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Marvel's "Cloak & Dagger" Season2 in 2019 on ABC

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger, or simply Cloak & Dagger, is an American cable television series created for Freeform by Joe Pokaski, based on the Marvel Comics characters of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. The series is produced by ABC Signature Studios and Marvel Television.

The first season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on June 7, 2018 and ran through August 2. In July 2018, Freeform renewed the series for a 10-episode second season.

  Marvel's Cloak and Dagger  


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Marvel's Cloak & Dagger TV Series

Cloak and Dagger 1983The series stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph as Tandy Bowen / Dagger and Tyrone Johnson / Cloak, 2 teenagers who acquire superpowers and form a romantic relationship. They soon realize that their powers work better when they are together, "but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging."

A television series featuring Cloak and Dagger entered development for ABC Family in July 2011. In April 2016, Cloak & Dagger received a series order for Freeform, the new name of ABC Family, and by that August, Pokaski had joined the series as showrunner and executive producer. Holt and Joseph were cast in January 2017, with Andrea Roth, Gloria Reuben, Miles Mussenden, Carl Lundstedt, James Saito, and J.D. Evermore also starring in the series. Filming for the series takes place in New Orleans. The series, consisting of 10 episodes, will premiere in 2018.

  • Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen / Dagger: A teenager with the ability to emit light daggers.
  • Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson / Cloak: A teenager with the ability to engulf others in darkness.
  • Andrea Roth as Melissa Bowen: Tandy's optimistic mother.
  • Gloria Reuben as Adina Johnson: Tyrone's mother who invests heavily in making sure her son has a good life.
  • Miles Mussenden as Michael Johnson: Tyrone's working class father who tries to provide for his family.
  • Carl Lundstedt as Liam: Tandy's criminal partner and boyfriend.
  • James Saito as Bernard Sanjo: Tyrone's unusual friend who is an emotional cornerstone in his life.
  • J.D. Evermore as Connors: An intimidating detective with a secret.

Freeform executive Karey Burke said in April 2017 that the series is "not particularly connected" to their other series New Warriors given "their tones are so wildly different", adding, "There are many degrees of separation with where they fall in the Marvel universe. But anything is possible with Marvel." In July, Loeb said there were no plans to crossover, nor to crossover across networks with the similarly themed Marvel's Runaways on Hulu. He added that Marvel wanted the series to find its footing before further connecting with other elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying "You'll see things that comment on each other; we try to touch base wherever we can... things that are happening in L.A. [where Runaways is set] are not exactly going to be affecting what's happening in New Orleans... It's being aware of it and trying to find a way for it to be able to discuss in a way that makes sense." Roxxon Corporation, a company featured throughout the MCU, is seen in the series.

Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as Cloak and Dagger


"Marvel's Cloak & Dagger"
Season 1 Episodes (2018)

The first season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on June 7, 2018 and ran through August 2.

Episode #1: "First Light" - June 7, 2018

A young Tandy Bowen is picked up from ballet by her father, Nathan, while a young Tyrone Johnson is dissuaded from stealing a car radio by his brother, Billy, only for them to be chased by cops. The Roxxon Gulf Platform suddenly explodes distracting Nathan causing him and Tandy to crash into the ocean and "accidentally" causing Detective Connors to shoot Billy who also falls into the ocean. Tyrone jumps in to rescue his brother, but a strange energy force surges from the oil rig giving Tandy and Tyrone the powers of light and dark, respectively. Years later, Tandy robs rich people with her boyfriend Liam and hardly lives at home with her mother Melissa as her lawyer boyfriend Greg works on a case against Roxxon. Tyrone now deals with problems at school that scare his parents Otis and Adina. While at a party, Tyrone and Tandy reunite and discover they have powers. Tandy is later assaulted by a man she previously robbed and accidentally stabs him with a light dagger when he tries to rape her. Meanwhile, Tyrone encounters Connors and briefly fights him before discovering he can teleport. It is revealed that after the accident, Tandy had taken Tyrone's hoodie while Tyrone had taken one of Tandy's ballet slippers.

#2 "Suicide Sprints" - June 7, 2018

Detective Brigid O'Reilly begins investigating the stabbing of Rick which frightens Tandy. She confides in Liam about the night and he decides to get her a new identity and skip town. Tyrone becomes obsessed with catching Connors, but ends up neglecting basketball practice. He attempts to make up for it at the suggestion of Father Delgado, but his teammates beat him up due to his absences. When Tyrone returns home, he and Adina make up and his powers allow him to see her greatest fear, losing him after his brother Billy. When Tandy discovers that Melissa took her stolen money for drugs, she and Liam decide to rob a wedding. Tandy's powers cause her to see that Liam genuinely cares about her and wants to help which scares her. Their robbery is successful and they steal a car to escape. As Tandy leaves town, Liam gets arrested by O'Reilly. He calls Tandy, but she ignores him. Tyrone takes Adina's gun and confronts Connors. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, Tyrone's anger swells, causing him to unintentionally teleport away. He ends up in the middle of the street where Tandy is driving, and fires a bullet through her windshield causing her to swerve and crash.

