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Watch Quantico Sundays @ 9:PM on ABC

Quantico ABC

Quantico is an American television thriller series created by Joshua Safran, that premiered on ABC on Sunday September 27, 2015. The series' protagonist is Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra), who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack. Flashbacks tell her story and the ones of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico.

On May 15, 2017, ABC renewed the series for a third season, which is set to consist of 13 episodes. As part of the renewal process, it was revealed that Joshua Safran will exit from his role as the primary showrunner of the show.



Quantico TV Series

Quantico is an American television thriller series created by Joshua Safran, that premiered on ABC on Sunday September 27, 2015. The series' protagonist is Alex Parrish (played by Priyanka Chopra), who is suspected of committing a terrorist attack. Flashbacks tell her story and the ones of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy in Quantico. ABC ordered a full season on October 13, 2015, with an order of 19 episodes, but added an additional 3 episodes leading the order up to 22 episodes. On March 3, 2016, ABC renewed Quantico for a second season.

The series follows a group of young FBI recruits; each has a specific reason for joining. Flashbacks detail their previous lives, while the recruits battle their way through training at the academy in Quantico, Virginia.

However, the series will reveal in a flash forward twist that one of the recruits, upon graduating from the academy, will be suspected of masterminding the biggest terror attack on New York City since the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Quantico Season1 2015-2016 Quantico Season2 2016-2017


Quantico: Cast

Alex Parrish Shelby Wyatt
Ryan Booth Caleb Haas
  • Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish, an FBI agent who becomes a prime suspect in the terrorist attack. Framed, she goes into hiding to track down those responsible and clear her name.
  • Josh Hopkins as Liam O'Connor, a seasoned FBI agent who had a fling with Miranda Shaw, demoted to work at the Academy.
  • Jake McLaughlin as Ryan Booth, an undercover FBI agent who was tasked to survey Alex, and whom she is suspected of shooting.
  • Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda Shaw, the mentor at Quantico who knows Alex was set up and who is helping her track down the real culprit.
  • Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah & Raina Amin, twins brought into the program by Miranda, who masquerade as one person under Nimah's name.
  • Johanna Braddy as Shelby Wyatt, Alex's best friend and an excellent shot.
  • Tate Ellington as Simon Asher. He is Jewish and has a fascination with Nimah and spent part of his life in Gaza. He claims it was to understand the political situation better.
  • Graham Rogers as Caleb Haas, flunked out of the Academy, but brought back as an Intelligence Analyst.
  • Anabelle Acosta as Nathalie Vazquez, Alex's rival in Academy standings.

Recurring Characters

  • Anna Khaja as Sita Parrish, Alex's mother.
  • Anthony Ruivivar as Agent Jimenez.
  • Brian J. Smith as Eric Packer, former FBI recruit trainee.
  • Johnathon Schaech as Michael Parrish, Alex's father.
  • Rick Cosnett as Elias Harper, an openly gay analyst trainee who seems interested in Simon both personally and professionally.
  • Mark Pellegrino as Clayton Haas, former FBI Deputy Director and Caleb's father.
  • J. Mallory McCree as Charlie, Miranda's son.
  • David Alpay as Duncan Howell, a hacker who is part of the hacktivist group 'The Unknown'.
  • Anna Diop as Mia, a hacker who along with Duncan is part of the group 'The Unknown'.
  • Jacob Artist as Brandon Fletcher, an FBI recruit trainee.
  • Oded Fehr as Griffin Wells, a skilled interrogator working for the HIG.
  • Anne Heche as Dr Susan Langdon, a highly acclaimed forensic scientist who specializes in criminal profiling.
  • Eliza Coupe as Hannah Wyland, a high level FBI agent who works at the field office in New York.
  • Marcia Cross as Senator Claire Haas, a Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee and Caleb's mother.
  • Jay Armstrong Johnson as Will Olsen, a former rocket scientist in the class above at Quantico, before becoming Caleb's roommate.
  • Li Jun Li as Iris Chang, a former lawyer who is in the class above at Quantico, she becomes Shelby's roommate after the classes merge.
  • Lenny Platt as Drew Perales, a former NFL player who is in the class above the rest of the trainees at Quantico, before they are merged together.

Quantico Cast

Quantico Returns 2016-2017


Quantico TV Episodes

#1 "Run" September 27, 2015

FBI recruit Alex Parrish is found amidst the ruins of Grand Central Station. She is held by the FBI and questioned. Flashbacks show her FBI training at Quantico with the other recruits. One of them, Ryan Booth, is really an undercover agent who is instructed by Special Agent O'Connor to surveil Alex. Alex had told O'Connor how she shot her father, Jeff Michaels, during a fight with her mother. He turns out to be an FBI agent himself. Back in the present, they find Ryan unconscious, shot with Alex's gun in her apartment, together with evidence that points to her involvement in the attack. Alex is arrested. Miranda Shaw, her mentor from Quantico, helps her escape.

#2 "America" October 4, 2015

Liam has caught Miranda, but Alex has escaped. She visits her apartment to collect evidence and is almost caught by Natalie. Alex calls Ryan at the hospital; he tells her he does not remember who shot him, but he knows it was not Alex. He offers to help her from the inside, but to do so, he must tell Liam that Alex is guilty. At Quantico, Miranda warns Nimah and Raina not to blow their cover, Elias finds out about Simon's past in Gaza, and Miranda finds out that Ryan is an undercover agent and worries that he is spying on her.

#3 "Cover" October 11, 2015

Alex's mother, Sita, is brought in for questioning and reveals that Alex had vanished for a year when she was in India. She is convinced by Liam to publicly beg Alex to turn herself in during a television press conference. Alex, meanwhile, seeks help from Simon, who was kicked out of Quantico some time earlier. They discover that Alex was being set up from the very beginning of her training. Simon helps her escape, but he is secretly working for Director Clayton. At Quantico, Alex learns from Liam that her father was a special agent. The NATs complete psychological profiles of each other, but the exercise is a test set up by Miranda. Raina must step up to the plate when Nimah leaves Quantico. Miranda learns that her son, who she had put into prison, may be paroled.

