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As of May 17, 2018, 138 episodes of Arrow have aired, concluding the sixth season. On April 2, 2018, the CW renewed the series for a seventh season!


"Arrow" S8 Series Finale + Crossover

Green "Arrow" TV Series debuted October 10, 2012
170 episodes of Arrow aired over 8 seasons!

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Arrow Season5 Deathstroke

Green Arrow is a fictional superhero who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Created by Morton Weisinger and designed by George Papp, he first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941. His real name is Oliver Queen, a billionaire businessman and owner of Queen Industries, as well as a well-known celebrity in his locale of Star City. Sometimes shown dressed like Robin Hood, Green Arrow is an archer who uses his skills to fight crime in his home cities of Star City and Seattle, as well as alongside his fellow superheroes as a member of the Justice League. Though much less frequently used in modern stories, he also deploys a range of trick arrows with various special functions, such as glue, explosive-tipped, grappling hook, flash grenade, tear gas and even kryptonite arrows for use in a range of special situations. At the time of his debut, Green Arrow functioned in many ways as an archery-themed analogue of the very popular Batman character, but writers at DC subsequently developed him into a voice of progressivism very much distinct in character from Batman.

Green Arrow enjoyed moderate success in his early years, becoming the cover feature of More Fun, as well as having occasional appearances in other comics. Throughout his first twenty-five years, however, the character never enjoyed greater popularity. In the late 1960s, writer Denny O'Neil, inspired by the character's dramatic visual redesign by Neal Adams, chose to have him lose his fortune, giving him the then-unique role of a streetwise crusader for the working class and the disadvantaged. In 1970, he was paired with a more law and order-oriented hero, Green Lantern, in a ground-breaking, socially conscious comic book series. Since then, he has been popular among comic book fans and most writers have taken an urban, gritty approach to the character. The character was killed off in the 1990s and replaced by a new character, Oliver's son Connor Hawke. Connor, however, proved a less popular character, and the original Oliver Queen character was resurrected in the 2001 "Quiver" storyline, by writer Kevin Smith. In the 2000s, the character has been featured in bigger storylines focusing on Green Arrow and Black Canary, such as the DC event The Green Arrow / Black Canary Wedding and the high-profile Justice League: Cry for Justice storyline, prior to the character's relaunch alongside most of DC's properties in 2011.

Green Arrow was not initially a well-known character outside of comic book fandom: he had appeared in a single episode of the animated series Super Friends in 1973. In the 2000s, the character featured in a number of DC television properties, including the animated series Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, The Batman, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and several DC Universe Animated Original Movies. In live action, he appeared in the series Smallville, played by actor Justin Hartley, and became a core cast member. In 2012, the live action series Arrow debuted on The CW, in which the title character is portrayed by Stephen Amell. In 2011, IGN rated Green Arrow the 30th Greatest Superhero of All Time.


"Arrow" TV Series (2012-2015)

Arrow is an American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg. It is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighter created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. It premiered in North America on The CW on October 10, 2012, with international broadcasting taking place in late 2012. Primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the series follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, portrayed by Stephen Amell, who, 5 years after being stranded on a hostile island, returns home to fight crime and corruption as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Unlike in the comic books, Queen does not initially go by the alias "Green Arrow".

Arrow Season1Arrow follows billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), who, after five years of being stranded on a hostile island, returns home to his mother, Moira Queen and sister, Thea Queen (Speedy) and becomes a bow and arrow-wielding vigilante. He is initially aided by his friends, John Diggle (Spartan) and Felicity Smoak (Overwatch), and later aspiring vigilantes Roy Harper (Arsenal), Ray Palmer (The Atom), Curtis Holt (Mr. Terrific), Rene Ramirez (Mad Dog), Evelyn Sharp (Evie), Rory Regan (Ragman), and Dinah Drake (Black Canary) join them. In addition, Queen's team receives help from the Lance family; Laurel (Black Canary, Black Siren), Sara (White Canary), and Quentin, sharing the goal of bringing justice to Star City. The series also features flashbacks in most episodes of the first 5 seasons about the time Oliver was missing, and how his experiences there shaped him into the man who returned home to fight crime.

In December 2011, it was announced that, along with Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, Berlanti would create, write, and produce a series for The CW based on Green Arrow, called Arrow. In May 2012, it was picked up to series and premiered on October 10, of that year. On July 30, 2013, it was announced at the summer TCA tour that Berlanti, Kreisberg, and DC Comics CCO Geoff Johns would be introducing Barry Allen in the second season of Arrow, with the possibility of the character being spun off to his own series. Actor Grant Gustin was cast and made his debut in episode 8, "The Scientist", to public and critical acclaim. In November 2013, The CW officially ordered a pilot for The Flash. In May 2014, the network picked the project up to series to premiere in the autumn of that year. It premiered on October 7, 2014; preceding the third season premiere of Arrow on October 8, 2014.

Ra's al Ghul on Arrow

Ra's al Ghul (Arabic: رأس الغول‎ Raʾs al-Ġūl; "Ghoul's Head") is a fictional character, a supervillain who appears in comic books published by DC Comics. Besides being considered to be one of Batman's greatest enemies, given his high status as a supervillain, Ra's al Ghul has also come into conflict with Superman and other heroes in the DC Universe. He is the son of Sensei, the father of Talia al Ghul, Nyssa Raatko, and Dusan al Ghul, and the grandfather of Damian Wayne. His name in Arabic has been translated in the comics as "The Demon's Head".

Ra's al Ghul has been featured in various media adaptions, most notably voiced by David Warner in Batman: The Animated Series and by Dee Bradley Baker in Batman: Arkham City, and was portrayed by actor Liam Neeson in the film Batman Begins and is currently portrayed by actor Matt Nable in the TV Series Arrow.

IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time List ranked Ra's as #7.

Arrow: Suicide Squad

In Arrow season 2 episode "Suicide Squad", the team appears under the direction of Amanda Waller and consists of Deadshot, Shrapnel, Bronze Tiger, and Lyla Michaels. John Diggle was also a temporary member of the team, but left at the end of the episode, Harley Quinn was locked in her room and not called for duty, but is a member. Shrapnel is apparently killed by Waller as a result of him abandoning the mission. Diggle releases the team again in the season 2 finale "Unthinkable" to help him save Starling City from being bombed to stop Slade Wilson's army. In "Draw Back Your Bow" Oliver hands over Carrie Cutter / Cupid to Waller for the Suicide Squad to put her skills to a useful case, having taken pity on her. In "The Brave and the Bold" it is revealed that Digger Harkness was once a member of the Suicide Squad but his last mission became a failure and Michaels ordered the mission and him to be terminated, which proved to be unsuccessful. The team will appear in the episode "Suicidal Tendencies" with Deadshot and Cupid.

In July 2014, David Ramsey, who portrays Diggle on Arrow, indicated that the producers were looking into spinning off the Suicide Squad into their own series, saying, "They're talking about spinning Suicide Squad off. I don't know if they're going to really do it, but they've been talking about it," due to the positive fan reception. Ramsey also said a spin-off could potentially occur during Arrow '​s mid-season hiatus, or during a two to three episode period during the third season of Arrow, as a "kind of connecting the tissue of the last season [two] to the beginning of the [third] season."

Flash vs. Arrow Crossover

Flash & Arrow All-Star Team-Up (2015)

Barry made his first appearance in the Arrow season two episode "The Scientist" as a CSI from Central City. He arrives in Starling City to investigate a suspect with super powers who might have connections to a case in Central City. He meets Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) after Queen Consolidated is burgled. Barry has an immediate rapport with Oliver's confidante, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). Oliver is immediately suspicious of Barry despite the needs of his forensic expertise; Barry's investigation of the theft allows Oliver and his partners to begin uncovering the Mirakuru plot orchestrated by Deathstroke (Manu Bennett). Barry reveals that he is not in Starling officially, and his quarry may have been involved in the murder of Barry's mother. In addition, Barry hopes to meet the Arrow during his time in Starling City, as he has been reading the hero's exploits as a fan and seeks his help in solving his mother's murder.

He is ordered to return to Central City, but Felicity and John Diggle (David Ramsey) bring him to their hideout when Oliver is poisoned. In the following episode, "Three Ghosts", Barry saves Oliver's life, and continues to assist Felicity in hunting Cyrus Gold (Graham Shiels), a test subject of Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro), after proving that he can be trusted. In a gesture of friendship, he leaves a custom-made domino mask for Oliver to improve his disguise. Returning to Central City, he is hit by lightning while in his lab at the same time that the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explodes across town. In "Blast Radius", it is revealed that Barry was left in a coma following the lab accident. In "The Man Under the Hood", Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon take inventory at the Starling City facility of S.T.A.R. Labs prior to its shutdown by Harrison Wells; they are interrupted by Deathstroke. Caitlin and Cisco later help Felicity create an antidote for the Mirakuru drug.

In March 2014, it was announced that Gustin would not appear in a third episode of Arrow as originally planned. However, Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes appear in the Arrow episode "The Man Under the Hood" in their roles as Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon, respectively. Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim stated, "This was something that really came about because obviously Barry is in a coma at the end of ["Three Ghosts"]. That pretty much made it impossible for Barry to appear in [the third episode, as originally planned]... The idea of bringing in [Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon] really, really appealed to us because it allowed us to honor our original intention [of] doing something Flash-related around episode 19 or 20 [of season two] without having comatose Barry and basically paying Grant Gustin a lot of money to sit around with his eyes closed just unconscious the whole episode... It allows us to further flesh out the Flash universe in Arrow."

In May 2014, it was revealed that Amell appears as Oliver Queen / Arrow in the pilot episode. In July 2014, Kreisberg stated that Rickards would appear in the fourth episode as Felicity and that a crossover event would occur in episode eight of The Flash and the eighth episode of Arrow season 3. In August 2014, it was announced that previous Arrow nemesis William Tockman/The Clock King (Robert Knepper) would be making an appearance in the first season's seventh episode. Members of The Royal Flush Gang, who previously appeared on Arrow, made a cameo appearance in the eleventh episode of the series. In early January 2015, The CW president Mark Pedowitz announced the intention to do a Flash/Arrow crossover every season, while later that month, it was revealed that Rickards and Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer would appear in the eighteenth episode, "All-Star Team-Up".


"The Justice League" Part One
In Theaters November 17th, 2017

Motivated by Superman's selfless sacrifice, Batman and Wonder Woman assemble a team of metahumans to face a new catastrophic threat. The film introduces Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, James Gordon, Mera, Nudis Vulko, and Iris West to the DCEU.

The new Justice League film will be starring: Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), and Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg).

In October 2014, Warner Bros. announced the film would be released in two parts as the fifth and ninth installments of the DC Comics' shared universe films, with Part One releasing in 2017, and Part Two in 2019. Snyder will direct both films. It is expected that Fisher will appear as Cyborg, and Jason Momoa will appear as Aquaman.

On January 19, 2016, concept art was released for the film confirming Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash as the official lineup, though Geoff Johns hinted that a Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps will eventually join the roster and appear in the movie. Snyder later discussed that Doomsday, and his mythological origins will be more greatly detailed within the Justice League films after his debut appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In March 2016, it was announced J. K. Simmons would play Commissioner Gordon in the series. That same month, Heard confirmed with Entertainment Tonight that she will indeed be portraying Mera. According to writer Chris Terrio, the film will not be as dark as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and will instead feature a lighter tone. Filming for the movie started on April 11. In April 2016, Willem Dafoe was cast as Nuidis Vulko, an advisor to Aquaman. That same month, Eisenberg confirmed that he would reprise his role as Lex Luthor. In June 2016, Johns revealed the title for the film would be Justice League.


"Justice League" Part 2
in Theaters June 14th, 2019

The Justice League sequel will be starring: Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), and Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg).

In October 2014, Warner Bros. announced the film would be released in 2 parts as the 5th and 9th installments of the DC Comics' shared universe films, with Part One releasing in 2017, and Part Two in 2019. Snyder will direct both films. A Justice League movie sequel was scheduled to be released on June 14, 2019, but has since been delayed to accommodate the release for a standalone Batman movie that will be directed by Ben Affleck.


Deadshot (2020?)

In December 2016, it was announced that Warner Bros. are developing a Deadshot solo film as a spin-off of Suicide Squad.


"Arrow" Season 1 Episodes (2012–13)

As of February 25, 2015, 61 episodes of Arrow have aired. The third season premiered on October 8, 2014, with a renewal for a 23-episode fourth season confirmed on January 11, 2015.

SpeedyThe series follows Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), billionaire playboy of Starling City, who spends five years shipwrecked on a mysterious island. Upon his return to Starling City, he is reunited with, his mother, Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) his sister, Thea Queen (Willa Holland) and his friend, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell). The first season focuses on Oliver rekindling his relationships and spending his nights hunting down and sometimes killing wealthy criminals as a hooded vigilante. He uncovers a conspiracy to destroy "The Glades" a poorer section of the city that has become overridden with crime. John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) assist Oliver in his crusade. Oliver reconnects with ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), who is still angry for his role in her sister's death. The first season also features flashbacks to Oliver's time on the island, and how it changed him; this continues in subsequent seasons.

Season 1: Episode #1: "Pilot" October 10, 2012

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, missing and presumed dead after a shipwreck that claimed the life of his father, is discovered alive after five years on a remote Pacific island. He is welcomed home to Starling City by his mother Moira, younger sister Thea, and best friend Tommy, but they sense he has changed. Oliver hides the truth about the man he has become, and tries to reconcile with his former girlfriend, Laurel, whom he cheated on with her sister Sara (who died in the shipwreck). While reconnecting with those closest to him, by night Oliver secretly masquerades as a hooded vigilante archer, attempting to fulfill his dying father's entreaty: to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society, and restore Starling City to its former glory. Oliver's first task is to take down corrupt millionaire Adam Hunt, who has scammed millions from various people in Starling City. Laurel's father, police detective Quentin Lance, becomes determined to arrest the vigilante. Meanwhile, it is revealed Oliver's mother has an agenda at odds with her son, having orchestrated a kidnapping to determine what his father told him after the shipwreck.

#2 "Honor Thy Father" - October 17, 2012

Laurel brings a civil suit against millionaire Martin Somers, who is also one of Oliver's targets, for taking part in drug trades with the Chinese Triad that ultimately led to the death of a young woman's father. As the hooded vigilante, Oliver threatens Somers to make him confess to the murder as penance for all of the wrongs he has done to the city. Instead, Somers contacts the Triad, who send the assassin China White to kill Laurel. Oliver saves Laurel from China; he later obtains Somers’ confession and gives an audio recording of it to Detective Lance. Meanwhile, Oliver’s mother and Walter push Oliver to take a position at the company. Oliver stymies their efforts by using the opening of the company's new applied sciences division to publicly opt out of the position, knowing that he cannot simultaneously honor his father’s request to fight for the city and be the man his mother wants him to be. A flashback to Oliver's time on the island shows him being attacked by an unknown hooded figure wielding a bow and arrow.

#3 "Lone Gunmen" October 24, 2012

Oliver tracks down another millionaire from his list, but before he can get the answers he wants the man is killed by an assassin known as Deadshot. Initially, the police suspect the vigilante (whom they call "The Hood") of the killing, but the evidence goes against that theory. Oliver decides to build a new dance club above his hideout as a cover for his nighttime disappearances. While comparing the competition, he finds Thea, who reveals that Laurel and Tommy had been sleeping together during Oliver's absence. Laurel becomes suspicious when Oliver does not react to the news, and concludes he already knew. Meanwhile, Oliver uses the assassin's M.O. to learn his true identity, and, as the vigilante, enlists the help of Detective Lance to prevent Deadshot assassinating more of the wealthy. Oliver stops Deadshot, apparently killing him in the process, but his bodyguard Diggle is shot during the assassination attempt. In order to save Diggle's life, Oliver is forced to reveal his dual identity to him. Flashbacks reveal that the archer who attacked Oliver was actually trying to help him; Oliver misunderstands and escapes, but is pursued by an unknown group of armed professionals.

#4 "An Innocent Man" - October 31, 2012

Diggle awakens in Oliver's hideout, where Oliver offers Diggle a chance to fight at his side and help the city. Diggle turns him down, calling him a murderer. Later, while watching the news, Oliver discovers a connection between Declan, a death row inmate, and Jason Brodeur, one of the men on his list. In his vigilante persona, he enlists the help of Laurel to prove the man innocent before he is executed. Working together, the pair uncover the truth, but Jason Brodeur has his bodyguard stage a prison break so that he can have Laurel and the inmate killed before the truth is revealed. Oliver sneaks into the prison dressed as a guard, with a ski mask to hide his face, and saves Laurel and Declan. The bodyguard ultimately confesses to Declan's innocence. Diggle meets with Oliver and agrees to work with him so that he can both protect the city and protect Oliver from losing his humanity. Detective Lance arrests Oliver on suspicion of being the vigilante after seeing footage of him retrieving his disguise from a bag before confronting Deadshot. Meanwhile, Walter discovers that Moira has been keeping the salvaged and sabotaged family yacht hidden in a warehouse.

#5 "Damaged" - November 7, 2012

When Detective Lance has him charged with murder, Oliver hires Laurel as his attorney. Given Oliver's time on the island, the district attorney offers an insanity plea with open-ended treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in a psychiatric facility. Oliver declines, instead offering to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence to Detective Lance. The test indicates he is truthful in saying he is not the vigilante. Flashbacks to his time on the island show Oliver caught and tortured by the armed professionals before being saved by the hooded archer. He shows Laurel his scars, saying he is damaged by his experiences. While remanded under house arrest, Oliver throws a prison-themed party, maintaining his bachelor playboy facade. He has Diggle pose as the vigilante and stop a German arms dealer who is in the city to sell automatic weapons to the city's gangs. The plan works and the charges are dropped. Moira meets with a secret associate, who knows of the vigilante's list of targets and sees him as a threat to their organization. Walter leaves the house after confronting Moira on her deception.

#6 "Legacies" - November 14, 2012

Oliver begins preparing to take on another individual from his father's list, but Diggle argues that he should expand his work and help the police take down a group of bank robbers. Oliver initially refuses, believing that it detracts from his mission to right his father's wrongs; Diggle is able to persuade Oliver in the end. Oliver uses police files and IT specialist Felicity Smoak to deduce that the robbers are actually a family unit, and that the leader Derek Reston worked for Queen Industries before Robert Queen outsourced 1500 jobs to China and the Reston family lost their home as a result. Feeling guilty, Oliver tries to persuade Derek to right his own wrongs, but when he learns that the family are going to rob another bank he chooses to stop them. During Oliver's confrontation, Derek is shot and dies. Meanwhile, Tommy throws Laurel a fundraiser to help her pro-bono law firm, CNRI, stay in business; Tommy hopes that this will show Laurel that he is serious about wanting a relationship with her. Flashbacks also reveal how Oliver first discovered the target names in his father's notebook.

#7 "Muse of Fire" - November 28, 2012

While on her way to meet Oliver, Moira is almost gunned down by a mysterious assailant who was attempting to assassinate an associate of mob boss Frank Bertinelli. Oliver attempts to infiltrate Frank's business to discover the identity of the attacker. Frank confronts China White and the Triad gang for the murders of his people. Oliver learns that the attacker is Helena Bertinelli, Frank's daughter, with whom he had just been on a date. Helena reveals that she is looking for revenge against her father, who she blames for the murder of her fiancé. Helena and Oliver are abducted by Frank's right-hand man, Nick Salvati, in connection to the deaths of other mob associates; Helena kills Nick after learning he killed her fiancé. She also deduces Oliver's identity as the vigilante after witnessing him fight her father's henchmen. In the end, Helena confesses to Oliver that she believes that they both share similar stories and that is why they feel connected to each other. Meanwhile, Tommy is cut off financially by his father, who turns out to be the unknown associate that Moira was meeting with regarding the target list. Walter returns home after being away for weeks.

#8 "Vendetta" - December 5, 2012

Oliver decides to teach Helena that there is justice outside of revenge after witnessing her try to kill the head of the Triad. Diggle expresses his disapproval, believing that Helena cannot be trusted. Oliver shows Helena that they can bring down her father's business by taking out key players and delivering them to the police. Helena starts to buy into the idea, but after an impromptu dinner with Oliver, Tommy, and Laurel leads to an awkward moment, Helena abandons Oliver's approach, believing he was manipulating her. Helena goes after the Triad, killing their leader. As a result, China White and her men go after Frank Bertinelli, believing him to be responsible, but Oliver gets there in time to stop them. Oliver also stops Helena from killing her father, but she refuses to forgive him for allowing the police to arrest Frank and threatens to reveal his identity if he tries to come after her in the future. Meanwhile, Tommy finally admits to Oliver that his father cut him off financially, and asks for a job working at the club that Oliver is attempting to build. Walter also learns more about the secret organization that Moira is a part of.

#9 "Year's End" - December 12, 2012

Adam Hunt is killed by a mysterious archer; Detective Lance deduces that a copycat is at work, but his superior publicly blames the hooded vigilante. Oliver plans a Christmas party at the mansion to bring back the spirit of the holidays to his family, to which Tommy invites Laurel. A flashback shows Yao Fei's capture of Edward Fyers, who tells Oliver that the island was a prison for dangerous criminals and that his unit was tasked to exterminate the prisoners, including Yao Fei. Yao Fei is captured by Fyers' men while leading Oliver to a possible escape from the island. In the present, Oliver saves some hostages from the mysterious archer, and the two archers are injured after fighting. The mysterious archer gets away but is revealed to be Malcolm Merlyn, Tommy's father. Walter is kidnapped by one of Malcolm's associates to ensure that Moira will not interfere with Malcolm's organization's plans for the city. While recovering in the hospital, Oliver swears to take down the man he believes is behind the archer.

#10 "Burned" January 16, 2013

Six weeks after his fight with the mysterious archer, Oliver avoids any activities as his vigilante alter-ego, despite insistence from Diggle that the city needs him. When a firefighter is killed in the line of duty, Laurel suspects that he was murdered and steals the phone the vigilante gave her father in order to contact him for help. Tracking down the suspect, Oliver is bested during the confrontation, but discovers that the murderer is a firefighter. Oliver confesses to Diggle that he has lost his edge, as he now has people he worries about losing should anything happen to him, something he did not have to fear when he first returned from the island. Diggle challenges Oliver that having people to live for is more of an edge than having no one. Oliver learns that the murderer is Garfield Lynns, a firefighter thought to have died in a massive fire several years prior, but who survived with severe burns over his entire body. Garfield shows up at a charity gala for the firefighters intent on getting revenge against the fire chief for not sending backup in the night of his injury. Although Oliver saves the chief, Garfield commits suicide by burning himself. Detective Lance discovers Laurel's deception and plants a listening device on the phone to monitor her communications with the vigilante.

#11 "Trust But Verify" - January 22, 2013

After an armored truck is robbed, and the drivers killed, Oliver believes that one of the thieves is ex-marine Ted Gaynor, an individual from his target list. Diggle dismisses Oliver's assumption, as Gaynor was Diggle's commanding officer during his first tour of duty in Afghanistan and saved Diggle's life. Oliver goes after Gaynor regardless and steals encrypted data, but Diggle intercedes and prevents Oliver from getting any information directly from Gaynor. The data is revealed to be plans for robbing armored trucks, which Oliver uses to track and stop the thieves during their next heist. Oliver informs Diggle that Gaynor was not at the heist, but someone from his security firm was. While investigating, Diggle learns that Gaynor was the mastermind behind the robberies, and is forced to join Gaynor's team to recoup the money they lost on the previously failed heist. Diggle backs out of helping Gaynor, who attempts to kill Diggle in retaliation. Oliver arrives in time and kills Gaynor before he can succeed. Afterward, Oliver apologizes for not trusting Diggle more, citing his time of the island when his trust was violated by Yao Fei, who is revealed to have been working with Fyers all along. Meanwhile, believing her mother is cheating on Walter, Thea ingests a new drug, "Vertigo", and crashes her car while speeding. She is subsequently arrested by the police for driving while under the influence.

