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Find good TV series to watch about superheroes and good guys with good morals and happy endings. We list the best superhero, action & adventure TV series of all time. Watch trailers now in the video playlist above, or browse all the current, cancelled, and upcoming superhero TV series below.


Top 10 Superhero TV Series in 2020-2021:

  1. Titans (DC)
  2. DC's Legends of Tomorrow (CW)
  3. The Flash (CW)
  4. Supergirl (CW)
  5. Stargirl (DC)
  6. Batwoman (CW)
  7. Pennyworth (Epix)
  8. Doom Patrol (DC)
  9. Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
  10. The Falcon & The Winter Soldier (Disney+)

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Elseworlds CW Arrowverse 2018
DCTV Hall of Justice


2019-2020 Superhero TV Series

DC Comics TV Series

Marvel Comics TV Series

Marvel Netflix TV Series

* All TV Series Above Are Based on Comic Books

New TV Series

Live-Action Series Coming Soon

Classic Superhero TV Series

Recently Cancelled...


DC Comics Justice League TV Series

Latest Season Premiers

Season Finales


DC Comics TV Crossovers

DCTV Invasion! Crossover Flash and Supergirl Musical Crossover Duet DCTV Crossover Crisis on Earth-X 2017
Supergirl Races Flash Flash and Arrow CrossOver Supergirl and Flash CrossOver
Supergirl Crisis Birds of Prey Smallville Absolute Justice 2010


Marvel Comics Netflix Series

Daredevil Season1 on Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones Season1 on Netflix Marvel's Daredevil Season2 2016
Luke Cage 2016 Netflix Marvel's Iron Fist Netflix Series 2017 Marvel's The Defenders Season1 on Netflix
The Punisher on Netflix Jessica Jones Season2 Spider-Woman Netflix Series


New TV Series Coming Soon...

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Hawkeye WandaVision
Loki Disney+ Marvel What If? Marvel's Damage Control ABC
Marvel's New Warriors Hellfire FOX Power Pack TV
Ka-Zar TV Enormous FOX Scalped WGN
The Wicked and The Divine TV Red WildStorm Hawaiian Dick NBC
Briggs Land AMC Fables TV Empire of the Dead AMC
Shang Chi TV   Unfollow ABC


New TV Series in Progress (2020-2021)

  DC Comics TV Series BoxSet: Flash Gotham Arrow  
Stargirl Season 1 Titans Season1 Doom Patrol Season1
Pennyworth Season 1 Batwoman Season 1 Krypton Syfy TV Series
Agents of SHIELD Season6 Cloak and Dagger Season2 American Gods Season2
Marvel's Runaways on Hulu The Gifted Season2 Marvel's Legion Season2
The Flash Season3 Supergirl Season5 Legends of Tomorrow Season2
Wynonna Earp Season2 Van Helsing Season2 Syfy WestWorld HBO Season1 The Maze
Black Lightning Season 3 Lucifer FOX Preacher Season2 AMC
  Nancy Drew Season 1 2019  
Riverdale Season2 Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Netflix Katy Keene Season 1 2019 CW TV Series
The Librarians (2014-) Magicians Season3 Shadowhunters Netflix Series
Jack Ryan Season1 The 100 Season5 Stranger Things Season2
Grimm (2011-) Once Upon a Time (2011-) Sleepy Hollow (2013-)
The Originals (2013-) The Vampire Diaries (2009-) From Dusk Till Dawn (2014-)
Reign (2013-) Game of Thrones (2011-2018) 8 Seasons Supernatural Season12
MacGyver Season2 CBS Magnum PI 2018 TV Series Lethal Weapon Season1
The Good Place NBC Blindspot Season2 Quantico Season2 2016-2017
Dark Matter TV Series The Get Down Part1 2016 The Ranch Part2
The Twilight Zone 2019 CBS Cosplay Melee TV Sherlock (2010-)
The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Spy Kids Mission Critical 2018  


