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The CW cancelled "Frequency", Watch on Netflix!

The CW
Frequency is an American drama television series that airs on The CW. Inspired by the 2000 Gregory Hoblit film of the same name, Frequency is developed by Jeremy Carver. The series premiered on October 5, 2016, and the first season concluded on January 25, 2017.

On May 13, 2017, The CW released a 3-minute epilogue to the series to provide closure after its cancellation.

Frequency CW Frequency 2000


Frequency (2000 Movie)

Frequency is a 2000 American science fiction thriller drama film. It was co-produced and directed by Gregory Hoblit and written and co-produced by Toby Emmerich. The film stars Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel as father and son, Frank and John Sullivan respectively. It was filmed in Toronto and New York City. The film gained mostly favorable reviews following its release via DVD format on October 31, 2000.

In October 1969, firefighter Frank Sullivan (Quaid) dies in a warehouse fire, leaving behind his wife Julia (Elizabeth Mitchell) and six-year-old son John. Thirty years later, in 1999, John (Caviezel), now an NYPD detective, is dumped by his girlfriend Samantha for refusing to move out of his father's house. John's childhood friend Gordo (Noah Emmerich) finds a Heathkit single-sideband ham radio that once belonged to Frank, but fails to get it working. The night before the anniversary of his father's death, John is surprised to find the radio broadcasting during an occurrence of the aurora borealis and has a brief conversation with another man concerning the 1969 World Series, which John is able to recount in specific detail. Eventually, he realizes that the other man is Frank and tries to warn him of his impending death. The next day, while attempting to rescue a young girl, Frank heeds his son's warning and manages to escape the warehouse. That evening, the two reconnect and learn a great deal about each other's lives.

Subsequently, John begins to notice major changes in the present: His mother Julia no longer lives at her current address, Samantha doesn't recognize him, and he learns that Frank died in 1989 from lung cancer. His boss, Sgt. Satch DeLeon (Andre Braugher), assigns him to investigate the "Nightingale", a serial killer who murdered three nurses in the 1960s. However, John discovers that the Nightingale is now connected to ten murders, including that of his mother two weeks after Frank's now-avoided death. Feeling guilty that their actions somehow led to the Nightingale committing more murders, John persuades his father to help him prevent these crimes from occurring. Frank manages to save the first victim. But when he tries to rescue the second, the Nightingale subdues him, steals his driver's license, and plants it on the victim to frame Frank for the murder.

When Frank shares his experience with his son, John realizes Frank's wallet has the Nightingale's fingerprints. John instructs his father to wrap his wallet in plastic and hide it somewhere in the house where John can find it 30 years later. Using the preserved fingerprints from the wallet, John identifies the Nightingale as Jack Shepard (Shawn Doyle), a former detective. In the original timeline, Shepard died from a medical error the same night Frank died. But since, in the new timeline, Julia didn't leave the hospital early after learning of Frank's death, she was at the hospital and prevented the error that would have killed Shepard. Meanwhile, Frank is approached by then-Detective Satch DeLeon who tries to arrest him on suspicion of murder. In the resulting struggle, the radio is knocked over and sustains damage, shutting it off. While awaiting questioning, Frank activates the precinct's fire sprinkler system, escapes, and breaks into Shepard's apartment, where he finds jewelry taken from the victims. Shepard catches Frank in the act and pursues him, ending with a fight underwater where Frank appears to have killed Shepard.

Frank fixes the radio, but while talking both he and John are attacked by the 1969 and 1999 versions of Shepard. Using a shotgun, Frank manages to blow off Shepard's right hand in 1969, causing Shepherd's hand to disappear in 1999 just as he's about to kill John. The timeline rapidly fixes itself in 1999 and an elderly Frank kills Shepard and embraces his son. The film concludes with a baseball game including John, Samantha (now his wife), John's young son, Frank, Julia, Satch and Gordo, who's now wealthy on account of having invested in Yahoo! on John's advice.


Frequency TV Series

In 2016, NYPD Detective Raimy Sullivan discovers that she is able to speak to her deceased father Frank Sullivan in 1996 via his old ham radio. Her attempts to save his life trigger the "butterfly effect", changing the present in unforeseen ways. To fix the damage, she must work with her father across time to solve a decades-old murder case.


