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NBC Cancelled "Timeless" After 2 Seasons!

Timeless is an American science fiction drama series that premiered on NBC on October 3, 2016. It follows the adventures of a history professor (Abigail Spencer), a scientist (Malcolm Barrett) and a soldier (Matt Lanter) - as they attempt to stop Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić) from changing the course of American history through time travel.

When an experimental time machine is stolen: a history professor, a soldier, and an engineer are tasked with capturing the culprit - only to learn that Flynn plans to rewrite American history and that each of them has a connection to his plan as well as the mysterious organization that funded the machine's development.

The first season of Timeless concluded on February 20, 2017. NBC cancelled the series after one season on May 10, 2017. 3 days later, following negotiations with Sony Pictures Television, NBC renewed the series for a 10-episode second season, which premiered on March 11, 2018. In June 2018, the series was cancelled again by NBC. NBC announced a 2-part finale to conclude the series, which aired on December 20, 2018.

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Timeless TV Series

Timeless is an American science fiction time travel drama series that premiered on NBC on October 3, 2016. It follows the adventures of history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) and soldier Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) as they attempt to stop Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić) from changing the course of American history through time travel. The series was created by Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke and also stars Paterson Joseph and Sakina Jaffrey. The Executive producers include John Davis and John Fox of The Blacklist.

NBC cancelled the series after one season on May 10, 2017. Three days later, following negotiations with Sony Pictures Television, NBC renewed the series for a 10-episode second season set to premiere on March 11, 2018.

  • Abigail Spencer as Lucy Preston, a history professor struggling to fulfill the legacy of her mother, and get back her sister.
  • Matt Lanter as Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan, a U.S. Army Delta Force operative trying to cope with the death of his wife, Jessica, who was murdered several years before the start of the series.
  • Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, a programmer assigned to pilot the prototype time machine referred to as the "Lifeboat".
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Special Agent Denise Christopher, the Department of Homeland Security agent in charge of the time machine recovery mission.
  • Paterson Joseph as Connor Mason, head of Mason Industries, the company that created the time machine.
  • Claudia Doumit as Jiya Marri, a talented young programmer at Mason Industries.
  • Matt Frewer as Anthony Bruhl, a key team member of the time machine project at Mason Industries.
  • Annie Wersching as Emma Whitmore, a former employee of Mason Industries with key information about Rittenhouse's plans.
  • Bailey Noble as Amy Preston, Lucy's sister, who is erased from existence due to the events of episode 1.
  • Susanna Thompson as Carol Preston, Lucy's mother.
  • Goran Višnjić as Garcia Flynn, a former NSA asset who steals a fully operational time machine with the intention of changing American history.
  • Chad Rook as Karl, Flynn's henchman.
  • John Getz as Rittenhouse Agent Benjamin Cahill, a representative of the secret organization, who keeps an eye on the project with a special interest in Rufus and Lucy.


"Timeless" Season 1 Episodes (2016-17)

Episode #1: "Pilot" October 3, 2016

The team pursues Flynn to May 6, 1937, where he prevents the Hindenburg disaster in order to bomb the dirigible on its return flight to Europe, when it is carrying important Americans to the Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Lucy theorizes that Flynn wants to destroy the United States of America "in the crib." Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus hijack the Hindenburg and force its pilots to land it; as a result, all of the passengers survive despite the airship being destroyed by a stray gunshot from one of Flynn's henchmen. During a confrontation with Lucy and Wyatt, Flynn shoots and kills reporter Kate Drummond, whom Lucy and Wyatt had befriended and who was supposed to die in the original crash. Flynn reveals to Lucy that he possesses a journal written in her handwriting which she has yet to create; he urges her to ask Agent Christopher about "Rittenhouse." In the present, Agent Christopher denies knowledge of Rittenhouse and Rufus reluctantly gives Connor an audio recording from the mission. Lucy discovers that her invalid mother is now healthy, but her younger sister Amy no longer exists and Lucy herself is engaged.

#2 "The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln"
October 10, 2016

Flynn travels to April 14, 1865, the date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He works with John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators, intending to ensure that the planned assassinations of Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of State William H. Seward, and General Ulysses S. Grant are also successful. Rufus is upset that Lucy argues against trying to save Lincoln, despite the negative effects his death had on African Americans. Flynn tells Lucy that she will aid him in the future. Lucy meets Robert Todd Lincoln and attends the performance of Our American Cousin at Ford's Theatre as his guest; Flynn, frustrated with Booth's refusal to use a modern firearm, takes his place and murders Lincoln himself, but Lucy saves Grant while Rufus and Wyatt save Johnson and Seward, respectively.

