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Marvel's "The Gifted" @ 8:PM Mondays on Fox TV

The series received a put pilot commitment at Fox after a previous attempted X-Men television series did not move forward at the network in 2016; The Gifted was ordered to series in May 2017. The Gifted began airing on October 2, 2017, and is set to run for 10 episodes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics, particularly for its social commentary and cast.

Marvel's The Gifted   Thunderbird
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Marvel's "The Gifted" TV Series

The Gifted is an American television series created for Fox by Matt Nix, based on Marvel Comics' X-Men properties. It is connected to the X-Men film series, set in an alternate timeline where the X-Men have disappeared. The show is produced by 20th Century Fox Television in association with Marvel Television, with Nix serving as showrunner. The series stars Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker as ordinary parents who take their family on the run after they discover their children's mutant abilities. Sean Teale, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Coby Bell, Jamie Chung, Blair Redford, and Emma Dumont also star in the show.

  • Stephen Moyer as Reed Strucker: A father trying to balance his family responsibilities with his job as a district attorney. Moyer said of the character, "He thinks he's doing the right thing by moving [the mutants]. He does know these camps aren't particularly nice. He knows a few people he's captured have disappeared. He also knows this could happen to his kids. He has no choice but to go on the run." Reed was originally "more obviously out for himself and slightly less interested in his kids, slightly less interested in the marriage", but this was changed in reshoots of the pilot to make the character more likeable.
  • Amy Acker as Caitlin Strucker: A mother and nurse struggling with her split from Reed and "increasingly challenging" teenage children. Showrunner Matt Nix said that though Caitlin does not have mutant powers, she is not "just a mom" or "just the doctor" in the series, and "over the course of the show I really love the idea of showing the evolution of a suburban mom into an underground warrior." Acker added that the character "was actually quite happy with the life that she had, and that all gets flipped around, pushing her to become who she should be."
  • Sean Teale as Marcos Diaz / Eclipse: A rebellious mutant who can absorb and manipulate photons. Eclipse was rejected by his human parents, and grew up smuggling drugs from Mexico to the United States. The mutant underground uses him to smuggle mutants to safety in Mexico. The character was created for the series, but takes inspiration from comic characters such as Sunspot and Wolverine.
  • Natalie Alyn Lind as Lauren Strucker: One of the series' central children, a "perfect" kid.
  • Percy Hynes White as Andy Strucker: One of the series' central children, a sensitive loner who keeps to himself.
  • Coby Bell as Jace Turner: A man struggling with the cold-blooded requirements of his job.
  • Jamie Chung as Clarice Fong / Blink: A "sarcastic, lively" mutant with teleportation powers. An "independently minded" member of the mutant underground, Blink begins the series using her abilities as "a way out of situations she doesn't want to be in", but her abilities and relationship to them evolve throughout the series. Nix wanted to use the series as a chance to develop the character further than her appearance in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past, where she was portrayed by Fan Bingbing. Chung wears heavy-duty contact lenses to portray Blink's mutant eyes.
  • Blair Redford as John Proudstar / Thunderbird: A strong-willed mutant, leader of the underground community. Nix said the character is "dealing with his own issues of feeling the weight of thousands of years of Apache history and mutant history and an obligation to both families." Thunderbird is famous for being killed off shortly after his introduction in the comics, and though Nix said that this would not happen in the series, it will explore "the relationship of this guy to the Thunderbird of the comics".
  • Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane / Polaris: A brave and loyal mutant whose abilities include controlling magnetism. She is introduced as being "unstable" due to bipolar disorder. In the series there is "some awareness" that Polaris is the daughter of Magneto, leading to the question "does she accept the mantle of her birthright? Is it her job to be Magneto in his absence?" The character is depicted with green hair, as she is in the comics, but "subdued shades of green". Dumont took mechanical engineering classes at Georgia State University to help understand the character's abilities. Nix did not originally intend to have the character in the show, and only added her as a love interest for Eclipse, but later noted that she "emerges as a central character" for the series.


"Marvel's The Gifted"
Season 1 Episodes (2017)

Two ordinary parents take their family on the run from the government when they discover that their children have mutant abilities, and join an underground community of mutants who have to fight to survive.

Episode #1: "eXposed" October 2, 2017

In Atlanta, Georgia, the mutant Clarice Fong escapes from prison with her teleporting abilities, and is rescued from police by members of a mutant underground that aims to protect persecuted mutants from the government. During this, Lorna Dane / Polaris is captured by the police, and is later asked by district attorney Reed Strucker to cooperate with him in exchange for a reduced sentence. Strucker's own children, Lauren and Andy, go to their school dance that night, where Andy is attacked by bullies. The stress causes Andy's mutant abilities to manifest, and he telekinetically causes major damage to the school. Lauren helps him escape, revealing that she is also a mutant. The pair and their parents are forced to go into hiding immediately by the arrival of the anti-mutant Sentinel Services agency. Reed convinces a member of the underground, Marcos Diaz, to help them in exchange for information on Polaris, but Turner and Sentinel Services also arrive at their meeting. Fong is able to teleport everyone to safety, except for Reed, who is captured.