"Frequency" Season 1 Episodes (2016-17)

Episode #1: "Pilot" - October 5, 2016

After lightning strikes the antenna for her father Frank's old ham radio, Raimy Sullivan begins to communicate with another man, who she realizes is Frank nearly 20 years earlier. They both quickly realize they are speaking to each other through time. Both are also police officers in their respective time periods; Frank, in 1996, is going undercover and Raimy investigates the cold case of a serial killer in the present, known as "The Nightingale" because he targets nurses. She also uncovers evidence that Frank, who died in a shooting during a botched sting operation, was set up by his superior Stan Moreno, the current deputy police chief. She helps prevent his death at the time, but sets off a butterfly effect that changes reality: Frank dies in a car accident, her mother is shown to be a Nightingale victim, and her boyfriend Daniel has never met her.

#2 "Signal and Noise" - October 12, 2016

Raimy informs Frank that her mother, Julie, will be a Nightingale victim. She urges him to warn her, but Frank is hesitant to jeopardize his shaky relationship with Julie and young Raimy. In their respective timelines, both he and Raimy investigate Thomas Goff, a Nightingale suspect who had a sexual-assault charge filed but dropped against him; Frank's visit in 1996 precipitates the escape of a girl named Maya that Goff kidnapped, exposing his crimes to his mother. In 2016, Raimy discovers that Frank's actions caused the Goffs to move away, and she can no longer find them. In a desperate attempt to convince Julie she is in danger, Frank leads her to the radio to speak with Raimy, who remains silent in fear of further changing their history.

#3 "The Near Far Problem" - October 19, 2016

In 2016, Raimy finds where Goff hid Maya under an outbuilding and encourages Frank to pursue that lead in 1996. Frank discovers that the underground space has been cleaned with bleach, and finds a footprint that leads him to the woods, where he finds Maya. Raimy becomes convinced that Goff is the Nightingale, but Frank has doubts. They each track down Goff in their own timelines, but in 1996, Goff steps into traffic to keep himself out of prison; he dies in the past and vanishes just as Raimy is about to murder him in a blind rage. The Nightingale case remains unchanged, confirming Goff's innocence. In 2016, Raimy refuses to attend her mother's funeral, straining her relationship with Satch.

#4 "Bleed Over" - October 26, 2016

In 1996, a young girl, Eva Salinas, is found wandering the streets, having escaped from the Nightingale after he abducted her mother. The traumatic experience keeps her quiet until Frank has young Raimy play with her at the park. She tells Raimy a secret: she saw the Nightingale's face. In 2016, Raimy learns that Eva has been abducted again, but eventually discovers that she has faked the whole thing for attention. Frank asks Raimy to describe the Nightingale sketch from her precinct and he, in turn, shows it to young Eva. She recalls the Nightingale stalking her mother and describes his vehicle, which Frank recognizes from the park. He tries to approach it, but the driver flees and later burns it.

#5 "Seven Three" - November 2, 2016

In 2016, Raimy discovers that her very first collar has been murdered and realizes that she remembers two versions of that day: one from the current timeline, where she and her father arrested him, and one from the timeline where Frank was killed, where she rode with Stan Moreno and found him murdered. Raimy's knowledge of both timelines further implicates Stan as a dirty cop, but she has no hard evidence to prove it. She and Frank use an unaltered file from 1996 to try and flip one of Stan's CIs in 2016. After Frank accuses her of cheating on him with Raimy's softball coach, Julie asks him for a divorce.

#6 "Deviation" - November 9, 2016

At Raimy's insistence, Frank uses the next Nightingale victim as bait. He saves her life, but the Nightingale escapes, knocking him unconscious and taking a family photo from his wallet. In 2016, Raimy speaks to a tipster in prison who specifically requested her. He introduces himself as Karl Pierce, a mentally unstable quantum physicist who claims to have discovered the same phenomenon as Raimy, which led him to kill his neighbor at the urging of his future self. He suggests that the only way to stop the Nightingale is to kill him in the past. Raimy dismisses him, but changes her mind after discovering that the woman Frank saved has become a Nightingale victim in 2016.

#7 "Break, Break, Break" - November 16, 2016

In 1996, Frank is approached by his former lover, Miracella Corrado, whom he met while undercover and is now seeking refuge from Stan, who had her brother Jay murdered to cover up his attempt on Frank's life. Discovering the affair, Julie retaliates by rekindling her relationship with Raimy's softball coach, Ted. In 2016, Satch wants to retire after his wife divorces him, but Raimy convinces him not to when they find a major clue to the Nightingale's identity. A new victim, Larissa Abbot, is found at an old Christian hideaway camp where she was a nurse in 1994 and Raimy determines that whoever killed her must have worked at the camp at the same time.