#4 "Kill" October 18, 2015

Simon helps Alex avoid being captured by the FBI. They track the wire from her apartment to one of Shelby's companies and search for evidence at her house. Shelby knows that Simon is officially undercover for Clayton and Ryan discovers it, too. In the end, Alex holds Shelby hostage, Ryan and Simon plot together, and Clayton announces Alex is shoot-to-kill. At Quantico, Alex still struggles with what she learned about her father and fails during a training raid of a hostage situation. Liam wants Ryan to get Alex to quit Quantico and Ryan finds out that his undercover assignment was never officially sanctioned. Miranda asks Nimah to return to Quantico and tells her how her son was influenced by extremist groups to plan an attack on his high school. Elias becomes more suspicious about Simon.

#5 "Found" October 25, 2015

At Quantico, the NATS have 15 weeks more but they are all tired. So, as a treat, Miranda sends them all on an undercover mission. They all are asked to pose as a person and infiltrate a company and meet the CEO. Caleb destroys all of Shelby's efforts as a way of taking revenge, as he thinks she ratted on him being in the shooting arena in the beginning. At the end, Alex, Ryan, Nimah are among the "winners" of the challenge. Nimah and Raina make up and Nimah encourages Raina to pursue Simon. When Elias finds out that Simon has been lying about everything and wants to report him, Simon tells him he was in the Israeli Defense Force and is now living a lie to cope. In the present, Alex broadcasts a video stating her side of the story. Then, she escapes from the venue, leaving Shelby behind who, by then, believes that Alex could not have bombed Grand Central and does not give up Simon and Ryan. At the end, Simon gets a message with the names of agents near the area at the time of the bombing. Caleb is on the list.

#6 "God" November 1, 2015

At Quantico, romances heat up among several of the recruits and the recruits learn the art of surveillance on suspects. Meanwhile, Shaw must deal with her recently paroled terrorist son. While surveying Shaw's home for an assignment, Alex learns that Liam has hired Booth to spy on her. Nimah plays matchmaker for Simon and Raina but, in the end, Simon catches the twins together in their room. In the present, Caleb takes over the investigation, prompting Simon to bug his computer, but it turns out that Shelby's the one who Caleb is investigating. Simon and Alex find surveillance footage showing the twins at Grand Central before the attack.

#7 "Go" November 8, 2015

One of the twins is seen at Grand Central two days before the bombing. When Simon and Alex find one of the twins, she explains how they have infiltrated a terrorist group across the street and are trying to find out when the next attack is planned. At Quantico, the trainees face a crucial test where they are locked in a classroom with a bomb. The trainees work together to unlock the door, but are unable to defuse the bomb in time. However, they find out that the bomb is a fake. Trainees who stayed back with the team have passed the test and demonstrated their readiness to sacrifice themselves for the country. Caleb is bumped back into NAT, and the twins are officially introduced to the class. In the present, Natalie suspects Ryan of helping Alex. So, she tracks him and leads the FBI to Alex. While trying to apprehend Alex, the FBI raid puts the twins and their operation in danger. Ryan accidentally gets shot and is injured. Natalie finds him and Alex, but lets them go.

#8 "Over" November 15, 2015

Ryan talks Alex through field surgery to save his life. When the FBI's files are hacked, Alex calls her friends from the Unknown to help sort out the data. Meanwhile Clayton asks Caleb to erase any trace of his affair with Shelby, leading Caleb to stumble upon evidence that might exonerate Alex. At Quantico, the NATs are given personalized assignments that turn out to be part of a larger lesson at FBI headquarters. Ryan helps Alex get information on her father, leading to a confrontation with Liam, who reveals a secret from his and her father's past. Caleb accidentally reveals the existence of Shelby's half-sister to the FBI. Miranda tries to engage with her son, with tragic consequences. Simon and Raina are disappointed to learn that it's Nimah he's more interested in. In the present, Alex realizes that there's another, deadlier bomb, and reluctantly turns herself in.

The episode aired in the wake of the 2015 Paris attacks. Prior to airing, the following disclaimer was added: "In light of recent world events, the following drama contains especially impactful subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised."

#9 "Guilty" November 29, 2015

Elias returns as Alex's legal counsel, whom she called before surrendering herself. HIG, another government group, has a presidential executive order to interrogate Alex. They press her to confess by torturing Ryan, whom they caught when intercepting his helicopter. When Caleb examines Agent Goodwin's body, he notices that her phone is missing and that her body was set up to look like she was caught in the explosion. Caleb, Elias, Natalie, Liam, and the twins want to help Alex by establishing a timeline and find out that she was kidnapped into a van and drugged before being supposedly relocated to the explosion site. This is enough evidence for Liam to free her from HIG, but Alex agrees to plead guilty so that the real culprits still feel safe. At Quantico, Miranda is at the hospital after being attacked. Ryan is concerned with Alex constantly checking up on Liam, who is getting drunk because he could not prevent the terrorist attack when working with her father. Simon decides to report falsified evidence regarding a serial killer and is criticized by the other NATs. He meets with a friend of his, who gives him blueprints for all New York train stations.

#10 "Quantico" December 6, 2015

The twins, Caleb, Shelby, Natalie and Simon go to work investigating the rest of their class to find the real traitor. Liam frees Miranda and they convince Alex to put the others under surveillance since Alex is now the only NAT who cannot be guilty. Nimah discovers what they're up to and tells the others, while reprimanding Raina for her sympathies towards the terrorist they were dealing with. Simon meets with his bomb maker friend and then reveals to everyone that the Grand Central bombing is based on a dark plan he once devised, but denies knowing anything about the bombing itself. At Quantico, the NATs are assigned to help vet the next class. Alex and Ryan investigate Natalie who is called before the NAT review board under suspicion of lying on her application. Nimah learns the truth of Simon's past and forces him to reveal horrific details to the rest of the class. Ryan defends him, but accidentally reveals that Simon attacked him weeks earlier and Simon is dismissed from training. Natalie is allowed to continue while Ryan and Alex discuss their future before he departs.