#12 "Vertigo" - January 30, 2013

At her arraignment, Thea attempts to enter into a plea bargain with the district attorney, but determined to set an example for the Vertigo drug dealers, the judge dismisses the plea and orders the charges brought to trial. In an attempt to help Thea, Oliver begins working on tracking down the supplier; he eventually discovers that the supplier goes by "The Count", and he arranges a meeting through his contacts with the Russian mob. The meeting is broken up by the police, and the Count injects Oliver with a concentrated dose of Vertigo when the latter attempts to follow him. While overdosing, Oliver has flashbacks to the island, and Yao Fei pretending to kill him in front of Fyers so that he can help Oliver to escape captivity. Diggle takes Oliver back to his hideout and uses medicinal herbs Oliver brought back with him from the island to fight the drug overdose. Afterward, Oliver has the drug analyzed and uses the ingredients to track the location of the Count. As the vigilante, Oliver is able to confront the Count and inject him with his own drug just as the police arrive as well. Laurel persuades her father to pull some strings and get Thea 2 years of probation and 500 hours of community service, which she begins serving at Laurel's legal office. Additionally, Felicity shows Oliver the list of names that Walter discovered, and informs him that they came from his mother.

#13 "Betrayal" - February 6, 2013

Oliver confronts his mother about the list of names, but she denies any knowledge. Diggle does not trust Moira and decides to look into her daily activities. Oliver has flashbacks to his time on the island, where he met Slade Wilson, an Australian Intelligence operative who came to the island to free Yao Fei. Laurel enlists the help of the vigilante when criminal Cyrus Vanch is released from prison on a technicality. Oliver acquires evidence that could put Vanch back behind bars, but Vanch discovers what the vigilante is up to and kidnaps Laurel in an attempt to kill the vigilante and take leadership over the city's gangs. Detective Lance and the vigilante team up to save Laurel, as Lance realizes that Vanch has contacts on the police force and that was how he learned of Laurel working with the vigilante. The pair save Laurel, with Oliver stopping Lance from killing Vanch as revenge for kidnapping Laurel. In order to protect Laurel, Oliver decides that she can no longer have contact with the vigilante. Diggle presents evidence to Oliver that his mother is connected to the group he is hunting, and that she also knew that his father's yacht was sabotaged and kept it to herself. In response, Oliver decides to interrogate his mother again, but this time as the vigilante.

#14 "The Odyssey" - February 13, 2013

While confronting his mother, Oliver lets his guard down and Moira manages to grab a gun and shoot him. Seeking out Felicity for help, Oliver exposes his secret and asks Felicity to take him to his hideout. With Diggle's help, the bullet is removed and Oliver is stabilized. While unconscious, Oliver has a flashback to his time on the island. Slade Wilson begins training Oliver for an assault on a supply aircraft, which Slade intends to use to escape the island. He also informs Oliver that the man who tortured him was Slade's partner, Billy Wintergreen. He betrayed Slade and joined Fyers. After successfully infiltrating the airstrip, Slade reveals plans to send in an airstrike to wipe out all of Fyers' operation. Oliver heads out to find Yao Fei and save him from the airstrike, but he is recaptured by Fyers. Before he can be executed, Slade arrives, rescuing Oliver and killing his old partner. Although they missed the supply aircraft, Slade and Oliver decide to continue to work together to stop Fyers and get off the island. It is also revealed that Yao Fei changed sides for the safety of his daughter, Shado, who is held captive by Fyers. Back in the present, Felicity agrees to join Oliver and Diggle, but only until they find Walter. Diggle agrees to back off from pursuing Moira following Oliver's demands, but he is still skeptical of his mother's connection to his father's list of names.

#15 "Dodger" - February 20, 2013

Oliver learns of a jewel thief named "Dodger", who uses hostages tagged with bomb collars to steal for him, who has come to Starling City. Felicity suggests that Oliver bug the phone of Detective McKenna Hall, an old friend of Oliver's, to gain information on the Dodger. She also convinces Oliver to ask Detective Hall out on a date so that he can have some down time. The date prompts flashbacks to the island, and Oliver recalling a time where he came upon another individual who was beaten and tied up, but refuses to help for fear that it is a trap set by Fyers. Through the wire tap, Oliver is able to determine the Dodger's next location, but is stunned by a bomb thrown by the thief, who subsequently gets away. To draw out the Dodger, Oliver donates antique jewels to a local auction. It works, but when Felicity confronts the thief, he places a bomb collar on her to ensure his getaway. Oliver manages to stop the Dodger and deactivate the collar. Meanwhile, Moira attempts to make a deal with China White to have Malcolm killed, so that she can leave the secret organization and get Walter back.

#16 "Dead to Rights" - February 27, 2013

Oliver stops a hired gunman called Guillermo Barrera who comes to Starling City, but must enlist Felicity to decipher the assassin's phone and determine who the target was. China White hires Deadshot, who is revealed to have survived Oliver's shot with an arrow, to take out Malcolm Merlyn after the previous gunman was stopped by the vigilante. Meanwhile, Malcolm asks Tommy to attend an award ceremony where Malcolm will be receiving a humanitarian award; after much reluctance, Tommy is persuaded to attend by Oliver. At the last moment, Oliver discovers that Malcolm is the target and races to the event to save him. Although he is almost caught by Detective McKenna, Oliver manages to get Malcolm away from China White's men. While in an office, Malcolm is shot with one of Deadshot's poison tipped bullets, and Oliver is forced to reveal his identity to Tommy in order to secure his trust so that he can save Malcolm's life. Afterward, Malcolm informs Moira that he believes someone from the organization attempted to kill him and entrusts her to identify the culprit. Elsewhere, Laurel is confronted by her mother, Dinah, who reveals that her sister might be alive. During a flashback, Oliver is shown repairing a damaged radio from Slade's downed aircraft, which Slade uses to tune into the radio communications of Fyers and his men.

#17 "The Huntress Returns" - March 20, 2013

Helena returns to Starling City to kill her father after she learns that he plans to make a deal with the F.B.I. for a pardon on his sentence and witness protection. Helena asks Oliver for help, but when he refuses she attacks Tommy to force his assistance. The pair go after a set of armored trucks, but Helena is captured by the police when it is revealed to have been a trap. Oliver breaks her out of police custody to protect his secret and demands that she leave Starling City. Instead, Helena forces Felicity to find her father's location. Oliver discovers the truth and manages to stop Helena from killing her father, but when McKenna arrives, Helena shoots her and escapes. In the hospital, McKenna reveals to Oliver that she plans to move to Coast City for her rehab, effectively ending their relationship. Meanwhile, Tommy struggles with his knowledge of Oliver's secret, which in turn affects his relationship with Laurel. Dinah presents her evidence of Sara's existence to her ex-husband and Laurel. In a flashback to the island, Oliver and Slade steal a circuit board to a missile launcher from Fyers and attempt to leverage it as a means to get off the island.

#18 "Salvation" - March 27, 2013

Another vigilante, who goes by "The Savior", appears in Starling City and kidnaps one of Oliver's targets, a slumlord who recently had criminal charges dropped against him because he was able to pay off the District Attorney. The Savior forces the slum lord to confess his atrocities, only to shoot him dead over a live internet broadcast. When The Savior kidnaps the District Attorney, and broadcasts his interrogation, Felicity attempts to track his location for Oliver. The signal continues to move and keeps Oliver from being able to save the attorney. The Savior goes after Roy next, whom he deems as just another gangbanger. Diggle realizes that The Savior is using an abandoned subway car to travel around the city, and Oliver is able to catch the subway car and stop the Savior before he can kill Roy. Afterward, Oliver realizes the secret organization's plans involve The Glades, a neighborhood filled with poverty and crime. Meanwhile, Laurel proves to Dinah and her father, who now believes his daughter survived, that the woman in the picture that Dinah discovered from China was not Sara. Malcolm contacts the Triad to determine who tried to kill him. Moira turns over her co-conspirator Frank Chen to Malcolm, who, dressed in his archer attire, kills Chen and thanks Moira for her loyalty. The flashback to the island shows that Oliver and Slade freed Yao Fei's daughter, but at the cost of Fyers re-acquiring the circuit board.

#19 "Unfinished Business" - April 3, 2013

When a girl dies after using a new form of Vertigo, Oliver sets out to interrogate the Count and determine who is dealing drugs in the Glades. Oliver quickly determines the Count has lost his mind from the Vertigo overdose he received from Oliver months prior. When news reports state that the Count escaped the facility shortly after he left, Oliver suspects that the Count was faking his mental illness. Meanwhile, Detective Lance finds loose connections between Tommy and Vertigo, and attempts to uncover the truth, which almost leads him to discovering Oliver's hideout. Fortunately, Tommy has all of Oliver's gear stored so that Lance does not find anything. Tommy eventually quits the club after realizing that Oliver did not trust that he had nothing to do with any drug dealing; this leads Tommy to ask his father for a job. Felicity isolates an anti-psychotic compound in the drug, and Oliver realizes that the Count's psychiatrist is the one really behind the re-emergence of Vertigo. Oliver stops the doctor, and opts not to kill the Count, who truly lost his mind from the Vertigo overdose and was the unwitting scapegoat of the doctor's actions. Afterward, Oliver decides to help Diggle track down Deadshot, who was responsible for the death of Diggle's brother. In a flashback, Yao Fei's daughter, Shado, begins training Oliver to use a bow.

#20 "Home Invasion" - April 24, 2013

Laurel represents the Moore family who are suing a corrupt businessman, Edward Rasmus, who cheated the family out of their life savings, but a hit is put out on the family, and the couple's young child is the only one to survive. Laurel takes the boy into her custody until his extended family can be reached, but the hitman comes after the boy, who can identify him. Laurel is saved by the vigilante, and Tommy suggests that they all go to Oliver's for protection while the police look for the hitman. A sting operation headed up by A.R.G.U.S. is set to capture Deadshot, but Oliver chooses to locate the man responsible for hiring the hitman instead of stopping Deadshot. Feeling betrayed by Oliver for choosing Laurel over him, after Oliver agreed to help Diggle kill Deadshot, Diggle decides to leave Oliver. After killing his client, the hitman comes to the Queen residence to kill all remaining witnesses, but Oliver manages to kill him before he can get to Laurel and the boy. Afterward, Tommy decides to leave Laurel, believing that he could never compete with Oliver should she ever discover that he is the vigilante. Elsewhere, Roy continues his search for the vigilante, and Thea agrees to help after seeing how important it is to him. During a flashback to the island, Shado teaches Oliver to shoot a bow but before his skills can be used as their cover, Yao Fei brings Fyers' men to their hideout to capture them all.

#21 "The Undertaking" - May 1, 2013

Oliver tracks down an accountant, Backman, for the secret organization and steals his laptop in order to redistribute all of his money back to the people he stole from. While decrypting the laptop, Felicity uncovers a link to Walter—a $2 million transfer was made to Dominic Alonzo, an underground casino owner who was hired to kidnap Walter. With Felicity posing as a card sharp, the pair infiltrate the casino; after being beaten and threatened, Alonzo claims that Walter was killed. Oliver informs his family and Moira immediately confronts Malcolm, who shows her that Walter is still alive. Oliver, who was listening in, discovers that Tommy's father is heading the secret organization, and uses Felicity to hack into his phone records to ascertain Walter's location. As the vigilante, Oliver frees Walter and reunites him with the family. Meanwhile, Laurel goes to Tommy to get the truth about why he left, and Tommy reveals that he believes she is meant to be with Oliver, who still loves her. In a flashback, Robert Queen is shown disagreeing with Malcolm's proposed "Undertaking", which would involve leveling the Glades and kill thousands of people in an effort to rebuild the area and remove the crime. As a result, Malcolm has a bomb planted on the Queens' yacht just before Robert and Oliver set off.

#22 "Darkness on the Edge of Town"
May 8, 2013

Malcolm Merlyn, in his archer costume, goes to Unidac Industries to tie up loose ends by murdering scientists who worked on the seismic device that will be used to level the Glades. Oliver and Diggle devise a plan where Diggle dresses as the vigilante and kidnaps Oliver and Moira in an attempt to uncover the truth about the Undertaking. The plan works and Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle break into Merlyn Global to hack the mainframe and find the device. Oliver convinces Tommy to get back together with Laurel, but when he learns that he could give up being the vigilante if he stops the Undertaking, Oliver decides to reconcile with Laurel himself; later, Tommy witnesses Oliver and Laurel kissing. That night, Diggle goes after the device, but Malcolm learns of the system hack and has the device moved. The vigilante attempts to kill Malcolm, who reveals to the vigilante that he is the other archer; the two fight and Malcolm gets the upper hand, discovering Oliver's secret. Meanwhile, Walter reveals that he knew that Moira was part of his kidnapping and gives her divorce papers as a result. In a flashback, Fyers reveals that he plans to cripple the Chinese economy by blowing up aircraft going into China. Fyers then murders Yao Fei after forcing him to take credit for the attacks via video recording.

#23 "Sacrifice" - May 15, 2013

Malcolm imprisons Oliver and leaves him to die, hanging from chains, but he escapes and returns home. In a flashback, Fyers fires a missile at an approaching airliner, but Oliver and Shado manage to override the coordinates and destroy the missile. Afterward, Oliver kills Fyers. In the present, Oliver confronts his mother about the Undertaking, which prompts her to hold a press conference and reveal to the city her involvement with Malcolm and the plan to destroy the Glades. Tommy sees the press conference, and Malcolm reveals that he is the other archer to the dismay of his son. Detective Lance, with help from Felicity, is able to dismantle the earthquake device. Diggle and Oliver go after and mortally wound Malcolm, who gloats that there is a second device shortly before he dies. The device activates and begins to level the east side of the Glades. Thea goes into the Glades to save Roy, who heroically works to help others who are trying to escape the earthquake. Laurel is trapped in her office at CNRI, but Tommy arrives to rescue her. Laurel escapes, but Tommy is caught by falling debris. Oliver arrives too late, and Tommy perishes.


"Arrow" Season 2 Episodes (2013–14)

This season was prefaced with a recap episode airing on October 2, 2013, titled "Year One". It featured highlights from season one and a special preview of season two.

In season two, Oliver has vowed to stop crime without killing criminals, and comes under attack from Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), a man from Oliver's time on the island who resurfaces with a vendetta against him. Oliver must also contend with outside forces attempting to take over Queen Consolidated, guilt from decisions he made in the past, and secrets harbored by his family and friends. Oliver grows to accept aspiring vigilante Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) as his protégé, and begins to receive assistance from Laurel's father, Officer Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Oliver also gains another ally; a mysterious woman in black, who is eventually revealed to be Laurel's sister, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), who had survived her ordeal at sea years prior.

Episode #1: "City of Heroes" October 9, 2013

Following the destruction of the Glades and Tommy's death, Oliver returns to the island alone as penance for failing the city and Tommy. Felicity and Diggle arrive and convince Oliver to return, informing him that Queen Consolidated is under threat of takeover and dissolution by Isabel Rochev. Oliver learns a group of vigilantes, dressed like the Hood, are killing others to take back the Glades. They target Oliver twice before kidnapping Thea. Oliver saves her without killing anyone and leaves the vigilantes for Quentin Lance, who was demoted to patrol officer. Roy is also trying to protect the Glades, and is rescued by an unknown blonde female vigilante. Oliver enlists the help of Walter to save the company. As well, Oliver decides to honor Tommy's memory by becoming a hero of Starling City, and elects to find a new name for his alter-ego. In a flashback, Oliver, Shado, and Slade realize they are not alone on the island following Fyers' demise.

#2 "Identity" - October 16, 2013

Roy fails to stop a truck robbery committed by China White. When Oliver attempts to convince Roy to stop being a vigilante, he learns that the hospital in the Glades is having its medicine stolen. Oliver sets a trap and finds China White stealing the medicine delivery trucks; the police arrive during the battle and he retreats, allowing China White to get away. Oliver decides to work with Sebastian Blood, an alderman for the Glades, to bring awareness and help for the people in need, but is forced to abandon his appearance at a charity event to instead stop China White. Blood lambasts him in the press for this. The vigilante convinces Roy to stop fighting in his name, but instead be his "eyes and ears" in the Glades. Afterward, Laurel sets a trap for the vigilante, who is seemingly surrounded by the police. In a flashback, Oliver, Slade, and Shado discover a cave containing the remains of several cranially disfigured World War II Japanese soldiers.

#3 "Broken Dolls" - October 23, 2013

Oliver is saved from the police by the blonde female vigilante, who quickly vanishes into the night. He sets Roy to track her down, which he manages through the vigilante's connection to a girl named Sin. Officer Lance discovers that the serial killer Barton Mathis, whom he arrested years earlier, escaped from prison during the earthquake and is on the killing spree again. Lance looks the vigilante for help when he is forced to stay away from the investigation. The pair break into a lab running tests on the evidence found at Mathis' crime scene and are able to discover the link between all of his victims. Oliver learns that Mathis abducted Quentin and Laurel and plans to kill them both. Oliver saves them; the female vigilante shows up and kills Mathis after Oliver captures him. During the pre-trial motions for Moira Queen, the district attorney announces he plans to seek the death penalty for Moira's actions resulting in the deaths of the citizens of the Glades. Later, the female vigilante is tracked down by an agent of Ra's al Ghul; she kills him to avoid having to return to his organization. In flashbacks to the island, Oliver and Slade rush to the aid of Shado who is being attacked. Oliver is imprisoned by unknown assailants on the boat Amazo.

#4 "Crucible" - October 30, 2013

Felicity realizes from Oliver's past encounters with the female vigilante that she has been following Laurel. With this information, Oliver manages to ambush her and discovers that she is Sara, Laurel's sister who was believed to have drowned. Meanwhile, weapons shipments are being intercepted by a gang leader calling himself "The Mayor", who assaults a gun rally hosted by Oliver and Blood. This allows Felicity to identify the Mayor and subsequently track him down. Oliver recruits Sara to assist him in capturing The Mayor. Afterwards, a corrupt police officer brings The Mayor to an unknown location, where Blood injects him with a green substance that ultimately kills him. Meanwhile, Laurel develops a drinking problem and refuses help from her father and Oliver. In response, Oliver asks Sara to reveal herself to her family, knowing it will cost him Laurel's friendship. In flashbacks, Oliver is questioned about the bodies of the Japanese soldiers, but when he refuses to answer questions he is taken to an interrogation room where he first learns that Sara is alive.

#5 "League of Assassins" - November 6, 2013

Sara and Oliver are attacked at Queen Mansion by a man dressed like Malcolm Merlyn. Sara reveals that the man, Al-Owal, is a member of the League of Assassins and is targeting her for leaving the League. Felicity manages to trace Al-Owal to an abandoned manufacturing plant from the dirt he left behind. Oliver and Sara fight Al-Owal and two other League members to a stalemate. They manage to escape and Al-Owal threatens to kill Sara's family. Oliver manages to protect Laurel, but Quentin refuses to heed Felicity's warning. To protect her father, Sara reveals to him that she is alive and brings him to her hideout in the clock tower. Together with Oliver, they manage to stop the League's second attack, with Sara killing Al-Owal. Afterwards, Sara decides to leave Starling City to keep her family safe, entrusting her secret to Quentin. Elsewhere, Moira, with the encouragement of her children, decides to fight the death penalty charge even after being offered a plea agreement for life in prison. In flashbacks, after being left adrift from the Queen's Gambit wreckage, Sara is rescued and brought aboard the Amazo, where she meets Dr. Anthony Ivo, who asks her to help him with his experiments.

#6 "Keep Your Enemies Closer"
November 13, 2013

After A.R.G.U.S. agent Lyla Michaels goes missing, Oliver charters a trip to Russia to help Diggle find her when they learn that she was following a lead on Deadshot's whereabouts. Isabel Rochev learns that Oliver is going to Russia and tags along, believing that he is trying to meet with the international division of Queen Consolidated behind her back. Once there, Oliver and Diggle learn that Lyla is being held in a gulag. Based on their plan, Diggle is arrested and sent to the gulag to rescue Lyla. Once inside, Diggle finds Deadshot in an isolation freezer. The pair is forced to team up to save Lyla and escape. Afterward, Diggle lets Deadshot go for helping him save Lyla; in return, Deadshot reveals that he was contracted to kill Diggle's brother by H.I.V.E. In flashbacks, Dr. Ivo reveals to Oliver that the Japanese soldiers were transporting a secret serum that would give soldiers superhuman strength and regenerative capabilities. Later, Sara tricks Oliver into revealing that Shado and Slade are still alive. Oliver is nearly executed, but Sara convinces Ivo to spare him.

#7 "State v. Queen" - November 20, 2013

It is revealed that the Count escaped from prison during the earthquake in the Glades. Afterwards, the Count begins poisoning Starling City with the Vertigo drug; Diggle and the assistant district attorney are among the infected. When the ADA collapses in court, the Count kidnaps him en route to the hospital and reveals to the city that the cure to their sickness is to take Vertigo. In court, Laurel uses an affair between Moira and Malcolm to cast doubts on Moira's defense. Ultimately, Moira is found not guilty by the jury; she later learns that Malcolm Merlyn, alive and well, had rigged the trial. Merlyn also reveals that he now knows Thea is his biological daughter. Felicity is able to locate the Count and Oliver manages to save the ADA, but at the expense of allowing the Count to escape. Later, Felicity is captured by the Count when she discovers how he has been infecting the city. In order to protect Felicity from being injected with Vertigo, Oliver is forced to break his promise and kill the Count. Meanwhile, Blood is informed by one of his aides that his test subject (Cyrus) has survived his injection. In a flashback to the island, Shado and Slade rescue Oliver and Sara, after Dr. Ivo and his men travelled to the island to locate the stone arrowhead left by the Japanese soldiers.

#8 "The Scientist" - December 4, 2013

When a masked thief with superhuman strength steals a centrifuge from Queen Consolidated, Oliver and his team investigate, with the help of Central City CSI Barry Allen. Oliver suspects that Barry is hiding something and has him investigated. When confronted, Barry reveals that he is searching for super-powered beings in the hope that he will find the one responsible for the murder of his mother. Oliver realizes that the thief was enhanced using the same serum that Dr. Ivo was searching for on the island. Roy and Thea stumbled upon Oliver's case after helping Sin to find her missing friend, but Oliver shoots Roy in the leg to prevent him getting further involved. Oliver tracks the thief, but is injured and injected with an unknown toxin. In order to save Oliver's life, Felicity contacts Barry to help find an antidote. Meanwhile, Merlyn puts pressure on Moira to tell Thea that he is her father. Moira instead contacts Ra's al Ghul, who wants to kill Merlyn for breaking the League of Assassins' code of honor by destroying the Glades. As a result, Merlyn leaves and warns her that the issue regarding Thea is not over. In a flashback to the island, Oliver and Shado find the serum, but when they inject Slade with it his heart stops, just as Dr. Ivo arrives with his men.

#9 "Three Ghosts" - December 11, 2013

Barry manages to save Oliver's life, but Oliver is angry to find out that Felicity has revealed his secret when he regains consciousness. Barry and Felicity are able to identify and locate Oliver's attacker, Cyrus Gold. While continuing to discover the truth behind the death of Sin's friend Max, Roy is captured by Cyrus and brought before Sebastian who injects him with the Mirakuru serum. The serum fails to work and kills Roy. Oliver arrives and stops Cyrus, simultaneously destroying the centrifuge and the remaining serum. Oliver revives Roy, but worries that the serum may affect him negatively. In flashbacks, Ivo kills Shado, but flees when Slade turns up with super-human strength and kills his men. Later, Slade is revealed to be alive in the present and the one orchestrating Blood's work; he orders Blood to leave the vigilante alone, so that he can deal with him personally. While Roy recovers at the Queen mansion, the serum injection heals the arrow wound in his leg. Barry leaves a domino mask for Oliver, to better hide his identity, and returns to Central City. While in his lab, Barry is hit by strange lightning created by an accident at the new particle accelerator.