#8 "Interference" - November 30, 2016

After watching a press conference where Raimy appeals for information about the hideaway camp, a woman named Meghan Womack tries to contact her, but is prevented from doing so by the staff at the mental health clinic where she is held. Her stepfather, Deacon Joe Hurley, of whom she is terrified, is approached for information about the camp by the police. Raimy's date with her new boyfriend, Kyle Mosbey, is interrupted by a drunk Daniel, forcing Raimy to abandon Kyle so that she can take him home. He admits he cannot stop thinking about her and they share a kiss, but she leaves after finding the ring he plans to give to his girlfriend Claire. He later visits Raimy again and they have sex. In 1996, Frank searches Larissa's belongings with her family's permission, and learns she was friends with Meghan at the camp. He also finds out about Julie's affair with Ted, but eventually gives her his blessing to continue.

#9 "Gray Line" - December 7, 2016

In 1996, Frank sets up a sting to expose Stan's corruption, but Satch tips him off and Frank is warned not to mess with Stan again. Frank and Julie reconcile after she and Ted break up and he moves back into her house. Frank also tracks down a younger Meghan and learns of her suspicions that her stepfather Joe murdered her mother and brother. In 2016, Meghan escapes the clinic and calls Raimy, but is abducted. Raimy breaks into Deacon Joe's house and finds the skeletal remains of Meghan's mother; the Deacon attacks her and escapes, and a manhunt is launched. Raimy warns Frank that Joe is the Nightingale and must be killed to save Julie, to which Frank reluctantly agrees.

#10 "The Edison Effect" - January 4, 2017

Having finally identified Deacon Joe as the Nightingale, Raimy helps her father prepare to murder him. Frank goes along with her plan, but questions whether it will cause more harm than good to the timeline; Raimy insists that doing so is the only way to save Julie. Kyle winds up in the hospital after being injured in a pursuit, and he and Raimy share a tender moment. Meghan manages to call the police, who trace her phone to a remote cabin; despite Raimy's best efforts, Joe kills her and flees. After chasing him down, she murders him in cold blood and surrenders her firearm to another officer. Meanwhile, Frank succeeds in abducting Joe, but ends up in a car crash after receiving a call from Julie.

#11 "Negative Copy" - January 11, 2017

Joe escapes from Frank's car, foiling Raimy's plan. Her actions are subsequently investigated as misconduct, and her badge is confiscated. Fearing that Joe will target his family, Frank concocts a new plan to frame him for theft. Unfortunately, this results in an alternate timeline where Joe was never caught in the first place, erasing all of Raimy's progress. Realizing that he will almost certainly kill Meghan in 1996 to cover his tracks, they decide to find her. Julie covers for Frank when Satch comes by their house to investigate, but he eventually figures out that she's lying. Out of desperation, Frank plants a bag of cash in Joe's house and has him arrested, while Raimy breaks into his cabin in 2016, finding Meghan and her brother alive in the nearby woods.

#12 "Harmonic" - January 18, 2017

Raimy takes Meghan and Robbie to the hospital, where she learns that the latter has been living under an alias for 20 years after running away from home. Frank tries to get Joe to confess, but he fakes a beating and is allowed to leave. Raimy and Satch find the evidence needed to get Joe arrested, and Raimy gives him her shoelaces to commit suicide in return for the location of his wife's body, which Frank then uses to identify Joe as the Nightingale. Unbeknownst to him, Stan, who still harbors a grudge against him, steals an envelope addressed to Frank before leaving the crime scene. Raimy discovers that her mother is now alive in 2016, while Robbie, having been reunited with his sister by Frank, returns to his apartment in 1996 and inspects a collection of photos of Julie before going to sleep.

#13 "Signal Loss" - January 25, 2017

In the new timeline, Frank still dies in 2011, but Julie is now a doctor, Gordo is a lawyer, Satch's marriage is intact, there have been no Nightingale murders since Joe's arrest, and Raimy and Daniel are engaged. By chance Raimy encounters Robbie and becomes suspicious of him, and convinces Frank to visit Robbie and Meghan in 1996 and make further enquiries about Joe. This unbalances Robbie, who tells Meghan that he is the Nightingale and that Joe took the blame for him. Robbie murders Meghan and then attacks Julie, Raimy and Gordo, kills Gordo's father, and destroys the ham radio, cutting off contact with Raimy in 2016. Despite their mutual grudge, Stan races to help Frank rescue his family, but is shot by Miracella (to avenge her brother) before he can reach the scene. Frank is shot by Robbie, who tries to flee with a captive Julie, but Satch intercepts them and rescues Julie, though Robbie escapes. Raimy is relieved to find the present relatively unchanged in 2016, but Robbie remains at large.

Frequency Epilogue - May 13, 2017

On May 13, 2017, The CW released a 3-minute epilogue to the series to provide closure after its cancellation.


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