#2 "rX" - October 9, 2017

Fong falls unconscious from the effort of teleporting the group back to the underground's hideout, losing control of her abilities. Portals begin to open to an unknown road, causing an accident that is brought to the attention of police. Caitlin, a nurse, offers to look for some medication that may help Fong, and races to a nearby hospital that still treats mutants with Diaz, where they use an old injury to gain access to the medication. In prison, Polaris has a collar placed on her that gives her a shock whenever she tries to use her abilities. She faces discrimination and attacks from the other prisoners, and when she pushes through the pain of her collar to fight back she is confined to solitary. Reed is interrogated by Turner, who tries various techniques to get Reed's cooperation, including interrogating Reed's mother. Caitlin and Diaz return in time to help Fong before her portals cause major damage and force the underground to evacuate. Reed agrees to give Turner the location of the underground in exchange for the freedom of himself and his family.

#3 "eXodus" - October 16, 2017

Reed, being tracked by Turner, meets up with a mutant that he knows is working with Eclipse, and he agrees to smuggle Reed to the underground, but Reed decides to not put the mutants in harm and returns to Turner. Fong begins working with John Proudstar / Thunderbird to control her abilities, but does not have someone that she truly cares about that she can focus her emotions on. Trying to help the underground, Caitlin secretly leaves and finds her brother Daniel, who she says has "connections", and is accompanied by her children. Daniel is unwilling to help, and when news gets out that they are there the Struckers are confronted by locals who want to keep their neighborhood safe. They escape the house with the help of Eclipse and Thunderbird. Fong creates a portal for the group to return to the underground, but can only do this after the mutant Dreamer, against Thunderbird's wishes, gives Fong memories of her caring for him. Turner turns down an offer for help from scientist Roderick Campbell, who is interested in the Strucker children.

#4 "eXit strategy" - October 23, 2017

Two years ago, the underground helped several mutants escape from an SS "Relocation Center", but Thunderbird's best friend Gus / Pulse—who can short out electrical circuits and other mutants' abilities—was believed to have been killed. Now, the underground plans to rescue Reed and Polaris from the SS before they are delivered to a similar center, one that inmates do not return from. Eclipse gets information on the route they will be taken from the cartel he used to work for, now run by his former girlfriend Carmen. She forces him to use his abilities to torture someone for her in exchange for the information. The underground attacks the convoy transporting Reed and Polaris, with Andy and Lauren combining their abilities to stop the vehicles. They all lose their abilities when Pulse appears, alive and working for the SS. Thunderbird knocks Pulse unconscious, Polaris breaks herself and Reed out, and they all escape. Meanwhile, Fong continues to remember her feelings for Thunderbird, but he tells her that they have never been together.

#5 "boXed in" - October 30, 2017

In flashbacks, the Turners are on a picnic when a mutant rights march ends up violent and results in Grace's death. In the present, Diaz and Dane lure Sentinel Services away while Proudstar takes the Struckers to the Underground, where Fade exposes Reed's recent treachery to the mutants. Diaz and Dane attack a blockade and capture Jace. In order to prove his loyalty, Reed suggests luring Sentinel Services away from the perimeter. Proudstar tasks Fade to recover Reed afterward. As Reed succeeds in his mission, Caitlin and her children save the Trader's life. Having earned the mutants' trusts, the Struckers decide to stay and fight for their cause. Meanwhile, Sonya and Fong join Diaz and Dane, with the former searching Jace's memories until Sentinel Services attack the building, forcing the mutants to escape. Using information acquired by Sonya, Reed detects a "secret facility". Fong confronts Sonya for her actions while the latter is revealed to have given Jace memories of Grace's survival.

#6 "got your siX" - November 6, 2017

Clarice confronts Thunderbird about him not telling her what Dreamer did to her memories, and decides to leave the underground. The group plans to attack a Federal facility where Pulse was taken without Clarice's help; Reed, Eclipse, and Andy go to break in and steal information on the mutants who are now working for the Sentinel Services. Thunderbird worries that these mutants could be the deciding factor in a war that the X-Men believed was coming (they put Thunderbird in charge of the underground before they disappeared). Reed becomes concerned with Andy's abilities and how he enjoys using them to destroy things, and attempts to gain Andy's trust as his father again. After stealing the information, the trio are followed by police into a Sentinel Services ambush. Polaris takes Lauren and another young mutant, visual illusionist Wes, to help them. Meanwhile, Turner is given a mandatory leave for his reborn grief, but ignores this and instead begins a new partnership with Campbell, giving him the information about Andy and Lauren in exchange for his help.