#10 "Blast Radius" - January 15, 2014

Oliver continues his search for the man in the skull mask to no avail. Meanwhile, Felicity has been traveling to Central City to visit Barry who is in a coma due to being hit by the lightning. Serial bomber Mark Scheffer, who goes by the name "Shrapnel", begins setting off bombs across Starling City as an anti-government movement. Sebastian Blood begins his campaign for mayor and decides to organize a Unity Rally for the city. Scheffer targets the rally, but Oliver is able to apprehend Scheffer and the bombs are disarmed. During the commotion, Thea witnesses Roy using his new strength and confronts him. Laurel continues to look into Blood, after discovering that he has ties to Cyrus Gold. She visits a mental institution, where she finds Blood's mother, who reveals that Sebastian killed his father and put her in the institution to cover it up. In a flashback, Slade experiences adverse effects to his mind and personality due to the Mirakuru.

#11 "Blind Spot" - January 22, 2014

Sebastian Blood visits his mother in the sanatorium and learns that she told Laurel that he killed his father. Oliver continues his search for the man in the skull mask and receives help from Laurel, who suspects that it is Sebastian Blood. Oliver investigates Sebastian, who, fearing that he will be discovered, has Laurel arrested for drug possession by his disciple, Officer Daily. Afterwards, he has her kidnapped to lure Arrow out. Arrow comes to rescue her, but during a fight Laurel kills the man in the skull mask, who is revealed to be Officer Daily, unknowingly throwing suspicion off Blood. Laurel is cleared of wrongdoing, but is fired when her opiate addiction is brought to light. Meanwhile, Roy and Sin attempt to use his new powers to stop a murderer, but Roy goes overboard and puts the man in the hospital. In order to help, Arrow offers to train Roy to control his new powers as well as his change in mental state. In flashbacks, Sara considers an offer from Ivo to return the Mirakuru for safe passage off the island; after remembering Ivo's torture of the ship prisoners, she declines.

#12 "Tremors" - January 29, 2014

Ben Turner escapes from prison with assistance from Milo Armitage, who also pays him $10 million to steal a prototype of Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake device. Arrow tries to teach Roy self-control, but Roy loses control during a mission and Turner manages to escape with the device. Arrow tracks down the device and is forced to reveal his identity to Roy in order to get his help in destroying the device. Meanwhile, Laurel learns that she may be disbarred because of her addiction and spirals further out of control. In addition, Moira agrees to run for mayor against Sebastian and Amanda Waller propositions Turner to commute his sentence in exchange for him joining a "squad" she is forming. In flashbacks, Oliver struggles with the guilt of letting Shado die and stops Slade from destroying Ivo's freighter with Fyers' missile launcher.

#13 "Heir to the Demon" - February 5, 2014

Nyssa Raatko, daughter of Ra's al Ghul and member of the League of Assassins, arrives in Starling City to convince Sara to return to Nanda Parbat with her. Nyssa confronts Sara, and reveals that the two shared a past romantic relationship. Sara refuses, so Nyssa kidnaps Dinah Lance, Sara's mother, and threatens to kill her if Sara does not agree to return with her within 24 hours. Sara agrees, but drinks snake venom in an act of self-sacrifice. Arrow arrives with an antidote and Nyssa releases Sara from her obligations to the League. Meanwhile, as Moira begins her political campaign, Felicity discovers that Thea's true father was Malcolm Merlyn. Although threatened by Moira, Felicity reveals the truth to Oliver, who supports his mother's campaign publicly while privately renouncing their familial relationship. Although Sara is welcomed back by her parents, Laurel, in a fit of rage, kicks her out of her house after deciding that Sara is responsible for everything bad that has happened to her and their family. In addition, Slade decides to take care of Moira's campaign against Blood.

#14 "Time of Death" - February 26, 2014

William Tockman orchestrates a precisely timed heist of Kord Industries and steals an electronic device that will allow him to access any bank vault in the world. His work comes to the attention of Oliver and Sara, who work together to try and stop him, foiling one of his robberies. In response, Tockman uses the device to hack into the computer servers at Oliver's hideout and overload them so they explode. Felicity, feeling left out with Sara now part of the team, attempts to bait Tockman into coming after one last heist. Oliver, Sara and Diggle arrive in time to protect Felicity, but Felicity takes a bullet while saving Sara before stopping Tockman. Meanwhile, the Lances attempt to have dinner together and it is revealed that Sara and Oliver are in a relationship, much to the anger of Laurel. Later, Laurel reveals the reason for her anger to Sara and they make amends; afterwards, Laurel attends an A.A. meeting with Quentin. Slade makes his presence known to Oliver by coming to his home and meeting with Moira. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Sara befriended Sin after promising Sin's dying father, a pilot shot down while flying over the island, that she would make sure Sin was safe.

#15 "The Promise" - March 5, 2014

Discovering that Slade is alive, Oliver is forced by his mother to give Slade a tour of the home. Sara and the rest of the team are notified and arrive at the home to provide backup to Oliver. As Slade leaves, Oliver deduces that he is the one controlling the man in the skull mask, and attempting to create more Mirakuru. Slade informs Oliver that he is there to follow through with a promise he made to Oliver on the island. Later, it is revealed that Slade used the tour to plant cameras throughout the Queen home. In flashbacks, Oliver, Sara, and Slade strategize how to infiltrate Ivo's freighter. The trio set fire to the Mirakuru, and privately Sara convinces Oliver to kill Ivo in order to keep him from telling Slade how Shado died. Oliver, Slade, and Sara are able to board the ship, with Sara freeing the prisoners, and Oliver and Slade going after Ivo. With Ivo cornered, he reveals to Slade that Oliver chose Sara over Shado. Slade turns on Oliver and imprisons him on the ship as Sara and the other prisoners escape to the island. Slade takes control of the ship and reveals to Oliver that he kept the Mirakuru, having Sara and Oliver destroy an empty box, and tells Oliver that he will not kill him until he has made him suffer the loss of those he loves first, the "promise" he spoke of.

#16 "Suicide Squad" - March 19, 2014

In a flashback to years prior in Afghanistan, Diggle and Lyla are leading a group of Afghan villagers when one identifies a wanted man, Gholem Qadir, among the group. During an ambush, Diggle saves Qadir's life. In the present, Diggle and Lyla are called upon by Amanda Waller to lead her "Task Force X", also known as the "Suicide Squad", which consists of Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Shrapnel being used as expendable assets. The Squad is sent after Qadir, who was released from prison and has developed a deadly nerve agent. Waller wants to use Diggle's past relationship with Qadir to get close to him and steal the weapon. After saving Qadir's life again, through a faked assassination attempt, Diggle is invited to Qadir's home for a party. Once there, Deadshot locates the nerve agent and is expected to be used as a targeting reference for a drone strike on the house. Diggle decides to save Deadshot; as a result, the drone misses the house and a SEAL team is forced to destroy the nerve agent. Meanwhile, Oliver continues to try and deal with the threat of Slade. Oliver is forced to go to Amanda Waller for help, revealing he has interacted with her before. At first not believing that Slade is alive, Waller tells him that A.R.G.U.S. has been tracking a new mercenary they call "Deathstroke", whom the pair realize is actually Slade.

#17 "Birds of Prey" - March 26, 2014

Oliver and Sara assist a police raid, and in the process help capture Frank Bertinelli. Oliver quickly realizes that Frank's daughter, Helena, will return to kill Frank once she learns that her father is in police custody. Laurel is asked to return to the district attorney's office to try Frank's case, but she discovers that it is a ruse to draw out Frank's daughter. Helena shows up at the courthouse and takes hostages in exchange for her father. Sara goes to the courthouse to rescue Laurel, but Helena overpowers Sara and demands that Oliver deliver Frank in exchange for Laurel. Oliver delivers Frank, but he is killed in crossfire with S.W.A.T.; Quentin ultimately arrests Helena, after Sara stops her. Despite the ruse, the district attorney rehires Laurel to avoid scandal. Roy breaks up with Thea when he realizes that he is a danger to her as long as he cannot control the side effects of the Mirakuru. In flashbacks, Slade demands Sara return one of the escapees, who can fix the engines of the ship, or else he will kill Oliver. Sara and the other escapees prepare to send the person back against his will.

#18 "Deathstroke" - April 2, 2014

Initially pretending to comfort Thea after her breakup, Slade uses the opportunity to kidnap her. Distracted by Thea's kidnapping, and having his team work to locate Slade, Oliver gives temporary CEO status to Isabel Rochev so that she can ensure that the company runs smoothly in his absence. Isabel uses her temporary power to convince the board of directors to make her position permanent, thus allowing her company to take full control of Queen Consolidated. When confronted, Isabel reveals that she has been working with Slade the entire time, and tells Oliver where Thea is being held. Oliver arrives, but Thea has already been freed—her kidnapping was a diversion from Slade's real plan to free a group of convicts to be used as test subjects for the next Mirakuru trials. Thea informs Oliver and Moira that Slade told her that her biological father is Malcolm Merlyn. Quentin Lance is arrested for aiding the vigilante, Roy leaves Starling City, and Slade visits Laurel and reveals that Oliver is the Arrow. In flashbacks, Sara attempts to use the trade for Oliver as a moment to kill Slade, but it backfires.

#19 "Unfinished Business" - April 3, 2013

Oliver and his team destroy the lab at the Applied Sciences division of Queen Consolidated so that Slade can't use it to mass-produce the Mirakuru. In response, Slade attacks the team at their hideout and steals an electronic Skeleton Key. He uses the key to steal a bio-transfuser from a S.T.A.R. Labs facility that Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon work at that will allow him to transfer his Mirakuru-infused blood to the convicts he freed. Oliver tracks Slade and discovers that he has kidnapped Roy and is using him to transfuse the blood. Oliver rescues Roy, and Isabel is mortally wounded in the battle. Later, Oliver reveals there is a cure for the Mirakuru and Felicity goes to S.T.A.R. Labs to have Caitlin and Cisco create an antidote. Meanwhile, Laurel investigates Oliver being the Arrow, which leads her to discover that Sara is the Canary. Laurel stops her investigation when her father tells her that the Arrow's identity is irrelevant to the symbol that he represents. Laurel later blackmails her supervisor into releasing and reinstating her father. Slade's army of Mirakuru warriors gather and Slade uses his blood to heal and empower Isabel as well. In flashbacks, Oliver kills Ivo after he tells him and Sara about the Mirakuru cure.

#20 "Seeing Red" - April 23, 2014

Roy goes on a rampage, overwhelmed by the Mirakuru and no longer thinking for himself, attacking civilians. Oliver and Sara track Roy down, but during a fight, Oliver's leg is significantly injured and Roy escapes, killing a police officer in the process. Sara decides that Roy must be killed, but Oliver still wants to save him. Roy comes to Verdant and Oliver uses the opportunity to inject Roy with pit viper venom to knock him unconscious and keep him sedated until a cure can be found. Sara decides that she is not good enough for Oliver and leaves the city to find a friend. Thea continues to distance herself from her family, so Moira decides to drop out of the mayoral race at a rally, to focus on rebuilding her relationship with Thea. Oliver convinces her to continue to run and Moira reveals that she has known Oliver was the Arrow since last year's earthquake, and that she is proud of the man he has become. After the rally, Moira, Thea, and Oliver are attacked by Slade, who murders Moira when she sacrifices herself to save Thea and Oliver. In a flashback to seven years prior, Oliver reveals that he got a young woman pregnant, so Moira pays the woman to tell Oliver she had a miscarriage and never come back to Starling City.

#21 "City of Blood" - April 30, 2014

When Oliver goes missing after Moira's death, Diggle and Felicity enlist the help of Amanda Waller to track him down. They find him in a secret hideout, where he reveals his plan to give himself up to Slade in order to save everyone else. Isabel returns and shuts down Verdant, forcing Thea to make a decision to leave Starling City for good. Sebastian is sworn in as Mayor, but Laurel uncovers documentation that he knew Slade was going to kill Moira. Laurel reveals to Oliver that she knows he is the Arrow and that Sebastian is working with Slade. After confronting Sebastian, Oliver decides that they have no choice but to kill Slade's Mirakuru army. The plan backfires, with Oliver and Laurel cornered by Slade's army, various Mirakuru soldiers wreaking havoc on the city, and Diggle being confronted by Isabel clad in Deathstroke armor. In flashbacks, Anatoli repairs the Japanese submarine that brought the Mirakuru and he and Oliver prepare to attack the Amazo.

#22 "Streets of Fire" - May 7, 2014

As Slade's men continue to terrorize the city, Felicity joins Diggle and hits Isabel with a van so he can escape, and Malcolm Merlyn returns to the city to save Thea. S.T.A.R. Labs successfully makes a cure for the Mirakuru, but Slade sends men to acquire it before Oliver. Finally trusting Lance, the police force pledges to help the Arrow stop Slade's men and Quentin is re-promoted to detective to lead the other officers. Slade reveals to Blood that he plans to destroy the entire city, people and all, in his quest for vengeance against Oliver. As a result, Blood steals the cure and gives it to Oliver in return for help saving the city. For his betrayal, Slade has Isabel kill Blood. Oliver tests the cure on Roy after Amanda Waller reveals that she intends to bomb the city at dawn to prevent Slade's men from attacking the rest of the country. In flashbacks, Oliver boards the Amazo to rescue Sara, after she was captured by Slade, with specific orders for Anatoli to destroy the ship if they do not return within an hour. However, they are both captured by Slade.

#23 "Unthinkable" - May 14, 2014

The cure works and Oliver and his team must escape their hideout when Slade's men arrive. Back at Verdant, Sara arrives with Nyssa and the League of Assassins to provide backup to take out Slade's men. Equipped with the cure, the team confront Slade and Isabel at Queen Consolidated. Nyssa kills Isabel, but Slade manages to escape. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla go to A.R.G.U.S. to force Waller to stop the nuclear strike on the city. Laurel is abducted from police HQ and Quentin is seriously injured. Thea meets up with Roy, but when she finds a bow and quiver she loses trust in him and decides to leave Starling City with Merlyn. Oliver and his team successfully use the cure on all of Slade's men. Oliver tricks Slade into kidnapping Felicity, believing she is the one whom Oliver loves. With Slade distracted, Felicity injects him with the cure. Oliver is able to defeat him and Waller calls off the bombing. Slade is locked away in an underground A.R.G.U.S. prison on the island and Sara rejoins the League as payment for helping the city. In flashbacks, Anatoli fires a torpedo into the Amazo, causing it to sink. During the destruction, Oliver presumably kills Slade and Sara disappears overboard. Later, Oliver awakens in Hong Kong, where he meets Amanda Waller.


"Arrow" Season 3 Episodes (2014-15)

In season three, Arrow has become a public hero in Starling City following Slade Wilson's defeat. Queen Consolidated is sold to wealthy businessman, scientist, and aspiring hero, Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), Oliver struggles to bring his family back together, an old enemy returns, and Oliver becomes embroiled into a conflict with Ra's al Ghul (Matthew Nable). Laurel also begins her own journey, following in her sister's vigilante footsteps.

Episode #1: "The Calm" - October 8, 2014

Following Slade's defeat, the Arrow is embraced as a hero by the people of Starling City, and newly-promoted Captain Lance calls off the anti-vigilante task-force. Elsewhere, Werner Zytle, who has claimed the mantle of Vertigo, attempts to kill Arrow in a bid to raise his profile. After losing the first battle, Oliver and Roy are able to stop Zytle, along with some help from Sara who is back in town. Meanwhile, businessman Ray Palmer successfully acquires Queen Consolidated under a plan of rebuilding the city and renaming it "Star City".. Laurel helps Lance deal with his health issues, and Diggle and Lyla welcome a baby girl, which convinces Diggle to take Oliver's suggestion and retire from field duty. Oliver and Felicity go on a first date, but Oliver ends it explaining how he can't be the Arrow and Oliver, although he still loves her. After visiting with Laurel, Sara is shot in the chest with arrows by an unseen figure and falls from a rooftop to her death in front of Laurel. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller tries to force Oliver to work for her, and assigns agent Maseo Yamashiro as his handler. After numerous failed attempts to escape, Oliver agrees to proceed with his training to prevent Waller from killing Maseo's family as punishment for his failure in restraining Oliver.

This episode intersects The Flash episode "Pilot".

#2 "Sara" - October 15, 2014

Not knowing what else to do, Laurel brings Sara's body to the team. Laurel demands to help Oliver find Sara's killer, but he forces her to go home. Captain Lance alerts Oliver to another archer in the city killing people, unaware that Sara was killed by an archer. Oliver follows a lead, and with Felicity and Diggle's help, he is able to identify the archer as Simon Lacroix. The team learn who Lacroix's next target is, and are able to stop him before he can succeed. Laurel arrives with a gun, determined to avenge Sara's death by killing Lacroix. As Oliver attempts to talk her out of it, Lacroix reveals that he was not in Starling City the night of Sara's death and leaves Oliver and his team with no more leads as to who killed Sara. The team bury Sara, but Laurel is unable to tell Quentin that Sara is dead. Roy also reveals to Oliver that Thea left town when she learned he was working with the Arrow. In Corto Maltese, Thea is with Malcolm Merlyn and has proven capable of defeating more than one henchman in combat. In flashbacks, Oliver is tasked with killing Tommy Merlyn, after the latter comes to Hong Kong to find Oliver after seeing activity on Oliver's email account. To save Tommy, Oliver pretends to kidnap him and tricks him into thinking that it was a ruse to gain ransom money.

#3 "Corto Maltese" - October 22, 2014

With no more leads in Sara's murder, Oliver focuses his attention on bringing Thea home. Felicity is able to track her to the island of Corto Maltese. Oliver finds Thea working at a restaurant, but she refuses to return to Starling City. While he waits to convince Thea to return, Oliver assists Diggle on a mission for A.R.G.U.S. to ascertain the whereabouts of one of its agents, Mark Shaw. The agent informs Diggle that someone broke into the A.R.G.U.S. database and stole information to sell on the black market. Later, Shaw double crosses Diggle, and reveals that he was the one that is selling A.R.G.U.S. secrets. Felicity helps Oliver and Diggle track down Shaw, and they stop him from selling any secrets. After a last minute plea, and Oliver revealing the truth about how their father died, Thea agrees to return to Starling City. Meanwhile, trying to emulate her sister, Laurel attempts to exact vengeance on an abusive boyfriend of a fellow A.A. member, but she is no match and ends up in the hospital. Later, she seeks out boxer Ted Grant to train her to fight after Oliver's refusal. In flashbacks to six months prior, Merlyn begins training Thea to calm her mind and heal her emotional pain, while also mastering control over physical pain.

#4 "The Magician" - October 29, 2014

Nyssa al Ghul returns to Starling City looking for Sara. Oliver informs her that Sara was killed; Oliver sends Roy to follow Nyssa after it is clear that she knows more about who could have killed Sara. Nyssa is tracked to Sara's old safe house, where Nyssa reveals to Oliver that Malcolm Merlyn is alive and Sara was sent by the League to confirm his existence. After tracking Merlyn, Oliver agrees to meet him in a public location to discuss Sara's death. Merlyn tells Oliver that he did not kill Sara, but only returned to Starling City to take care of Thea. Nyssa kidnaps Thea in an attempt to draw Merlyn out, but Oliver arrives to rescue Thea. Merlyn arrives shortly after to clear his name and insinuates to Nyssa that it was her father, Ra's al Ghul, that had Sara killed. Nyssa does not believe him, but Oliver does and vows to protect Merlyn for as long as he is in Starling. Nyssa warns Oliver that he has made a serious enemy in the League before leaving and reporting back to her father. In flashbacks, Oliver completes his first assassination, and learns that Amanda Waller was behind Edward Fyers' actions on the island.

#5 "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak"
November 5, 2014

A cyber terrorist attacks Starling City, threatening to shut down all banks and set everyone on an even socioeconomic status. While Oliver and Roy attempt to keep the peace on the streets, Felicity works to locate the virus that is attacking the city's infrastructure. Felicity quickly realizes that she designed the virus five years earlier, and that it is unstoppable. Felicity's mother Donna shows up unannounced, and the two have a falling out over how different they are from each other. Felicity soon realizes that her mother was unknowingly sent by the cyber terrorist (revealed to be Felicity's ex-boyfriend Cooper) who kidnaps them both. Using Donna as leverage, the terrorist forces Felicity to divert a set of armored vehicles, carrying newly minted money, to their location. Felicity uses the system to also contact Oliver, who arrives with Roy and Diggle to stop the terrorist and his team. Laurel continues to train with Ted Grant, and reveals to him the real reason that she is learning to fight. Meanwhile, Roy begins having nightmares that he was the one who killed Sara.

#6 "Guilty" - November 12, 2014

A murderer begins taking out gang members in Starling City, and when a body shows up in Ted Grant's gym he becomes a suspect. Oliver follows Ted to another body, where Ted denies killing anyone and reveals to Oliver that he was once a vigilante who retired after a drug dealer was beaten to death by accident. The pair follow the clues to the location where the drug dealer was killed. The murderer shows, which Ted reveals was his former protégé Isaac Stanzler, and who was responsible for the death of the drug dealer, but is bested by Oliver before escaping. Isaac kidnaps Ted and Laurel, but Oliver and his team are able to successfully stop him. Meanwhile, Roy tells Felicity about his dreams and has her run tests on any Mirakuru that may be in his system still. The test reveals no Mirakuru, but Felicity shows Roy other evidence that corroborates his fears. Roy confesses to Oliver and Laurel that he killed Sara. Using a technique learned in Hong Kong, Oliver helps Roy access his memories to realize that he did not kill Sara; however, Roy discovers he did kill a cop while under the effects of Mirakuru.

#7 "Draw Back Your Bow" - November 19, 2014

Oliver begins investigating a new killer in town, who murdered Isaac Stanzler using a bow and arrow, and left his body dressed up as "The Arrow". Following a lead, Oliver learns that the copycat vigilante is a former cop, named Carrie Cutter, who goes by the name "Cupid" and is obsessed with Arrow. Carrie uses a former C.I. to track down Oliver's hideout. Oliver lures Carrie away; when Oliver rejects her romantic advancement Carrie tries to kill the both of them. Oliver stops her, which reinforces Carrie's delusion that he is in love with her. Subsequently, Oliver gives her to A.R.G.U.S. as a new member of their Suicide Squad in the hopes that being on a team will help provide her guidance. Meanwhile, Ray reveals his next plan to help save the city is rebranding Queen Consolidated into Palmer Technologies. Oliver struggles with how much time Felicity is spending with Ray, and the situation is made worse when he walks in on them kissing. Ray is later shown working on a personal exosuit design. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and Maseo's wife go off to find her husband when he goes missing.

#8 "The Brave and the Bold" - December 3, 2014

Oliver and Roy track down the home of Digger Harkness, a boomerang-wielding murderer, but they only find A.R.G.U.S. operatives looking for the same man. S.T.A.R. Labs' Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon arrive in Starling City to help Felicity analyze DNA from the arrow that killed Sara. Digger attempts to kill Lyla; Roy and Oliver arrive to stop him, but need assistance from Barry Allen, who uses his super speed to stop a couple of boomerangs from killing Oliver. Later, Lyla reveals Digger was part of the Suicide Squad, and Oliver agrees to allow Barry to assist in the investigation. Oliver's interrogation tactics lead Barry to question how emotionally stable Oliver is. The team track Digger's location, but it turns out to be a ruse that allows Digger to trace their hideout, where he wounds Lyla before being forced to run away. In order to escape, Digger plants 5 bombs around the city. While Oliver captures Digger, Barry uses both his and Oliver's teams to defuse the bombs at the same time. Flashbacks to Hong Kong show Oliver learning how to torture suspects effectively to get information.