Lucy admits that, despite having decided to let Lincoln's assassination occur, she called out in a last-minute effort to save him. In the present, Lucy learns that her parents never met because her father married the granddaughter of a Hindenburg passenger, which means that the man who originally raised her was never really her biological father. Rufus refuses to make further recordings for Connor, but Connor forces him to continue on the basis of having financed his education; it is revealed that both are aware of "Rittenhouse." Lucy arrives home, late for her own engagement party, where she confronts her mother over her father's identity, but is interrupted by a greeting from her fiancé, a stranger.

#3 "Atomic City" - October 17, 2016

In 1962 Las Vegas, when atomic tests are common near the city, Flynn uses intimate photographs to blackmail John F. Kennedy's mistress, Judith Campbell, into helping him steal a plutonium core, as her relationship with a general enables her to access the secure facility where it is kept. Rufus discovers that his coworker Anthony, whom Flynn abducted when he stole the time machine, is Flynn's willing collaborator; a discussion between Flynn and Anthony reveals that their goal is the destruction of Rittenhouse. Anthony seemingly relinquishes the core to Rufus, who then puts himself in front of Wyatt's gun to protect Anthony. The team discovers the core is a decoy; Flynn successfully escapes with the real device. Wyatt arranges for a telegram to be delivered to his wife in fifty years, attempting to save her life in 2012. In the present, Agent Christopher orders Wyatt to eliminate Anthony and Wyatt covers up Rufus' interference. Wyatt learns that his wife is still dead. Lucy tells her fiancé, Noah, that she needs to move out of their home to stay with her mother and clear her head; he lets her go, because he loves her. In the Nevada desert, Flynn and Anthony dig up the plutonium core, which they had buried rather than risk transporting it through time.

#4 "Party at Castle Varlar" - October 24, 2016

Jiya locates Flynn by tracking his usage of the power grid to power the Mothership, but Flynn's group escapes in it. In Germany, December 1944, the team believes Flynn intends to give the nuclear weapon to the Nazis, but it turns out he is actually planning to abduct Wernher von Braun and deliver him to the Soviet Union. With help from Ian Fleming, the team secures von Braun's defection to the Allies. Wyatt helps Lucy find "something to fight for" to overcome her fear during field work, while Ian and Rufus discuss the matter of trust among spies. Rufus confronts von Braun, who claims that moral considerations impede innovation. In the present, the team discovers that their adventure inspired a James Bond film that is new to the timeline. Lucy demands that Agent Christopher and Connor help her recover Amy as a condition of her continued cooperation. Rufus correctly theorizes that Anthony has used the plutonium to create a permanent battery for the time machine rather than a weapon. Rufus refuses to continue spying on his teammates, but a man from Rittenhouse threatens Rufus's family if he does not cooperate.

#5 "The Alamo" - October 31, 2016

Wyatt receives word that the NSA is bringing in another operative to replace him, as he has failed to take down Flynn. Flynn travels to March 2, 1836 and makes a deal with Mexican President General Antonio López de Santa Anna to help bring down the Texas Revolution three days before the original end date of the Battle of the Alamo. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus follow suit and enter the Alamo Mission, but Flynn kills William B. Travis, preventing him from finishing his "Victory or Death" letter. Making matters worse is the Mexican Army waving the red flag to take no prisoners in their siege. Flynn is upset that the timeline is changing; in the original timeline, Santa Ana allowed the women and children to leave the Alamo before the final assault. Before the Mexicans begin their attack, Wyatt and Rufus dig an underground passageway to the aqueduct while Lucy overcomes writer's block and finishes Travis's letter before entrusting it to John William Smith, a young soldier who would later become the first mayor of present-day San Antonio, Texas, who escapes with the women and children while James Bowie and Davy Crockett fend off against the invading Mexicans. In the present day, Lucy and Rufus inform Agent Christopher that they will not continue their mission without Wyatt; as a result, Wyatt stays with the team. The team discovers that Lucy's letter, although substantially different from Travis's original, preserved the timeline by rallying support for the Texas revolution. Lucy reconciles with her mother, who tells Lucy about her real father, then hands Lucy a piece of paper with her real father's name.

#6 "The Watergate Tape" - November 14, 2016

Rufus is paid a visit by Mason and the Rittenhouse Agent, who assigns his team to go after Flynn to June 20, 1972, the start date of the Watergate scandal, and to make contact with someone in 1972. During the scandal, President Richard Nixon had conversations in the Oval Office recorded, but 18½ minutes of the tape had been erased by his secretary. The team intends to prevent Flynn from obtaining the lost recording, but Flynn captures them shortly after they arrive, revealing that he has the tape. He plays a recording of Nixon talking about Rittenhouse, and orders Lucy and Rufus to find a missing "doc" Nixon referred to on the tape within five hours to save Wyatt's life. Rufus, however, is ordered via telephone to "destroy the doc" by his contact. Flynn reveals to Wyatt that while he was in the NSA, he intercepted a series of financial transactions between Rittenhouse and Mason Industries, but when he reported this to his superiors, Rittenhouse had his wife and daughter murdered; since then, he swore to destroy Rittenhouse through time travel. He also reveals that Rittenhouse was founded in 1778.