#11 "Inside" December 13, 2015

At Quantico, the NATs are given a long weekend off for New Year's Eve. Alex, Natalie, Shelby and Nimah, all fleeing from family problems, try to spend the weekend drinking and reviewing cold cases. Nimah tries to have a heart-to-heart with Miranda about her son's potential abduction, with mixed results. When Miranda goes home, she finds Charlie injured outside her doorstep. Caleb brings the others to a political soiree where Shelby finally meets his mother Senator Claire Haas, but Caleb's resentment towards his parents has disastrous consequences for his relationship with Shelby. Meanwhile, Alex encounters Ryan undercover with his ex-wife Hannah and still pining for Alex. In the present, Alex, Nimah, and Natalie learn of Simon's disappearance from a battered Elias and find Simon with a detonator taped to his hand in the hotel where the Democratic delegates are staying. While Miranda works to defuse the bomb, Liam gets the delegates to the command center, where Senator Haas tells Shelby that she will ruin her for breaking Caleb's heart. Elias comes clean about being blackmailed into framing Alex for the first bombing, but admits he targeted Simon for the second because he was scared. Elias faces justice on his own terms, but the agents are horrified to learn that there's a third bomb which detonated in the command center.

#12 "Alex" March 6, 2016

The bomb which had detonated killed 32 FBI Agents, including Clayton. Clayton's affair with Shelby has gone public, ruining her career. Three months after the bomb detonated, a court hearing has started regarding Elias Harper's involvement with both bombs. Around the time of the trial, Duncan Howell has committed suicide, but not before exclaiming that, like Elias, he "didn't have a choice". On trial, Alex eventually reverses her position stating that Elias had no accomplice, despite believing otherwise. At home, Alex receives a taunting call from an anonymous person, claiming to be the one she's looking for, and arranges a meeting with her. At the specified location, the caller sends Alex the suicide video of Duncan and tells her that she will help "finish what we started", before Natalie shows up and reveals a bomb strapped on her. At Quantico, the NATs are in competition against another team of higher class trainees consisting of Will Olsen, Iris Chang and Drew Perales. The winning class would choose 5 trainees to be sent home. After both classes score a tie, the NATs eventually fail their final task; a training raid of a hostage situation. However, due to cheating from the higher class, 5 trainees from both classes are expelled. The rest of the trainees from both classes are to train and live together. Meanwhile, Charlie discloses to Raina the names of his kidnappers.

#13 "Clear" March 13, 2016

Alex and Natalie are contacted by the terrorist to get information from the FBI's servers, which require Ryan's keycard and Hannah's fingerprint. Using a fake bomb threat to get everyone out of the building, they get the information, but hide a worm inside it before sending it. Alex and Natalie track the terrorist's computer using the worm, but Natalie is killed by an explosion. Before Alex can tell Ryan, the terrorist sends Alex a picture of them at that moment, threatening to kill Ryan. At Quantico, the NATs are learning about how to get informants, and turning them over. Alex and Iris are the only ones to get an informant, but because they have to compromise themselves, they fail the exercise. Meanwhile, Nimah is concerned with Raina's constant disappearance, and finds her talking to someone online, and going to their house. Caleb and Shelby try to find Samar and her kidnappers, with help from Clayton, only to find out that Samar has not been kidnapped. However, their search ends up dry in Croatia. Iris, who overhears them, gives Shelby a contact that could help. Miranda grants Natalie leave of absence so she can fight for custody of her daughter.

#14 "Answer" March 20, 2016

Miranda tells Ryan and Nimah that Alex did not show up to work today, and she has received a message requesting emergency leave from Natalie. Ryan and Nimah track Alex to Vermont, where she has gone to meet Simon, who feels guilty of the second explosion. Alex asks Simon to help her, before Nimah drives her back home. Simon decides to destroy his cabin, and comes to Alex's apartment. As the terrorist calls, Simon plugs something into Alex's phone, then tells her to pick up. At Quantico, the class works on suspect interrogation and court trials. Nimah finds that Raina has been meeting with Charlie's kidnappers, at Miranda's request, and Will finds that Caleb has a second persona, which he uses to meet with Samar. During the trials, Shelby and Iris have a difference of opinion in their case, which makes them fail their exercise, and Shelby reveals to Iris about Samar. Alex gets information about the FBI's Chicago case from Liam, which results in Drew confronting Liam during class, as Liam was responsible for supplying the guns that shot Drew's fiance. As a result, Liam kicks Drew out, and Miranda, who realizes that Liam slept with Alex during New Year's, tells Liam that she expects his resignation letter first thing in the morning.

#15 "Turn" March 27, 2016

The terrorist gives Alex a pill bottle and tells Alex to swap it with one in Senator Claire Haas' purse. Alex attempts to make the switch while Simon, who has recorded the terrorist's call, attempts to find the terrorist's real voice. Alex's failed attempts cause her to run into Hannah. After Alex tells Hannah about the terrorist and Natalie's death, Hannah kicks her out. At Alex's house, however, the terrorist says that the switch was made. Hannah reveals that she made the switch and believes Alex. At Quantico, Claire Haas is leading the week's exercise but, in the middle of it, the terrorist cell that Raina infiltrated attacks the academy. During the attack, Caleb and Will team up to save Shelby and Drew kills a terrorist who would've shot Liam. After the attack, Liam thanks Drew and says that Drew belongs at Quantico. Shelby learns that Samar was working for Shelby's parents, who faked their deaths. At Miranda's house, one of the terrorists holds Miranda, Raina, and Charlie hostage. Charlie shoots the terrorist, but soon starts freaking out, as he will go to prison. Before the FBI outside can kill Charlie, Miranda shoots him.