This episode is a continuation of The Flash episode "Flash vs. Arrow"

#9 "The Climb" - December 10, 2014

The League of Assassins inform Oliver that he has 48 hours to find and turn over Sara's killer or the league will begin murdering Starling City citizens. Oliver also learns Maseo is now a member of the League. Dr. Snow sends Felicity the DNA profile from the arrow that killed Sara, and the police database identifies Oliver. Believing Malcolm Merlyn set him up, Oliver discovers that Merlyn and Thea arrived in Starling City the night before Sara's murder. Realizing that she has been lying, Arrow confronts Thea, who demonstrates her training with Merlyn, before escaping from the Arrow. Later, Merlyn informs Oliver that he drugged Thea and manipulated her into killing Sara. Merlyn filmed the event to use as leverage to force Oliver into a fight to the death with Ra's al Ghul, with Ra's potential death releasing Merlyn from any blood debt to the League. Oliver and Ra's meet, with Oliver outmatched. Ra's mortally stabs Oliver and kicks him over the side of a cliff. In flashbacks, Oliver and Maseo learn that China White has stolen an engineered super-virus. China breaks into Maseo's house and kidnaps Tatsu.

#10 "Left Behind" - January 21, 2015

With no knowledge of what happened to Oliver, Diggle and Roy work to continue protecting the city in his absence. With the Arrow missing, a new crime lord named Danny "Brick" Brickwell plots to take over the Glades. After Thea expresses worry over Oliver's absence, Merlyn investigates the site of the duel and brings a bloodied sword back to Diggle and the others, proclaiming Oliver's death. Diggle discovers Brickwell's plan, to destroy all the evidence against street enforcers so they are released from jail and have to join his crew, and heads to the police warehouse with Roy to stop him. Diggle and Roy are outnumbered, and fearing for their lives, Felicity decides to trap them in the warehouse and let Brickwell escape. Afterward, Felicity proclaims the group non-existent without Oliver and quits. With dozens of men freed because of Brickwell, Laurel goes after them, donning an altered Canary costume. Meanwhile, Maseo finds Oliver's body and takes it to Tatsu so that she can "bring him back to life." In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and Maseo steal the counterpart to China White's super-virus, thus making her portion inert. Oliver also slips a GPS tracker on one of China's men so that they can locate Tatsu.

#11 "Midnight City" - January 28, 2015

Tatsu informs Oliver that his will to live and the cold temperature of the mountain are the only reason he survived. Oliver warns Maseo that Ra's will see his act as a betrayal and kill him for it. While Oliver attempts to rest and heal, members of the League arrive which forces Maseo and Tatsu to kill them to protect Oliver. Maseo cuts himself so Ra's will believe Oliver escaped. Roy and Diggle warn Laurel to stay off the streets, after Roy has to bail her out of a fight. Brick kidnaps the city's aldermen, but when Laurel and Roy track them down, Brick escapes and kills one of the aldermen in retaliation. In exchange for the remaining aldermen, Brick demands that all police presence evacuate the Glades for good. The team is able to locate the aldermen and successfully rescue them, but the Mayor still agrees to remove the police after Brick reveals that he has targeted every legislative body member. Meanwhile, Felicity rejoins the team and provides Ray with the missing piece for his A.T.O.M. exo-suit. Chase, the DJ for Verdant, is revealed to be a spy for the League, who informs Maseo that Merlyn has chosen not to leave Starling. In flashbacks, Maseo makes a deal with China White to give her the counterpart to her virus in exchange for Tatsu.

#12 "Uprising" - February 4, 2015

Worrying about Starling, Oliver decides to leave Tatsu and head home, against her wishes to rest and heal. Tatsu informs him that if he wants to defeat Ra's al Ghul, he will need to seek swordsman training from Maseo. With the police out of the Glades, Roy and Laurel are tasked with fighting Brick's men to keep the peace. Captain Lance gives the team all the information the police have on Brick to help locate him. Merlyn spies on the team as they review the evidence against Brick, and discovers that Brick was responsible for the death of Merlyn's wife. Merlyn propositions the team to join forces to take down Brick, but the team refuses. Instead, they rally the citizens of the Glades to take back their neighborhood by force. Merlyn corners Brick and gets the upper hand. Just as Merlyn is preparing to kill Brick, Oliver arrives and persuades him to spare Brick's life for Thea's sake and let the police arrest him. Oliver, as the Arrow, addresses the citizens of the Glades, commending them for not failing the city and announces that he will not leave them again. In the aftermath, Oliver requests Merlyn train him so that he can take on Ra's al Ghul. Flashbacks chronicle the death of Merlyn's wife and his journey to the League of Assassins to seek training.

#13 "Canaries" - February 11, 2015

While being transported from prison, Werner Zytle orchestrates an escape by poisoning a guard with Vertigo. As Oliver tries to keep Laurel off the streets as a vigilante, Merlyn arrives at the hideout to inform Oliver that to beat Ra's al Ghul he will need to bring Thea into the team. Oliver decides to reveal the truth to Thea who accepts and praises him for the work he has been doing as the Arrow. Laurel tracks down Zytle and takes him on herself, only to be poisoned with Vertigo. Laurel begins to hallucinate images of Sara, who confirms all of Laurel's self doubts. Oliver and Roy arrive in time to save her and get her back to the base for treatment. Later, Oliver brings Laurel along to take down Zytle. Laurel is dosed with Vertigo again, but overcomes her fears to stop Werner. Meanwhile, DJ Chase attempts to kill Thea, but Roy and Merlyn show up; Chase commits suicide when it is clear he has lost. Based on Merlyn's advice, Oliver takes Thea to Lian Yu for training. Laurel meets with her father and finally tells him the truth about Sara. In flashbacks, Oliver attempts to contact his family but is captured by A.R.G.U.S. and interrogated for the location of Maseo and Tatsu. Amanda Waller brings Oliver and Maseo to Starling City to find China White.

#14 "The Return" - February 18, 2015

While on the island of Lian Yu, Oliver begins Thea's training. After a night dreaming of Sara, Oliver goes to the A.R.G.U.S. prison to visit with Slade Wilson, where he discovers the guard dead and Slade missing. Oliver warns Thea and retrieves a gun from the site of his father's grave, but Slade arrives and captures them. Slade imprisons them in the A.R.G.U.S. cell, leaving them to the same fate Oliver left him. The duo are able to open the doors and escape. Oliver reveals to Thea that she killed Sara, while she grapples with the truth, Slade arrives. The three fight and Thea wounds Slade with his gun, allowing them to imprison him back in the cell. In flashbacks, Oliver and Maseo go to Starling City to track an employee of Queen Consolidated who is working with China White to sell the part of the virus she controls. They track the location of the buy and disrupt the proceedings. Oliver looks in on his family and discovers that Thea is using drugs, and a video message from his father explaining the list of names and encouraging Oliver to save the city.

#15 "Nanda Parbat" - February 25, 2015

Oliver and Thea continue their training with Merlyn. Thea struggles with the secret of Sara's death, and confesses the whole truth to Laurel who tells her she isn't responsible; Thea also makes a deal to turn her father over to the League. Laurel confronts Merlyn and is easily outmatched, but they are interrupted by Nyssa and the League, and Merlyn is captured. Oliver decides to go to Nanda Parbat to rescue Merlyn to prevent Thea from losing touch with her humanity when she realizes that she has sentenced her father to death. Oliver and Diggle infiltrate Nanda Parbat, but walk into a trap set by Ra's. Instead of killing Oliver, Ra's expresses his appreciation for Oliver's courage and strength, and asks Oliver to replace him as the head of the League. Meanwhile, Thea confesses the truth to Nyssa and offers her the chance at revenge, and Ray tests the flight capabilities of his completed A.T.O.M. exo-suit. In flashbacks, Oliver is debriefed by General Matthew Shrieve. Afterward, he is promised that he can return home if he pleases. On their way home, Oliver and the Yamashiros are ambushed. Overrun, Oliver flees for safety with the Yamashiros' son.

#16 "The Offer" - March 18, 2015

Ra's al Ghul tries to convince Oliver to take over as the head of the League, and explains that the localized pool of water in Nanda Parbat has healing effects that have allowed him to live far longer than any mortal man. The pool is becoming less effective, so Ra's is looking for a replacement. In a show of good faith to convince Oliver to take the offer, Ra's releases Diggle and Merlyn and forgives all blood debts. Oliver returns to Starling and releases Nyssa, much to the confusion to the rest of the team. Oliver and his team return to stopping crimes, but Captain Lance is done helping the Arrow when he realizes the vigilante lied about Sara's death. Afterward, Oliver realizes that he is not ready to give up being the Arrow; Oliver informs Maseo of his decision, who warns Oliver of the consequences to defying Ra's. Upset with her father for his offer to Oliver, Nyssa returns to Starling City and agrees to help train Laurel. Ra's, dressed as the Arrow, frames the vigilante for murder. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and the Yamashiro's son continue to be on the run, during which they seemingly stumble across Shado, who is alive.

#17 "Suicidal Tendencies" - March 25, 2015

Diggle and Lyla officially remarry, but Amanda Waller interrupts their honeymoon to recruit them for a Suicide Squad mission to rescue Senator Cray from a kidnapping. The kidnapping turns out be a ruse by Cray, to help his bid for President. The team rescues the hostages, but Floyd Lawton seemingly sacrifices himself so everyone can get out safely. The police issue a warrant for the Arrow, and Ray publicly announces his own support for the apprehension of the Arrow. Oliver discovers that Ra's has sent multiple assassins to impersonate him until he agrees to take over as the head of the League. In his new ATOM suit, Ray locates the Arrow and through facial scans learns Oliver is the Arrow. After Laurel refuses to accept Ray's evidence against Oliver he decides to take matters into his own hands. Luring the Arrow to a factory, Ray engages Oliver in a fight, but the latter disables Ray's suit. After, Oliver helps Ray to convince him that he is being framed. Later, Maseo, dressed as the Arrow, murders the mayor in front of multiple witnesses. In flashbacks, Floyd Lawton struggles to transition back into society from the military, including his wife and child leaving him. Floyd is propositioned by an organization known as H.I.V.E. to assassinate Andrew Diggle, John's brother.

#18 "Public Enemy" - April 1, 2015

During the attack against the mayor, Ray is also shot in the chest and taken to the hospital. As Captain Lance issues an arrest warrant for the Arrow and his team, with shoot to kill orders in effect. Realizing Maseo is the assassin, Oliver uses Nyssa to track his location. Ra's shows and again warns Oliver that not accepting the offer will continue to bring death. The police arrive and Oliver and his team barely escape. To push Oliver to accept the offer, Ra's kidnaps Captain Lance and reveals Oliver's true identity as the Arrow. With this knowledge, Captain Lance announces this revelation in a public address. With his back to a wall, Oliver decides to turn himself in to the police. In order to save Oliver, Roy dresses as the Arrow, stops Oliver's transport van and gives himself up to the police, insisting that he has been the Arrow all along. In flashbacks, Oliver thinks he has found Shado, but it turns out to be her twin sister May. A.R.G.U.S. agents come after them, but Maseo and Tatsu arrive to rescue them. Afterward, Oliver tells May what happened to her sister and father.

#19 "Broken Arrow" - April 15, 2015

With Roy arrested for being the Arrow, the District Attorney decides not to charge Oliver with any crime. In prison, Roy fends off attacks from the other inmates. While Oliver and his team plot to break Roy out of prison, as well as determine how to stop metahuman Jake Simmons, Captain Lance obtains a search warrant for Verdant and uncovers Oliver's hideout, though he only finds Roy's fingerprints. Oliver enlists Ray's help in stopping the metahuman. After a failed first attempt, Oliver and Ray sync their movements through a neural network, but when the network malfunctions during the battle, Ray defeats Simmons himself, and places him under S.T.A.R. Labs' custody. With the help of a former A.R.G.U.S. agent, Roy fakes his own murder so that the public believes the Arrow is dead and Oliver Queen innocent. As a result, Roy is forced to leave the city. Ra's visits Thea and after a brief fight he mortally stabs her with his sword. In flashbacks, Oliver infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. to stop Waller, only to discover that she did not send the men after him and the Yamashiros: it was actually done by General Shrieve, who plans to release the virus in Hong Kong. Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu steal the vaccine, as well as the plans for how Shrieve plans to infect the city.

#20 "The Fallen" - April 22, 2015

Oliver finds Thea bleeding to death and rushes her to the hospital, where she is stabilized enough for Oliver to make arrangements for her impending death. Maseo contacts Oliver to let him know that if he accepts Ra's offer, he will be able to use the Lazarus Pit to heal Thea. Malcolm warns against this, stating that the pit changes a person in their soul, but Oliver decides to take her to Nanda Parbat regardless. Thea is dipped into the pit and returns healed but in a state of confusion, and her memories jumbled. Knowing Oliver will not leave willingly, Felicity drugs him so they can sneak him out of the fortress. Cornered by Ra's men, Oliver wakes in time to order the League members to stand down. Afterward, Oliver returns to take his place as head of the League, alone. Thea wakes up in her apartment, her mind clear and distraught that Oliver sacrificed himself for her. Oliver renounces his old life, taking on an apprentice role in the League and the name Al Sah-him until he is ready to take over as the new "Ra's al Ghul". In flashbacks, Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu go after the virus, but during a fight it is released.

#21 "Al Saheem" - April 29, 2015

Oliver begins his training, which includes breaking down his psyche so that his allegiance is only to the League and his new identity as Al Sah-him. Ra's recounts the moment that he was chosen to become the leader of the League, and a duel with his best friend Damien Darhk who saw himself as the heir. Ra's hesitated and Damien fled, stealing from the Lazarus Pit and starting his own group. Subsequently, Oliver is directed to kill a League member who sees themselves as the real heir: Nyssa. Oliver and the League come to Starling City, where Nyssa confronts them. Oliver bests her, but is forced to flee when they are interrupted by Diggle and Laurel. Oliver kidnaps Lyla to force the team to give up Nyssa. At the exchange, a fight breaks out and Nyssa is taken by the League. Oliver almost kills Diggle, but Thea arrives and stops him. In Nanda Parbat, for her betrayal, Ra's orders Nyssa to marry Oliver, and Oliver has to use the Alpha/Omega virus to cleanse Starling City. In flashbacks, Oliver, Maseo, and Tatsu, who were vaccinated, watch as the citizens of Hong Kong become infected with the virus, including their own son Akio.

#22 "This Is Your Sword" - May 6, 2015

With Oliver gone, Diggle and Laurel patrol Starling City taking on any criminals they find. Oliver learns that Maseo is the one that provide Ra's with the Omega virus when he originally came to Nanda Parbat. Sneaking away from the castle, Oliver reveals that he is in league with Malcolm, and his agreement to become Ra's was a charade to get close and slowly dismantle the league. With Ra's fast tracking his plan to kill everyone in Starling, Oliver is forced to have Malcolm reveal the truth to his friends. The team, including Tatsu, Ray, and Malcolm go to Nanda Parbat where Tatsu kills Maseo before they are overrun by the league and captured. Ra's exposes the team to the virus before sealing them away in a cell. Afterward, Oliver and Nyssa are married. In flashbacks, Akio continues to deteriorate from the virus, his vaccination having not worked. Maseo and Oliver decide to go after General Shreive to see if he has a cure. They only succeed in leading Shrieve to their location, while Akio dies in Tatsu's arms.

#23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen" - May 13, 2015

While Ra's and Oliver head toward Starling City to release the virus, Felicity and the others wake in the dungeon. Malcolm informs them that he and Oliver created a new vaccine, based on Oliver's blood, which Malcolm used on the team without their awareness. Returning a favor, Barry speeds through the castle disabling the guards and freeing the team. Meanwhile, Oliver reveals his deception and he and Nyssa take out Ra's remaining assassins. Ra's escapes with a canister of the virus, vowing to destroy Starling. Oliver learns that Ra's is going to disperse the virus across four points of the city. Felicity locates the four bioweapons, and Oliver organizes the team, along with Captain Lance and the police, to those locations. Oliver is pulled to another location to battle Ra's, as the team successfully stop the virus. Oliver stops and kills Ra's before being shot by a police sniper. Felicity, in Ray's ATOM suit, flies in and rescues Oliver. Afterward, Oliver decides to stop being a hero to the city, instead opting to have a life with Felicity knowing that there are other heroes that can take in place. As payment for his help, Oliver secedes the title of Ra's al Ghul to Malcolm. In flashbacks, Oliver decides to live a life alone to prevent his family from seeing the darkness that has taken over his life.

This episode is a continuation of The Flash episode "Rogue Air".


"Arrow" Season 4 Episodes (2015-16)

In August 2015, an animated spin-off, Vixen, was released, while a second live-action spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, premiered in January 2016, featuring a number of characters from Arrow and The Flash. On March 11, 2016, the series was renewed for a fifth season.

In May 2015, Amell revealed he had had discussions with DC Entertainment to portray Oliver Queen on Constantine because Constantine is an expert on the Lazarus Pit, a concept used on Arrow. In August 2015, it was confirmed that Matt Ryan would appear on Arrow in the fourth season episode "Haunted", per a "one-time-only-deal" that would involve his character being "brought in to deal with the fallout of the resurrection of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) via Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit." Due to Arrow and Constantine sharing the same studio, the producers of Arrow were also able to acquire Ryan's original outfits. John Badham, who was a director on Constantine, will direct "Haunted". On filming the episode, Guggenheim stated it felt like the production team was "doing a Constantine/Arrow crossover, and it's so exciting... we're just really glad we got the chance to extend Matt Ryan's run as Constantine by at least one more hour of television. I think you'll see he fits very neatly into our universe. It never feels forced, it feels right."

Episode #1: "Green Arrow" - October 7, 2015

Diggle, Thea, and Laurel continue fighting crime in Starling City, recently renamed 'Star City' in Ray's honor. The city's leadership, which includes Captain Quentin Lance, meet to discuss a group of criminals named the "Ghosts" who are terrorizing the city. Damien Darhk shows up, claiming to control the Ghosts and warning the city leaders to stand aside and let the city die. After they refuse, Darhk systematically begins assassinating each of them but fails to kill Lance. Laurel and Thea contact Oliver, asking him to return to help them stop the Ghosts, much to the disagreement of Diggle. The team tracks the Ghosts, where they witness Darhk using some form of mystical energy manipulation. Working together, the team stop his plot to kill hundreds at a train station. Afterward, Oliver takes the name "Green Arrow" and broadcasts a message to the city vowing to be a beacon of hope, while Lance is revealed to be working with Darhk. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller finds Oliver and forces him back on Lian Yu to assess a new threat.

#2 "The Candidate" - October 14, 2015

The team take out another Ghost operation, but Diggle feels like it is not enough and Oliver continues to worry about Thea's excessive aggression when taking out criminals. Meanwhile, Queen family friend Jessica Danforth puts a bid in as the city's new mayor. During her announcement, she is attacked by Lonnie Machin, an anarchist for hire working for Darhk. While trying to locate Machin, Thea's aggressive behavior seriously injures a witness, forcing Oliver to reveal to her the warning Malcolm Merlyn gave him before he put Thea in the Lazarus Pit. The team goes after Machin, successfully stopping him, but Thea again goes too far and sets Machin on fire in the process. Later, Machin escapes police custody en route to the hospital. Laurel decides to take Thea back to Nanda Parbat both to find a way to stop the aggression and to bring Sara's body to the pit. Meanwhile, Oliver decides to run for mayor after Jessica backs out of the race. In flashbacks, Oliver infiltrates a local military operation on Lian Yu run by a man named Reiter. Oliver feigns ignorance of the military operation, but Reiter decides to recruit him for his cause instead of killing Oliver.

#3 "Restoration" - October 21, 2015

Laurel and Thea arrive in Nanda Parbat and request Malcolm, the new Ra's al Ghul, to use the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back to life. He initially refuses but, in order to appease Thea, he eventually agrees. When Sara returns feral, Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit in retaliation. An A.R.G.U.S. operative delivers Diggle information on the woman, Mina Fayad, who hired Floyd Lawton to kill his brother. Fayad also works for H.I.V.E. and meets with Darhk about the growing issue with the vigilantes in Star City. She brings in a metahuman hitman named Jeremy Tell, who can turn his playing card tattoos into physical projectiles. After Tell's initial failure, Darhk kills Fayad for challenging him. Diggle and Oliver team up and take down Tell, but get no new information on H.I.V.E. In flashbacks, Oliver is forced to use torture techniques, after a parcel of drugs goes missing, to interrogate the prisoners who are being used to harvest heroin-cocaine hybrid plants.

#4 "Beyond Redemption" - October 28, 2015

Oliver tells the team that he is running for mayor, but is met with apprehension. Lance has Oliver look into the death of two police officers and the team discovers they were killed by members of the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Laurel brings her father to see Sara, who is chained up in the basement of Laurel's apartment. The team and Lance set a trap for the corrupt cops, but fail to capture them. Felicity identifies Liza Warner as a suspect and, while searching for her, Oliver discovers Captain Lance meeting with Damien Darhk. Liza and her team use Captain Lance to get into the drug disposal warehouse, but Oliver and his team arrive and take out the officers. Later, Oliver asks Captain Lance to spy on Darhk so they can learn more about his operations, while Laurel discovers that Sara has escaped. In flashbacks, Agent Conklin discovers Oliver's communication device with Amanda Waller.

#5 "Haunted" November 4, 2015

Oliver discovers Sara is alive when he investigates recent murders. With Felicity's help, they determine that Sara, who is still not herself, is looking for Thea and plans to kill her. Sara attacks Thea, who manages to escape. Later, the team captures Sara and Oliver calls an old friend, John Constantine, to help restore Sara's soul. Meanwhile, Darhk gives Captain Lance a new task to install a computer virus in a security company. Diggle goes along and sees his brother's name among the list of individuals being deleted by the virus. Later, Felicity learns that Ray is still alive and Diggle learns that his brother was killed because he was a drug cartel leader. In flashbacks, Conklin brings Oliver to Reiter, who dismisses accusations that Oliver is a spy. Instead, he introduces them to recent captive John Constantine, who escapes and forces Oliver to help him locate a mystical object on the island. After, John warns Oliver to be wary of Reiter's real plans and uses the object to cast a spell on Oliver for his protection.

#6 "Lost Souls" - November 11, 2015

As Oliver works on his campaign, Felicity continues searching for Ray with the help of Curtis Holt. Ray is able to send a new message, letting Felicity know that he survived the explosion because his suit successfully shrank him down to the size of a pea, that he is being held prisoner, and where to find the schematics to build a device to return him to his right size. In a second message, Felicity discovers that Darhk is the one responsible for imprisoning Ray, hoping to get the technology from his suit. As Curtis works on the device, Darhk threatens to hurt Felicity if Ray does not give up his technology willingly. The team tracks Darhk to his hideout and, with the device created by Curtis, they successfully save and restore Ray. Meanwhile, Sara struggles with the bloodlust and decides to leave Star City to gain control. In flashbacks, Reiter sends Oliver on a search for another ancient ruin that is supposed to yield a "gift" for Reiter.

#7 "Brotherhood" - November 18, 2015

H.I.V.E. continues to attack parts of the city, most recently destroying money meant for the city bank. Diggle gives Oliver information that H.I.V.E. murdered his brother Andy because he was criminal competition. The team heads to the research lab to locate a chemical they believe is being used by H.I.V.E. The team is attacked by Darhk's group and Diggle discovers that Andy is still alive, working for H.I.V.E. The team tries to get Diggle to recognize the positive, but he refuses to see Andy as anything more than a traitor, unworthy of saving. The team believes Andy is being mind-controlled and locate him and the rest of H.I.V.E. The team successfully extracts Andy with help from Ray and his ATOM suit. After an encounter with Darhk, Thea learns that his powers may help cure her bloodlust permanently after Darhk failed to drain her lifeforce.