#3 "Stained Glass" - June 14, 2018

O'Reilly confronts Rick in the ICU and while he feigns recollection, she deduces that he was trying to rape Tandy. She nevertheless figures out her part in his stabbing. After recovering from the crash, Tandy returns home to Melissa and Greg. O'Reilly arrives looking for Tandy, but they protect her with Greg stating that O'Reilly needs a warrant to come in. After O'Reilly leaves, Melissa found that Tandy snuck out the window. She gets on a bus and falls asleep. Tyrone meets with his classmate Evita who invites him to her job as a New Orleans tour guide so they can see voodoo priestess Auntie Chantelle for spiritual guidance. He buys various charms and spices and takes a bath with them. Both experience a surreal vision of each other with Tandy attempting to stop Tyrone from engaging in a revenge mission against Connors and Tyrone stopping Tandy from running away from her problems and confront her past. Both awaken with clear consciences and a realization that they need each other. Connors meets with O'Reilly who closes her case about the attack, frustrating her. Tandy meets with her privately to explain her story which she accepts. Tyrone pursues a relationship with Evita before confronting Tandy at her abandoned church home about their connection.

#4 "Call/Response" - June 21, 2018

Tyrone and Tandy talk about their personal lives and issues with themselves and each other while scenes taking place afterwards are intercut. Ultimately, the two leave bitter about each other. Tyrone decides to falsify a stolen bike, but cannot stand being in a police station for too long. Otis discovers that Tyrone stole his bolt cutter and fearful that he will become a criminal takes him to see Big Chief Roland Duplantier of the Wild Red Hawks, a Mardi Gras tribe. Tyrone learns that Billy was designing a cloak for the next march and with Otis' approval, decides to finish making it. Tandy is unsure of Melissa's relationship with the married Greg, but discovers that he genuinely cares for her and Tandy and decides to help him research Roxxon for the case. Melissa breaks up with Greg and when Tandy goes to check on him, sees him getting assassinated and his office is burned down. Melissa tries to call Greg unaware of his fate. Tandy tries to commit suicide by drowning, but uses her powers to escape the ropes and chains she tied. Tyrone returns to the police station determined and asks for O'Reilly while Tandy returns to the burnt remains of Greg's office and pulls out some hidden Roxxon files in the back.

#5 "Princeton Offense" - June 28, 2018

Tyrone asks O'Reilly for help in implicating Connors. She agrees, but tells him to keep away for his safety. Tandy later informs Tyrone that she can control her powers. While at home, Tyrone teleports to Billy's friend Duane Porter who now runs a home building enterprise and the two catch up. Tandy applies as an intern at Roxxon Gulf under the alias of Liz to get close to the higher-ups and uses her powers to see that many of them wish to overthrow their CEO. Tyrone plays the basketball tournament, but during halftime, he accidentally teleports to a Roxxon party Tandy is attending and both discover that the CEO of Roxxon Gulf is Peter Scarborough who was responsible for defaming Nathan. Tandy gets Tyrone to teleport back just in time for the game to resume. As Tyrone plays, he picks up on the opposing team players' fears and ends up throwing the game for them. Tandy meets Scarborough and uses her powers to see that he is a greedy man. O'Reilly tries to get close with Connors by pretending to be a corrupted addict. After a night with Evita, Tyrone discovers that Duane is working with Connors and that he knows the truth about Billy's death. Tandy meets Mina Hess the daughter of Ivan who worked with Nathan for Roxxon Gulf.

#6 "Funhouse Mirrors" - July 5, 2018

Evita and Auntie Chantelle begin studying Tyrone and discover that he is part of the "Divine Pairing" and that either he or Tandy will have to die. Tyrone attempts to get a job with Duane and learns that one of his associates Kev runs drugs for him on the side. Tandy decides to become an intern for Mina to get close to her and they visit a local swamp to study the surrounding nature. At Tandy's suggestion, Tyrone decides to steal Kev's bag. O'Reilly pairs up with Connors to do a drug bust with the latter attempting to stall. Tandy learns a lot about Ivan and Nathan from Mina, but after helping her repair some pipes, Mina realizes who Tandy is and leaves. She follows her to meet Ivan and discovers that he is in a catatonic state in the hospital and that her hope touch cannot see his mind. Mina forgives Tandy afterwards. When O'Reilly and Connors chase Kev and his friends, Kev drops his bag and Tyrone returns it to Duane who reveals that he witnessed Billy's death, angering Tyrone. Connors enters Duane's building and Tyrone hides to hear Connors plan to kill O'Reilly. However, when O'Reilly enters, she shoots and kills Duane and Connors chases Tyrone who manages to teleport away to the church. Tandy reunites with him and Tyrone cries over his dead friend.

