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New in 2015: Working as a private investigator in New York's Hell's Kitchen, a troubled ex-superhero's past comes back to haunt her in the live-action series, "Marvel’s Jessica Jones."

Starring: Krysten Ritter, David Tennant, Rachael Taylor

On November 6, 2013, Disney and Marvel announced that a Defenders miniseries will air on Netflix, along with four other shows featuring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. As of December 2014, Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter had been cast as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, while an actor for Iron Fist had not yet been cast for his own series.

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The Defenders & Jewel Comic Books

What if Jessica Jones had joined the Avengers Jessica Jones The Pulse
Defenders Marvel Feature 1971 Defenders Strange Heroes


Jessica Jones Netflix Series Characters

AKA Jessica Jones Trish Hope
Luke Cage Malcolm Kilgrave


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Jessica Jones November20, 2015
Jessica Jones for those who loved Daredevil
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Jessica Jones
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Jessica Jones Netflix Comics
AKA Jessica Jones

Jessica Campbell Jones Cage is a fictional character appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, Jones debuted in the series Alias as an embittered former superheroine who had used the aliases Jewel, Knightress, and Power Woman. After hanging up her costume, she became the owner and sole employee of Alias Private Investigations. Krysten Ritter plays the character in Jessica Jones, a live-action television series set to premiere on Netflix in 2015.

Marvel's Jessica Jones 2015 on NetflixMidtown High student Jessica Campbell was present when Peter Parker was bitten by the irradiated spider which gave him his powers. She had a crush on him, and had just plucked up the courage to speak to him when he was distracted by the bite. She also had a celebrity crush on teen heart-throb Johnny Storm.

Jessica's father received tickets for Disney World from his boss Tony Stark. On the way home, their car collided with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals. Her family was killed, and, after spending several months in a coma, she awoke, stirred by the first coming of Galactus outside her hospital room. She was placed in an orphanage and adopted by the Jones family.

Jessica later discovered that her radiation exposure granted her super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight (which she never fully mastered during her superhero career). Jessica's adoptive parents re-enrolled her at Midtown High, where she was ostracized by her classmates, especially Flash Thompson. Peter Parker (who had since become Spider-Man) sensed in Jessica a kindred spirit - someone who had also lost family due to a tragic circumstance. Jessica mistook his kind attention and lashed out at him, believing he was merely pitying her. She later witnessed a fight between Spider-Man and the villain Sandman in her own class. This inspired her to use her abilities in a positive light.

In November 2015, an update for the mobile fighting game Marvel: Contest of Champions was released, featuring a six-part story quest involving Jessica Jones and Daredevil, along with a level based on Hell's Kitchen. Additionally, Jessica Jones was added to the role-playing game Marvel: Future Fight.


Jessica Jones (2015)

Marvel's Jessica Jones, or simply Jessica Jones, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise, and is the second in a series of shows that will lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries. The series is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios and Tall Girls Productions, with Rosenberg serving as showrunner.

Jessica Jones CardKrysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, a former superhero who opens her own detective agency. Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, Wil Traval, Erin Moriarty, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss, and David Tennant also star in season one. A version of the series was originally in development by Rosenberg for ABC in 2010, which was eventually passed on. By late 2013, Rosenberg reworked the series, when it reentered development for Netflix as A.K.A. Jessica Jones and Ritter was cast as Jones in December 2014. Jessica Jones is filmed in New York City, in areas that still look like old Hell's Kitchen.