#16 "Clue" April 3, 2016

When Senator Haas changes her schedule, Hannah and Alex realize that the terrorist (referred to as the Voice) will move up his timetable. The two prevent Senator Haas' assassination, but at the cost of Hannah's suspension. Ryan, believing Alex responsible, warns her that he will be watching. Simon learns that a lab near the auditorium of Claire's campaign was broken into, creating a possibility that the assassination attempt was a cover. At Quantico, the class goes under counseling due to last week's attack. Raina and Miranda each have to speak with a group regarding Raina's infiltration of the cell. After an assignment in which there is a no-win scenario, Shelby breaks down and is comforted by Alex regarding her feelings about her parents. Meanwhile, Caleb tells Will that his alternate persona, Mark Raymond, is for infiltrating a group called Sistemics so that he can rescue his friend. Miranda says in her interrogation that she assigned Raina and, as a result, is removed as teacher; Ryan is assigned to substitute for her.

#17 "Care" April 10, 2016

In their last mission for the Voice, Simon and Alex must release an asset that the FBI and CIA are trying to hide. Using a tracker on Ryan, they locate the asset: Will, who gained access to US military codes via hacking. Ryan fails to prove to Liam that Alex is to blame for the release of the asset. Will offers to go to the terrorists voluntarily, promising to work from the inside. At the time of the drop, the terrorist asks for Simon, as well. The driver at the exchange is revealed to be Shelby. Meanwhile, at Quantico, the class must sneak back into the US without passports, as if they were illegal immigrants. Caleb has already planned to take Shelby to meet her parents, who reveal that they are on the run because they are accidental accessories to the 9/11 attacks. After learning that they only wanted more money to stay on the run, Caleb offers them $5 million if they agree not to contact Shelby ever again. Drew and Alex work together, despite being assigned different partners, to complete the mission. The twins use the fact that they are twins to their advantage and ultimately win the exercise.

#18 "Soon" April 17, 2016

Alex finds out that the car in which Shelby took Simon and Will was rented under the name Mark Raymond. Ryan and Nimah spy on Alex through Ryan's desktop. Alex asks Raina, who is no longer working for the Bureau, to distract Ryan by pretending to be Nimah. When it fails, she warns Alex, who is soon picked up by an irritated Claire. The Senator takes Alex to her home and reveals Caleb, who is now a drug addict. Claire guiltily tells Alex that she'll check him into rehab in four days, which is when her campaigning is over; Caleb blames himself for his father's death and takes the drugs to cope. Caleb sneaks out and tells her he will come with her, though his true loyalty remains murky. Back at Quantico, the NATs are screened for a comprehensive medical and fitness test and later have their security clearances checked; Iris does not pass. Caleb's and Will's attempts to infiltrate Sistemics go wrong, resulting in Haas being forced to beat up Will with Shelby witnessing.

#19 "Fast" April 24, 2016

Ryan gets a visit from Natalie's mother, who has not heard from her since Natalie took emergency leave. Ryan and Nimah find that Alex helped Natalie bypass security on the last day, before she went missing. While Caleb rests at Alex's apartment, Alex finds Shelby at the Bureau, installing new software. The two work together to trace the caller to a definite location, and find Will, who is sick, and says he created a nuke. At Quantico, the NATs are learning different fields in which they can work. The twins are given a handler by Liam, but the handler doesn't seem interested in them, and they don't trust him. Alex sees that Drew has tremors in his hands, and wants to tell Liam and Ryan, but doesn't want to ruin Drew's chances. Shelby, wanting to know what Caleb is up to, goes to Sistemics.

#20 "Drive" May 1, 2016

Ryan puts a warrant out for Alex's arrest, as she was the last one to see Natalie. Meanwhile, Alex and Shelby find Drew with similar symptoms as Will. Drew claims that Ryan is the Voice, and gives Alex a USB (which can decrypt passwords) to search through Ryan's computer for evidence. Alex learns too late that Drew is the Voice, and that the USB contains files for Ryan's frameup. Drew tells Alex to drive Ryan's truck, which has a nuclear bomb in it. In the past, the NATs visit an FBI post in Richmond. Alex and Brandon take down someone involved in child pornography, as Alex learns more of what happened to Ryan in Chicago. Iris learns from Caleb of the truth about Shelby's parents conning her, and, after being told by Iris, Shelby confronts Caleb, and calls Clayton in order to take down her parents. Nimah and Raina are assigned to find a specific contact in the Richmond office. While Raina meets the true contact, Nimah mistakes one of the other office members, but is able to persuade him not to tell their handler. They are eventually given their assignment, to infiltrate the Islamic Front cell, which Hamza Kouri leads.

#21 "Right" May 8, 2016

The episode was initially titled "Closure" until ABC retitled it "Right" as the episode premiered.

While Alex drives Ryan's truck, Shelby and Senator Haas work with the FBI to find Alex and Drew, the Voice. However, Drew and Simon are tied up, and the Voice has been using Drew's voice to disguise himself again. Simon is able to escape, but Drew is caught in the explosion. Meanwhile, Miranda notices a leaked video from the Bureau's parking lot, which leads her to Liam, who shoots her. At Quantico, the NATs go through evidence of well-known cases. Shelby and Alex switch key-cards, so Shelby can forge documents in order to convince her parents to meet her in the US, where she plans on getting them arrested. However, Caleb intervenes, and gets Shelby's mom to leave. Caleb also gets Iris her security clearance. Alex is able to access her dad's journals from Omaha, where she learns that her dad and Liam made a critical mistake, and their handler burned a piece of evidence in order to prevent them from getting in trouble. Alex tells Ryan about Liam's mistake in Omaha, and Ryan tells Liam he won't go with him to D.C. Meanwhile, Nimah is ready to infiltrate Hamza's terrorist cell, but Raina is having second thoughts, and considers leaving with Simon. However, she decides to stay with Nimah.

#22 "Yes" May 15, 2016

The episode begins with a montage of how Liam orchestrated the entire terrorist plot to frame Alex. In Quantico, the NATs are preparing to graduate. After Alex realizes that Ryan lied about his work trip, she breaks off their relationship. Meanwhile, Shelby, still upset at Caleb for ruining her chance at bringing her parents to justice, sabotages him by taking away his luxury office in San Diego. In the present timeline, Ryan discovers that Miranda was being watched, which does not line up with Liam's story. After visiting Liam's home, Alex discovers the The Voice is Liam, who has kidnapped both Ryan and Miranda and has taken them back to Quantico, where he plans to detonate the nuclear bomb. When they arrive there, Liam explains his motives and Alex and Ryan manage to kill him. After the team discovers that the bomb cannot be stopped, Simon sacrifices himself by letting the bomb detonate in a lake, killing him but saving thousands of lives. At Simon's funeral, Alex tells Claire that she knows Claire helped Liam. Two months later after she leaves the FBI, Alex is approached by a man named Matthew Keyes, who offers her a position in the CIA.