Using intel obtained from Mark Felt a.k.a. "Deep Throat", Lucy and Rufus are led to the D.C. branch of the Black Liberation Army and discover that the "doc" is a woman with a doctorate in history, and a former member of Rittenhouse who knows the organization's entire roster. Tensions rise when Lucy discovers that Rufus has been carrying a recording device throughout their travels. Caught between their orders involving the doc, Lucy and Rufus escort her to a drop-off point after revealing her hideout to both Flynn and Rittenhouse, resulting in a gunfight between both sides while Lucy rescues Wyatt. The trust between the trio is strained after they discover each other's secrets and motives. Back in the present day, the Rittenhouse agent questions Rufus over his actions in 1972 and reveals that he was the contact. Lucy decides to pay her father, Benjamin Cahill, a visit, having put it off earlier. The man who opens the door is the Rittenhouse agent, though she does not know this. She speaks briefly to him but leaves without introducing herself. He promptly makes a phone call to inform someone that Lucy has just visited him.

#7 "Stranded" - November 21, 2016

The team follow Flynn to September 15, 1754, in the middle of the French and Indian War in Western Pennsylvania. Upon their arrival, they are captured by Louis Coulon de Villiers and his troops. They escape and head back to the Lifeboat, where Flynn's henchmen sabotage it with C-4 before retreating to the Mothership and disappearing from the timeline. With no technological means to repair their time machine, Rufus buries a message in a bottle for Mason to dig in present day Pittsburgh. On their way to Fort Duquesne, the trio are captured by the Shawnee tribe and they meet chieftess Nonhelema, who trusts neither the British nor the French. Nonhelema orders Lucy and Wyatt to be executed, but chooses to spare Rufus' life, as she senses that he did not choose to be in the situation. After Rufus convinces the chieftess to let his teammates go, the trio proceed to Fort Duquesne, where Rufus forges foil and grabs other items to proceed with the repairs. Meanwhile, Mason's team recovers the protocol container, but it is damaged and the message is completely faded. Using the only clues in the message that reference a scene from Star Wars, Jiya deduces that the ship's navigation system is damaged, so the recovery team must guide them back through mid-jump. Just as they are surrounded by de Villiers' troops, the trio fire up the Lifeboat and Jiya manages to pull the machine back into the present day. Afterward, Jiya reveals her true feelings for Rufus while Agent Christopher requests for Mason to be placed on surveillance. The trio's adventure in 1754 results in a historical UFO sighting known as the "Pennsylvania Orb Incident". During an evening drink, Wyatt convinces Lucy that her future is what she determines herself, regardless of the journal that Flynn possesses.

#8 "Space Race" - November 28, 2016

Flynn and his team travel to July 20, 1969 to infiltrate the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston to disrupt the Apollo 11 mission. Shortly after entering the timeline, Rufus confronts Anthony over his involvement in the 1754 stranding, but Anthony escapes when Mission Control loses communication with Apollo 11. Rufus discovers through a local computer that Anthony has inserted a DoS attack into the center's mainframe. As 1960s technology is unable to counter the virus, Rufus and Lucy get help from mathematician Katherine Johnson, who gets them into the mainframe. Just as they are deleting the virus, they are confronted by Anthony and one of Flynn's henchmen. Rufus kills the henchman before Anthony once again runs away while communication with Apollo 11 is restored by Rufus and Katherine's computer fix. Meanwhile, Flynn meets Lockman Aerospace secretary Maria Thompkins and her son Gabriel at a park before disappearing when he spots Wyatt nearby. Wyatt explains to Maria that Flynn is a Russian spy, but Flynn sneaks into her home and injects Gabriel with a shot of epinephrine to counter a anaphylactic shock before getting away from Wyatt. Back in the present day, the team discovers through a secret file that Maria was Flynn's mother and Gabriel was his half-brother. Lucy is upset that Flynn managed to save his half-brother's life in the past while her sister remains lost in the timeline. At the same time, Rufus is unsure of himself after feeling no remorse for killing one of Flynn's henchmen.

#9 "Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde"
December 5, 2016

The trio travel to May 22, 1934 Arkansas, as Flynn is in pursuit of a necklace key that is somehow related to Rittenhouse. Upon their arrival, they encounter Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow of the Barrow Gang during a bank robbery and discover that Bonnie is wearing the necklace key. Claiming to be a rival bankrobbing couple, Lucy and Wyatt help Bonnie and Clyde escape from a gunfight with the police and Flynn. Lucy tells Wyatt that they need to get the key from Bonnie before 9:00 a.m. on May 23, the day when Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed and killed by a posse of Texas and Louisiana officers in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. Meanwhile, Rufus is arrested in connection with the bank robbery and interrogated by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, who obtains information on the trio from Flynn, but he is released after showing a fake driver's license and because Hamer has Barrow Gang member Henry Methvin in custody, much to Flynn's chagrin.