#8 "Legends of Yesterday" - Dec. 2, 2015

Immortal Vandal Savage searches for Kendra Saunders and Carter Hall, two reincarnated beings who have existed for 4000 years, currently being hidden by Oliver, Barry, and their respective teams. Malcolm orchestrates a meeting between Savage, Barry, and Oliver. Savage demands they turn over Kendra and Carter or he will destroy both Central City and Star City with the Staff of Horus. They devise a plan to deliver the pair as a ruse to get close enough to destroy the staff. The plan fails; Kendra and Carter are killed and Savage uses the staff to destroy everyone else in the city. Barry escapes and runs fast enough to go back in time to the point of the original negotiation with Savage. Barry informs Oliver of his time travel, so they change their approach to the plan. They deliver Kendra and Carter again, but, with everyone's help, Barry is able to steal the staff. He and Oliver use it on Savage, destroying his body. Afterward, Kendra and Carter decide to use their powers to help others in another city. Meanwhile, Oliver learns he has an illegitimate son, William, and decides to develop a relationship with him without telling Felicity. Malcolm collects Savage's ashes.

This episode is a continuation of The Flash episode "Legends of Today".

#9 "Dark Waters" - December 9, 2015

Oliver's campaign starts an initiative to clean up the Star City bay. Darhk sends a drone to the bay and begins shooting at the citizens helping, injuring several. In response, Oliver and his team decide to call out Darhk to the media as the leader of H.I.V.E. and the Ghosts. In retaliation, Darhk crashes Oliver's campaign holiday party and kidnaps Diggle, Felicity, and Thea. After failing to get any information from Darhk's soldiers, Oliver makes contact and agrees to exchange himself for them. Darhk tricks Oliver and attempts to kill them all in front of him. Malcolm, dressed as Green Arrow, and Laurel arrive and rescue everyone. Afterward, at the campaign tree lighting, Oliver proposes to Felicity, who accepts. As they leave, Darhk's men shoot up Oliver's limo and hit Felicity. In flashbacks, Oliver returns to the ship the Amazo to acquire more maps of the island, but, when he returns, he is discovered by Conklin.

#10 "Blood Debts" - January 20, 2016

With Felicity in and out of surgery for her gunshot wounds, Oliver and the team continue searching for Darhk. Oliver turns to Captain Lance for information on Darhk's location, while Diggle interrogates his brother Andy. They track down Darhk's location, but find only several dead Ghost soldiers and an anarchy symbol painted in blood. The team realize that Lonnie Machin is back and out for revenge against Darhk. Machin is caught and Oliver interrogates him for information on Darhk. Eventually, Oliver sets Machin free to go after Darhk, tracking him in the process. Machin goes after Darhk's family; the team arrives and saves them, but Machin escapes. As payment for saving his family, Darhk grants Oliver time to spend with his own family before Darhk kills him. Meanwhile, Felicity is left paralyzed from being shot. In flashbacks, Conklin presents Oliver as a traitor and the maps he found as proof to Reiter. While Conklin tortures Oliver, Reiter notices the spell on Oliver's stomach and forces Conklin to stop. In exchange for another prisoner's life, Oliver agrees to help Reiter.

#11 "A.W.O.L." - January 27, 2016

Felicity returns home from the hospital, trying to figure out her place on the team now that she is a paraplegic. While Diggle and Lyla are out on a date, an A.R.G.U.S. agent seeks them out for assistance, but he is kidnapped before he can tell the pair what is happening. Diggle and Lyla go to Amanda Waller, who denies any knowledge of what happened but gives Lyla a portable hard drive that reveals the operative was taken by an organization known as "Shadowspire". Diggle recognizes the name and recounts first meeting the war profiteering group in Afghanistan. With Andy's help, the team tracks Shadowspire. Oliver pressures Felicity for help, who has started having hallucinations of her hacker counterpart. She struggles under the pressure and Diggle is almost killed. Shadowspire infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. looking for the access codes to a project known as "Rubicon", killing Amanda Waller when she refuses to help. Oliver and the team, with Felicity's assistance, enter A.R.G.U.S. and stop Shadowspire. In flashbacks, Reiter is revealed as the leader of Shadowspire.

#12 "Unchained" - February 3, 2016

The team goes after a burglar and Oliver and Thea manage to corner him. He escapes when Thea loses consciousness and almost falls off a building. Malcolm reveals to Oliver that this is Thea's bloodlust; since she has not taken a life, the bloodlust is killing her. Felicity tracks the burglar again. Oliver stops him but, when it is revealed to be Roy Harper, Oliver's surprise allows Roy to escape. They track Roy to Palmer Tech, where they discover he is being controlled by a man who goes by the name the Calculator. Felicity tracks the Calculator through the web, who reveals he intends to shut down the entire city, killing everyone in the process. The team locates his bomb and destroys it before it can shut down the city infrastructure. Meanwhile, Darhk's wife enters the mayoral race, Thea slips into a coma, the Calculator is revealed to be Felicity's father, and Nyssa escapes her cell in Nanda Parbat to offer Oliver a cure for Thea in exchange for Malcolm's life. In flashbacks, Reiter tortures Oliver for information on the maps he acquired with Oliver starting to hallucinate seeing Shado.

#13 "Sins of the Father" - February 10, 2016

Oliver refuses Nyssa's offer; instead, he attempts to convince Malcolm to relinquish control of the League to Nyssa in exchange for the cure. Malcolm claims Nyssa is lying and refuses to go along, while Nyssa agrees but proclaims that, if Malcolm backs out, everyone will be considered an enemy. Oliver convinces Nyssa to provide a sample to prove to Merlyn she is not lying. After witnessing Thea get better, Malcolm agrees to the deal. At the exchange, Malcolm double-crosses Nyssa and she is forced to retreat. Oliver convinces Malcolm to challenge Nyssa to a duel with the winner controlling the League. Before they fight, Oliver uses ancient rules to trade places with Nyssa as her husband. Oliver bests Malcolm but, instead of killing him, cuts off the hand wearing the Demon's Head ring and knocks Malcolm unconscious. Oliver exchanges the ring for the cure. Realizing her mistake, Nyssa disbands the League and destroys the ring. Angered by Oliver's betrayal, Malcolm informs Darhk about Oliver's son. In flashbacks, Reiter takes a stone from Oliver that has the symbols he seeks.

#14 "Code of Silence" - February 17, 2016

Malcolm joins Darhk, his wife Ruvé Adams, and the other leaders of H.I.V.E. and it is revealed that they are moving on to "Phase 5" of their plan. In order to tie-up loose ends, Darhk sends a group of mercenaries, known as the Demolition Team, to take out Captain Lance. They fail and Felicity is able to track them to their hideout. Oliver, Thea, Laurel, and Diggle go after them, but are almost killed when the Demolition Team destroys their own building to escape. Meanwhile, Thea discovers that Oliver has a son and supports his decision to keep it a secret. With Curtis' help, Felicity realizes that the Demolition Team is planning to destroy the venue for the mayoral debate between Oliver and Ruvé, leaving Ruvé alive as a sympathetic survivor. Oliver and his team stop the mercenaries in time for Oliver to win the debate. After, Darhk kidnaps William. In flashbacks, Oliver kills Conklin to win the trust of the other prisoners as Reiter forces them to dig for the "ultimate power" hidden on the island.

#15 "Taken" - February 24, 2016

Darhk reveals to Oliver that he has William and will only return him if Oliver drops out of the mayoral race. Oliver is forced to reveal the truth about his son to the rest of the team, which causes a rift between him and Felicity. Oliver asks a Detroit-based superhero named Vixen for help, as her powers are derived from magic. Vixen tracks William's location and the team goes in to rescue him. They only find Darhk and his men, as William has already been moved. The attack causes Darhk to demand an immediate resignation from Oliver, along with unconditional support for Ruvé Adams. After, the team discovers the root of Darhk's powers and sets a plan to destroy his mystical idol. The plan works; Darhk is left powerless and arrested, while William is saved. They also discover that Malcolm was the one who kidnapped William. Later, Oliver sends William and his mother away for safety. Felicity also decides to break up with Oliver and, with a bio-mechanical implant from Curtis, she is able to walk again. In flashbacks, a passage is discovered that leads to Reiter's "ultimate power" and the spell on Oliver's stomach allows him to pass unharmed.

#16 "Broken Hearts" - March 23, 2016

Cupid returns to Star City and begins targeting high profile couples. While the team works to track her whereabouts and prevent any more killings, Laurel works in court fighting Damien Darhk's attempt to have the charges dismissed against him. After several failed attempts find a suitable witness, Captain Lance volunteers to testify to his involvement with Darhk. The team discovers that Cupid is targeting couples that have recently been married. In order to draw her out, Oliver convinces Felicity to stage a "secret" wedding with him to set themselves up as targets, and then leaks the information to the media. The plan works and Cupid attacks Oliver and Felicity at the ceremony. Felicity distracts her long enough for Diggle and Thea to apprehend her. At the trial, Captain Lance's testimony is deemed sufficient to establish probable cause for the charges, and Darhk is remanded into custody without bail. Captain Lance is suspended pending an investigation, while Felicity quits the team for good. In flashbacks, Oliver leads Reiter to a mystical idol, but steals it and runs off into the tunnels.

#17 "Beacon of Hope" - March 30, 2016

Brie Larvan orchestrates her release from prison and travels to Star City in search of the bio-mechanical chip that is being used to allow Felicity to walk. Brie attacks Palmer Tech, holding the board hostage until Felicity turns herself over. Curtis tracks down Oliver's hideout, discovering his secret in the process, so that he can offer his help to the team to save Felicity, her mother, and Thea. The team arrives at Palmer Tech, but Oliver is stung by one of Brie's robotic bees. Back at the hideout, Curtis realizes the sting actually implanted a bee within Oliver that is replicating itself. Laurel uses her Canary Cry to disrupt the frequency controlling the bees and save Oliver. Felicity is able to evacuate the board members, while Brie reveals she is after the chip because she has a tumor that is going to leave her paralyzed. Curtis develops a virus to shut down the bees and uses them to stop Brie. In flashbacks, Oliver goes after Reiter, who reveals that the idol has already started to grant him mystical powers. As his powers dwindle, Reiter escapes into the tunnels.

#18 "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" - April 6, 2016

Andy Diggle tells his brother that he was approached by Malcolm about a plan to break Darhk out of prison. Oliver and Diggle foil H.I.V.E.'s plan, but it turns out to be a ruse designed to let Malcolm and his League followers invade the bunker and steal Darhk's idol. The team attempts to locate Malcolm with Andy providing intel. Malcolm delivers the idol to Darhk, but it will not work because it is incomplete. Diggle reveals to Andy that he personally hid the missing piece in another location. Oliver does not trust Andy and confronts him; Diggle interrupts the interrogation and sides with his brother. Darhk orchestrates a prison riot and the team sets out to stop him with Andy joining them. However, when the team reaches Darhk, Andy turns on them and gives Darhk the missing piece to his idol. With his powers restored, Darhk stabs Laurel as revenge upon Captain Lance before escaping with Malcolm, Andy, and several inmates. Laurel later dies at the hospital. In flashbacks, Oliver helps the island prisoners escape and sets off a bomb to bury Reiter and keep him from leaving the tunnels.

#19 "Canary Cry" - April 27, 2016

As the team mourns Laurel's death and tries to determine their next move against Darhk, there is a sighting of the Black Canary stopping an illegal weapons exchange. Oliver discovers that Laurel's sonic device is missing from her belongings from the hospital. The imposter turns out to be a H.I.V.E. prisoner named Evelyn Sharp whom Oliver left behind after he saved his team when they were kidnapped by Darhk, believing that she was with Darhk voluntarily. Captain Lance looks for a way to resurrect Laurel, even soliciting Nyssa al Ghul for help. Diggle, angry at being betrayed by Andy, goes after Darhk's wife, Ruvé Adams, but Oliver intervenes to prevent him from doing something he would regret. As a result, Ruvé uses her mayoral authority to issue arrest warrants for all vigilantes. Sharp goes after Ruvé publicly, but Oliver is able to talk her out of killing the Mayor. At Laurel's funeral, Oliver reveals Laurel as the Black Canary to preserve her image with the city. Afterwards, Oliver vows to kill Darhk. In flashbacks, Oliver and Laurel struggle to come to terms with Tommy Merlyn's death. In the end, Oliver leaves Laurel to cope on her own, and returns to the island of Lian Yu.

#20 "Genesis" - May 4, 2016

Darhk returns to H.I.V.E. and kills the remaining board members before renewing his plans for "Genesis". Oliver and Felicity meet an immortal shaman, Fortuna, who educates Oliver about dark magic. Fortuna explains that Darhk's idol channels darkness and death, feeding him more power, but there is an opposing force that channels light and hope. After a mystical ritual, Fortuna tells Oliver that the darkness inside him is too strong to channel the light. In Star City, Diggle locates Andy, but is captured after a brief shootout. Andy puts a tracking device on him, then allows Diggle to escape so that Darhk and his team can go after Diggle, Lyla, their daughter, and steal the "Rubicon" to the world's nuclear weapons. Oliver manages to stop Darhk by channeling the power of light, nullifying Darhk's powers and forcing him to retreat. Diggle and Andy battle again, with Diggle ultimately killing his brother. Thea is taken by H.I.V.E. to a secret underground city. The team realizes that Darhk plans to detonate nuclear weapons and build a new world over the ashes.

#21 "Monument Point" - May 11, 2016

Darhk begins taking control over the world's nuclear missiles. The team seeks out Felicity's father, Noah, to help disable the "Rubicon" program. Darhk sends Danny Brickwell and Michael Amar to find and kill Noah, but Oliver and his team are able to rescue him from Darhk's men. Noah agrees to help, but requires a high-powered processor from Palmer Tech. Felicity learns she has been fired as CEO and is unable to get the processor, forcing the team to break in and steal it. H.I.V.E. locates the team when Noah hacks into "Rubicon". As H.I.V.E. attacks, Felicity and her father shut down "Rubicon" and stop all missiles but one, which launches and heads to Monument Point. Felicity can only redirect it to a less populated town, where it detonates. Oliver and Diggle find Darhk in a nexus chamber, gathering more power from all the deaths caused by the explosion. In flashbacks, Reiter escapes the caves, but Oliver and Taiana steal the idol again. The idol soon begins to affect Taiana.

#22 "Lost in the Flood" - May 18, 2016

His power grown exponentially, Darhk attempts to reactivate "Rubicon" with the help of Felicity's former boyfriend, Cooper, and launch the remaining missiles. However, Noah, Felicity, and Curtis successfully shut down "Rubicon" for good. Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle discover the underground town and track Thea's whereabouts. Malcolm uses a mind-controlling drug on her which makes her turn on Oliver, but Oliver manages to talk her back to reality. Just then, Lonnie Machin takes over H.I.V.E.'s command center and threatens to destroy Darhk's town. Oliver, Diggle and Thea intercede, but the main power source is ruptured and explodes, destroying the city. The town is evacuated and Machin escapes, but not before killing Ruvé Adams. In response, Darhk plans to use "Rubicon" to destroy the Earth and shows up at Oliver's home where Felicity, her mother, and Curtis are. In flashbacks, the idol begins to slowly corrupt Taiana, feeding her ever more power from each soldier she and Oliver kill. Oliver takes the idol and tries to talk her down, but Reiter suddenly arrives and confronts them both.

This episode intersects the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Legendary".

#23 "Schism" - May 25, 2016

Darhk steals the laptop keeping him locked out of "Rubicon" and launches over 15,000 nuclear missiles, giving the team two hours to prevent worldwide annihilation. With Star City citizens rioting, Oliver addresses everyone directly, inspiring hope in them to stay strong, while Felicity and Curtis divert the missile aimed at Star City. Oliver goes after Darhk, while Felicity, Merlyn, and Thea track down "Rubicon". Felicity is able to convince Cooper to stop helping Darhk, and Curtis devises a means to stop the missiles. Oliver is able to nullify Darhk's powers with the hope he inspired throughout the city. While the citizens of Star City take on Darhk's remaining men, Oliver and Darhk physically battle, with Oliver killing Darhk. Afterward, Lance, Thea, and Diggle leave the team for new lives, and Oliver is appointed Mayor. In flashbacks, Reiter and Taiana fight; Taiana is able to drain Reiter's life force enough for Oliver to kill him. After, Oliver is forced to kill Taiana, at her request, when she is unable to escape the darkness within. Oliver radios Amanda Waller to rescue the rest of the prisoners and keep the idol safe.


"Arrow" Season 5 Episodes (2016-17)

On March 11, 2016, the Arrow series was renewed for a fifth season.

Episode #1: "Legacy" - October 5, 2016

Five months after the death of Damien Darhk, Oliver is distracted from his new duties as mayor due to continuing as Green Arrow alone, his old team members having gone their separate ways. He is encouraged by Felicity to build a new team by recruiting the amateur vigilantes now working in Star City, like Rene Ramirez. A new criminal crew appears, headed by Tobias Church, and kidnaps Mayor Queen in a bid to draw out and kill the Green Arrow, thereby taking over the city. He is rescued by Speedy, but she permanently quits the team after seeing that Oliver is again willing to kill. Church escapes from the Green Arrow and a team of several police officers, then later unites all the organized crime cartels and street gangs under his leadership. Oliver finally agrees to form a new team and includes Curtis at the latter's request. Elsewhere, a mysterious hooded figure in black kills a policeman. In a flashback, Oliver encounters his old friend Anatoli Knyazev in Russia. Anatoli agrees to help him kill Konstantin Kovar, the tyrant running Taiana's village, by initiating him to the Bratva, the only group that can possibly defeat Kovar.

#2 "The Recruits" - October 12, 2016

Green Arrow recruits Rene, Evelyn Sharp, and Curtis and begins training them using an exercise from his Bratva initiation, revealed through flashbacks. As mayor, Oliver arranges to have AmerTek provide free medical care for Star City's disenfranchised at a special clinic. A new metahuman, "Ragman", appears and starts attacking AmerTek executives. The recruits leave Green Arrow because they do not trust him. Thea discovers that AmerTek CEO Janet Carroll is working with Church and Felicity learns that it was AmerTek's nuclear missiles that Damien Darhk used to try and destroy the world. Ragman and Green Arrow stop an arms buy between Carroll and Church. Ragman later reveals that he was the only survivor of the Haven Rock bombing. Green Arrow convinces him to put aside vengeance and join his team. Later, Oliver reveals his identity to the other recruits as a sign of trust and they agree to rejoin the team. Thea decides to appoint Quentin as Deputy Mayor. Church is attacked by the mysterious archer who calls himself "Prometheus", who wants to personally kill Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Diggle, back in the Army and on a covert operation, is ambushed by his superior, who plans to sell a nuclear trigger and frame Diggle.

#3 "A Matter of Trust" - October 19, 2016

Green Arrow investigates a new drug, "Stardust", but still believes his team is not ready for the streets. While he is being informed about Prometheus, Rene and Evelyn secretly raid Stardust dealer Derek Sampson's warehouse. The raid goes wrong and Sampson ends up with superhuman strength and an inability to feel pain. Oliver learns what happened from District Attorney Adrian Chase, convincing him that he still cannot trust his recruits. Felicity advises him to accept the recruits as they are and Green Arrow finally uses his new team to stop Sampson from creating more superhumans. Oliver also publicly endorses Thea's decision to appoint Quentin as Deputy Mayor after negative news stories almost cause her to resign. Felicity admits to Rory, the Ragman, that she was the one responsible for Haven Rock. Diggle is incarcerated and hallucinates Floyd Lawton as his cellmate due to guilt over killing his brother. Afterward, he tells Lyla that he will not fight the charges against him, so she asks Oliver to help her break Diggle out of prison. Flashbacks focus on Anatoly teaching Oliver the need to trust his brothers in the Bratva.

#4 "Penance" - October 26, 2016

Oliver's team captures an associate of Church's and delivers him and his loot to the SCPD. Afterward, Rory formally leaves the team, saying that he cannot work with Felicity. Oliver leaves Star City to help Lyla break Diggle out of prison over Felicity and the team's objections. Quentin and Adrian personally deliver the evidence to the SCPD, which turns out to be a disguised bomb. The explosion allows Church's group to break in and steal weapons from evidence. Oliver infiltrates a federal prison and locates Diggle, who agrees to escape to safeguard Oliver. Oliver takes him and Lyla to a H.I.V.E. safe house. Felicity attempts to reconcile matters with Rory. She and the team determine that Church is planning an assault on the SCPD's anti-crime unit, where Adrian is interrogating Church's man. Rory rejoins the team and they help everyone inside escape the attack. However, Curtis is injured and Church captures Rene, intending to torture him to death. Oliver returns and vows to rescue Rene, while Adrian decides to trust the vigilantes' motives. In flashbacks, Anatoli tasks Oliver with gaining information from, and then killing, an associate of Kovar. Oliver completes the assignment and Anatoli welcomes him into the Bratva.

#5 "Human Target" - November 2, 2016

Oliver rescues Rene, who tells him that he gave up Green Arrow's true identity to Church. Church plans to kill Oliver as the Mayor instead of as the vigilante. Diggle rejoins the team and suggests that bodyguard Christopher Chance, the "Human Target", could be able to help them. Christopher impersonates Oliver at City Hall and fakes the Mayor's death when Church's mercenary attacks. The team realizes that Church plans to consolidate the drug traffic of five cities through Star City, needing Green Arrow eliminated for his plan to succeed. Oliver and his team, joined by Diggle and Christopher, raid Church's meeting and capture him along with several other crime lords. Oliver publicly claims that his faked death was part of a sting operation. Prometheus kills Church during transport, despite Church telling him Green Arrow's identity. Television reporter Susan Williams obtains evidence that Oliver was in Russia during the time he was supposedly stranded on the island. Meanwhile, Oliver finds out that Felicity is dating Billy Malone, a police detective recently assigned to the Anti-Crime Unit. In flashbacks, Oliver is ambushed by other Bratva members. However, the men are killed by Christopher, whom Anatoli had hired to protect Oliver.

#6 "So It Begins" - November 9, 2016

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity privately track Prometheus, who starts killing seemingly random civilians with throwing stars. A news report on the killings causes tension in the city and angers the recruits, since they were not informed. Felicity steals one of the stars from Billy to examine it. A pattern between the victims relates to Oliver's list from when he first started out as the Hood. This further angers the recruits, Evelyn most of all, as they did not know about Oliver's "kill list" from when he initially returned. Felicity uses the pattern to predict future victims and the team splits up. Evelyn encounters Prometheus and engages him, managing to cut his arm before being overpowered. Oliver then arrives, but Prometheus escapes. Meanwhile, Thea discovers that Quentin never quit drinking. Evelyn reconciles with Oliver and Felicity tells Billy that she works with the Green Arrow, which intrigues him. She later tells Oliver that evidence she has discovered suggests that Prometheus could be an SCPD officer; Quentin is shown waking from an alcohol-induced sleep with a slash across his arm and a throwing star in his possession. In flashbacks, during a Bratva operation, Oliver is abducted by Kovar's men and taken to him.

#7 "Vigilante" - November 16, 2016

A new vigilante appears in Star City, one who kills criminals in cold blood. Quentin tenders his resignation as Deputy Mayor. He later tells Thea about the throwing star and his drunken blackouts, but believes he is being set up. The team intercepts the Vigilante during a bank robbery, but he gets away, as does Eric Dunn, the head of the robbers. D.A. Chase forces one of the other robbers to reveal Dunn's location and Green Arrow saves him from the Vigilante. Thea convinces Quentin to go into rehabilitation, while Oliver and Susan start getting closer. The team poses as bank robbers to lure out the Vigilante, who again escapes even after Oliver defeats and nearly unmasks him. Thea tells Oliver about Quentin and the possibility of his being framed; they deduce that Prometheus must know Green Arrow's identity. Evelyn is revealed to be working for Prometheus. In flashbacks, Kovar introduces Oliver to his servant Galina, Taiana's mother. He also claims that the Bratva have only been using Oliver for their own ends, including making a deal with him. Kovar then releases Oliver back to the Bratva.