"Quantico" Season 2 Episodes (2016-2017)

Episode #1: "Kudove" - September 25, 2016

Alex is walking through New York and gets suspicious of mysterious white vans driving around. As she calls Shelby to have her run a photo of someone she believes she killed months earlier, the white vans go into formation and blow up intersections, blocking off the Financial District of Lower Manhattan and isolating those inside. With Ryan and Raina in Federal Hall National Memorial for the G20 summit, the terrorists' (calling themselves "Citizen's Liberation Front") target, Alex infiltrates to try and find out who is behind the terror attack. After giving into the terrorists' wishes, the hostages are split up and the First Lady of the United States is beheaded. In flashbacks, Alex has now started at the CIA, but is working for the FBI in order to see if someone on the inside is really a homegrown terrorist. After she is taken into the CIA Farm training camp, she finds out that Ryan has also been recruited by the FBI and the CIA to spy on the Farm. During the first training exercise, Alex tries to be a hero, but her actions backfire in the CIA world where the mission always comes first.

#2 "Lipstick" - October 2, 2016

In the second week at the Farm, the CIA trainees are learning how to avoid surveillance. While Ryan is secretly followed by the Farm's lead instructor, Owen, Alex, as the target, only partially completes the assignment, having failed to identify her lead surveillor. Despite this, Owen and Lydia, his subordinate, both commend Ryan and Alex for their work. In the present timeline, after noticing that CLF's personnel have been switching places with some of the hostages, Raina tries to identify one of them by injuring the masked individual's wrist while her group of hostages is being cycled out. As they cycle the hostages back in, CLF responds by giving everyone the same cut, including Raina. Meanwhile, Alex, with the help of the police officer she met earlier, manages to find an NYPD emergency bunker under Federal Hall National Memorial, right before he sacrifices himself. She successfully calls Miranda; however, the latter then texts one of CLF's personnel, revealing that Alex is inside.

#3 "Stescalade" - October 6, 2016

After Raina's plan backfires, Ryan tries to do the same thing by creating a diversion involving his ex-classmate at the Farm, Harry Doyle, but it also fails, compromising Alex and Ryan (who is taken by the terrorists somewhere) in the process. Alex gets into a fight with another terrorist and ultimately kills her, after which the former drops the latter's dead body into the building, leaving a message for the terrorists. Meanwhile, Miranda, still in contact with the terrorists, suspects that the group investigated by Alex and Ryan at the Farm (dubbed the "AIC") may be behind the attack. In flashbacks to the Farm, the CIA trainees begin their assessment training in a forest nearby, but they fail even after they manage to make it back. Alex and Ryan cooperate with their respective handlers, Shelby and Nimah, to plant a bug in one of their classmates' rooms, but it records only interference as someone else, who might know their plan, has already planted another bug. Later, in an effort to learn more about Alex, a disguised Harry meets one of her colleagues from the FBI: Will Olsen.

#4 "Kubark" - October 23, 2016

CLF offers to trade about 1,700 hostages in exchange for the hacker who was given a presidential pardon during the season premiere. Alex is able to talk to Raina and tries to get her to give a message to Miranda. Shelby tries to tell the FBI not to accept the exchange, but they go ahead with it on Miranda's orders. Raina tries to give Alex's message to Miranda and Alex tries to stop the exchange, but both are unsuccessful. Shelby finds a message from the hacker telling her that Miranda is "one of them." The hacker, unwilling to follow CLF's orders, kills himself. In flashbacks, the trainees must learn to deal with stress and keep their heart rate and stress levels down when dealing with their weaknesses. Alex and Ryan decide to clone Owen's phone, which is recording the trainees' records of stress. Alex's weakness is self doubt and the CIA thinks that Ryan's weakness is authority. Ryan tells Alex that she is his weakness, which is why he is keeping his distance. Using the data cloned from Owen's phone, Leigh was shown to have high stress levels when Ryan asked her about using a bug, suggesting that Leigh was the one who planted the bug.

#5 "Kmforget" - October 30, 2016

Alex manages to escape from the terrorists with the help of one of them after getting cornered and later finds Lydia, who has somehow managed to escape as well. Meanwhile, Miranda, learning of the hacker's death, orders Shelby to find Will, who has a similar ability to hack computers in figuring out the terrorists' plans. Shelby, who still distrusts Miranda, warns Will about her, but he convinces Shelby of Miranda's innocence and later calls the latter to reveal his knowledge of her secrets. In flashbacks to the Farm, the trainees learn how to escape from a situation without getting caught. Alex and Ryan succeed; they choose to frame Harry, whom their handlers warn them about after they realize he used Will. However, he manages to come back, revealing that he is a spy for MI6 and that he was the one who bugged Alex's room (and also Ryan's). Meanwhile, Owen blackmails the journalist who publicly leaked his name. Shelby and another CIA trainee, León, meet each other by chance.

#6 "Aquiline" - November 6, 2016

Lydia tells Alex that CLF is after a set of hard drives which contain valuable information, but needs a hacker to decrypt them. When Alex and Lydia find the drives, Alex thinks that they should be destroyed, but is knocked out by Lydia. She leaves Alex tied up and sets off an alarm. Meanwhile, Raina is brought back with the remaining hostages. Together, with Dayana, Leigh, Harry, Leon, and Sebastian, they try to figure out what connects them. CLF later publicly executes Leigh after finding flaws in her information during her interrogation. It is revealed that Raina is actually Nimah, who is working with CLF, and that the real Raina is tied up. In flashbacks to the Farm, the trainees must discuss whether to use a drone to kill a potential terrorist given the data they have, but they are uncertain if the data are accurate. While the rest of the group says Yes, Alex says No. However, Owen initiates the drone strike anyway, telling them that the data were accurate. Harry still wants information from Ryan about why he's here undercover. Nimah finds out that Shelby has been getting close to Leon and suggests that she go undercover.