#7 "eXtreme measures" - November 13, 2017

Guerra forces Eclipse to help her on another job, this time destroying a rival's shipment of drugs; Polaris and Dreamer follow Eclipse after the former discovered he was lying about his whereabouts, and see him work with Guerra. Thunderbird tracks down Clarice, and offers to help her find the road that her portals were opening to when she was sick. They realize that the road leads to the home for mutants that she lived in as a child, but it is now derelict after Sentinel Services agents stormed the building and killed its inhabitants. She agrees to rejoin the fight. From the stolen information, the underground learns that Wes has a criminal background, leading to him leaving for another underground group, and that Reed's father may have been involved with Campbell's program to turn mutants when he worked for Trask Industries. Now, Campbell and Turner prepare to send these mutants, called Hounds, undercover within the underground. When a DOJ official attempts to stop the pair from using their illegal actions, one of the Hounds makes her have a stroke.

#8 "threat of eXtinction" - November 20, 2017

In London in 1952, mutant twins Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker are hunted for terrorist acts. As their apartment is stormed, the twins hold hands and there is a blinding flash of light. In the present, Reed reveals that Trask Industries is involved with the Hounds. Polaris is still angry at Eclipse for enjoying his enforcement work for the cartel. Thunderbird and Reed visit Reed's father, Otto Strucker. Polaris and Eclipse argue over how to interrogate a Hound the Underground has captured. Otto confesses his father was Andreas Strucker and that his father and aunt's terrorist past drove him to try to wipe out the X gene. He reveals he is a mutant and that Reed was also until Otto managed to "cure" him. Otto is disturbed to hear Lauren and Andy possess the same powers as Andreas and Andrea and warns Reed to both protect his children and to protect the world from them. Campbell and Sentinel Services arrive with Pulse. Otto manages to use his powers to create a large explosion despite Pulse's presence and sacrifices himself so Thunderbird and Reed can escape. Otto's blast fatally injures Pulse and as he lies dying, Thunderbird vows to avenge him.

#9 "outfoX" - December 4, 2017

In a flashback, Andy and Lauren touch hands which seems to activate their latent powers. In the present day, the team develops a risky plan to free mutants who are in Sentinel Services' custody. Reed reveals details to Andy and Lauren about the Struckers' family history that could prove to be a game-changer. Esme keeps advocating for the rescue of her family and appears to be manipulating Lorna's dreams. Lorna and Sonya immobilize a guard to gain access to Trask Industries. The Underground hatches a two-fold scheme: First, Andy, Lauren, Blink and Sonya will knock out the electrical substation powering Trask Industries. Second, Thunderbird, Eclipse, Polaris and Esme will free the prisoners and destroy all records and evidence. With Campbell hospitalized by Otto's attack, Jace abuses his authority to obtain more manpower while anticipating an attack by the Underground. Jace, suspecting something is up, sends his team to the substation after learning that the keycard-of a security guard who called in sick-was used to access the facility. In the substation tunnels, Blink, Sonya, Andy and Lauren encounter Sentinel Services new and improved spider robot which is undamaged by Andy's attack, forcing them to flee. Reed and Caitlin order the team to retreat, but Blink and Sonya are captured. Andy and Lauren consider using their Fenris ability to collapse the building, but Andy rejects it for being too destructive and the siblings surrender to Jace and his team.

#10 "eXploited" - December 11, 2017

Polaris wants to immediately attack Sentinel Services, but Reed and Caitlin argue for a diplomatic solution that will not endanger their children, potentially reaching out to some of Reed's old contacts about Trask and the Hound program. Esme talks to Reed and Caitlin in secret, and suggests that they go to Turner and hope that his better nature prevails. When Esme tells the other mutants what the couple intend to do, they prepare to attack. At Trask Industries, a heavily scarred Campbell forces Andy and Lauren to demonstrate their combined powers by killing Dreamer, and they are able to dent an apparently "indestructible" adamantium wall. After he is confronted by the Struckers, Turner plans to arrest them, but is convinced by his wife to do the right thing. Turner goes to Trask to transfer the mutants back to Sentinel Services. The mutants use this opportunity to attack, but they are betrayed by Esme. She makes the guards kill each other and themselves, and releases her two identical sisters, who have the same telepathic abilities as she does.

#11 "3 X 1" - January 1, 2018

coming soon...

#12-13 "Season Finale" - January 15, 2018

The 2-hour season finale will air on January 15, 2018.


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