#7 "Lotus Eaters" - July 12, 2018

As Tyrone recovers, Tandy asks that he help her in entering Ivan's subconscious. They do so and discover Ivan has been reliving the final moments of the Roxxon Oil Rig explosion for the past eight years. He is also optimistically passive as he cannot remember how much time has passed, nor can he remember his name or Mina. The rig is also crawling with Roxxon employees who have been affected by the same energy source that had given them their powers and have turned into psychopathic killers. Ivan informs them that they need to turn off all the valves and press an emergency button. Tyrone does so, but nothing happens. Tandy discovers that her father Nathan has been calling and overcome with longing picks up the phone every loop to call him. Tyrone briefly leaves for a couple of seconds, but returns to discover that time is much longer in Ivan's mind. Tyrone convinces Tandy that she is not talking to her father when she notices an inconsistency. Tandy snaps Ivan out of his passiveness when she brings up Mina's cookies and they work together to escape Ivan's loop. In the real world, Ivan is reunited with Mina. Tandy and Tyrone talk over the phone with the latter playing a recording of his late older brother years ago.

#8 "Ghost Stories" - July 19, 2018

Ivan tells Tandy that Nathan hid evidence to clear their names in a safety deposit box. It is the eight year anniversary of the rig explosion, and she plans to remember her father with Melissa later on. First, she visits Tyrone and his family who are struggling with the anniversary of Billy's death, and steals an access card for Roxxon from Adina. She uses it to enter Roxxon and confront Scarborough with Nathan's evidence, and he offers to pay her for it. She refuses, wanting to clear her father's name instead. Tyrone completes Billy's cloak, and then uses it to better control his powers. This allows him to "haunt" Connors, pretending to be Billy's ghost, which leads to him confessing to the murder. O'Reilly arrests Connors. Tyrone joins Tandy and Melissa for their memorial, but when the three hold hands Tandy and Tyrone enter Melissa's memories and see that Nathan was abusive to her. Upset, Tandy accepts Scarborough's bribe. To celebrate Connors' arrest, O'Reilly visits her new boyfriend Fuchs, but she finds his dead body stuffed in a fridge.

#9 "Back Breaker" - July 26, 2018

Tyrone's parents are informed of Connors' arrest and suspension, but neither react to it. Tyrone lashes out at school, leading to a confrontation with Father Delgado in which Tyrone sees the priest's fear of his drinking addiction and how it either killed a young child once, or could in the future. After learning about her father's abusive behavior, Tandy becomes addicted to stealing the hopes of others, including Mina's. She attempts to steal Liam's hope, but is stopped by Tyrone. She confronts him at school, where Evita realises that Tandy is the other half of the Divine Pairing, whom Auntie Chantelle believes will be needed soon due to Roxxon's drilling. Drunk while mourning Fuchs, O'Reilly attacks Connors but he beats her in front of her colleagues. Mina sees an energy leak infect several Roxxon workers. Adina tells Tyrone that she just wants to protect him from the police, but now he is framed for Fuchs' murder. Tandy discovers that Liam has stolen the money she got from Scarborough, and then finds Melissa being held at gunpoint by Greg's killer.

#10 "Colony Collapse" - August 2, 2018

Tandy saves Melissa and Mina, with the latter helping confront Scarborough. He reveals where the core for the city-wide system is, and Tandy leaves his mind trapped in a similar state to what Ivan's had been. Tyrone and O'Reilly are arrested, but the infection spreads to the precinct and the police officers begin fighting each other. Tyrone teleports to Tandy in time to stop an infected Mina, before the pair are told of their fate as the Divine Pairing by Evita. O'Reilly helps fend off infected civilians so Tandy and Tyrone can reach the core, but is shot and apparently killed by Connors. Her body is exposed to the energy before he pushes it into the ocean. Connors is then absorbed into the Darkforce emitted from Tyrone's cloak. Inside the core, Tandy and Tyrone are able to absorb the leaking energy and release it safely into the sky, saving the city and curing all those infected. Roxxon is blamed for the crisis. Tandy moves back in with Melissa while Tyrone moves into her church, as he is still wanted by the police. O'Reilly later emerges from the water.

In July 2018, Freeform renewed the series for a 10-episode second season.


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