jennifer and Brandon, though they later break free and Sergeant Grayle discovers Travis' chip. With Anissa taking the lead, Jefferson and the rebels free the captured metahumans. Meanwhile, TC finds his way into Gambi's secret room and learns of his connection to Freeland's heroes before using his powers to track down Gambi's would-be killer: Lady Eve. Elsewhere, Jennifer tells Odell she's done working for him.

#11: "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn's Addiction" - January 27, 2020

Sergeant Grayle pre-records a message in case anything happens to him before agreeing to help Lynn sneak Tobias out of the Pit. After meeting Brandon and learning how Agent Odell used Jennifer, Jefferson speaks to Gambi and meets TC. After Jefferson goes to meet with Anissa, TC tells a disbelieving Gambi that Lady Eve called the hit on him and her off-shore accounts are still active. Hearing about a business not taking The 100's protection money, Lala sends Devonte to investigate and learns a resurrected Lady Eve is running it. He attempts to make her submit, but fails. Black Lightning, Thunder, and Gambi intercept Odell's convoy and bluff him so Gambi can simulate his online appearance, prompting Major Grey to dispatch Painkiller. After revealing herself as Lightning to Brandon and leaving him at Gambi's base, Jennifer goes to confront Odell. Though shocked to discover that Khalil is alive as Painkiller, Lightning knocks him out, but the A.S.A. has already evacuated Odell. Upon reading Khalil's cybernetics, TC tells Jennifer that Khalil still loves her. Jefferson learns that Odell is being sent to Gotham City. Meanwhile, Lynn and Sergeant Grayle successfully get Tobias out, but are subdued by a Markovian operative.

#12: "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless ID" - February 3, 2020

In Markovia, after filming her latest findings, Jace plans to win Lynn's trust. They get into a fight, but Mosin stops them; telling Lynn he knows about her work through his double agent Nurse Michael Allen before leaving her a sample of Green Light to help stabilize the Markovians' metahumans. Lynn asks for Jace's help in controlling her withdrawal symptoms. Back in Freeland, Jefferson and Anissa head to Lynn's apartment and meet Sergeant Grayle, who says the Markovians have Lynn. Jefferson has Grayle arrange a parley with the A.S.A. Meanwhile, TC finds that Khalil's Painkiller programming is keeping him from accessing the real Khalil. With Gambi and Jennifer's help, they create a firewall to trap the programming. Through Jennifer, Khalil learns what the A.S.A. had done to him and tells her they can't be together. Agreeing to allow Black Lightning and his allies to assist in rescuing Lynn under the condition that they become off limits afterwards, Major Grey has Erica Moran chipped with a kill switch should Lynn be beyond rescuing. Jace informs Mosin that she has earned Lynn's trust. Black Lightning, Gambi, Thunder, and Lightning get TC and Grace to help them in their upcoming raid on Markovia.

#13: "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Four:
Grab the Strap" - February 10, 2020

Mosin's superiors send their metahuman operative Gravedigger to take over the operation and use his mind control ability to make Lynn work faster. TC detects the chip in Moran's neck and deactivates it. As the Pierces and their allies mobilize for the operation, Khalil decides to join them. During the flight to Markovia, Grayle tells Jefferson of the A.S.A.'s kill switches as TC states that he deactivated the one in Moran. Upon landing, Black Lightning, Thunder, and Moran make their way to Lynn's lab while Lightning, Brandon, Khalil, and Grayle make their way to Tobias. Brandon splits off after seeing Jace, forcing Grayle to go after him. As a result of her Green Light serums, Lynn discovers she gained temporary power mimicry, so she uses them to copy Gravedigger's and turn the tables on Mosin before Lightning rescues her. Black Lightning helps rescue Tobias, who says he knows his identity before the former knocks him out. As Khalil engages Gravedigger, Brandon finds Jace and nearly kills her until Grayle stops him and has them evacuated. The group nearly make it onto the helicopter, but Gravedigger catches up and stops them. Lynn surrenders herself until Black Lightning arrives and shocks Gravedigger into unconsciousness, allowing everyone to escape on the plane.

#14: "The Book of War: Chapter One: Homecoming" - February 24, 2020

Agent Odell fulfills the conditions of Lynn's rescue while the Pierces come clean with each other and their loved ones. Lady Eve learns about the briefcase Lala has. When they come together for a meeting, she reveals she invented the mind control program used on him before using it to make him serve her. With Jennifer beside him, Brandon gets answers about his mother from Dr. Jace, who says his father killed her with his own geokinetic abilities, which Brandon inherited from him. Painkiller nearly escapes the firewall, and while Khalil fights him off, he remains distant from Jennifer. The Perdi contact Anissa for help after the Markovians attack them, so Thunder, Grace, and Black Lightning rescue the refugees and defeat the Markovians. Gambi's attacked by twin assassins sent by Lady Eve, but he defeats them before meeting with Lady Eve herself. Due to their shared connection with the ASA, she gives him the briefcase. With Jefferson and Lynn present, Gambi reveals the briefcase's contents, which further reveals that the United States was responsible for the Markovian situation and Gravedigger. As Lynn realizes she left the meta-boost formula behind in Markovia, the Markovians use it on Gravedigger before he kills Colonel Mosin.

#15: "The Book of War: Chapter Two:
Freedom Ain't Free" - March 2, 2020

Gravedigger films his life story before he leads the Markovian invasion, having analyzed everyone who rescued Lynn. Black Lightning and Thunder visist Lala and the 100 remnants to get their assistance in fighting off the Markovians, but fail to convince them. Lady Eve meets with Agent Odell to inform him on the briefcase's whereabouts and of Lazarus Prime's survival in exchange for regaining her seat on the Shadow Board. When Khalil is attacked by Markovian soldiers, Painkiller breaks free and slays them before trapping Khalil behind the firewall. Lynn tells Jefferson that his DNA matches Gravedigger's, revealing that they are related. Anissa and Grace invite everyone to their apartment for their engagement. Brandon has Dr. Jace with him so that she can have her talk about his father. After meeting with Lady Eve, Lala has Dr. Blair tortured for Tobias' location. When Gravedigger arrives, Lightning confronts him, but gets thrown against the perimeter wall, powering it down. Black Lightning rescues and resuscitates her before he is forced to fight Gravedigger.

#16: "The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation" - March 9, 2020

As Jefferson fights Gravedigger, the latter's commandos kidnap Jennifer, forcing the former to retreat and recruit Brandon to help rescue her. Odell tasks his agents with cleaning up the A.S.A.'s mess before they pull out of Freeland, with Williams killing Dr. Jace. In Markovia, Tobias approaches Nurse Allen, demanding he take him to Markovia's metas. Painkiller tries to attack, but Khalil breaks free and defeats him. Lynn finishes the anti-booster just as Williams arrives to kill her, and kills him in self-defense. Henderson helps Jefferson neutralize the Markovians guarding the Pit, but gets killed himself. Gravedigger encounters Anissa and Grace, forcing them to fight before Jennifer, Brandon, and Jefferson arrive. Odell sets the Pit to self-destruct, but TC sees this in time and warns Gambi to evacuate everyone. Lynn uses the anti-booster to remove Gravedigger's additional powers, allowing everyone to evacuate. Jefferson brings Odell to justice. Grey arrives at Gambi's shop along with her elite operatives, but Gambi and TC kill them all. Anissa learns Grace is in a coma. Though Markovia's prime minister denies what happened in Freeland, the Pierces present the briefcase to a congressional committee as evidence of their and the A.S.A.'s experiments.


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