#7 "Lcflutter" - November 13, 2016

Alex successfully unties herself and finds the phone number of CLF's outside contact, who, unbeknownst to her, is Miranda. She only manages to tell Shelby the first six digits of the number and is soon caught by the terrorists, who ask her about the drives. They bring in Dayana for torture; when they threaten to break Dayana's spinal cord, Alex reveals that Lydia took the drives and they leave to find Lydia. Harry, Sebastian, and León soon rescue the two. Meanwhile, Vice President Claire Haas has been sworn in as President, invoking the 25th Amendment. In flashbacks to the Farm, Owen teaches the trainees interrogation techniques by having them torture him to extract his CIA alias. While Alex and Harry feel that they are going too far, the rest of the trainees believe they are not going far enough and start waterboarding Lydia in front of Owen until he finally cracks. Alex feels cut from the FBI mission when her colleagues meet without her, given her failure to gather information. Shelby must choose between going undercover and never seeing León again. A cellphone call wakes Ryan outside the Farm, telling him he has been selected.

#8 "Odenvy" - November 27, 2016

With her ex-classmates, Alex plans to find and disarm the biological agent that CLF has been threatening to release to the whole of New York. Meanwhile, the US Northern Command general informs Miranda and Shelby of the plan to attack 28 Liberty Street, the location of CLF and the hostages; the two oppose it. In flashbacks, the trainees are permitted to celebrate Thanksgiving outside the Farm only if they succeed in creating a cover story to protect their loved ones. Alex is officially cut from the FBI mission, prompting her to go on by herself; Harry heads back for England to inform his handler of his post-Brexit mission in the Farm; and Ryan, Dayana, and León are given specific orders by the same mysterious contact, leading to an innocent's murder; successful, the mission proves to be for leverage, with the contact's threatening of their ruin should they conduct any treason. Back in the present, Alex and Sebastian find the agent and realize that it is to be released only in the crisis zone. After the others join them, CLF captures them all. Taken separately as a gunshot is heard, Alex is then kicked out of the perimeter by Ryan, who appears to be in alliance with CLF.

#9 "Cleopatra" - January 23, 2017

Alex is freed and taken back to the FBI Headquarters, where she is questioned by Hannah Wyland (Eliza Coupe) about her involvement in the hostage crisis. She narrates to Hannah about her time in The Farm. Alex tells that Harry, Leon, Dayana, and Sebastien are still inside the crisis zone and anyone among them can be the terrorists. Hannah refuses to believe Alex, until Alex tells her that Ryan is one of the terrorists. Hannah asks Shelby to go through the audio recording of the questioning to find something solid to support Alex's theories. Later, Shelby finds out that the terrorists are not the AIC, but, in fact, the ones hunting the AIC. She also finds out that Dayana and Mike Murray (who gets killed during the interrogation of Alex by terrorists) are AIC agents sent to kill a CIA operative in Surabaya. Hannah and Shelby leave Alex alone in the room and ask her to stay put. She is then taken by Miranda at gunpoint to a car, where Miranda reveals to Alex she is one of the terrorists and asks her to drive.

#10 "Jmpalm" - January 30, 2017

Miranda takes Alex back into the crisis zone, where she meets up with Nimah. Nimah reveals that she was the one who saved her. While Miranda brought Alex so they could find Lydia and the drives, Nimah and Alex agree that the hostages should be rescued. Alex goes back into the crisis zone while Nimah holds Miranda at gunpoint. Meanwhile, President Claire Haas wants to call off an air strike on the crisis zone, but at the same time, wants to make sure that the people around her can trust in her to do her job as President. Claire wants Shelby to claim that the AIC (which Claire inadvertently helped make), is fake, so her paper can be considered false. Shelby refuses, and convinces Claire to call off the strike anyway. In flashbacks to The Farm, Harry pits Alex and Ryan against each other, as Alex revealed to Ryan that she had her own phone from the AIC, and Miranda believes that Alex may be an obstacle. They try to sabotage each other on a mission, before deciding to make up. Owen after learning from Ryan about the rogue agency, talks to Alex about it, and reveals that he's not the recruiter. Leon finds Nimah at Shelby's cover house, and says that he knows that they are FBI. He says that he will work with the FBI. Later Dayana, Leon, and Ryan meet other AIC recruits, as well as their recruiter, Lydia. When Ryan asks Lydia about Alex, she says that Alex didn't make the cut.

#11 "Zrtorch" - February 6, 2017

At the Farm, Alex tries to convince Owen that Lydia is in the AIC, by showing that the dates and places of several of Lydia's missions coincide with deaths with suspicious circumstances. Nimah tells Leon to try and get closer to Dayana, so that they can gather intel from the AIC. Owen teaches the CIA recruits about extracting an asset, and how when he was an agent, an asset of his was killed before they could extract her. The recruits go to Germany, where they have to locate, secure, and extract their asset, as well as collect the asset's information. The asset turns out to be Owen, who did not use any CIA alias when he flew into Germany. Alex works on protecting and extracting Owen, who is almost shot by his ex-asset's son. Dayana and Leon are given a mission from the AIC to kill a woman they don't know, but Leon stops Dayana from killing her. Upon returning to the farm, Owen gives Alex a list of emails sent from Lydia, proving that she's in the AIC. Dayana contacts Lydia that Leon is unfit, and Lydia says that she'll take care of him. In the present, Will, Ryan, and members of the CLF interrogate hostages one by one, using a lie-detector test and a list of possible AIC incidents. If a hostage confirms to have been in three locations, each one near the time of an AIC-related incident at that location, they are killed. Will and Ryan stop the interrogations when Leon is giving correct answers to AIC-related incidents, but is lying about being there when the incidents occurred. Alex comes back into the building to rescue Raina, and they, Will, and Ryan start directing the hostages to the path Alex took to get back inside. As they're leaving, Alex noticed that the number of hostages increased, and Will explains that the CLF, after learning that the interrogations finished, have hid themselves among the hostages.