All episodes premiered November 20, 2015, on Netflix. The series has received positive critical reception, noting Ritter's and Tennant's performances as well as the series' noir tone, approach to sexuality and coverage of darker topics such as rape, assault and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In January 2016, Netflix renewed Jessica Jones for a second season.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Tie-ins

Jessica Jones is the second of the ordered Netflix series, after Daredevil, and will be followed by Luke Cage, and Marvel's Iron Fist, before leading into the miniseries, Marvel's The Defenders. In November 2013, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that, if the characters prove popular on Netflix, "It’s quite possible that they could become feature films," which Sarandos echoed in July 2015. In August 2014, Vincent D'Onofrio, who played Wilson Fisk in Daredevil, stated that after the "series stuff with Netflix", Marvel has "a bigger plan to branch out". In March 2015, Loeb spoke on the ability for the series to crossover with the MCU films and the ABC television series, saying, "It all exists in the same universe. As it is now, in the same way that our films started out as self-contained and then by the time we got to The Avengers, it became more practical for Captain America to do a little crossover into Thor 2 and for Bruce Banner to appear at the end of Iron Man 3. We have to earn that. The audience needs to understand who all of these characters are and what the world is before you then start co-mingling in terms of where it's going."

AKA Jessica JonesOn specific crossovers with Daredevil, which had completed its first season by the time Jessica Jones began casting, Loeb said "they’re in the same area. In some cases they are in the same neighborhood. One of the things that is important to us is, when you enter the police station, it’s the same police station. When you go to the hospital, you start to see the same people. [But] we don’t want people suddenly going, "Wait, is that Matt Murdock that’s walking down the street?" Because that’s going to feel odd, and in a weird way feel false." On existing in the MCU, specifically in the same world as the other Netflix series, Rosenberg said, "Jessica Jones is a very, very different show than Daredevil. We exist in a cinematic universe, [and] the mythology of the universe is connected, but they look very different, tonally they’re very different… That was my one concern coming in: Am I going to have to fit into Daredevil or what’s come before? And the answer is no."

On references or "easter eggs" in the series, Rosenberg explained that "A little is always there and in the writer’s room we have some fanboys that know all this stuff and they’re all geeking out with different stuff.... a lot of references are to the [Alias comic]." She also said that nods to the larger MCU are in the series, with each episode having a "little something in it." Jeryn Hogarth is closely associated with Iron Fist in the comics, and also worked with Luke Cage as part of those characters' Heroes for Hire team. Like Daredevil, the series makes references to the events of The Avengers and the Avengers (specifically Hulk and Captain America, though not by name). Jessica also mentions Angela del Toro as another private investigator, who in the comics is the hero White Tiger and has connections with K'un-Lun and Iron Fist. Paul Tassi, writing for Forbes, was disappointed with how the series fit into the larger MCU, feeling the series seemed "so far removed from the world of The Avengers, it might as well not be in the same universe at all.... what’s even weirder is how Jessica Jones almost refuses to acknowledge Daredevil at all, despite the fact that it’s supposed to be sharing at least this little corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with it."


The Defenders (2017)

Marvel's The Defenders, or simply The Defenders, is an upcoming American web television miniseries developed for Netflix by Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise and is the culmination of a series of interconnected shows from Marvel and Netflix. The miniseries is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios, with Petrie and Ramirez serving as showrunners.

The limited series stars Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock / Daredevil, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and Finn Jones as Danny Rand / Iron Fist, all reprising their roles from their individual series. Élodie Yung also stars as Elektra Natchios, reprising the role from Marvel's Daredevil. Development of the miniseries began in late 2013, with Cox the first actor cast in May 2014, and Jones the final of the title four cast in February 2016. Petrie and Ramirez joined as showrunners in April, after serving in the same role on the second season of Daredevil, and filming began in New York City that October.

The Defenders will consist of eight episodes, and is scheduled to be released in 2017.


Jessica Jones: 13 Episodes

13-Episode Netflix Series Premiered on November 20, 2015

#1 "AKA Ladies Night"

Jessica Jones Season1Jessica Jones, an alcoholic private investigator "gifted" with superhuman strength and flight, delivers a subpoena to strip-club owner Gregory Spheeris for lawyer Jeri Hogarth (who is having an affair with her assistant Pam behind the back of her wife Wendy Ross-Hogarth), exposing her abilities to him in the process. While not working, Jones spies on Luke Cage, a bar owner who sees her looking into his bar and offers her free alcohol as a "Ladies Night" promotion, leading to the two sleeping together. She leaves upset after seeing a photo of a woman in his bathroom. Jones is approached by Barbara and Bob Shlottman after their daughter Hope began acting differently and disappeared. While investigating, Jones discovers that Hope is with Kilgrave, a man with mind control abilities whose time controlling Jones gave her PTSD, and whom she believed was dead. Jones wants to flee, but is convinced by her friend and foster-sister Trish Walker to help Hope. Jones finds her, but Kilgrave's hold is still over Hope, and she murders her parents.