At their hideout, Bonnie reveals that Clyde gave her the key as an engagement gift, despite being married to someone else. Clyde then tells Lucy and Wyatt that he stole the key from Henry Ford, who offered a $50,000 reward for its recovery. As Wyatt attempts to grab the key, Bonnie and Clyde are suddenly awakened by Methvin. Rufus arrives, but as Bonnie and Clyde hold the trio at gunpoint, Rufus plays back his recording of Methvin revealing the hideout to Hamer, causing Clyde to kill Methvin as Hamer's posse and Flynn close in. A shootout occurs and Clyde is shot dead by Hamer while Flynn grabs the key from Bonnie and flees before Hamer kills her. Back in the present day, Mason warns Cahill that Agent Christopher is coming close to discovering Rittenhouse, unaware that she has them both on surveillance. Upon the trio's return, Agent Christopher asks Rufus who funded Mason's time machine project with $2.5 billion when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy. When she shows him a picture of Cahill, Rufus agrees to tell her everything he knows about Rittenhouse. Elsewhere, Flynn sneaks into a house and uses the key to open a clock to reveal a secret scroll.

#10 "The Capture of Benedict Arnold"
December 12, 2016

Agent Christopher entrusts a thumb drive containing details of her family to Lucy to carry in the Lifeboat in case history changes again. The Lifeboat team pursue Flynn to New York on September 25, 1780, the day Benedict Arnold planned to surrender West Point to the British Army. The trio are captured by George Washington's forces, and confronted by Flynn, who reveals that the secret letter shows Arnold was a founding member of Rittenhouse. He offers them the Mothership and the identity of Wyatt's wife's killer in exchange for them helping Flynn capture Arnold. The trio and Flynn rush to the British border acting as defectors, and capture Arnold, who reveals that Rittenhouse was founded by David Rittenhouse. The group get Arnold to bring them to meet Rittenhouse, who quickly foils their plot to kill him. Rittenhouse murders Arnold, but Rufus saves Wyatt and Flynn from being executed, as well. Flynn kills Rittenhouse, but Rittenhouse's son, John, escapes from the scene. Flynn finds John, and prepares to kill him only to be interrupted by Lucy. When John disappears, Flynn takes Lucy with him aboard the Mothership and they disappear before Wyatt and Rufus can save her.

#11 "The World's Columbian Exposition"
January 16, 2017

Wyatt and Rufus are desperate to rescue Lucy, who has been kidnapped by Flynn. Flynn takes Lucy to 1893 during the Chicago World's Fair, with the intent to kill Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and J. P. Morgan. Wyatt and Rufus follow them, but get trapped with architect Sophia Hayden and a guest named George Henry in the World's Fair Hotel, aka the "Murder Castle", run by serial killer H. H. Holmes. At the fair, Lucy and Flynn nab Harry Houdini and have him break into Edison's office to plant a bomb, but Houdini prevents Flynn from killing them. Houdini then helps Lucy save Wyatt and Rufus at the hotel. Lucy realizes that "George" is Holmes and is captured, but Wyatt saves her and kills Holmes. The trio bid farewell to Houdini and Sophia before returning to the present day. Rufus records a threat to Rittenhouse and hands it to Mason. Wyatt gets a phone call from Flynn, who reveals the identity of Jessica's killer, and suggests that Wyatt try and erase the killer's existence.

#12 "The Murder of Jesse James"
January 23, 2017

Wyatt visits Wes Gilliam at San Quentin to know if he really is Jessica's killer while Lucy has a nightmare about Amy and Rufus finds out that Jiya will replace him as the Lifeboat pilot in six months. The team travel to April 3, 1882, where Flynn saves famous outlaw Jesse James from being murdered by Charley and Robert Ford in order to get his cooperation to find a person deep within Indian territory. To track Flynn and James, the trio enlist the help of U.S. Marshals Bass Reeves and Grant Johnson, but Rufus discovers that Wyatt plans to kill James himself. Flynn and James arrive at the home of Emma Whitmore, a former time machine pilot who avoided Rittenhouse by stranding herself in the 19th century. After Flynn and Emma leave the premises, James uses Flynn's machine gun to ambush the Lifeboat team and Reeves, killing Johnson. Wyatt shoots James, but as Reeves tells him to stand down, Lucy kills James. Back in the present timeline, Rufus informs Mason and Agent Christopher that Emma is alive. Mason confronts Jiya over hacking the secret video logs before she enters the simulator. At a bar, Wyatt asks Rufus to help him steal the Lifeboat to save Jessica.