#8 "Invasion!" - November 30, 2016

This episode continues a Crossover that begins on The Flash season 3 episode 8 and concludes on Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 7.

Oliver finds himself back at Queen Manor; both his parents are alive, he is about to be married to Laurel Lance, and Diggle is the Hood. However, it is revealed that he, Diggle, Thea, Sara, and Ray are all being held unconscious inside pods aboard the Dominator mothership. Meanwhile, Felicity, Curtis, and Cisco Ramon try to hack into the Dominators' mainframe using a piece of their technology. The team recovers a necessary device with the help of the Flash and Supergirl and manages to locate the others. Oliver begins seeing flashes of his former life, as do Sara and Ray. All five captives soon realize that they are inside a shared hallucination. Their escape attempt is blocked by manifestations of Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Damien Darhk, and their mercenaries. The group defeats all of them, then leaves the dream and awakens inside the ship. Escaping in a shuttle, they are rescued by the Waverider. Ray deduces that the Dominators were gathering information from their minds to help them complete a special "weapon," using the hallucination as a distraction. The team learns that the Dominator mothership is headed toward Earth.

#9 "What We Leave Behind" - December 7, 2016

Prometheus obtains further intel about the team from Evelyn. He then attacks and hospitalizes Curtis, injecting him with a tuberculosis vaccine developed by Justin Claybourne, a corrupt pharmaceutical manufacturer named on Oliver's former kill list. Flashbacks show that Oliver killed Claybourne after discovering that he financed a TB epidemic, then raised the price on his drug to boost his company's profits. When the team tracks down Prometheus, Evelyn reveals her true allegiance and escapes with Prometheus. Investigating Prometheus on his own, Billy sends information he discovers to Felicity just before the villain captures him. The information turns out to be about Claybourne's illegitimate son, who may now be seeking retribution. Oliver deduces that Prometheus is at the former office building of the corporation that created the epidemic and goes there alone. He finds that Prometheus has staged it to resemble Oliver's prior attack. Oliver kills Prometheus, only to discover he has actually killed a gagged Billy, whom the real Prometheus set up as himself to trick Oliver. Curtis' husband Paul leaves him after discovering Curtis is a vigilante; Felicity mourns Billy's death; Diggle is recaptured; Oliver finds what seems to be Laurel Lance alive and well inside the lair.

#10 "Who Are You?" - January 25, 2017

Oliver welcomes the seemingly-revived Laurel into the team; but it becomes clear that she is Laurel’s Earth-2 doppelganger, having been broken out of S.T.A.R. Labs by Prometheus. Laurel escapes and calls Oliver for an arrangement, ending in her capture. Learning about Paul, Rene convinces Curtis to focus on his capabilities, not his flaws. Laurel is captured, and Oliver places her in an A.R.G.U.S. facility, hoping to change her one day. Oliver reveals his plans to follow (Earth-1) Laurel's dying wish, to find a new Black Canary. In a bar in Hub City, a woman with a sonic scream stops an attempted assault in a bar. Meanwhile, Oliver convinces Adrian to represent John. The latter’s corrupt superior, General Walker, arrives to assume his custody; but Adrian manages to bring John to his own jurisdiction. In flashbacks, Gregor, the Bratva traitor, attempts to force Oliver’s obedience; but the latter is rescued by a female archer named Talia.

#11 "Second Chances" - February 1, 2017

During the S.T.A.R. Labs incident, CCPD undercover officer Tina Boland develops a sonic scream after watching her partner die at the hands of drug dealer Sean Sonus. In the present day, Adrian tells Oliver that the NSA had been investigating Walker, but its file has disappeared. While Felicity tries to locate it, Oliver takes Rene and Curtis to Hub City to recruit Tina. She initially refuses to join, but the team intercepts her attacking Sonus, who is also a metahuman with sonic powers. Sonus escapes, and Oliver reveals his identity to convince Tina to let him help her. Oliver's team helps her defeat the dealers during a shipment, but Oliver fails to dissuade her from killing Sonus. Meanwhile, Felicity meets with a hacktivist whom she inspired during her college days, who gives her the file against Walker along with a cache of other secret information. With the file, Adrian manages to get John released. Tina meets Oliver and agrees to join the team, revealing that her real name is Dinah Drake. In flashbacks, Talia helps Oliver kill an important associate of Kovar's. She also urges Oliver to become the avenger his father wanted him to be for Starling City.

#12 "Bratva" - February 8, 2017

In flashbacks, Oliver and Talia kill an illegal drug merchant from Robert Queen's list. Talia again presses Oliver to return home, but he chooses instead to help Anatoli kill Gregor. In the present, the team learns that Walker is in Russia for a deal with Markovian terrorists. Oliver takes everyone except Rene, who is tasked to help Quentin with his interview with Susan. Anatoli refuses to help Oliver unless he does something criminal in return, which Oliver initially refuses. After Felicity blackmails a Russian analyst, the team manages to capture Walker's henchman, whom John tortures, but to no avail. In order to prevent John and Felicity from acting against their own morals, Oliver accepts Anatoli's terms and attacks a rival with Dinah's assistance. Team Arrow and the Bratva intercept Walker's deal; and John decides to spare Walker, who is arrested by the Military Police, while Rory uses his rags to contain the nuclear blast. Upon returning, Oliver sleeps with Susan, who later stealthily deduces his alter-ego after learning about a similar hooded vigilante in Russia five years prior through her source. Rory tells Felicity that his rags do not function anymore, and he needs to leave temporarily. Meanwhile, with Rene's help, Quentin's interview is successful, and they become friends.

#13 "Spectre of the Gun" - February 15, 2017

16 months ago, Rene watched his wife, an addict, being killed by a dealer in front of the former's daughter, Zoe, who was transferred to foster care, and Rene was prohibited from seeing her. He was inspired by the Green Arrow killing Darhk and saving Star City, deciding to start his vigilantism. In the present, Rene now works for Quentin as his assistant. An armed man attacks the city hall and kills and wounds several staff members. Felicity identifies the shooter as James Edlund, a former clerk and a gun control proponent who lost his family in a shootout months ago. Thea and Quentin encourage Oliver to deal with the situation as the mayor, not the vigilante. The latter decides to work with the city council for a gun control act. Rene and Curtis locate Edlund's hideout and find his next target, where Oliver confronts Edlund as the mayor and dissuades him from killing anyone, convincing him to surrender. Oliver reaches to an agreement with the council over the act. Curtis promises Rene to help him get to Zoe legally. Meanwhile, John convinces Dinah to return to normal life. She enlists in the SCPD.

#14 "The Sin-Eater" - February 22, 2017

Oliver meets Prometheus's alleged mother, who refuses to help him. During a prison transfer, Chien, Carrie, and Warner kill the guards and escape. Oliver appoints Dinah as an SCPD officer. Pike receives evidence that the Green Arrow killed Malone, and he orders a manhunt. Oliver and Quentin track down the trio, who escape due to the intervention of the ACU. Oliver surmises that Prometheus is responsible for sending the evidence. Susan confronts Oliver for being the vigilante, which he denies. Thea discredits her by having Felicity hack Susan's files and insert proof that she committed plagiarism. Susan gets angry with Oliver, who confronts Thea. He reveals the cover-up of Malone's death to Pike. The team intercepts the trio stealing money from a stash left by Church, and are ambushed by their mercenaries. The ACU arrives and arrests the trio, allowing Team Arrow to leave. Quentin gives Dinah his blessing to assume the Black Canary identity. Word of the cover-up is later leaked to the media, which could lead to Oliver's impeachment. In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli engage Gregor's men. Gregor prepares to kill Anatoli.

#15 "Fighting Fire with Fire" - March 1, 2017

Oliver's impeachment process begins, with Adrian serving as his attorney. The Vigilante starts targeting the former, but is opposed by Prometheus, who is revealed to be Adrian. Using Pandora, Felicity and Thea learn about a secret that can be used to blackmail an alderman. Oliver and John dissuade them from using the method. Using a piece of the Vigilante's suit, Curtis manages to track his location, where he plans to kill Oliver, who publicly disavows the Green Arrow as a "cop killer", stating his motive for the cover-up as to protect the people from losing hope. The Vigilante escapes. The council votes against impeachment. However, Thea resigns from Oliver's administration in order to work on her morality. Paul decides to divorce Curtis. Susan gets her job back by Felicity's anonymous testimony, then latter secretly joins the Helix. Adrian aggressively demands Susan to listen to his story. In flashbacks, Anatoli demands a "spross dopross", a process to depose the Pakhan. Oliver infiltrates Kovar's mansion and acquires evidence that Gregor has been embezzling the Bratva's money. The majority of the captains vote for Anatoli; but Gregor starts a mutiny.

#16 "Checkmate" - March 15, 2017

Oliver meets Talia, who reveals herself as Ra's' daughter and that she hates the former for killing him, before revealing that she helped Adrian become Prometheus. Oliver confronts Adrian, who reveals that he has kidnapped Williams, who will starve if the former kills Adrian. The Green Arrow breaks in Adrian's house and tries to reason with Doris before the ACU storms in, forcing him to escape. Felicity agrees to hack DHS drones for HELIX, which finds Williams' location in exchange. Oliver's team enters the building and the former manages to find and rescue Williams before he confronts Adrian. Diggle brings Doris, who attempts to convince Adrian to surrender, only for him to stab her. Oliver engages Adrian while the others take Williams and Doris away. Talia arrives and helps Adrian overpower Oliver and abduct him, while Doris succumbs to her wound. Adrian tells Oliver that he plans to help the latter learn who he is really. Meanwhile, Adrian continues acting normally in the City Hall, angering the team. In flashbacks, most of the captains are killed in the shootout before Gregor escapes. Oliver and Knyazev attack Gregor during his meeting with his loyal Bratva members and kill him.

#17 "Kapiushon" - March 22, 2017

In flashbacks, Anatoli becomes the new Pakhan. Kovar buys Sarin gas from Malcolm. Anatoli learns that Kovar is planning a coup against the Russian government. By torturing an operative of Kovar's, Oliver learns that Kovar has invited key government officials to his casino, where he plans to assassinate all of them by the gas. Oliver convinces Galina, Taiana's mother to give him her key card to the casino. Oliver and the Bratva infiltrate the casino, where Kovar learns about Galina's betrayal and kills her, angering Oliver, who fails to stop the spread of the gas in time, leading to Viktor's death. Anatoli fails to persuade Oliver from killing Kovar. The former appoints him as a Bratva captain. Malcolm helps Kovar's operatives revive him. In the present, Adrian continues torturing Oliver to make him confess a "secret". The former brings a seemingly reluctant Evelyn, apparently killing her after Oliver refuses to do it. Oliver reveals that he killed people because he liked it, which Adrian wanted to hear. Evelyn is revealed to be alive and still assisting Adrian. Adrian lets Oliver go, and he returns to the hideout and tells the team about his decision to end his vigilantism.

#18 "Disbanded" - March 29, 2017

With Chase having broken him, Oliver disbands Team Arrow and calls in the Bratva to take out Chase. Diggle tries to talk Oliver out of it, reminding him that there are better ways of doing things. Felicity goes to Helix and manages to find pixelated footage of Chase taking off his Prometheus mask. Oliver allows the Bratva to steal diabetes medicine, before they are stopped by Team Arrow. Diggle eventually tells Oliver they can fix him, if he asks for help. Oliver rejoins Team Arrow, taking out the Bratva and saving hostages that Anatoli had taken as leverage. Felicity and Curtis manage to decode Chase's device, revealing Chase as Prometheus to the police. Oliver claims he's not ready to put the hood back on yet, but with his team, it will be sooner rather than later. When his guards try to arrest Chase, Chase kills them and leaves his safe house. In flashbacks, Oliver plans to return to Lian Yu, so Anatoli plans one last heist to help sick children, hoping to convince Oliver to stay, but Oliver decides to still return to Lian Yu, so he can stage his dramatic return to Starling City.

#19 "Dangerous Liaisons" - TBA, 2017

With law enforcement agencies unable to locate Chase, Felicity agrees to Alena's plan to free former Helix leader Cayden James, who has created a biometric tracker that can find anyone, but who is currently in A.R.G.U.S. custody without due process. Lyla plans to use James as bait to destroy Helix but Alena, having already anticipated it, finds James' true location and leads her team, including Felicity, to the rescue. They are interrupted by Team Arrow; but Felicity forces them to allow Helix to escape with James. Helix end their connection to Felicity, but provide her with James' scanner, which she uses to learn that Chase is already in the team hideout, starting an assault. Meanwhile, Quentin confronts Rene for not visiting Zoe, though legally possible. Rene believes himself to be an unsuitable father. However, Quentin organizes a visit, making Rene decide to fight for reclaiming Zoe. John confronts Lyla for her moral ambiguity, which led to their divorce previously.

#20 "Underneath" - May 3, 2017

Chase triggers an EMP within the team hideout, deactivating all the equipment, stranding Oliver and Felicity and rendering her paralysed. Curtis learns about the attack, informing Rene and Dinah. Diggle and Lyla agree to put their problems aside when they hear about Oliver and Felicity. The team soon realizes that after a period of time, a backup generator will activate, igniting the methane gas leaking into the base. Oliver is injured trying to find a way out. Eventually, Diggle is lowered down an access shaft by the others' help and manages to pull up Oliver and Felicity. Team Arrow takes refuge at A.R.G.U.S., where Diggle and Lyla reconcile. Later, Chase is revealed to have tracked down Oliver's son, William. In flashbacks to the period after Damien's death, Oliver, Felicity, and Curtis continue working together. Curtis arranges to have Oliver and Felicity spend time together, leading to having sex in the lair, but she decides that she is not ready to get back together with Oliver, who accepts it.

#21 "Honor Thy Fathers" - May 10, 2017

Chase's prosecutions are discredited and most of the convicts, including Sampson, are released on bail. Oliver is sent a body, identified as Henry Goodwin. While Curtis and Dinah track Sampson, the others investigate Goodwin, who is revealed to have been killed by Robert, shocking Thea and Oliver. Team Arrow deduces that Chase and Sampson are working together to release Claybourne's weaponized tuberculosis in Star City. With Oliver wearing the Green Arrow costume again, they track the bomb and engage Sampson's party while Oliver duels Chase. Sampson is captured as Curtis defuses the bomb. Oliver reveals that Claybourne planned to disown Chase due to the Chase's mental condition. Disillusioned, Chase asks Oliver to kill him, but Oliver arrests him instead. Oliver gives Thea a video of Robert asking her to look after Oliver. Meanwhile, Rene refuses to testify in court so as not to upset Zoe, leading to the judge dismissing his claim. In flashbacks, Oliver and Anatoli return to Lian Yu, where they arrange for Oliver's return to Starling City. Anatoli leaves to bribe the boatmen to sail towards the island, where Oliver is captured by Kovar, who knows about Oliver's plan.

#22 "Missing" - May 17, 2017

The team holds a birthday party for Oliver, but Rene, Dinah and Curtis are later kidnapped by Chase's outside team. Realizing that Chase is picking them off after Thea and Quentin are kidnapped by Black Siren and Evelyn, Oliver accepts Malcolm's aid to help him kidnap Chase. However, Chase reveals he has kidnapped William; and Oliver is forced to free him. Felicity and Diggle are also kidnapped by Talia and the League of Assassins, and Oliver recruits Nyssa to help him fight Chase's army. Tracking a plane carrying Chase, they realize they are going to Lian Yu. Arriving on the island, Oliver visits Slade and asks his help. In flashbacks, Kovar injects a drug into Oliver that forces him to suffer flashbacks to times he killed or watched others die over the last five years. After enduring hallucinations of Yao Fei and Laurel, Oliver eventually finds the strength to escape.

#23 "Lian Yu" - May 24, 2017

Oliver recruits Slade, who no longer hates him due to the Mirakuru completely out of his system. Harkness is revealed to be allegiant to Chase. Oliver's party frees Felicity, Thea, Curtis and Samantha, locking Evelyn. Oliver tasks Malcolm to take Felicity's party to Chase's plane in order to escape Lian Yu. Before separating, Felicity kisses Oliver. His party manages to free John, Rene, Dinah and Quentin, who knocks Black Siren unconscious while Nyssa defeats Talia. Meanwhile, Thea sets foot on a landmine. Malcolm quickly takes her place and tells the others to escape, using the mine to kill himself and Harkness when he arrives. Felicity's party reaches the plane, but learns that the whole island is rigged with C4, which will explode upon Chase's death. Oliver tasks John to lead the others to Felicity's party and escape while the former captures Chase on a boat and frees William, who has learned his relation to Oliver and discovers that his father is the Green Arrow. The plane is revealed to have been sabotaged by Chase. Oliver tells the others to run to a ship on the eastern shore. Chase kills himself, with the island completely exploding, and the others' fates unknown as Oliver and William watch in horror despite finding each other. In flashbacks, Oliver kills Kovar and his men, reaching the boat in time and calling Moira.

115 episodes of Arrow have aired, concluding the 5th season.


"Arrow" Season 6 Episodes (2017-2018)

#1: "Fallout" - October 12, 2017

In flashbacks, Slade heads to the A.R.G.U.S. ship alone while the others take refuge in the plane. Samantha runs off to find William, with Thea following her. John's right pectoral muscles are injured while rescuing Felicity. Oliver finds Thea in critical condition, and a dying Samantha asks him to look after William. Dinah and Quentin are attacked by Laurel, whom he shoots. She is later saved by an unknown man. In the present, Thea is still comatose and William blames Oliver for Samantha's death. Laurel and her mercenary team attack the SCPD station. During another confrontation, John accidentally wounds Rene due to his injury. Determining Laurel will next attack City Hall, Team Arrow sets a trap. However, Laurel's gang attacks the hideout instead, but are driven off by Team Arrow. Quentin's reluctance to harm Laurel further allows her to escape. Oliver arranges another hearing for Rene to reclaim his daughter. Curtis discovers that Laurel stole a prototype T-sphere. Slade tells Oliver that he is traveling to Calgary to find his son, advising him to choose between vigilantism and William. Oliver and William reconcile slightly, even as pictures of Oliver wearing the Green Arrow suit leak to the media.

#2 "Tribute" - October 19, 2017

Oliver publicly denies being the Green Arrow, facing an investigation by FBI agent Samanda Watson along with William's concerns of losing him. Anatoli and his men kidnap a group of Markovian delegates, demanding ransom. Believing Anatoli leaked the photo, Felicity and Curtis work on discrediting it while tracking the hostages, three of whom Team Arrow saves while Anatoli escapes with one. Anatoli tells Oliver that he needs to convince the Bratva he the former is not weak and no more friends with Oliver, injecting the hostage with a toxin which will kill soon. Detecting the toxin and acquiring the antidote, Oliver injects it to the hostage, whom Anatoli kills anyway. He escapes after telling Oliver that he did not leak the photo, for which the media acquires evidence from an "anonymous source" that is fake. However, Watson tells Oliver that she will continue investigating him. As John prepares to tell Oliver about his degenerative nerve damage, the latter convinces him to wear the Green Arrow mantle, deciding to choose William over vigilantism.

#3 "Next of Kin" - October 26, 2017

Team Arrow arrests Faust, with John refusing to shoot arrows. The City Council begins drafting a tighter anti-vigilante bill. Telling Dinah that he has overcome his tremors, John is revealed to have leadership problems when rogue CIA operatives begin hunting down a former member in order to silence him. Rene asks Oliver to return to the team. The latter has Felicity help William with his mathematics test while convincing John of his competence. Team Arrow tracks down a rogue group of mercenaries led by Onyx Adams to a hotel and engages them, defeating them all and saving the civilians from a biological weapon. With no way to stop the bill, Oliver converts it to a city-wide referendum. Watson begins suspecting John, who receives an arrow-firing crossbow invented by Felicity and Curtis. Oliver resumes his relationship with her while John is revealed to be injecting drugs to control his tremors.

#4 "Reversal" - November 2, 2017

Black Siren begins killing seemingly unimportant individuals while Felicity is approached by Alena, who tells her that Cayden James is planning something with hundreds of millions of casualties worldwide. They meet black market dealer "Amnesiac" to buy a "ghost drive". Feeling concerned, Oliver intervenes and attacks the thugs, angering Felicity, who steals the drive. Team Arrow tracks down Black Siren to Felicity's apartment, with the former revealed to be working for James, who tasks his men to kill Felicity and Alena, who is critically shot during the rescue by Team Arrow. Felicity learns that James has stolen the victims' fingerprints, necessary to enter the International Domain Name Directory (IDND), the global internet infrastructure. Believing that James intends to destroy the internet, Team Arrow attacks his party at the IDND, where Felicity manages to breach through the firewall to stop James' apparent attack. She adds Alena for her startup, calling it Helix and intending to mass produce her spinal implant. James is revealed to have intentionally lured Felicity into breaking the firewall so that he can have secret access and cover his tracks. He provides Black Siren with a device to stop tracking by Curtis. Slade calls Oliver and asks his help.

#5 "Deathstroke Returns" - November 9, 2017

Slade asks Oliver to help him find his son, who's being held in jail. The two meet up with an old acquaintance of Slade, who provides them with the information they need. When they get to the prison, Slade instructs Oliver to find his son, Joe, then get him out of there, as he knows Joe will not want to see him, despite Oliver's objections. Slade engages the security, known as the Jackals, in combat, where he discovers his acquaintance is actually a member of them. When Slade demands they release Joe, he reveals it's not that easy as their boss is Joe himself. Dinah saves a politician from a sniper attack by Vigilante, as the politician supports the Anti-vigilante bill. Dinah later saves her again, and unleashes her Canary Cry on Vigilante who removes his mask, revealing he is actually Dinah's old partner Vincent Sobel, thought long dead. He later attempts another assassination attempt at a TV interview, but is once again met by Dinah and shot in the head by an officer. Vincent reveals the Particle Accelerator changed him as well, and claims he didn't tell Dinah he was alive, as he believes their work as cops had become ineffective. Dinah allows him to flee.

#6 "Promises Kept" - November 16, 2017

Slade and Oliver continue to try and persuade Joe to leave with them, but Joe refuses, claiming that he had seen his father kill someone before he had been influenced by Mirakuru. Slade tries to explain that it was a paid hit, but Joe refuses to forgive him, stating that learning who his father truly was led him down this path. Joe and Slade end up fighting until Oliver steps in, after which Joe escapes but not before revealing the existence of his brother Grant. Slade tells Oliver he will continue to try and find both of his sons, but advises Oliver that he go back to his, not wanting Oliver to make the same mistakes he made. Meanwhile, Team Arrow eventually finds out about John's tremors, leading John to apologize to everyone. Curtis offers to help John, the same way he helped Felicity when she was injured. John asks to have the night to think it over.

#7 "Thanksgiving" - November 23, 2017

Oliver, Felicity, William and Quentin organize a Thanksgiving food drive to raise money for a new SCPD Precinct. Oliver is promptly arrested by an FBI Agent under charges of Vigilantism for being the Green Arrow. James and Black Siren subsequently break out of prison, intent on causing chaos, since the Green Arrow is caught. Thankfully, Oliver's trial is delayed. When John gets injured in the field, Oliver suits up as the Green Arrow once again, with Team Arrow looking to stop a bomb planted by James and Black Siren at the stadium during a concert. They subsequently discover the bomb is fake and that the cops guarding the stadium aren't cops, whom are swiftly taken out by Dinah, Curtis and Rene, but James and Black Siren escape. Oliver visits John in hospital and claims he will wear the hood until John has recovered, whereupon he can reclaim it. Thea wakes from her coma and reunites with Oliver, Felicity, John and William.