#2 "AKA Crush Syndrome"

Jones is investigated by Detective Oscar Clemons, who discovers photos she took of Cage. Jones lies to Cage that she had been hired by the husband of a woman who Cage had slept with. Cage, having not known that the woman was married, confronts her about it, and when she goes to her husband, he attacks Cage with a group. Jones helps fight off the men, and learns that Cage is gifted with unbreakable skin. Hogarth agrees to represent Shlottman if Jones can prove that Kilgrave exists. Jones remembers leaving Kilgrave to die after he was hit by a bus, and now tracks down the ambulance driver who had picked him up. The driver had donated both his kidneys to Kilgrave, and is now on dialysis. Jones finds the operating doctor who anonymously donated the dialysis machine. He agrees to testify for Shlottman, and reveals that he operated on Kilgrave without anesthesia since that would have blocked Kilgrave's abilities. When Hogarth meets with Shlottman, the latter reveals that Jones was once under Kilgrave's control as well.

#3 "AKA It's Called Whiskey"

Jessica and Luke begin to bond over their mutual powers. Officer Simpson becomes the latest to fall to Kilgrave's control, and Trish faces the consequences of taunting Kilgrave on air during an interview with Hope.

#4 "AKA 99 Friends"

Jessica learns Kilgrave has a spy watching and photographing her, and sets out to uncover the person responsible. Simpson and Trish bond over surviving Kilgrave's influence.

#5 "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me"

Jessica, Trish and Simpson plot to take down Kilgrave, but their plan goes awry when Kilgrave anticipates their attack. Jessica gives Malcolm a chance to make up for his misdeeds.

#6 "AKA You're a Winner!"

Luke needs Jessica's help to find the brother of someone who has evidence on who killed Luke's wife. Jessica's hidden link to Luke is revealed and threatens everything she has.

#7 "AKA Top Shelf Perverts"

Jessica works on another trap for Kilgrave after he kills someone she knows. Jeri Hogarth's personal life reaches a downward spiral, because of her aggressive personality and what Jessica does.

#8 "AKA WWJD?"

Jessica spends time with Kilgrave trying to see what made him so depraved. Jessica turns the tables on Kilgrave. Trish and Simpson debate on how to get rid of Kilgrave.

#9 "AKA Sin Bin"

Simpson is injured after finding Kilgrave's safe-house, and more about him is revealed. Jessica tries to coerce a confession from Kilgrave and learns another way to do it - by finding his mom and dad.

#10 "AKA 1,000 Cuts"

After Kilgrave escapes, he forces Jeri to take him to her ex-wife who is a doctor. Jessica learns how Kilgrave's powers function and Kilgrave's scientist father tries to make a vaccine against his powers.

#11 "AKA I've Got the Blues"

The truth about Simpson's special forces past is shown, as he takes red pills to up his adrenaline. This causes him to go on a kill mission for Kilgrave, leaving Jessica and Trish to stop his out-of-control blood-lust. Kilgrave learns about Luke and makes an example of him to Jessica.

#12 "AKA Take a Bloody Number"

Luke recounts what Kilgrave made him do, making him realize what Jessica feels because of Kilgrave's connection to her, and the two work together to end Kilgrave.

#13 "AKA Smile"

Claire Temple, after treating Luke for injuries, sees he is superhuman and helps Jessica move him to her apartment for treatment. Kilgrave's powers have reached a powerful new threshold and he is willing to use it to end Jessica however he can. Trish tells Jessica she may have found a clue to how she got her powers.

The Defenders on Netflix
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Marvel's Defenders on Netflix
Marvel's Defenders
Daredevil on Netflix April 10, 2015
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