#13 "Karma Chameleon" - January 30, 2017

Wyatt and Rufus steal the Lifeboat to travel to Toledo, Ohio in 1983 to circumvent the one-night stand between the parents of Jessica's killer, a bartender and a stewardess. After several unsuccessful attempts, Wyatt chases the bartender outside in the midst of a tornado. The bartender trips over debris resulting in a fatal fall. Meanwhile, Emma tells Flynn and Anthony about Rittenhouse's real intentions for the time machines. Flynn wants to continue eradicating Rittenhouse, but Anthony thinks they should destroy both machines. Anthony confides in Lucy his plans for sabotage. Lucy tells this information to Agent Christopher and they agree to keep it to themselves, and learns of Mason's dealings with her biological father, Benjamin Cahill. When Wyatt and Rufus return to the present, they discover Jessica was still killed but the other two women were saved as Wyatt is taken into custody. There is an explosion at the Mothership's location, but there is a lack of debris from the machine and Anthony's body is discovered in the rubble with close-range gunshot wounds. Agent Christopher and Rufus realize that Flynn discovered Anthony's betrayal and escaped in the Mothership. Lucy confronts Cahill about Rittenhouse.

#14 "The Lost Generation" - February 6, 2017

With Wyatt incarcerated for stealing the Lifeboat, Lucy and Rufus travel with Master Sergeant Dave Baumgardner to Paris on May 21, 1927, the day Charles Lindbergh made the first solo transatlantic flight. There, Flynn shoots down the Spirit of St. Louis and takes Lindbergh hostage. The Lifeboat team meets journalist Ernest Hemingway, who helps them in their search for Flynn and Lindbergh. The trio chase after Emma and Karl outside a night club headlined by Josephine Baker, but Dave is killed in the ensuing gunfight. With Dave gone, a drunk Hemingway offers to be the team's muscle, much to Lucy's chagrin. Lucy is nabbed by Flynn, who plans to kill Lindbergh unless she convinces the pilot to leave Rittenhouse. Rufus and Hemingway enter the city's catacombs and rescue Lucy and Lindbergh, who decides to go in hiding. Meanwhile, NSA Agent Jake Neville takes over the time machine project from Agent Christopher. Wyatt deduces to Agent Christopher that Neville's takeover was methodically planned. He promptly breaks out after being secretly handed a paper clip. Lucy and Rufus are shocked to meet Neville upon their return. Lucy discovers in a history book that Lindbergh went underground for a few weeks before resuming his life of fame and fortune before Carol gives her a brand new journal. At a warehouse in Oakland, Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Agent Christopher meet to discuss their next plan of action.

#15 "Public Enemy No. 1" - February 13, 2017

Agent Neville assigns Rufus, Lucy and a soldier to travel to 1962 Houston to erase Flynn from existence by killing his mother, but Rufus and Lucy steal the time machine and reunite with Wyatt. Rather than saving Lucy's sister, they jump to 1931 Chicago to pursue Flynn. There, Flynn helps Al Capone avoid jail in exchange for a meeting with Chicago mayor and Rittenhouse member William Hale Thompson. The team joins forces with Eliot Ness to bring the mobster to justice, but Ness is gunned down by one of Capone's hitmen. With Ness eliminated, the trio seek help from Capone's elder brother, who is living as a Prohibition agent under the name Hart. They gain access to Capone, and the mobster reveals that Flynn has learned about a Rittenhouse meeting in 1954 before Hart announces that he is bringing him in. Capone shoots Rufus as a favor to Flynn before he is killed by Hart. Jiya is questioned by Mason and Agent Neville as to the team's whereabouts. Mason asks Cahill for access to NSA data to track not only the Lifeboat but virtually anyone globally. Just as the Lifeboat is about to jump, Rufus loses consciousness from his gunshot wound.

#16 "The Red Scare" - February 20, 2017

The Lifeboat returns to the present, where Lucy has Noah treat Rufus before she breaks up with him. The team and Jiya jump to Washington, D.C. in 1954. Flynn blackmails Joseph McCarthy into giving him the address of the Rittenhouse summit. Lucy and Wyatt are arrested after Flynn has them framed as Soviet spies. They escape and coerce Ethan Cahill, Lucy's grandfather, into taking them to the summit. Upon their arrival, Lucy convinces Flynn of another way to stop Rittenhouse. When Jiya suffers a seizure, Wyatt and Rufus accompany her back to the present while Lucy stays with Flynn and Ethan. Meanwhile, Mason reveals Cahill's activities to Agent Christopher and expresses remorse for the danger facing Rufus. Back in the present, Lucy, accompanied by Wyatt, visits an elderly Ethan, who gives them decades' worth of records of Rittenhouse's activities. Mason and the team begin using the documents to systematically topple the organization. Lucy gives Flynn the name of the person who ordered the assassination of his family, but he is immediately arrested by Agent Christopher, who agrees to fulfill her promise to help Lucy restore her sister Amy to the timeline. Lucy tells her mother about time travel and Amy before her mother reveals, to Lucy's horror, she too is a Rittenhouse member.