Crisis On Earth-X

#8 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2" - Nov. 27, 2017

This episode continues the crossover event "Crisis on Earth-X" that will begin on Supergirl S03E08, and conclude on The Flash S04E08 & Legends of Tomorrow S03E08.

In S.T.A.R. Labs, a captured interdimensional villain from Earth-X, Prometheus-X, is revealed to be a parallel universe doppelgänger of Tommy Merlyn. After cruelly taunts Oliver over his attachment to Tommy, Prometheus-X commits suicide out of loyalty to Earth-X's Nazi regime. Prometheus-X's partners, Dark Arrow (Oliver's doppelgänger), Overgirl (Kara Danvers' doppelgänger), and Eobard Thawne steal a sublight generator, the Prism, from research company Dayton Optical Systems; Oliver, Barry, Kara, and the others believe that Dark Arrow seeks to build a neutron bomb with it to aid his conquest on Earth-1. After a series of battles, most of the heroes including Team Arrow are in captivity at S.T.A.R. Labs after the Nazi forces infiltrate it, and Oliver, Barry and his allies are transported to Earth-X's concentration camp, but Kara is moved to S.T.A.R. Labs. The villains reveal that Overgirl is dying and Dark Arrow plans to use the Prism, charged by S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator, to produce artificial red sunlight that would weaken both Kara and Overgirl's respective invulnerability, allowing a heart transplant for Overgirl but killing Kara in the process.

#9 "Irreconcilable Differences" - Dec. 7, 2017

Oliver and Felicity celebrate their wedding with everyone. The case against Oliver intensifies when Quentin learns that a member of Team Arrow is testifying against him, causing Oliver to have the team tracked. Quentin is kidnapped by Black Siren and James. Dinah is discovered to be meeting with Vincent, and tensions grow in the team until Rene admits he is the one testifying against Oliver. He explains Watson cornered him with evidence that he is Wild Dog, and if he didn't testify, he would never be able to see his daughter again. Oliver briefly evicts Rene from the team, but the entire team puts aside any differences to rescue Quentin, whom Black Siren willingly allows to escape once they are outside. Oliver permanently ousts Rene for abandoning the primary mission to go looking for Lance on his own, violating Oliver's trust again. Rene is later reunited with his daughter, while Dinah and Curtis leave Team Arrow, unable to trust Oliver. Through a hidden camera, Oliver, John and Felicity are shown being monitored by the cabal of James, Black Siren, Anatoli, Vincent and Ricardo Diaz.

#10 "Divided" - January 18, 2018

Oliver continues being the Green Arrow while refusing to have Rene, Dinah, and Curtis help him, while Felicity and Curtis struggle to cure John of his tremors, in the process discovering that their hideout has been bugged forcing them to relocate to A.R.G.U.S. Oliver once again faces Cayden James, discovering that he has a cabal at his command. Dinah spends time with Vincent before discovering he has allied with Cayden James and attempts to arrest him before being overpowered. After his fight with Cayden James's Cabal, Oliver, Felicity, and John discover that in order to win, they need to bring the team back together. Oliver apologizes to Rene, Dinah and Curtis, but despite his apology, they refuse to return to the team. Instead, they decide to start their own team, with Oliver wishing them luck. Curtis shows Dinah and Rene their new hideout.

#11 "We Fall" - January 25, 2018

Cayden James attacks the city's critical Internet infrastructure, causing numerous casualties including police captain Frank Pike, before demanding ransom payment of $10 million dollars a day from Oliver to prevent a deadlier attack from happening. James reveals details of his vendetta against Oliver; a misfired arrow believed was from the Green Arrow killed his son Owen a year ago. However, Oliver knows that he is not responsible because he was in Hub City at the time, therefore there is another suspect. Vincent claims that he is undercover with James' cabal, and he gives Curtis, Rene, and Dinah some Intel. When one of James' attacks endangers William and his class during a fieldtrip, Oliver is forced to reveal to his son that he resumed being the Green Arrow when rescuing him. Oliver and Quentin set up safe zones for citizens following the attacks, eventually James' cabal targets them. Oliver and his former team put aside of their differences and stop James' party's attack on the safe zones' occupants. Despite William being hurt by Oliver's lies, Felicity helps William to see it was for good intentions and gets him to accept his father's duty. Unable to find proof of his innocence before the deadline, Oliver gives into James' demands to buy time to find it.

#12 "All for Nothing" - February 1, 2018

Oliver is almost out of money to pay Cayden James. Fearing he will detonate the bomb, Vince, who infiltrated James' organization, agrees to download data that could lead the two vigilante teams to find where the bomb is located. Despite being successful in transmitting the data to Felicty, he is identified as the traitor, caught, and tortured by Anatoly. The location of the bomb is revealed, but Dinah, Curtis, and Rene decide not to follow Oliver in order to save Vince. However, James anticipates this and used Vince as bait. Dinah is immobilized because of rubble collapsing on top of her and is forced to watch as Black Siren executes Vince. Lacking the manpower, Green Arrow and Spartan are unable to retrieve the bomb before it's moved to a new location. However, they retrieve the falsified proof that shows Green Arrow killing James' son; the video was edited using the same technology that was used to forge the picture that exposed Oliver as the Green Arrow, implying another adversary is operating behind the scenes.

#13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick"
February 8, 2018

Cayden James threatens to set the bomb off at midnight. Alena and Felicity are able to decode the video of Oliver killing Cayden's son, proving it was someone else, and clearing Oliver. Oliver is able to delay James from leaving town by showing him the new evidence. James concludes that it was someone in his group who is behind it and asks for his former allies to be brought to him or he will set off the bomb. The team brings Laurel, Diaz and Anatoly to James, but Laurel says she was behind his son's death and her actions allow everyone but James to escape. Diaz approaches Cayden in custody, revealing himself as the real person responsible for the death of his son and that he has the new police captain on his payroll, killing Cayden before he leaves.

#14 "Collision Course" - March 1, 2018

Dinah, Curtis and Rene analyse the latest place Laurel was seen and manage to determine that she was dragged away by somebody. It turns out Quentin took Laurel to a secure cabin to allow her to heal, which Thea eventually finds out and informs Oliver. Oliver demands the return of the city's money, which Laurel promises, if they get her out of the country. Curtis deactivates the chip preventing John's tremors, allowing them to track down Oliver, John and Felicity and hence find Laurel, though Quentin refuses to let Dinah kill Laurel. The two teams fight, with Rene eventually getting injured, and Oliver throwing a device that prohibits Dinah's scream, allowing Laurel to incapacitate them with her own scream and escape. At the hospital, when John and Felicity come to see Rene, Curtis and Dinah turn them away, saying they want nothing to do with them anymore. At the edge of the city, Laurel begs a van driver to help her.

#15 "Doppelganger" - March 8, 2018

Laurel appears at City Hall, revealing her story about how she was kidnapped and held against her will. Oliver and Thea find out that Ricardo is keeping a hostage, which is revealed to be former Team Arrow member Roy Harper, prompting Thea to once again assume the mantel of Speedy to try and rescue Roy. Dinah, upon hearing of the situation, says she is willing to help out this once, but Oliver refuses, saying if she does not trust him, he does not trust her. Oliver and John eventually take on Ricardo and his minions, who escape, but they do manage to rescue Roy. Oliver goes to see Laurel, who claims she cannot change who she is, but she will try to be good, if Oliver gives her the space to do so, which Oliver agrees to. But when he leaves, Black Siren receives a message from Diaz and smiles, implying that she works with him. Roy and Thea spend an evening together, where they are observed by a woman who reports that the heir of Ra's al Ghul has been located.

#16 "The Thanatos Guild" - March 29, 2018

Nyssa comes to Star City for Thea, claiming that a splinter group from the League of Assassins, The Thanatos Guild, lead by a woman called Athena, are coming for her for the location of a map that Malcolm supposedly knew the location of. Thea reluctantly agrees to help Nyssa, but claims she is leaving afterward. Team Arrow eventually find the box containing the map and use mathematics to unlock it, only for the map to be blank when opened, but Felicity helps to reveal the hidden markers underneath and discovers that it contains locations to other Lazarus Pits. Dinah grows suspicious of her superior in the police, suspecting that she might be peddling Diaz's drugs. Thea talks to Oliver about handing the Green Arrow mantle back to John, but Oliver worries that the current circumstances may be a little too much for John at the moment. Thea, Roy and Nyssa eventually depart to destroy the Lazarus Pits and Oliver says goodbye.

#17 "Brothers in Arms" - April 5, 2018

Dinah has Anatoly arrested but Captain Hill and DA Sam Armand force his release. Oliver confronts them with proof that they are working for Diaz and fires them. Oliver apologizes to John about not giving him the suit, but after John questions his leadership skills, the two engage in an argument that leads to a fight. With Diaz pushing Vertigo through the city, Oliver and John work to destroy the shipment, while Curtis reveals his alter-ego to his new boyfriend, Nick Anastas. John decides to leave the team following the fight, leaving Oliver and Felicity as the final two members. Hill fires Dinah and the rest of the clean cops, forcing Nick to realize that vigilantism is the only path forward. Armand claims that Oliver obstructed justice, which is grounds for impeachment. Laurel learns that Diaz has one more vial of Vertigo and kisses him.

#18 "Fundamentals" - April 12, 2018

With Oliver's impeachment hearing beginning, he lashes out at Felicity and William, causing the former to request a separation. Oliver realizes he has been dosed with Vertigo, and he begins hallucinating Adrian Chase, who torments him with reminders of his past failures. Oliver realizes that he never should have formed a Team Arrow, allowing his loved ones to make him forget about his original mission. Learning Diaz's location, Oliver dons his original hood and attempts to take on the corrupt officers by himself. Felicity is able to bring Oliver back to his senses, revealing she never requested a separation. Oliver and Felicity escape before Diaz and his men can shoot them. Later, Oliver and William reconcile. Oliver is impeached, and Quentin becomes the new Mayor of Star City. Diaz tells Laurel that since Oliver has been impeached, it is time to inform crime families across the country that Star City is open for business.

#19 "The Dragon" - April 19, 2018

A younger Diaz is shown in an orphanage being harassed by a bully. In the present, Diaz starts the next phase of his plan which is to join a criminal organization called The Quadrant. But one of the four leaders of the group doesn't think that Diaz is worthy enough, thinking of him as a street thug, and tries to have his son kill him. With Laurel's help, he wages a small war on the group, killing both the man and his son, then taking his seat at the table. Later on, Diaz tracks down the man who bullied him as a child, and sets him on fire as Laurel watches uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Felicity & Curtis work together again on their Helix project, while Oliver works alone in Star City. An explosion happens as Oliver is fighting Diaz's men, leaving no survivors. Felicity fearing for Oliver's life returns home to find him safe and sound, who promises her that he will never leave her.

#20 "Shifting Allegiances" - April 26, 2018

Oliver pays a debt to Anatoli's rival in Russia, so that Anatoli will be able to go home. Oliver appeals to him, reminding him of his honor and their friendship. Anatoli betrays him, chains him, and later on takes him to see Diaz. Convinced to fight fairly by Anatoli, Diaz and Oliver square off one on one, with the loser to leave the city. Oliver bests Diaz, only for him to stab him with a knife. Later on, Diaz tells Oliver he's having his trial moved up and has him arrested. Meanwhile, Rene returns home, but is still affected by when he was shot. Dinah and Curtis team up with John and ARGUS to stop a shipment of weapons by The Quadrant and are successful. As the new mayor, Quentin is approached by Diaz to sign a paper that will grant him some property in the city. Quentin refuses at first, but he eventually changes his mind out of fear for Laurel's safety after she expresses concerns about how dangerous he is.

#21 "Docket No. 11-19-41-73" - May 3, 2018

Several witnesses are called at Oliver's trial to testify about the identity of the Green Arrow including John, Dinah, Dr. Schwartz, Rene, and Felicity. Diaz coerces Rene into saying Oliver is the Green Arrow at trial by threatening his daughter in front of him. After Oliver takes the stand, the Green Arrow crashes through the skylight, revealing himself to be Tommy Merlyn back from the dead. Tommy testifies that he is really the Arrow and is taken into custody. When being saved from Diaz's men by John and Rene, he is revealed to be Christopher Chance, the Human Target. Laurel takes the stand and, despite being threatened by Diaz earlier, testifies that Tommy is the real Green Arrow. Oliver is found guilty, proving the assumption that both the judge and the jury were in Diaz's pocket. Oliver's lawyer moves for a judgment notwithstanding verdict and the judge surprisingly agrees. Oliver returns to the lair and discovers that Chance switched places with the judge during jury deliberation. Oliver and Rene reconcile. Diaz kills the real judge just before Laurel appears and attacks him and his men, momentarily downing Diaz, before he takes her captive, telling her that he plans to kill Oliver and everyone he cares about.

#22 "The Ties That Bind" - May 10, 2018

The now-reconciled Team Arrow and their families are attacked by Diaz's men around the city, ending with Curtis's boyfriend Nick being seriously injured saving Curtis. They reunite at Dinah's team's bunker where they watch as Diaz' men destroy Team Arrow's bunker. Oliver develops a plan to ambush Diaz with help from Anatoly. Diaz escapes their ambush, though not before severely beating and stabbing Curtis. The team sends Lyla into the SCPD headquarters to hack potentially important data off a device Diaz nearly lost during the ambush, and Felicity discovers it is a digital list of everyone on Diaz's payroll. Diaz discovers the hack, and the team are forced to fend off Diaz's men before escaping with the device. Diaz kills one of the Quadrant leaders on the assumption she gave Team Arrow the intel about Diaz' convoy. He attacks the reunited team at the new bunker as Felicity attempts to decode the device. Diaz nearly kills Oliver before Oliver triggers explosives in the new bunker installed by Curtis for emergency, allowing him and Felicity to escape, but the drive is destroyed. Diaz meets with the remaining two Quadrant leaders, kills one and makes the only remaining Quadrant leader step aside, granting Diaz full control of the organization. Oliver turns to Agent Watson for help; she agrees on two conditions, one of which Oliver fulfills immediately by admitting he is the Green Arrow.

#23 "Life Sentence" - May 17, 2018

Team Arrow mount a final attack on Diaz and while Diaz manages to escape, Oliver obtains the list of everyone on his payroll, liberating Star City. During the attack, Quentin takes a bullet for Laurel and ends up in hospital. Everyone comes to support him, including Laurel and a surprise visit from Sara. However, Quentin suffers a seizure during surgery and dies. Oliver manages to get the team immunity from the FBI and police in exchange for handing himself in. Agent Watson promises the team that the FBI will stay in Star City to deal with Diaz, before arresting Oliver. Oliver finally admits to the public that he is the Green Arrow, and urges his friends and allies to continue fighting to save the city. In prison, Oliver walks to his cell, with criminals acting violent towards him now that they know he is the Green Arrow.

As of May 17, 2018, 138 episodes of Arrow have aired, concluding the sixth season. On April 2, 2018, the CW renewed the series for a seventh season!



"Arrow" Season 7 Episodes (2018-19)

The season was ordered in April 2018, and production began that July. Stephen Amell stars as Oliver, with principal cast members David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Echo Kellum, Rick Gonzalez, Juliana Harkavy, and Katie Cassidy also returning from previous seasons. Colton Haynes, a principal cast member for seasons two and three and a special guest actor for seasons four and six, was reinstated as a series regular for the seventh season. They are joined by Kirk Acevedo, who was promoted to a series regular from his recurring status in the previous season, and new cast member Sea Shimooka.

#1: "Inmate 4587" - October 15, 2018

Five months after being exposed as Green Arrow and into his life sentence, Oliver tries to maintain a low profile in prison in hopes of getting a reduction to his term, an effort which is complicated when Brick tries to coerce Oliver into helping him and being stalked by Diaz's associates. Meanwhile, Felicity and William try to cope with witness protection while Diggle and A.R.G.U.S. continue hunting for the fugitive Diaz. Back in Star City, a new vigilante archer appears on the scene, dismantling arms trafficker Jason Stent's operations and targeting other criminals on his list. The archer also steals money from his targets to help the city's poor. Rene, despite not knowing who the archer is, decides to trust him after being helped by the vigilante. The rest of Team Arrow do not trust the archer, and Dinah is determined to arrest him. Because of the archer's tactics, skills, and appearance parallel Oliver's suited persona's, the media in times dubs him as the new Green Arrow. After being discovered by Diaz, Felicity leaves witness protection to help capture him. In a flashforward, set twenty years in the future, an adult William seeks out the help of Roy Harper on Lian Yu.

#2 "The Longbow Hunters" - October 22, 2018

The Longbow Hunters arrive in Star City and the team works together with A.R.G.U.S. to try and stop them from stealing a weapon with incredible destructive capabilities. Felicity and Diggle clash over their priorities in dealing with Diaz, leading Felicity to strike a deal with Agent Watson. Meanwhile, Laurel and Dinah are forced to put their feud aside and work together while Oliver tries to get rid of a prison guard in exchange for info on Diaz from Brick. In the flashforward, William and Roy find a clue hidden in Oliver's bow which leads them back to Star City.

#3 "Crossing Lines" - October 29, 2018

Oliver demands Brick honor their deal and Brick says an inmate known as "The Demon" is Diaz's inside man. Brick claims to arrange a meet with the Demon but Oliver is instead ambushed. After defeating Brick's hired men, Brick reveals the Demon is incarcerated on Level Two, prompting Oliver to attack a guard to get transferred there. Meanwhile, Felicity plans a trap for Diaz and the Longbow Hunters at the CDC along with Rene and Dinah. The plan fails and Agent Watson is transferred but it is revealed that Rene and Felicity captured Silencer, one of the Longbow Hunters. Elsewhere, Diggle discovers Lyla has been keeping a secret when they and Curtis go on a mission in Zurich.

#4 "Level Two" - November 5, 2018

In prison, Oliver is tortured both psychologically and with the use of drugs and other electrical devices, with the intent of "reprogramming" his brain. In Star City, Dinah arrests Rene when she learns that he is providing support to the new Green Arrow, but when the vigilante saves Zoe's life, she begins to trust him. Working together, Dinah, Rene and the vigilante are able to capture the arsonists. Elsewhere, Felicity enlists the help of Laurel to torture the Silencer for information on Diaz, but to no avail. Felicity allows her to escape in the hope that she will lead them to Diaz, having planted a bug into her belt. In the flashforward, William and Roy are in Star City, the coordinates change leading them to what remains of Smoak Industries. William solves a puzzle and obtains a Rubik's Cube; he and Roy are attacked by the police but rescued by Dinah who leads them to safety where they meet an adult Zoe. After William solves the second puzzle, Dinah claims that Felicity is dead.

#5 "The Demon" - November 12, 2018

After having seemingly been broken, Oliver is introduced to Level Two, a secret facility below Slabside, where inmates are kept in inhuman conditions and mostly experimented on. He discovers that Talia al Ghul is the Demon. He reluctantly teams up with Talia to plan an escape, however, he decides not to escape himself to avoid having to spend the rest of his life as a fugitive. After collecting evidence of what happened in Level Two, he asks Talia to deliver them to Felicity, which she does, thus causing the facility to be shut down and Oliver transferred back to Level One. Elsewhere, Curtis gets back in the field with Diggle, and helps capturing an international terrorist. Laurel plans to use the evidence that Oliver collected to plead for his release.

#6 "Due Process" - November 19, 2018

Diaz slaughters the Bratva and tortures Anatoly in order to get in contact with one of his former KGB associates. Team Arrow rescues Anatoly and discover that Diaz plans to level Star City with aerial explosives obtained from the associate. Team Arrow foils the plan and finally captures Diaz with help from the new Green Arrow. Meanwhile in Slabside, Stanley is accused of murdering a guard, but proclaims his innocence. Oliver finds the knife used in the attack with Brick associate Ben Turner's fingerprints on it. Released from solitary confinement, Stanley thanks Oliver but inadvertently reveals knowing that the knife belonged to Turner, information he could not have gotten in the hole. At SCPD, Laurel orchestrates a deal which will see Oliver walk out of prison in exchange for helping the FBI with their case against Diaz. In the flash-forward, William and Roy learn that before her apparent death, Felicity had become a criminal, taking on her father's mantle as the Calculator. The two, along with Dinah and Zoe, find Felicity's plans for the destruction of Star City.

#7 "The Slabside Redemption" - Nov. 26, 2018

Oliver is told that he is set to released from prison. Oliver confronts Stanley about him framing Turner for the guard's murder and then visits Turner, promising to help him once he is out of prison. Diaz arrives at Slabside on prisoner transport, but bribes a guard to release him and then visits Oliver, threatening to kill him and his family. After guards refuse to take his warnings about Diaz seriously, Oliver breaks out of his cell and escapes Level One in order to contact Team Arrow. Diaz cuts communications from the prison, preventing Oliver from getting outside help, and releases all prisoners, starting a riot. Turner turns on Brick and Derek Sampson and helps Oliver get to a final showdown with Diaz. Sampson is killed in a fire. During their fight, Oliver stabs Diaz in his cell and locks him in it. Elsewhere, Stanley kills Brick and escapes. Oliver is finally set free from prison and reunites with Felicity and John.

#8 "Unmasked" - December 3, 2018

Now free from prison, Oliver tries to readjust to outside life. When a murder occurs at a party honoring Oliver, the new Green Arrow is suspected and Oliver, Dinah and Rene set out to prove the vigilante's innocence. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity struggle to adjust to the changes Oliver's incarceration inflicted upon their lives and relationship. Ultimately, Dinah authorizes Oliver to work with the SCPD as a special deputy in order to avoid the anti-vigilante law and the new Green Arrow is revealed to be Oliver's half-sister, from a previous relationship of Robert Queen's. Diggle and Lyla find out the Longbow Hunters are up to something and, unbeknownst to Team Arrow, pay Diaz a visit in prison to request his assistance. In the flash-forward, Dinah, William and Zoe track down a woman known as Blackstar, who had ties to Felicity's plans.

#9 "Elseworlds, Part 2" - December 10, 2018

This episode continues a crossover event that begins on The Flash season 5 episode 9, and concludes on Supergirl season 4 episode 9.

Oliver, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers head to Gotham City to find John Deegan, but are quickly arrested. However, they are bailed out by Kate Kane, who tells them Deegan can be found at Arkham Asylum. With some assistance from Oliver and Barry's teams, they break in to confront Deegan and retrieve the book he used to rewrite reality; only for the doctor to escape and cause a mass breakout. While trying to contain it, Batwoman shows up to help them before telling them to leave Gotham. Returning to A.R.G.U.S., the heroes attempt to unlock the book when the Flash of Earth-90 breaches through to them and warns them of the Monitor. Oliver, Barry, Kara, and Earth-90's Flash go to confront Monitor, but the omnipotent being escapes and returns the book to Deegan; who changes reality once more. This time, Oliver and Barry wake up as wanted criminals and are forced to contend with both police and a black-suited Superman.

#10 "My Name Is Emiko Queen" - Jan. 21, 2019

Oliver discovers blood belonging to the new Green Arrow with Felicity determining that it belongs to a woman named Emiko Queen, who is Oliver's father's illegitimate daughter and thus his paternal half-sister. Oliver goes through his father's belongings and discovers that his mother knew about Emiko and her mother Kazumi Adachi. After being injured, Emiko goes to Rene for help and reveals that she seeks to avenge her mother's murder in the Glades. Emiko visits her father's grave, where she is confronted by Oliver. Meanwhile, Diaz is taken into A.R.G.U.S. custody and recruited by John as a member of the Ghost Initiative, his own Suicide Squad, and Lyla implants an explosive into his neck to ensure his compliance in tracking down Dante, the financier behind multiple terrorist cells, including the Longbow Hunters. In the flashforwards, Dinah confronts Rene, who is now the mayor of the Glades, which is thriving thanks to a security program called Archer, and forces him to help her. Later Rene meets with someone who is linked to the bomb plans, explicitly stating that their plans to build up the Glades will sacrifice the rest of the city.