Cancelled TV Series

Green Arrow Fifth Season5 on CW Gotham Season5 Finale Birds of Prey
Smallville Absolute Justice 2010 Powerless 2016 NBC TV Marvel's Inhumans ABC TV Series 2017 Season1
iZombie Season4 Constantine 2014-2015 Swamp Thing 2019 Season1 DC Universe
Marvel's Agent Carter Season2 2016 Human Target 2010 CTV Painkiller Jane TV
The Tomorrow People CW Heroes Complete Series Heroes Reborn
Witchblade 2000 Stan Lee's Superhumans Season1 Stan Lee's Superhumans Season2
Misfits No Ordinary Family Mighty Med
Emerald City NBC Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency BBC Season1 Shooter USA
Knight Rider 2008 Transporter (2012-2014) Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles FOX TV
Timeless NBC Season2 12 Monkeys Syfy Travelers Season3
Making History FOX TV 2017 Frequency CW Midnight, Texas NBC TV Series
Revolution (2012-2014) Time After Time ABC The Americans 2013 S04
Limitless CBS TV Series Minority Report TV The Dresden Files 2007
Charlie's Angels ABC 2011 La Femme Nakita (1997-2001) Nikita (2010-2013)
The Quest 2014 Legend of the Seeker Firefly 2002
Robinhood BBC (2006-2009) Merlin BBC (2008-2012) Guinevere Jones TV
Camelot 2011 on Starz The Tudors (2007-2010) Monarchy PBS (2004-2006)
Game of Thrones 2011 Joan of Arcadia 2003-2005 The Shannara Chronicles 2016
Land of the Lost 1991-1992 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 2013 Tin Man 2007
Early Edition 1996-2000 Pushing Daisies 2007-2009 Medium 2005-2011
Charmed (1998-2006) Eastwick 2009-2010 Witches of East End (2013-2014)
The Secret Circle 2011-2012 Xena Warrior Princess 1995-2001 Young Blades 2005
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) Bitten (2014-2016) Blood Ties 2007
Angel (1999–2004) Dark Angel (2000-2002) Sanctuary 2008-2011
Alias (2001-2006) Special Unit2 2001-2002 Tru Calling 2003-2005
No Tomorrow CW Pure Genius CBS Blade TV Series 2006


CW Home of the Best Superhero Shows Anywhere
DC SuperHeroes on CW
Powerless on NBC
Gotham: Batman TV Series on FOX
Supergirl on CBS 2015-2016
The Flash
Legends of Tomorrow 2016 TV
iZombie Blue Juice
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Marvel's Legion on FX
Daredevil on Netflix April 10, 2015
Jessica Jones for those who loved Daredevil
Netflix Luke Cage Logo
Quantico ABC
Blindspot TV
Emerald City
Westworld on HBO
The Get Down - Netflix Original
The Flash Green Arrow DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Gotham Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Marvel's Agent Carter on ABC TV
iZOMBIE Heroes Reborn Shadowhunters
Blindspot Quantico The 100

Gotham TV Season1

Marvel's "Agents of SHIELD" on ABC:

Marvel's Agent Carter on ABC (16 Episodes)
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC (66+ Episodes)

Marvel's Defenders on Netflix:

Marvel's Defenders on Netflix (8 Episodes)
Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix (26 Episodes)
Marvel's Jessica Jones on Netflix (26 Episodes)
Marvel's Luke Cage on Netflix (13 Episodes)
Marvel's Iron Fist on Netflix (13 Episodes)


DC Comics Justice League TV Series

Gotham TV Season 4 on FOX (66+ Episodes)
Supergirl TV Season 3 on The CW (46+ Episodes)
The Flash TV Season 4 on The CW (69+ Episodes)
Arrow TV Season 6 on The CW (115+ Episodes)
Legends of Tomorrow TV Season 3 on The CW (46+ Episodes)
Black Lightning TV Season 1 on The CW (23+ Episodes)


Superhero TV Shows

Limited budgets and oddball writing hampered many early superhero series. The 1950s Adventures of Superman series starring George Reeves - an extension of the popular movie serials - featured very limited and unconvincing special effects but was hugely popular.

The live action Batman series of the late 1960s, starring Adam West and Burt Ward, made playful use of many of the conventions of superhero comics, including colorful costumes, visual sound effects, implausible escapes, and heavily expository dialog. The series helped sell color televisions and introduced the characters to millions of viewers. It reflected and reinforced the popular perception of superheroes as childish entertainment and made Batman a household name.

Batman led to imitators like Captain Nice and Mr. Terrific but only The Green Hornet starring Van Williams as the Hornet and a young Bruce Lee as his sidekick Kato approached the popularity of Batman.