"Timeless" Season 2 Episodes (2018)

Episode #1: "The War to End All Wars"
March 11, 2018

As Rufus and Wyatt prepare for a mission, Mason Industries is bombed. They survive, and Agent Christopher relocates them to a decommissioned nuclear bunker. Six weeks later, Lucy—now seemingly integrated into Rittenhouse — joins Carol and Emma and travels to the Battle of Saint-Mihiel, France on September 14, 1918, to bring injured soldier Nicholas Keynes to 2018. In the repaired Lifeboat, Wyatt and Rufus pursue the Mothership and discover Lucy sabotaging Carol's mission. Wyatt and Rufus take a copy of Keynes's 1910 Rittenhouse time travel manifesto from a modern Rittenhouse agent fully integrated into the past. Marie Curie and Irène Joliot-Curie, using a "petite Curie" radiography unit, help save Keynes, but Emma threatens to kill them when they discover the Mothership. Wyatt and Rufus take Keynes hostage, allowing the Curies to flee while Keynes is exchanged for Lucy. Mason, who feels as though he has nothing to contribute, develops an algorithm to track the Mothership's movements as Jiya continues to have seizures. Wyatt surmises that Rittenhouse has placed sleeper agents throughout history. Carol reveals to Keynes that she is his granddaughter. Agent Christopher approaches an incarcerated Flynn about the manifesto, but he will only speak to Lucy.

#2 "The Darlington 500" - March 18, 2018

The Lifeboat team follows the Mothership to September 4, 1955 in Darlington, South Carolina, after Flynn gives Lucy a tipoff about a Rittenhouse-affiliated address. They discover that Rittenhouse is after NASCAR race driver Ryan Millerson, who is scheduled to race at the Darlington 500. At the track, they realize that Millerson is the sleeper agent before black race car driver Wendell Scott saves them from being killed by Emma, Millerson, and another Rittenhouse agent. The trio deduce that a bomb in Millerson's car is intended to murder automotive executives in attendance, so Rittenhouse can take over that industry. They have Wendell sneak them back into the track to stop Rittenhouse's mission. Wyatt kills Millerson, but not before the bomb is armed. Wyatt drives the car back to Wendell's garage, where Rufus defuses the bomb. In the present, as Mason is preparing for a public appearance against Agent Christopher's orders, she arrests him and sends him back to the compound. Keynes reveals to his followers his vision to perfect humanity by cutting away its flaws.

#3 "Hollywoodland" - March 25, 2018

The Lifeboat team travels to January 4, 1941, in Los Angeles, where Rittenhouse sleeper agent Lucas Calhoun, an RKO Pictures producer, steals the only existing copy of Citizen Kane and offers it to William Randolph Hearst in exchange for a weekly column in all Hearst Communications papers, allowing Rittenhouse to manipulate history using propaganda. With the help of actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, the trio kill Lucas and recover the film. Rufus and Lamarr discuss intellectual property rights, leading to Lamarr becoming a tech billionaire in later years. Working in the past and present, the trio and Agent Christopher orchestrate Flynn's escape from prison so that he can help the Lifeboat team with their missions. He joins them in the bunker. A medical exam finds Jiya in peak health; Mason tells Agent Christopher that previous afflicted pilots suffered schizophrenia or death. Shortly after Wyatt and Lucy's working relationship becomes romantic, he discovers that his presumed-dead wife Jessica is alive.

#4 "The Salem Witch Hunt" - April 8, 2018

Seeing Lucy as an ideological threat, Nicholas orders Carol to kill her. Jiya tells Rufus of her premonition that he will kill 17th-century judge Samuel Sewall. Wyatt tells Lucy that Jessica is alive. Rufus attributes it to recent Rittenhouse activity in 1980. Lucy, Rufus, and Flynn take the Lifeboat to September 22, 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, where they discover that Abiah Franklin, the future mother of Benjamin Franklin, is slated for execution in the Salem witch trials. Lucy and Rufus are arrested after Carol accuses Lucy of witchcraft. Carol slips Lucy a dagger to aid her escape, despite Lucy's rejection. Flynn shoots at the crowd, enabling all of the convicted to escape to safety in New Hampshire. Amid the chaos, Rufus defuses an armed confrontation with Sewall, but Sewall is killed by a runaway horse carriage. In the present, Jessica considers divorcing Wyatt as their relationship is strained, but he brings her to the bunker to show her the Lifeboat and reveal her original past. He asks for another chance with her. Distraught by the predestination paradox they experienced, Rufus asks Jiya to not describe her premonitions. For Carol's failure to kill Lucy, Nicholas tasks Emma with this.