#11 "Past Sins" - January 28, 2019

Felicity and Laurel work together tracking down a person Laurel believes may have followed her from Earth-2. The person is eventually revealed as the Earth-1 version of the drunk Brett Collins who accidentally killed Laurel's father. The Earth-2 version of Brett is revealed to have died five years earlier. Diaz attempts a mass breakout from A.R.G.U.S., killing Curtis in the process, before it is revealed he was in a controlled virtual reality simulation brought on by Curtis to extract information regarding Dante. The SCPD is held hostage by a suicide bomber using electricity, who reveals himself to be Dave Hackett's son Sam from the Queen's Gambit, whom Robert killed so Oliver could survive. Sam wants Oliver dead, forcing the officers to either kill him or die. Oliver reasons with Sam long enough for Dinah to cut the power, removing his powers and allowing Oliver to apprehend him. Emiko starts to see the good in Oliver and thinks about starting to talk. Dinah reads a note from an unknown source stating that someone will kill the vigilantes one by one.

#12 "Emerald Archer" - February 4, 2019

Oliver allows a camera crew to follow himself and others associated to Team Arrow around and film a documentary titled "The Hood and the Rise of Vigilantes". A new vigilante, named Chimera by Curtis, begins attacking vigilantes in Star City, among those being Ragman, Huntress, and the new Green Arrow. William returns from witness protection and tells Felicity he was expelled from the school he had been sent to, while Oliver debates Mayor Pollard about vigilantism but is interrupted by Chimera. During the attack, Dinah saves Pollard using her Canary Cry which reveals her identity as the Black Canary. When Team Arrow arrive and help Oliver capture Chimera, Pollard arrests them prompting Oliver and Dinah to turn themselves in, resulting in Pollard deputizing Team Arrow as part of the SCPD. In flashforwards, it is shown that Blackstar is watching the documentary on Oliver. With intel gained from the documentary, Blackstar and Connor Hawke find the destroyed Team Arrow bunker.

#13 "Star City Slayer" - February 11, 2019

Members of Team Arrow receive threatening notes and discover a similar note at the murder scene of a councilman who previously worked with Ricardo Diaz. Tracking a drug used to immobilize the victim, they discover the hiding place of the "Star City Slayer", who is revealed as Stanley. He slits Dinah's throat, but Curtis cauterizes the wound, saving her life. Stanley confronts Oliver, Felicity and William at their apartment, claiming to be the only one who truly understands Oliver. While Felicity distracts Stanley, Oliver subdues him and he is sent back to Slabside. William, wanting a normal life, chooses to go live with his grandparents. Curtis accepts a job in Washington, D.C., and leaves Star City, signing sole ownership of their Helix company over to Felicity. Meanwhile, a medical checkup discovers something important about Felicity. In flashforwards, Dinah, Roy, William and Zoe find the Arrow bunker and get into a fight with Blackstar and Connor Hawke. Blackstar claims that Felicity is alive before revealing that she is Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver and Felicity and William's half-sister.

#14 "Brothers & Sisters" - March 4, 2019

Felicity and Laurel continue growing closer with Felicity revealing to her that she is pregnant with Oliver's child. John and Lyla successfully locate Dante with the Ghost Initiative, but during the operation to catch him, Diaz betrays the team and helps Dante escape. Diaz is taken back to Slabside, where an unseen assailant lights him on fire in his cell, killing him. With the Ghost Initiative exposed, John takes the fall for his wife and hands in his resignation. Oliver, Rene and Emiko work together to find out who killed the latter's mother. In her hideout, Emiko meets Dante with the two revealed to be working together. In the flashforwards, Mia and William start working together to locate Felicity.

#15 "Training Day" - March 11, 2019

Team Arrow works with the SCPD to take down an operation that is manufacturing poison bullets. When the initial attempt as part of the SCPD fails, Team Arrow goes rogue and successfully takes down the operation as vigilantes, resulting in Mayor Pollard creating a special vigilante task force, sanctioned by the SCPD and made up of Team Arrow. Dinah, who can no longer fully perform the canary cry following her injury, decides to return to the field as part of the task force. Laurel visits Slabside, where Ben Turner tells her that he witnessed the new Green Arrow kill Diaz. Laurel confronts Emiko, who states that no one would believe Black Siren, a former criminal. In the flashforwards, Mia and William obtain a recorder and play a tape from Felicity, where she gives coordinates to the other members of the team. The two ignore Felicity's orders to leave Star City and instead follow the coordinates to the Glades.

#16 "Star City 2040" - March 18, 2019

In the flashforwards, Mia and William follow Felicity's coordinates to Galaxy One headquarters. They are almost caught, but are saved by Connor, who reveals himself as an agent of Knightwatch, a "good version of A.R.G.U.S." Meanwhile, Rene confronts Dinah, Roy and Zoe and reveals that Galaxy One plans to blow up Star City to rebuild it like the Glades, claiming that the city will be evacuated beforehand. The three discover that a terrorist organization named Eden Corps, who use Galaxy One as a front, paid SCPD to fake Felicity's death. Mia, William and Connor enter the headquarters' sublevels, where they find an imprisoned Felicity, who claims that the building houses the bombs to be used in Star City. The others reunite with the group, before they meet Rene, who has learned that the bombs are already on-site and that there are no plans to evacuate. The group infiltrates a party, where Mia destroys an electronic device held by Galaxy One head Kevin Dale that disables the bombs. Dale unveils a helmet that would enable Galaxy One to take the Archer program global. Felicity makes amends with Mia, stating that her grudge with Galaxy One is personal. In the present, Felicity activates Archer.

#17 "Inheritance" - March 25, 2019

Laurel tells Oliver about Emiko killing Diaz. Oliver finds Emiko and Dante stealing drones and confronts Emiko, who states that she owes Dante and the Ninth Circle for helping her when she was abandoned by her father. Using Archer, Team Arrow locates Dante and when he seemingly believes Emiko has betrayed him, Oliver saves her and takes her back to the Arrow bunker. However, she escapes after being caught planting a jammer, which takes down Archer and allows the Ninth Circle to steal Sarin gas. Team Arrow tracks the Sarin drones to an airfield, where Oliver disables all but one of them, which gets away thanks to Emiko and releases the gas over an abandoned building. Emiko is revealed as the leader of the Ninth Circle and tells Dante about Archer. She also frames Laurel for killing an SCPD witness while releasing photos of her with Diaz to the press. Meanwhile, Felicity founds Smoak Technologies and hires Alena as her CTO. Flashbacks show Emiko being abandoned by her father and meeting Dante. As an adult, she goes to her father for business help, but gets turned down, which leads to her staying silent about the explosives onboard the Queen's Gambit.

#18 "Lost Canary" - April 15, 2019

Laurel goes on the run and partners up with a former associate named Shadow Thief. Felicity discovers that Emiko framed Laurel, but Dinah informs her that Laurel has gone back to committing crime as Black Siren. After failing to convince Laurel to come back, Felicity recruits Sara Lance to come to her and Dinah's aid. The three confront Laurel about what she wants to be, which leads to her turning on Shadow Thief. Dinah clears Laurel's reputation by claiming she went undercover. Laurel decides to return to Earth-2 to right her wrongs as Black Canary. Meanwhile, Oliver and Diggle track the rifle used to kill Emiko's mother and discover Kodiak of the Longbow Hunters. Through interrogation, they find out he was hired by Dante. In the flashforwards, Galaxy One uses a special tech helmet to target the Canary Network. While the others want to hide, Mia wants to fight back. Laurel saves Mia from the man in the helmet and tells her to give the helmet to Felicity.

#19 "Spartan" - April 22, 2019

With the Ninth Circle after a DoD vault drive, Diggle contacts his stepfather, General Roy Stewart, but he refuses to give classified intel. After they steal Archer from Smoak Tech, Stewart reveals the drive contains an asset list the Ninth Circle can now track. While securing the assets, Diggle and Stewart are captured by Dante. Stewart surrenders codes for a biological weapon called Cygnus X-1 when Dante starts torturing Diggle. The two call in Team Arrow with the Spartan helmet and escape. Team Arrow tracks Archer and the Ninth Circle to Cygnus X-1. While the rest destroy Archer, Oliver confronts Emiko, telling her Dante had her mother killed. Dante exfiltrates Emiko and they escape with Cygnus X-1, after which Emiko kills Dante. Diggle makes amends with Stewart after learning he is blameless in his father's death. Alena copied Archer's root code and suggests a partnership with Magnus Labs to expand it, but Felicity refuses to rebuild it. In the flashforwards, Mia and Connor obtain a power module for the tech helmet from the Deathstroke gang, led by Connor's adoptive brother J.J. (John Diggle, Jr.), but are afterwards attacked by them. Felicity powers up the helmet and learns Galaxy One has expanded Archer.

#20 "Confessions" - April 29, 2019

Dinah and Sergeant Bingsley interrogate Team Arrow, who are in SCPD custody accused of killing two subway station security guards. They reveal recruiting Roy Harper to help with an operation where they successfully prevented the Ninth Circle from releasing their biological weapon. After Oliver names Emiko as the killer, the team is released with their stories lining up. It is revealed that they all lied and that Dinah was part of the operation with Roy having killed the guards in a fit of rage. The team decide to protect Roy to save the team and be able to continue hunting the Ninth Circle. Oliver recognizes the bloodlust he witnessed and meets a remorseful Roy, who reveals that he died battling the Thanatos Guild and was then revived by Thea and Nyssa with a Lazarus Pit. Felicity locates the Ninth Circle's headquarters, where Oliver confronts Emiko, who reveals she has sent the subway station security footage to Bingsley. Emiko comes clean about her role in Robert Queen's death and states that her goal is to destroy Oliver's legacy while he dies a villain like their father. Emiko blows up the building, burying Oliver.

#21 "Living Proof" - May 6, 2019

Oliver is trapped one floor below his team. The physical and psychological trauma causes him to hallucinate Tommy Merlyn talking to him about how to deal with Emiko. Oliver refuses to listen to Tommy about using the best parts of himself to save her until he envisions a scenario where his vendetta against Emiko leads to the deaths of his teammates. Team Arrow locate Oliver and save him. Meanwhile, the SCPD raid Smoak Tech, accusing Team Arrow of both the cover-up and the biological weapon, which was traced to Archer. Felicity and Alena escape to the bunker, where they are confronted by Emiko, who leaves after Felicity reveals she is pregnant. Emiko is revealed to have stolen Oliver's arrows and attacks the SCPD as the Green Arrow, stealing the weapon back. Oliver tries to reason with Emiko and refuses to take the opportunity to kill her, allowing her to escape. In the flashforwards, the group set out to destroy Archer with Felicity contacting Alena, who stole the program and sold it to Galaxy One. William returns to Galaxy One headquarters to steal Archer's root code, but he and Rene are caught. Galaxy One enters the hideout to arrest the others.

#22 "You Have Saved This City" - May 13, 2019

Emiko has spread her virus throughout the city and holds the detonator in the former Queen Consolidated building. Team Arrow, joined by Curtis, Laurel, and Ben Turner, evacuate it and disable the relay to other bombs, while Oliver confronts his sister about being better than their father. Beatrice informs Emiko that her failure to destroy Star City, while publicly exposing the Ninth Circle, has led to the council turning on her. Oliver and Emiko fight the Ninth Circle together, but Emiko is mortally wounded by Beatrice and tells Oliver to hide Felicity and their baby, before he escapes the exploding building. Oliver and Felicity announce their departure from Star City and retreat to a hideout. Following Mia's birth, the Monitor appears, demanding Oliver to hold up his part of their deal. Oliver leaves with him to assist in the oncoming crisis, despite the revelation it will lead to his death. In the flashforwards, Connor and Zoe save the others. Felicity creates a virus that Mia and William upload to destroy Archer. The older generation leaves the younger in charge of protecting the city. After a moment with her children at Oliver's grave, Felicity leaves with the Monitor to reunite with her husband.


Arrow (Season 8)

The eighth and final season of the American television series Arrow premiered on The CW on October 15, 2019, and will consist of 10 episodes. The series is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, a costumed vigilante created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp, and is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with other Arrowverse television series. The showrunners for this season are Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz. Stephen Amell stars as Oliver Queen, with principal cast members David Ramsey as John Diggle, Rick Gonzalez as Rene Ramirez, Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance also returning from previous seasons. They are joined by Katherine McNamara, Ben Lewis, and Joseph David-Jones as the adult versions of Mia Smoak, William Clayton, and Connor Hawke, characters featured in the flashforwards set in 2040, respectively, who were promoted to series regulars from their recurring status in the seventh season. LaMonica Garrett was promoted to a series regular as the Monitor as well, having previously appeared as a guest actor in the fifth annual Arrowverse crossover and the seventh season. The eighth season is the only season not to feature Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in a recurring or main role.

Episode 1: "Starling City" - October 15, 2019

The Monitor sends Oliver Queen to Earth-2 to retrieve Dwarf Star particles, but they are stolen by Tommy Merlyn, the Dark Archer of this Earth, who is looking to use them to level the Glades with his own "Undertaking". Oliver joins forces with Earth-1 John Diggle as well as Earth-2 Laurel Lance / Black Canary and Adrian Chase / The Hood to take down Merlyn and retrieve the particles. Just as Oliver and Diggle are about to leave, an anti-matter wave suddenly consumes all of Earth-2, barely giving them and Laurel time to escape to Earth-1. In the 2040 flashforwards, Connor Hawke, Mia Smoak, William Clayton, and Zoe Ramirez encounter the Deathstroke Gang, led by Connor's adoptive brother John Diggle Jr., who have grown more powerful since the destruction of the wall between Star City and the Glades.

#2: "Welcome to Hong Kong" - Oct. 22, 2019

The Monitor brings Oliver's party to Hong Kong to pick up biophysicist, Dr. Robert Wong, who was forced to recreate the Alpha/Omega Virus. However, Laurel storms off to get her breach device fixed. While Oliver and Diggle learn more about Dr. Wong, Triad members attack them, though Tatsu Yamashiro comes to their aid and reveals she knows of the Monitor. Oliver locates Dr. Wong, only for China White to kidnap him. After obtaining a sample of the Alpha/Omega Virus, Oliver arranges a trade with China. While Oliver rescues Dr. Wong, Tatsu engages China, who stabs her before Laurel sends her flying. After talking with Tatsu, Oliver plans to get more answers about the Monitor at Nanda Parbat. Elsewhere, Lyla Michaels is revealed to be working with the Monitor as she delivers Dr. Wong to him. In the flashforwards, William works on repairing a device obtained from the Deathstroke Gang while Mia, Connor, and Zoe head to a black market where J.J. plans to make a sale. When the Deathstroke Gang arrives, Connor and J.J. enter a parley, though the former's group is forced to let the latter leave when he reveals that he had his men raid the bunker.

#3: "Leap of Faith" - October 29, 2019

Oliver heads to Nanda Parbat to gain more information on the Monitor from Talia al Ghul, where he reunites with his sister Thea and fills her in on his impending death. Oliver, Thea, and Talia plan to retrieve an ancient textbook, but are ambushed by Athena and the League of Assassins. The trio narrowly manage to escape and eventually find the book; learning that the Monitor may actually be causing the oncoming crisis rather than preventing it. Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla track down Farzad Qadir, who is holding a mother and son captive. As the two free the captives and kill Qadir in the process, Diggle learns that the boy's name is Connor. In the flash-forwards, William managed to escape from the Deathstroke Gang through a trapdoor in the bunker. He discovers their next plan, but it is interrupted by Mia, Connor, and Zoe. J.J. defeats Mia, but when Zoe attacks him, he kills her. Connor beats J.J. down in a rage, but before he can kill him, Connor, William, and Mia are mysteriously teleported to the 2019 bunker where they meet Oliver, Dinah, Rene, and Diggle.

#4: "Present Tense" - November 5, 2019

Future and Present Team Arrow meet without knowing how the former traveled to the present. Mia and Connor choose to keep details of their time a secret from the others, but William anticipates that they will soon become suspicious. Meanwhile, Grant Wilson leads an army as the new Deathstroke to destroy Star City. After Mia and Connor mistake Grant for a time-displaced J.J., they are confronted by Present Team Arrow. William and Connor admit what happens in their time; including how J.J. becomes Grant's successor and murders Zoe. Diggle and Rene are left devastated yet determined to change their respective children's fates. The two teams work together to stop Grant, and he is arrested. Curtis tells Oliver that the Russian Armed Forces have schematics and components to build an anti-matter weapon. Diggle reconciles with Connor. Laurel and Dinah, intrigued by their future selves' actions, make plans to form the Canaries earlier than expected. Rene begins his campaign in the Glades. Oliver begins to be a father to Mia. Later that night, the Monitor makes a deal with Laurel; promising to restore Earth-2 if she betrays Oliver.

#5: "Prochnost" - November 19, 2019

Oliver learns that their next target is Russian general Alexi Burov, who is working on a pulse wave generator weapon that requires plutonium. Oliver takes William, Mia and Laurel to steal the weapon plans. Laurel discovers that Lyla is working with the Monitor, who she also agrees to work with by stealing the weapon plans before Oliver. Oliver seeks assistance from Anatoly Knyazev to lead him to Burov, who explains he had abandoned the plans, though he has them stored on a hard drive. Burov requests a trade – a cage match for the drive in the Bloodbath, which Oliver accepts. Afterwards, the Bratva led by Oleg intervene and fatally shoot Burov before taking the team captive until Laurel and Anatoly come to free them with William's help. The team then successfully retrieve the drive and celebrate their victory before returning to Star City. Meanwhile, Diggle recruits a reluctant Roy Harper on a heist for plutonium. Following the heist, Roy decides to stay in Star City to help the team against the Monitor. Later that night, Laurel declines Lyla's offer to join her mission as Oliver and Diggle discover Lyla's betrayal, only to get tranquilized.

#6: "Reset" - November 26, 2019

Oliver wakes up in Star City, where he arrives at a gala to find a living Quentin Lance as mayor. When mercenaries take the Star City Police Department hostage and demand to speak to the mayor, Quentin agrees to their terms as Oliver takes down the mercenaries; only for their leader to set off a bomb. Oliver wakes up in the same position with Laurel suffering the same effect. Each attempt to stop the bomb results in Quentin's death. While Laurel passed her test of coming to terms with Quentin's death, Oliver is told by Lyla that he must work through fate to get through this. After a talk with Quentin, Oliver goes through a reset and allows Quentin to meet his fate. Afterwards, Lyla returns and states that he has passed the Monitor's test by allowing Quentin to have his final moments. In addition, she also states that the Monitor was the who one brought William, Mia, and Connor to the present. Oliver and Laurel wake up in a tent on Lian Yu and are soon accompanied by Diggle, William, Mia, and Connor for their final mission.

#7: "Purgatory" - December 3, 2019

The team learns that Lian Yu has been giving off an immense amount of strange energy and Lyla tasks William with creating a weapon to harness it, while the plutonium is being transported by Dinah, Rene and Roy. Upon arrival, their plane is shot down by a missile and crash lands on the island. Diggle, Lyla, and Connor rescue Dinah and Rene, while Oliver and Laurel retrieve the plutonium. However, they are confronted by Edward Fyers, Billy Wintergreen and Yao Fei – deceased figures from Oliver's past who were all revived by the island's supernatural energy. Meanwhile, Diggle's party finds Roy, whose right arm is pinned; forcing Connor to amputate him, after William completes the weapon, Lyla activates it and transforms; absorbing the island's energy and causing it's revived inhabitants to disappear before entering a portal. She later returns, now calling herself a "harbinger of things to come", and informs Oliver and Mia that the Crisis has begun as the sky turns red.

#8: "Crisis on Infinite Earths" - January 14, 2020

This episode continues a crossover event that begins on Supergirl season 5 episode 9, Batwoman season 1 episode 9, and The Flash season 6 episode 9, and concludes on Legends of Tomorrow's special episode.

In a flashback to the planet Maltus 10,000 years ago, Mar Novu experiments with time travel to see the dawn of time, only to accidentally end up in the anti-matter universe and unleash the Anti-Monitor. Following the multiverse's destruction, the Paragons attempt to find a way out of the Vanishing Point and save the multiverse. With Jim Corrigan's help, Oliver learns how to use the Spectre's power so he can rescue the Paragons and strengthen Barry Allen's powers. With his increased speed, Barry drops off Kara Danvers, Ryan Choi, and Lex Luthor on Maltus to stop Novu, but gets attacked by the Anti-Monitor and loses the others across the Speed Force. Though Kara's team successfully stop Novu and Barry retrieves everyone, upon reaching the dawn of time they learn the Anti-Monitor was released regardless. With Oliver's help, the Paragons engage the god-like being and his shadow demons, holding him off long enough for Oliver to combine the Spectre's power with the Book of Destiny to reboot the multiverse. Despite succeeding, Oliver dies a second and final time in Barry and Sara's arms.

Green Arrow and the Canaries!

#9: "Livin' in the Future" - January 21, 2020

The episode will serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off series titled Green Arrow and the Canaries, starring Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy.

In 2040, two decades after Oliver's sacrifice saved the universe, crime in Star City has been quiet, Mia has led a successful life with her fiancé J.J., and Zoe is alive. When Helena Bertinelli's daughter Bianca goes missing, Laurel requests Dinah's help in finding her. She then recruits a reluctant Mia, restoring her pre-Crisis memories with Martian technology developed by Cisco Ramon, and manages to convince her to take on the mantle of Green Arrow. Mia, Dinah, and Laurel rescue Bianca from the captivity of her ex-boyfriend Trevor, possessing a Deathstroke mask. Just as Mia learns that he is working for someone else, Trevor sets off the gas line and escapes. Afterwards, Dinah decides to establish the Canary Network. At Oliver's memorial, Mia recognizes the hōzen that William was given as a teenager as a tattoo on Trevor's hand before being tranquilized by masked men who make off with William and leave Mia behind. Elsewhere at the same time, a mysterious figure ambushes J.J. and uses the same Martian technology to restore his pre-Crisis memories, telling J.J that he "needs him".

#10: "Fadeout" - January 28, 2020

Flashbacks to the year 2012 show Oliver and Diggle tracking down human trafficker John Byrne, a man on Oliver's father's list, who Oliver himself eventually defeats and imprisons. A flashback to 2014 shows Oliver stopping Slade Wilson from killing his mother. In the year 2040, Sara invites Mia to come to Oliver's funeral. In the present, following Oliver's sacrifice while averting the Crisis,[a] Byrne abducts the younger William. Felicity Smoak and Rory Regan return to assist in the search. Amidst said search, Roy proposes to Thea, which she accepts. Mia rescues William, spares Byrne's life, and takes him back to prison. Diggle and Lyla agree to move to Metropolis, Dinah declines a promotion, and Rene continues being a mayoral candidate. Quentin unveils a memorial statue to the city. Oliver's friends and family host a private funeral for him, where Diggle delivers a eulogy. Alongside Anatoly, Barry, Curtis, Dinah, Felicity, Kara, Laurel, Lyla, Mia, Nyssa al Ghul, Rene, Rory, Roy, Sara, Talia, Thea, present day William, and a revived Tommy, Moira, Quentin and Emiko. Emiko meets Thea and Moira for the first time and is welcomed to the family. Tommy reveals to Laurel that he was married to her Earth-Prime counterpart in this timeline. Felicity finally meets the future Mia. Later that night, Diggle witnesses a meteor crash and finds a box containing an object emitting a green light. In 2040, the Monitor takes Felicity to see Oliver in the afterlife, where he has finally found peace.


Arrow: Shado Green Arrow Shado comic book
Green Arrow vs Shado


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