By the late 1970s, superhero-like series, such as The Six Million Dollar Man and its spin-off, The Bionic Woman, found success. This led to series which were explicitly superhero shows, predominantly on CBS, such as Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter, which, like the previous decade's Batman was a huge hit and continues to be a cult classic despite campiness.

There were also abortive attempts at live action adaptations of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Doctor Strange which fans complained failed to adequately emulate the character's stories' action and spirit. In the end, all of these adaptations would fall victim to CBS's desire to avoid being identified as "the superhero network."

The other major superhero series of this era, The Incredible Hulk starring Bill Bixby as David Banner and Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk, took a more thoughtful and dramatic approach. The show focused on Banner’s nomadic lifestyle and the curse that the Hulk had placed upon him, as typified by the classic closing image of Banner hitchhiking alone to the music of a quiet piano piece, "The Lonely Man." The series was a ratings success, survived the TV superhero purge of the time and has proven to be the most durable of this period.

Meanwhile, superhero shows aimed at children, such as The Shazam!/Isis Hour and Electra Woman and Dyna Girl prospered. In addition, the PBS educational series, The Electric Company, also prominently featured Spider-Man stories, as well as its own creation, Letterman, in its premise while Sesame Street occasionally uses the character, Grover, as Super Grover, both examples of educational superheroes.

The 1980s saw the launch of various live-action superhero series that did not have their origins in comic book lore, but only The Greatest American Hero, a series with a humorous yet respectful tone about a superhero who could barely control his powers, lasted for more than a few episodes. In 1985, Misfits of Science, a Series with comedic overtones also appeared but only lasted 15 episodes.

Superboy ran from 1988-1992 in syndication. It was a half-hour live-action television series based on the fictional DC Comics comic book character Kal-El early years as Superboy. It was renamed The Adventures of Superboy at the start of the third season.

The 1990s saw a resurgence in superhero series, beginning with the short lived live adaptation of The Flash which had the misfortune of being scheduled against the television powerhouses, The Simpsons and The Cosby Show. In 1993, the ABC Network had a success with Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which reformatted the Superman mythos as a romantic/action drama. This led to several non-traditional approaches to superheroes in live action shows aimed at older audiences. The most successful were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, featuring a dyed-in-the-wool idealist superhero who exists within a consciously humorous take on the horror genre, and Smallville, another Superman reincarnation, which portrayed the hero’s early years in a teen drama format which enjoyed a lengthy ten season run. Other recent TV superhero or superhero-like series enjoying varying degrees of success include: Angel, Alias, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Dark Angel, Mutant X, Heroes, Misfits, and No Ordinary Family.

Starting in 2012, DC Comics became much more predominant on television with the success of the Green Arrow TV series adaptation, Arrow. This was followed up in the fall of 2014 with three further adaptations on separate TV networks: Gotham (on the backstory of Gotham City in Bruce Wayne's youth and Det. James Gordon's early police career before Batman began operations), The Flash, which is set in the same universe as Arrow and includes principle cast members of the 1990s version as recurring characters, and Constantine which adapts the John Constantine franchise.

Marvel Comics on the other hand approached the highly successful video streaming website, Netflix to produce several original content series adaptations of various properties for release in 2015. These include Daredevil, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, and series based on Iron Fist and Luke Cage, all of which would be combined together in a team up series based on The Defenders.


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Shadowhunters Freeform Series
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Classic TV Shows