#5 "The Kennedy Curse" - April 15, 2018

Flynn stops a Rittenhouse sleeper agent from killing 17-year-old John F. Kennedy in 1934. To escape other agents, Wyatt and Rufus bring Kennedy to 2018. Kennedy flees before the Lifeboat is recharged. He hitches a ride with college student Kayla and her friends, but is soon hospitalized with stomach pains. Emma is tasked to kill Kennedy, and Wyatt fights her off at the hospital. Kayla brings Kennedy to her home, where he learns of his and his family's future, including the "Kennedy curse." The team save Kennedy. Emma escapes. Kayla accepts Kennedy's identity. Rufus advises Kennedy to avoid his assassination in Dallas. When the Lifeboat returns with Flynn after returning Kennedy to 1934, Kennedy was still assassinated, but in Austin. Carol captures Agent Christopher and, before releasing her, demands she protect Lucy by keeping her away from Rittenhouse's missions. Christopher gives Lucy this option, but Lucy won't back down. Jessica intends to break up with Wyatt after realizing he and Lucy had a relationship, but recommits herself to Wyatt after Lucy describes his many efforts to save her. After overhearing Lucy and Wyatt make peace with the end of their relationship, Flynn offers Lucy a beer.

#6 "The King of the Delta Blues" - April 22, 2018

Rufus and Jiya add a fourth Lifeboat seat. Mason loses his company. Lucy, Rufus, Flynn, and Mason follow the Mothership to San Antonio, Texas on November 23, 1936, to save Mason's idol, blues musician Robert Johnson, thereby preserving rock and roll and the 1960s counterculture revolution. The team save Johnson from a Rittenhouse sleeper agent, but Johnson flees, believing himself cursed. Lucy convinces Johnson's producer, Don Law, not to abandon the album, but his associate Betty, another sleeper agent, kills him. Lucy and Flynn commiserate over their lost loved ones. Rufus and Mason find Johnson and drive him to his sister's juke joint, where Mason kills Betty. Mason, inspired by Rufus' admiration for him, convinces Johnson to record the album with Mason as sound engineer. In the present, Agent Christopher sends Wyatt to raid Rittenhouse's headquarters. Wyatt fails to shoot Carol, who escapes in the Mothership with Nicholas and Emma. Lucy brings a vodka bottle to Flynn's room at night. When Jiya is troubled by a premonition, Rufus agrees to hear it. She believes he will die in a confrontation with cowboys.

#7 "Mrs. Sherlock Holmes" - April 29, 2018

Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn follow the Mothership to New York City on March 4, 1919, where Rittenhouse frames suffragist Alice Paul for murder on the day she persuaded Woodrow Wilson to support the 19th Amendment. Lucy and Wyatt enlist attorney and sleuth Grace Humiston, who disapproves of advocacy, to prove Paul's innocence, but Paul is murdered in her cell. Emma violates Nicholas's orders and instead helps Rufus and Flynn stop the sleeper agent, a suffragist. Emma wants to protect the rights of women like her mother, who saved them both from Emma's abusive father. Rufus, believing himself invincible in the absence of cowboys, is uncharacteristically reckless and is injured. Humiston persuades Wilson by speaking from the heart about equal justice for women, then detects and neutralizes the sleeper, whom Emma kills. In the present, Mason and Jiya salvage Rittenhouse data. Mason and Agent Christopher discover a photo of Jessica in the data. Rufus and Jiya argue over her premonition, then agree to face events together. Lucy tells Wyatt she and Flynn only talked. They agree to focus on saving the world. Nicholas advances an ideological and romantic partnership with Emma.

#8 "The Day Reagan Was Shot" - May 6, 2018

Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Jiya follow the Mothership to Washington, D.C., on March 30, 1981, the day Ronald Reagan was shot. When Wyatt saves an MPD officer from a gunman, he realizes she is the young Denise Christopher and Rittenhouse's target. Denise is injured and her mother urges her to accept an arranged marriage. Lucy and Jiya help Denise identify a fugitive John Hinckley Jr., ensuring his capture. To change Denise's mind, Lucy and Jiya reveal themselves as time travelers and show her the photos of her wife and children. Denise breaks the engagement by coming out to her mother, which she had never done originally. Wyatt and Rufus capture the sleeper Owen, an unwilling Rittenhouse pawn. They kill Owen's true-believer brother Zac before he can get to Denise. Owen commits suicide, fearing Rittenhouse's retribution. In the present, Agent Christopher realizes she is the target. At Flynn's urging, she spends time with her family. She is grateful to Wyatt and Lucy, and her mother is a loving member of her family. Jiya and Rufus pledge to save Rufus's life. Flynn tells Lucy that she came from about 2023 to provide her journal after his family was murdered. Jessica reveals to Wyatt that she is pregnant, and her brother, who originally died in childhood, was saved by medical treatment with unexplained financing.