#12 "Fallenoracle" - February 13, 2017

While escorting the hostages underground, Alex and Will find one man dead and another missing. Will recognizes the dead person as a CLF member, and presume that the one missing was AIC, who killed the CLF member. As they continue, the lights are turned off for a minute, and Will and Alex's gun are missing. When the lights turn back on, Carly, Sebastian's wife, is revealed to be an AIC member, and is holding Harry at gunpoint. She threatens to kill him if Alex doesn't hand over Will. Sebastian and Carly both shoot each other, leading to Carly's death, and Sebastian wounded. As the hostages reach the perimeter, the FBI locates the group of hostages, and Will and Dayana are missing. Alex finds Lydia, who tells her that she hid the drives in the perimeter, which Dayana is likely looking for. In flashbacks to the Farm, Owen has the recruits sneak in to an NSA building and wipe the data that the NSA has of them. Lydia gives Ryan an AIC mission of her own: to place a wiretap in the NSA. Alex asks Harry cover for her to find out what Ryan is doing for the NSA; in exchange, Alex gives Harry all the information the NSA has on Sir Laurence Bishop. Alex finds a wiretap, and puts a tracer on top off it, so that she will know what the AIC looks at. The recruits leave without any problem, except for Leon, who was sabotaged by Dayana. Lydia tells Ryan that the team is covert ops, but it is government sanctioned, meaning that Lydia is not part of the AIC, and that it may not exist. Alex and Owen trace the wiretap to a building with photos of everyone at the Farm, Lyida included. As the two leave, someone walks into the building, and the building explodes. Harry reveals to Sebastian that his ex-lover, Elliot, was the son of Sir Laurence Bishop, a wealthy man in the UK. Bishop did not accept Elliot being gay, and cut Elliot off from money and from seeing his family, unless Elliot agreed to marry a woman. Elliot, not wanting to choose between his family and Harry, stabbed himself to death. Leon is kicked out of the Farm.

#13 "Epicshelter" - February 20, 2017

In flashbacks to the Farm, Harry can't find anything on Bishop that shows he is a bad person, and decides that it is time for him to leave. However, his handler decides that he should stay and finish the remaining six weeks. Ryan has been told by Miranda to start wrapping things up and leave the Farm, as she doesn't want the CIA to know the FBI was at the Farm at all. Coincidentally, the FBI comes to interview the students, as well as Owen, about the person who died last night. The person is revealed to be Jeremy Miller, an author who left Camp Peary shortly after his recruitment and the person who Alex thought died in the present. The FBI link Miller to the wiretap, which is owned by the CIA. Sebastian turns over Bishop's information to Director Keyes, getting Harry kicked out. Harry, thankful for Sebastian, decides to tell the other recruits that he is MI6. Owen decides to take the fall for the wiretap, getting himself arrested, and Lydia kicks Alex out of the Farm. In the present, Lydia takes Alex, Ryan, Harry, and Leon back into the perimeter to find Dayana, Will, and the drives. Alex finds them, and Dayana reveals that she's destroying the drives, and that Lydia's her boss. Someone shoots Alex in the back, but her kevlar saves her. Alex finds Will unconscious, and the drives missing. Meanwhile, Miranda and Nimah are being interrogated by Shelby. Miranda reveals that Jeremy was requested by the AIC to join them after he was kicked out of the CIA, but declined. The AIC decided to kill him instead. Jeremy went to two of the CIA instructors, who helped him fake his death. They knew about the AIC, and made a group of their own to stop it, the CLF. In order to make sure the FBI wouldn't interfere in their investigation, the CLF recruited Miranda. The CLF learned that the First Lady was involved with the AIC, and that she requested most of its members to come to the G20 conference. Miranda thought that they would only find out who was involved in the AIC, but didn't know the CLF would kill them. Alex finds Lydia uploading the data from one of the drives, but the rest are destroyed. Two weeks later, Alex, Dayana, Nimah, Shelby and Ryan are called by Director Keyes and President Haas. They tell them that the AIC is a small branch of a larger threat, and that they are putting them together to form a team, which will be led by her son.

#14 "Lnwilt" - March 20, 2017

The team learns they will be led by Keyes, Owen, and Clay Haas, who dislikes Shelby due to the affair with his father . The learn that the cache of data Lydia uploaded was recently accessed by someone, and the cache contained security and maintenance patterns for cargo planes. One cargo plane crashed in Kentucky, and the company GIP recently profited due to short-selling the cargo that was on the plane. The team goes to a GIP party to find out who was in on the crash, only to find that GIP's goal was a Ponzi Scheme. Alex is almost found to be spying, but is saved by Harry at the last minute. Harry was at GIP trying to find information like Alex, but is working on his own, as MI6 fired him after he left The Farm, and is trying to solve the case in order to get rehired. Alex, with Harry's help, learn that the company ENGIN profited from the crash, and has profited from other attacks, giving the team hope. Meanwhile, Leon meets with Alex and Dayana, and believes that someone is hunting him. However, they believe he's paranoid. As he is leaving from meeting them, he is kidnapped.

#15 "Mockingbird" - March 27, 2017

The cache has been accessed for information about emergency-response protocols, and is used to fake a chemical plant explosion in a city in Virginia. The team, with Harry's help, learns that a group of Internet trolls were hired to create the fake explosion by a private military company Greypool, who use it to evacuate the city to hunt a media guru. The media guru, Mallory Haynes, was hired by a US Senator to create fake news in order to help his election. However, Nimah traces the cache information to Henry Roarke, the Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, Ryan deals with a journalist, Sasha Barinov, who threatens to expose him as a government agent unless he can give her a story.