Adventures Of Superman 1952-1958 Batman 1966-1968 Blu-Ray WonderWoman TV First Season
Shazam! The Flash 1990 TV Show Swamp Thing Series
Legends of the Superheroes The Incredible Hulk: TV Season1 Manimal 1983
Spider-Man 1979 Spidey Super Stories 1974-1975 The Amazing Spider-Man 1977-1979
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Smallville Absolute Justice 2010 Human Target 1992 Fox
MacGyver KnightRider Complete DVD Charlie's Angels
The Dukes of Hazzard TV The Lone Ranger Movie Beyond Westworld 1980
CHiPs Season1 1977 TJ Hooker Starsky and Hutch
Moonlighting Remington Steele Magnum PI
Sledgehammer The Fall Guy The Rockford Files
Mission: Impossible The A-Team TV The Mod Squad
Hercules The Legendary Journeys 1995-1999 Conan the Adventurer 1997-1998 Roar 1997
Highlander TV Series 1992-1998 Highlander The Raven 1998-1999 Power Rangers RPM
The Equalizer Hardcastle and McCormick Miami Vice
The Six Million Dollar Man Season1 The Six Million Dollar Man Season2 The Six Million Dollar Man Season3
The Six Million Dollar Man Season4 The Six Million Dollar Man Season5 The Bionic Woman Complee Collection
Bionic Woman Season1 Bionic Woman Season2 Bionic Woman Season3
The Greatest American Hero - First Season The Greatest American Hero - Second Season Bionic Woman Complete Series
Bewitched (1964-1972) Bewitched Complete Charlie's Angels Complete
I Dream Of Jeannie (1965-1970) I Dream Of Jeannie Complete Secrets of Isis TV
Wizards and Warriors 1983 The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries 1977-1979 Cagney and Lacey Season1
Amazing-Stories 1985-1987 The Twilight Zone 1959 Jim Henson's Storyteller 1988-1990
Faerie Tale Theatre 1982-1987 When Things Were Rotten 1975 Shirley Temple's Storybook 1958-1961
Fantasy Island 1977-1984 Highway to Heaven 1984-1989 Carnivale 2003-2005
The Beverly Hillbillies Little House on the Prairie 1974 Cheyenne 1955-1963
Beastmaster 1999-2002 Beauty and the Beast 1987-1990 Big Wolf on Campus 1999-2002


Classic Superhero Serials (1940-1970)

Superman 1948 Serial   Superman 1948 Serial Chapter3
Atom Man vs Superman 1950 Serial Batman Versus Superman Serial: Dawn of Justice 1949 Superman and the Mole Men 1950
Batman 1966 Batman 1943 Batman and Robin 1949
Green Hornet Strikes Again 1941 The Vigilante 1947 The Vigilantes Return 1947
Blackhawk 1952 Hop Harrigan 1946 Congo Bill 1948
Masked Marvel 1943 Spy Smasher Spy Smasher Returns



Classic TV Westerns

Cheyenne 1955-1962 Have Gun - Will Travel 1957-1963 Deadwood 2004-2006
Maverick 1957-1962 Young Maverick 1979-1980 Bret Maverick 1981-1982
The Legend of Jesse James 1965-1966 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 1955-1961 Hopalong Cassidy 1949-1952
Davy Crockett TV Miniseries 1954-1955 Daniel Boone 1964-1970 The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams 1977-1978
Bonanza 1959-1973 Gunsmoke 1955-1975 Ponderosa 2001-2002
Rawhide 1959-1965 The Wild Wild West 1965-1969 The Gene Autry Show 1950-1956
Bronco 1958-1962 Sugarfoot 1957-1961 Range Rider 1951-1953
Tales of the Texas Rangers 1955-1958 Zorro 1957-1961 Zorro 1990-1993
The Roy Rogers Show 1951-1957 Annie Oakley 1954-1957 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman 1993-1998


Movies Based On TV Shows

  Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders 2016  
CHiPs 2017 Baywatch 2017 Power Rangers 2017
The Lone Ranger Transformers Age of Extinction G.I. Joe 2 Retaliation 2013
The Incredible Hulk TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Miami Vice
21 Jump Street Starsky and Hutch MacGruber
The A-Team Scooby-Doo Inspector Gadget
Maverick Masters of the Universe Voltron Fleet of Doom
Popeye Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle 2000 Alvin and the Chipmunks
Bewitched 2005 MacGyver Movies The Beverly Hillbillies 1993
Get Smart The Avengers TV Bionic Showdown - Bullock Goes Bionic
The Trial of the Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk Returns The Death of the Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk 1977 Return of The Incredible Hulk Bride of The Incredible Hulk
The Smurfs The Smurfs2 The Smurfs3


Xena Warrior Princess
Robin of Sherwood
The Incredible Hulk
The Greatest American Hero
The Fall Guy
Remington Steele
Simon & Simon


TV Networks

NBC The CW 20th Television
Syfy Discovery Channel History Channel
YouTube TV
Hulu Plus Movies
NetFlix Movies
Sling TV


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