#9 "The General" - May 13, 2018

Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn follow the Mothership to South Carolina on June 1, 1863, where Rittenhouse sleeper agent Confederate Colonel Ryerson uses a history book provided by Emma to outmaneuver Union forces and drive away Colonel James Montgomery and his forces. Wyatt and Rufus work with Harriet Tubman to orchestrate a plantation raid similar to the original Combahee River Raid, while Lucy and Flynn convince Montgomery to reinforce Tubman. Tubman trusts Rufus because she experienced a divine vision of his assistance, that unbeknownst to her also depicted the Lifeboat. Rufus regrets that he can think of no advice to improve Tubman's later life, but she is satisfied to live free. In the present, Carol focuses Nicholas on the idea of Rittenhouse as a family legacy. Jiya meets institutionalized time-machine pilot Stanley Fisher, who tells her that she can deliberately access visions of other time periods. Wyatt conceals the information about Jessica's brother Kevin, even after Agent Christopher informs him that Rittenhouse has surveilled Jessica all her life. Jessica takes Jiya hostage with Wyatt's gun and absconds with her and the Lifeboat.

#10 "Chinatown" - May 13, 2018

Jiya kills her Rittenhouse guard and flees in the Lifeboat. Sedated, and with the vessel damaged by Emma's gunfire, Jiya fails to land the Lifeboat in the bunker. Lucy discovers a photograph of Jiya in San Francisco's Chinatown, dated 1888. Jiya's message in Klingon provides the Lifeboat's location and an exhortation not to come for her. Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn nevertheless travel to 1888. When Carol prevents Emma from killing Lucy, Emma kills Carol and Nicholas, taking on Jessica as her new partner. A dying Carol tells Lucy she regrets taking Amy from her, and not raising Lucy to believe in Rittenhouse. Jessica tells Wyatt that she was raised by Rittenhouse and really is carrying his child. Jiya has lived and worked in a bar since 1885, and has identified it as the location of Rufus's death. She has mastered her visions and saves Rufus from Emma's henchman, but Emma shoots and kills him. Jessica and Emma escape. In the present, Jiya and Wyatt blame themselves for Rufus's death. Wyatt tells Lucy he loves her. An upgraded Lifeboat arrives. Battle-hardened duplicates of Wyatt and Lucy emerge, inviting the team to save Rufus.



Timeless Holiday Special Movie
E#301-302 "The Miracle of Christmas"
2-Part Series Finale! December 20, 2018

The future Lucy and Wyatt explain that they are from 2023 and that the only chance of stopping Rittenhouse lies with saving Rufus. The future Lucy gives her past self her journal to guide their dismantling of Rittenhouse while the future Wyatt reveals Jessica's manipulations. The future Lucy and Wyatt depart in the team's Lifeboat, leaving their own more advanced version for the team's use while Emma sends Jessica to activate their last sleeper agent during the Gold Rush of 1848. After following Jessica to 1848, Wyatt realizes that to save Rufus, Jessica has to be removed from the timeline to undo all of her actions. At night, Flynn slips off and travels back to 2012 where he kills Jessica on the night she originally died. Flynn returns the Lifeboat to 1848 and watches his family from a distance one last time before dying from the side-effects of travelling within his own personal timeline. With Jessica gone, Rufus returns and rescues the team from prison, having no memory of ever being dead and kills the sleeper. Shortly after returning to 2018, the reunited team is forced to travel to the Hungnam evacuation on Christmas of 1950 where they fall into a trap set by Emma using a helicopter pilot she has bribed with the gold the sleeper got her. After their departure, Mason and Denise discover that they die there when the Chinese Army massacres a nearby village where the team attempts to save a young pregnant woman while returning to the Lifeboat. To save her friends, Denise makes a deal with Benjamin Cahil to capture Emma. Denise arrives with Emma and the Mothership to rescue the team and Emma tries to make a deal with Lucy for her freedom in exchange for saving Amy. Lucy refuses and Emma is killed by Chinese soldiers as everyone escapes. With Rittenhouse defeated, Lucy abandons her search for Amy and resumes her relationship with Wyatt while Jiya and Rufus resume their own relationship. The Mothership is destroyed, but Denise chooses to spare the Lifeboat in case someone ever reinvents time travel. In 2023, Lucy is teaching history again and has two daughters with Wyatt named after Flynn and Amy while Rufus and Jiya run their own company together. In order to keep history on track and ensure the formation of their team, the team makes one final trip to 2014 to start Flynn's mission against Rittenhouse. At night, a young girl works on plans for a time machine, suggesting that their adventures aren't over yet...


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