#16 "Mktopaz" - April 3, 2017

The team finds one of the collaborators who accessed the cache, an NYC socialite Rebecca Sherman, and requests the team for help. However, she and another collaborator, Thomas Roth, are killed by a sniper, who is revealed to be Sebastian. Sebastian forces Harry to leave the team. Meanwhile, Clay's fiance gets upset when she realizes their upcoming wedding is used as an excuse to get to Rebecca, and Shelby advises her to stay with him. Nimah tries to call Raina, but unbeknownst to her, Raina is kidnapped, and her house is planted with evidence to make her look like a terrorist. Nimah also confronts Ryan, as he revealed the Ponzi scheme to Sasha, who published the story.

#17 "Odyoke" - April 10, 2017

A shopping mall was the target of a terror attack, and Raina was to be placed there to take the blame. However, Raina was able to escape her kidnappers, and asks Alex for help. The terror attack happens shortly before a Muslim registration bill would be passed, so the team heads to Washington, D.C. to convince the voters to vote no, but fail. The bill is passed, but President Haas vetoes it. The team realizes that the collaborators wanted Haas to veto it to help Henry Roarke become President. Meanwhile, Nimah, realizing that Raina will be arrested, switches places with her. Alex and Owen try and get information from a kidnapper that Raina identified, but the kidnapper is killed before they could get any information. Ryan, who has gotten close to Sasha, learns the FBI marked Sasha as an FSB asset.

#18 "Kumonk" - April 17, 2017

A series of riots are starting across America, one of which will help Roarke improve his reputation and destroy President Haas', so that the people will elect him as President. Clay, believing his team will lose, goes to Claire to break up the team. With Clay gone, Alex takes over as leader. The team find a trial that involves a bill Claire passed, and realize the trial may be compromised by Roarke's Collaborators. However, they are too late to stop the jury from passing a verdict, which causes a riot outside the courthouse. As Roarke prepares to make a speech to the rioters to defame Claire, he is stopped by Claire herself, who performs her own speech. As a result, Claire's reputation is improved among the people nationwide. Meanwhile, Sebastian sneaks into the team's bunker, but Owen and Ryan find and interrogate him. Sebastian reveals that he's been looking into Roarke's group, and gives them the rest of the Collaborators' names. Ryan still doesn't trust Sasha, and goes to talk to her. Sasha claims she is on his side, and says that they will talk soon. However, her car explodes as soon as she enters it.

#19 "Mhorder" - April 24, 2017

Clay realizes that the Collaborators have been aware of the team, and have been multiple steps ahead. In order for them to win, the team decides to bring the Collaborators in one room to turn at least one of them against Roarke and the others, by sending them each a Presidential Invitation to Clay and Maxine's engagement party. While the others fail to do so, Ryan is able to get Alice Winter to confess to the murders of Leon and Sasha, and seemingly gets her to cooperate, telling him she'll bring two others. Alex is the only one who says it's a trap, but the rest decide to go with Ryan's plan. Owen suggests that in order to catch the Collaborators, she should go to their side. Ryan goes to meet Alice Winter, but instead finds a news reporter. The next day, news of the task force has gone public, threatening Claire's impeachment. Alex erases all of the team's files of the Collaborators and goes to meet with them.

#20 "GlobalReach" - May 1, 2017

Roarke uses the news to call for Claire's impeachment or resignation. Clay and the team(minus Alex and Owen) try to dig up dirt on Roarke that would prevent him from becoming President, while Raina tries to get help from Felix in finding Nimah. Clay and Shelby try to put emails in Felix's phone to make it look like Roarke is collaborating with Russia regarding Cyberterrorism, but fail. As a result, Felix quits his job and breaks ties with Clay. Meanwhile, Alex works with Alice Winter by getting Keyes to resign from the CIA. As they are talking to the FBI, Alex realizes that Alice put a water bottle in her purse, which contained a gas to poison the agents looking into President Claire, making her look guilty. Claire resigns as President, but tells Alex to keep fighting.

#21 "Rainbow" - May 8, 2017

Roarke has signed 30 executive orders in 5 days, removes the Cache from the Internet, leading Owen to realize that the Collaborators are near their Endgame. With Clay gone, Alex gets help from Will, Miranda, and Keyes to help find what Roarke is planning. Will learns that the profit ENGIN made was from Avionics systems, which have since been added to a number of airplanes. The team finds that there is hidden code in the software that allows a plane to be remotely controlled with a smartphone if they have a popular app installed, created by a Collaborator. They realize Roarke's plan: Six flights each have one person on Roarke's Muslim Registry Act, each with the app on their phone; when their phones connect to the plane's Wi-Fi, the Collaborators will use the app to control and crash the planes. Alex goes to Alice to find the flights, while Shelby, with Raina's sacrifice, finds Clay to learn the FAA's code to request emergency landing. The team successfully save the flights. However, Roarke uses the team's win as an example: he requested them to perform an off-book operation, and uses it to request a new Constitutional Convention, to rewrite the US Constitution.

#22 "Resistance" - May 15, 2017

In the days leading to the convention, the team starts vetting for Roarke's new Government Agency, while secretly trying to stop Roarke from getting the votes needed to allow the Convention. However, their plan is foiled, thanks to hidden microphhones. The team, with help from Will and Iris Chang, decide to use an indirect approach. Will and Iris pick up Peter Theo from a bar, and locate incriminating evidence of Roarke, which they give to the FSB, in exchange for them requesting Roarke to add a modification to the new Constitution. At the convention, Roarke's conversation with the FSB is recorded. Alex publicly broadcasts Roarke's recordings and emails the evidence to the ACLU and other rights organizations, before having Miranda fake her death. Roarke, not willing to face the press or the police, commits suicide. Two months later, the rest of the team, including Maxine, Raina, and Nimah, are celebrating in the bunker, while Ryan joins Alex on a plane.



"Quantico" Season 3 Episodes (2017-2018)

On May 15, 2017, ABC renewed the series for a third season, which is set to consist of 13 episodes. As part of the renewal process, it was revealed that Joshua Safran will exit from his role as the primary showrunner of the show.

Episode #1: "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#2 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#3 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#4 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#5 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#6 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#7 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#8 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#9 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#10 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#11 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#12 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#13 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#14 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#15 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#16 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#17 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#18 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#19 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#20 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#21 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#22 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...

#23 "Untitled" - TBA, 2017

coming soon...



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